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AIU Connecting Theories With Gaps in Literature Paper

AIU Connecting Theories With Gaps in Literature Paper.

Connecting Theories With Gaps in the LiteratureSelecting a working theory is central to your dissertation study. A theory provides a framework for understanding a phenomenon or a process by describing the relationships among variables and concepts. Theory provides the lens or perspective out of which research is conducted, analyzed, and interpreted. It is through theory that research problems can be formulated, hypotheses put forward, phenomena categorized, and conclusions drawn. The theoretical framework of a study is, therefore, intended to hold all of the research components in a coherent structure. As such, every research design and study should have an underlying theoretical framework.In this week’s Discussion, you will describe a theory that you found referenced consistently throughout the studies you read. You will also draw a connection between the theory and the gap you identified in the literature.To prepare for this Discussion:Consider, based upon your literature review thus far, what theories have been recurrent.Review Chapter 3, “Writing” (pp. 23–25), in the Stadtlander text.Review the media piece Research Approaches and Theoretical Frameworks. Post by Day 3 a response describing one theory in your own words, and explain its relationship with the gap in the literature you identified.Required ResourcesReadingsStadtlander, L. M. (2015). Finding your way to a Ph.D.: Advice from the dissertation mentor. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.Chapter 3, “Writing” (pp. 23–25)MediaWalden University Center for Research Quality. (2015b, January 23). Research approaches and theoretical frameworks [Video file]. Retrieved from The approximate length of this media piece is 23 minutes.Optional ResourcesWalden University Writing Center. (2015k). Writing a paper: Revising. Retrieved from proceed to the Discussion.
AIU Connecting Theories With Gaps in Literature Paper

Examining The Fate Of Macbeth Plays

The idea of fate is recalled numerous times within Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth”. Fate was first introduced whenever Macbeth and Banquo came upon the three witches. The Witches predicted Macbeth’s future, “All hail, Macbeth! That shalt be king hereafter.”(1, iii, 50). Here Macbeth is told he would be Thane of Cawdor, he would become king, and that Banquo’s children would succeed him on the throne. However these were only mere prophecies. It is at this moment fate becomes a major part of the story itself, creating quarrels, evil and affecting everyone related to it. In his vast interest Macbeth wants to learn more, “Stay you imperfect speakers, tell me more,” (1, iii, 70). Macbeth is becoming eager for knowledge but soon feels diminished by Banquo’s own prophecy. He realizes that his efforts to kill Duncan will have been in vain if Banquo’s children will succeed him on the throne. This is an example of influence/impact fate has on the Macbeth. He is ready to forget about his friendship with a Banquo and trust in a prophecy made by unknown witches. Nevertheless Banquo, also having heard the witches’ prophecies, thinks of plans to gain power but never does he truly engage them. Later on, Macbeth is named Thane of Cawdor just as the witches predicted. In result he believes more about his fate to become a king. It is then when Macbeth elaborates ways of make sure his ‘fate’ becomes reality. One of the obstacles that Macbeth struggled on was the Banquo’s prophecy. In act one Macbeth says “I am thane of Cawdor. / If good, why do I yield to that suggestion/ whose horrid image doth unfix my hair/ and make my seated heart knock at my ribs,/ against the us of nature?”. Here Macbeth’s ambition to murder King Duncan and continue in his fate grew. Macbeth becomes blinded his ‘fate’. His ambitions to kill King Duncan thrived. Duncan was seen as a noble and respectable king through the kingdom. He would praise Macbeth for his loyalty. Macbeth was struggling to choose between true friendship and fate. Fate was the reason for his evil scheme to kill Duncan. His emotion towards Duncan took the lead but Lady Macbeth was there to crush them. She had first learned of the fate from a letter sent by Macbeth telling her about the witches’ prophecies. Knowing Macbeth she knew he would never take such an opportunity to take over the throne. If Macbeth had never passed by the witches and acknowledge his fate, he would have never developed a sinful nature. In the end, his greed to accomplish his fate leads him towards the murder of King Duncan. After the death of the Duncan, Malcolm and Donalbain , his sons being next in line for the throne, escaped in fear that their fate may also be the same as their fathers. Donalbain asks his brother, “What should be spoken here, where our fate, / Hid in an auger-hole, may rush, and seize us?” (2, iii, 122). Macbeth’s greed for power did not stop him from betraying his friend and sending assassins to kill Banquo and his children to make sure fate does not happen and give the throne to Banquo’s children and gain complete security. In spite of this, in the attempt to kill Banquo his child escaped but Banquo was dead. Over the years evil grew more and more in Macbeth’s heart. However, his fