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Alabama State University Managing IT Professionals & Office Automation Papers

Alabama State University Managing IT Professionals & Office Automation Papers.

1200 words total. 3 APA cited references and reference list. No plagiarism!1. Explain the role of information technology in an organization and the roles and responsibilities associated with creating and managing information technology policies.250 words total. 2 APA cited references and reference list. No plagiarism!2. Consider an office environment with which you are somewhat familiar. Over the past decade, what changes in the way the office operates (including communication, document preparation, and scheduling meetings) have been brought about by office automation? Why do you think these changes have occurred? Have they been technology-driven or people-driven, or both?
Alabama State University Managing IT Professionals & Office Automation Papers

write a short paper on the climate and geography of your country in a Word document (or PDF) that you will upload to canvas or build here directly. The country I pick is Thailand. Below is a file with the instructions for this task. Please review it to ensure that you complete the assignment correctly. Please put references at the end of the paper.
This paper looks at the various theories that explain social interactions within the society, such as the gaze model. Other theories are the social model, the medical model and the stigma theory. These theories provide guidance into understanding the various interactions between the disabled and normal individuals within the community. Another name for the Down syndrome phenomenon is trisomy 21. This condition occurs when there is an extra copy of chromosome number 21 in the body system of an individual. Shildrick (2009) denotes that this condition causes a change in the body make of a child, and this leads to facial disfigurement. This article takes a closer look at the impact of the Down syndrome phenomenon. It analyzes the issues that affect the social construction of people with disabilities, and in this case, children with the Down syndrome phenomenon. This paper analyzes a variety of theoretical frameworks that explain the behavior of people in regard to the disabled. It synthesis these theories, into various ideologies of inclusion, and helps in answering the question on whether children whose face are disfigured due to the Down syndrome condition are included in the affairs of the society. This paper defines, and critically examines issues surrounding the social constructions of the disabled. Amongst the issues identified are, social identity, facial disfigurement, disability and the notion of the Down syndrome. DePoy et al (2011) denotes that facial disfigurement occurs when the face of a child takes another form, which is against the normal. It changes the appearance of a person, and the condition has a direct influence on an individual’s perception in the society. Social identity refers to the attitude, or perception that a group in the society, views another person or themselves. Social identity emanates from an individual self-conception. DePoy et al further denotes that this perception of self, results to an individual placing him or herself to a specific social group (2011). John Turner and Henri Tajfel developed the theory of social identity, and they did this after studying the behavior of the society towards the disabled people (Tajfel, 1982). The theory denotes that social identity is a process that provides guidance on how people behave, within a group or in relation to others. Frances (2004) observes that people within a social group interact by looking at their status in the society. Frances further denotes that the rich tend to interact with the rich, and the disabled tend to interact with the disabled (2004). Their condition in the society gives them the legitimacy to belong to a particular group. According to the social identity theory, the social environment forces the disabled to withdraw from the various social activities within the community (Frances, 2004). This is because of stigma and discrimination. For instance, children with facial disfigurements will be unable to engage effectively with their peers, either in games or classes. DePoy et al (2011) observes that this is because of the various social groups formed within the society, and these children are unable to fit amongst them. Selikowitz (1997) denotes that disability arises out of the emotional, physical or mental impairment of an individual’s body condition. Facial disfigurement amongst children with the Down syndrome phenomenon is an example of a physical disability. Selikowitz further denotes that Down syndrome is the main cause of disability amongst children (1997). Pueschel (2006) observes that during the 20th century, children with the element of the Down syndrome were housed in special institutions, and special houses. This is because of the various discriminative policies followed by the government or the society. This had an impact on their exclusion in the society. This changed in the 1960s with the emergence of the Civil rights movements, whose purpose was to advocate for the rights of children with the Down syndrome condition. To rectify this problem in United States of America, Kathryn McGee formed the National Association of Down Syndrome (Marini et al, 2012). The main goal of the institution was to advocate for the various rights of children with the Down syndrome problem, and ensure their inclusion in the society (Marini et al, 2012). The formation of these associations is an element of the social model theory. The theory denotes that problems that arise out of the disability of an individual are created by the society. The society is characterized by the presence of social groups, which enhance the notion of self-identity. To help disfigured children, it is essential to use social mechanisms such as peer groups, and civil associations to advocate for the rights of the disabled. The surrounding community must initiate environmental procedures that will protect children suffering from the Down syndrome condition. This will ensure their participation in all events of their social lives, minimizing the rate of stigma and discrimination that these children suffer from. This theory makes it possible for a change in the perception of the society towards these children. These changes occur in the cultural beliefs, and ideological perceptions. Davis (2006) denotes that the theory recognizes the specific rights of disabled children, and advocates for various measures that will ensure these children are well protected, and included within the society. Lansdown (1997) denotes that the social model theory advocates for the abolishment of negative stereotyping. It does this through lobbying and holding sensitization conferences to educate people on the various misconceptions about the disabled children. By doing this, they aim to influence their inclusion in the various social affairs of the community. However, medical model theorists argue that disability arises out of the medical malfunctioning of an individual’s body. To these theorists, the facial disfigurement of a child is a medical problem, and it requires a medical solution. The medical theorists advocate for surgery, and psychological treatment to improve the facial conditions of these children. The theory lobby’s for a health care policy that will address issues that arise because of problems faced by children whose faces are disfigured due to the Down syndrome condition (Marinelli et al, 1991). A good example of such a policy is the American College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists guidance on the procedures of screening pregnant women. This is to identify whether the children they carry will suffer from the Down syndrome condition. According to this model, for children with abnormal facial characteristics to participate effectively in the social environment, they must undergo surgery. This will correct their facial defects. Mojo et al, (2010) denotes that surgery plays an important role in reducing the facial features of a child with the Down syndrome condition. He further denotes that this leads to a reduction in discrimination, and social stigma because their faces are corrected to the normal (Mojo et al, 2010). The use of plastic surgery to correct the facial condition of disabled children is controversial. The European Down Syndrome society advocates against its use. According to the society, children with the Down syndrome condition must find acceptance in the society despite their abnormality. In as much as surgery is important, it is essential to enact social policies that will make these children gain acceptance in the society. This is because not every people can afford to the high costs associated with surgery. On this note, it is a moral responsibility for the society to implement measures that will lead to the inclusion of the disabled in the society. This includes enacting policies that will ensure they get better and quality education that compare to their peers. The policies should create special sports and recreational facilities whose main objective is to enable these children to participate in the various social activities of the society. The European Down syndrome society denotes that through surgery, the medical institutions accelerate discrimination and the stigma that these children suffer from. Bluhm et al (2009) denotes that these children will became aware of their medical problems, and this will result to their withdrawal from the community. On this note, instead of accelerating the inclusion of these people into the society, surgery has made them to suffer exclusion. Stigma is an issue that arises in this article. Stigma is a disapproval or discontentment of an individual by observing the various characteristics upon the person that makes them different from other members of the society. Stigma emanates from the opinions of other people towards people with disability, and these opinions can either be right or wrong. By critically analyzing the medical model, children with facial disfigurement suffer from stigma. Rennie (2001) denotes that this is the reason as to why the medical model advocates for surgery, in order to correct their facial conditions. Correcting their conditions will make them integrate within the community, and rectify their low self-esteem. They will manage to involve themselves in various social activities, and these results to their inclusion in the society. According to Erving Goffman, stigma is a behavior and reaction of people, towards another person who does not possess the same identity as theirs. Erving Goffman denotes that there are three different kinds of social stigma, and he names them as (Tremain, 2005); Deviation that occurs due to an individual’s behavior, such as alcohol addiction and drug use. Stigma arising from negative ethnicity, and stereotyping. This may either emanate from religion, and or cultural influences. Stigma may arise out of medical conditions that cause external deformations. In this category are people suffering from the Down syndrome phenomenon. Due to stigma, children suffering from the Down syndrome phenomenon are unable to interact freely within the society. This is because of the facial disfigurements, which cause their peers to view them as outsiders. Due to stigma, the notion of negative labeling arises. It creates a sense of us vs. them; as a result, these children cannot fully interact within the society. Their condition makes it impossible for the society to fully accept them, and include them in all aspects of their affairs. These activities can either be social, political, religious or even economic. Tremain (2005) denotes that the gaze theory depicts these children as either worthy or unworthy of societal support. These supports may take the form of home care treatments, special privileges such as the enactment of affirmative actions in employment and school facilities, etc. The gaze theory measures the ability of children with facial disfigurements by their level of interaction in the society (Tremain, 2005). After measuring the abilities of individuals with the Down syndrome problem, the gaze theory then offers a solution to their problems. This solution is based on the acceptance of a disabled person that he or she is unable to survive without the assistance of the community (Mojo et al, 2010). Tremain (2005) observes that when a disabled person insists on his ability to conduct his own affairs, the society leaves him alone. Tremain further denotes that these people will struggle to get the services they are entitled to, because of discrimination and stigma arising out of their refusal to give some of their rights for purposes of gaining acceptance (2005). Bluhm et al denotes that this situation leads to the exclusion of the concerned disabled person in the social affairs of the community (2009). Gaze theory can also refer to the manner in which an individual looks at images of a person, in a visual medium, and thereafter make a comparison to the same individual on a visual text. Under the gaze theory, there are social codes that regulate the way in which a person ought to look like (Bluhm et al, 2009). These codes are strictly regulated by culture. For instance, if a person avoids another person’s gaze, it might reflect a sign of nervousness, fear or lack of confidence. Children whose faces are disfigured cannot properly maintain a gaze (Bluhm et al, 2009). The society looks at them as weaklings, and individuals who lack self-esteem and confidence. Basing on this, they are unable to interact fully within a society, and this affects their inclusion in the affairs of the society. Despite these challenges faced by people with the Down syndrome condition, there are a number of renowned persons who have defied stigma, and discrimination to make it in the society. Most of them are in the media, and particularly in the movie industry. An example is Andrea Friedman and Paula Sage. Paula Sage is a Scottish actress who won fame for her role in the movie After life. She won the BAFTA awards, as the best female actress of the season 2003 (Kulesz, 2011). She also won the title of the best actress in 2004 during the Bratislava International film festival. Andrea Friedman is also an actress, and has starred in movies such as Life Goes On; and the television series known as Family Guy. In 1996, Stephen Ginnz was the first actor with a Down syndrome problem to lead a motion picture production. As a result of this, Stephen Ginnz won numerous awards, among them includes, the Wasserman award for the best cinematography, the Warner Bros picture best film award, and the Martin Scorsese best film award. Stephen won all this awards in 1996 (Kulesz, 2011). Another actor is Tommy Jessop, who starred in the BBC drama known as Coming Down the Mountain. In 2008, Tommy won the Radar people of the year, human rights media award. He has also appeared in Holby city, Casualty, Doctors and Monroe. All this are British television series programs. In 2010, Tommy starred in the BBC television program, the Stone. Another notable figure is Pablo Pineda. He is a Spanish actor, who starred in the film, Yo Tambien (Kulesz, 2011). In the film, he takes the role of a university graduate, with the Down syndrome condition. Due to his role in the film, Pineda won the 2009 Silver Shell award. These actors won these awards because of the recognition of their talents by their various viewers. This recognition denotes no matter how disable a person is, with talent, and hard work, he will gain acceptance within the society. To conclude on this paper, children with the Down syndrome condition face a lot of stigma and discrimination in the societal set up. Their peers view them as outsiders, as a result of this; they are unable to effectively participate in the various activities that their fellow children engage in. This leads to an element of exclusion, and not inclusion. Things are changing in the current century. Movements such as the European Down Syndrome association have emerged, and their main objective is to sensitize people on the various misconceptions they have regarding children with the Down syndrome phenomenon. PERSONAL REFLECTION ON DISABILITY THAT ARIZES FROM THE DOWN SYNDROME CONDITION: The notion that people who are disable cannot make it in society is false. These people are human beings, and need to live a normal life, just like normal people, who do not possess any form of malfunctioning in their body system. To help this people lead a normal life, it is important for the government and the society to work hand in hand in ensuring that the disabled manage to acquire social services, such as education, health services, etc. It is the discriminative tendencies, and the stigma that the society faces that make these children to feel as if they are no longer needed in the society. It is important for the government to enact policies that are effective in tackling the mentioned problems. On this note, to help these children feel as if they are part of the society, the government and all social groups in the community must work hand in hand for purposes of making life better for these children.

Why is robbery on the increase?

Robbery is the taking or attempting to take something of value from another person by threats of violence or by violence itself. Robbery can be committed against an individual person, an organization like a bank or even businesses. Robbery is a felony in all states of the world. There are two kinds of robberies which have been happening in our organization namely: Violent robbery where one uses weapons and aggravated robbery (use of toy pistols) where one uses a very deadly weapon or an imitation of a deadly weapon. It is with great concern that the company has continued to loose a lot of its assets and employees through robbery and it is therefore with this concern in mind that we have to set out the ways to minimize this vice. Our Company lost three employees and close to 30000 dollars last year as a result of robbery with violence. It is therefore in this accord that I decided to consult a lot of organizations and stakeholders in the security sector to get the possible advice of how we can be able to reduce this vice. Among the people I consulted are the Police units of this country and the various prominent security companies in this nation. I got the relevant information which I do wholly believe will be of help to our organization. My report has dealt with the initial definition of the term Robbery and I have outlined the objectives of my report. The findings and outcomes of my research have also been addressed as well as the very sensitive places/areas we need to direct our security manpower to. Lastly I have given crucial recommendations which I hope the top management of our company will adopt and lastly, I have given my personal reflection towards the whole topic of robbery. Findings and outcomes: It was noted that in order to reduce armed robberies in our organization, we should be able to train our staff with some of the best procedures which can help us reduce them. It was noted that people who handle cash should observe the following: Cash handling: Large amounts of cash should not be kept in hand and that our organization should only keep minimal cash on the premises. Conspicuous bags should always be used instead of the bank bags when carrying cash. The staff involved should always be on the alert when carrying cash. Cash should never be left lying around and it should never be counted in view of the public. Cash handling procedures should never be discussed in public. Office precautions: For us to help reduce the risk of armed robberies in our premises, I propose that: Staff should always be on the lookout for suspicious activities near our premises. The description of suspicious people and the registration of vehicles should be noted and the police informed immediately. The windows and doors at the rear of our organization should always be secured with bars and deadlocks. Electronic beepers and other security devices should be put in place to indicate when our staff are entering or leaving the business when we are open for business. The office frontage should always be uncluttered to give a clear view of the street the service area should also be placed in the street frontage. A silent alarm should be connected to a security Company or the police so that it can be activated from near our cash drawers or registers. Security cameras should also be installed so that offenders can be photographed while committing the armed robbery. Victims of robbery with violence: If one of our staff fall a victim of an armed robbery, then it is my advice that you remain calm. In any case the armed robbery is being committed; useful information such as the description of the offenders and vehicles can help in the early arrest of the offenders. However, the following should be remembered: Don’t be heroic by putting your life in danger. No amount of cash is worthy a life lost. Always obey the offenders’ instructions and do what they tell you to do and nothing else. Don’t volunteer to give any information. Always avoid eye contact with offenders and their weapons and instead concentrate on the features of the offenders. If you are not directly involved, stay out of danger by leaving the building safely and raising an alarm. A victim should be deliberate in his/her actions. Lower denomination notes should he handed to the offenders if you are ordered to hand over money, but one’s safety should always be considered first. If one of you or another responsible member of staff is able, the police emergency number should be phoned immediately and the line kept open. The registration number, type and color of the vehicles used in the robbery should be carefully observed. Minor details assist the police in faster apprehension of the culprits. Physical appearance details such as age, height, build and hair color should be well noted and behavioral details like mannerisms, speech, clothing, tattoos and scars should be considered. The type of weapon used, the method and direction of escape should also be noted. All witnesses should be requested to stay until the police come since they will want to speak to them. Assure them that their evidence could be of importance when put together with other evidence and don’t allow witnesses to talk about the incident. Victims of armed robbery suffer from trauma and therefore the organization should seek professional victim liaison officers to provide advice in contacting required agencies. Preventive techniques that should be implemented to prevent armed robbery: Armed robbery is one of the most potentially serious offenses committed all over the world. It is therefore important that organizations including ours must try by all means to prevent these robberies. To be able to do this, the following opening and closing procedures should always be observed: Two employees should be present during the opening and closing of the premises. When opening the premise, thorough inspection should be done to detect any signs of forcible entry before anyone enters the business. At closing time, the security officers should ensure that nobody is hiding in the business or loitering inside the compound prior to leaving the business. A well maintained and light interior and exterior should always be place. Security measures which allow the workers to have a complete view of the environment such as elevated vantage points, convex mirrors and the placement of the customer service and cash area should be visible the counter or work area should be regularly cleaned to remove old fingerprints. Make public the point that the organization uses good cash protection skills and uses very high security surveillance machines. Employees should be trained to report and watch for suspicious people outside and inside the organization. Police should be called if the employees are worried about a potential risk. Lunch hours and breaks should always be varied so that some employees are always visible in the organization. Our organization should cut back and maintain trees and shrubbery which criminals could use to hide. Employees should be informed to ask for identification from repair people, workers, guards e.t.c before they are allowed to enter into restricted areas. Our organization should consider having an automatic silent alarm system with a panic alarm system. Our organization should consider using doors that lock automatically upon closing in the secure areas. Drop or delay action time lock safe that use a dual key should be used by our organization. Use of greater criminal prosecution in Robbery cases: We as an organization wholly believe that criminal prosecution is a very effective tool in dealing with the robbery with violence cases. We also strongly believe that by enforcing greater criminal prosecution for suspected robbery suspects, we shall be demonstrating the society’s opprobrium of a very offensive character in way that some methods cannot. Greater criminal prosecution should be used so as to set criminalization far apart from the regulatory sanctions which if set properly can be able to deter and punish criminals rather than deterrence and penalty. However, practical and circumstantial use of greater criminal prosecution cannot always be the best for our organization and it can lead limit its effectiveness as an instrument for solving regulatory crimes because: It always inhibits the use of more flexible and alternative sanctions. It will brand our organization with criminality when circumstances leading to these prosecutions may not be of direct consequence of our actions. It always takes a long time to come to the courts and the respondent concerned may at last be acquitted. Use of greater criminal prosecution will always fail to correct the damage already caused by that offence. It may result in the high cost in relation to the proper penalty for the offender. RECOMMENDATIONS: I highly recommend that the top management should be holding security meetings with all the employees and inform them that the security of our organization is paramount to everything else. We therefore recommend that all our staff should be taken through all the necessary security trainings so that they can be informed that the security of an organization does not entirely depend on the security personnel alone but on everyone. I will recommend that the top management to allocate a certain percentage of the income in this financial year so that sophisticated security systems and cameras are purchased and installed in the organization. This will ensure that possible robbery threats in our organization are dealt with. My personal Reflection: I have personally heard many friends tell me about how their houses, organizations, businesses have robbed and the associated trauma they have suffered as a result of this robbery. In some instances, many victims have lived to tell the story but in some other unfortunate incidences, the victims have fallen victims of this inhuman behaviour and thereby succumbed to death. I personally tried to interview some security personnel and at most times, most of them have blankly told me that their companies are seldom well equipped to deal with the robbers. They claim the top management is very uncooperative as far as security concerns are concerned. I therefore realized that the loss of assets and human life could be tremendously reduced if all the stakeholders in an organization worked as a team and put in strong security mechanisms to deter robbery with violence. I could therefore like to urge everyone everywhere to realize that security doesn’t involve the security personnel or the police alone but is a collective responsibility for each and every individual. We must all join hands towards the prevention of robbery.

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write my term paper Need assistance with a lecture response. I don’t understand this Health & Medical question and need help to study.

Please see the following video lecture as a way to engage in the online environment through a virtual conversation. Please respond with your own video on the topic of the week. Know how you respond via video is up to you (YouTube, MP4, etc.), but I want you to develop your interpersonal skills as we “Walk our talk”. Know that there is subtitles auto generated from the video if you need them. This increases the accessibility of the video.
Need assistance with a lecture response

Trading currency part 2 deals with the term paper report written up I already started some of the sections.

Trading currency part 2 deals with the term paper report written up I already started some of the sections. I need the project finished to the rubrics specifications as close as possible. In the files, I have included what I have started in the first draft, the rubric, the excel calculations needed for the paper, and a sample of how the paper is supposed to look including headings and subheadings. You need to log in to Oanda to see the trade. You don’t have to do more trades you can use the one trade that’s already open. I will send my login info in the messages.

Florida International University Cultural Influences Health Decision Making Presentation

Florida International University Cultural Influences Health Decision Making Presentation.

I’m working on a nursing project and need an explanation to help me understand better.

Identify cultural influences on health and decision-making. Create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following items:

Sub-group name and image with rationale
Purnells Model constructs and sub-group information (n = 12)
Sub-group presence and issues 15 related to local and global community
Summary of recommendations for providing culturally competent nursing care to this sub-group

Presentation is original work and logically organized. Followed current APA format including citation of references.
Power point presentation with 10-15 slides were clear and easy to read. Speaker notes expanded upon and clarified content on the slides.
Incorporate a minimum of 5 current (published within last five years) scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions) within your work. Journal articles and books should be referenced according to current APA style (the library has a copy of the APA Manual).

Florida International University Cultural Influences Health Decision Making Presentation

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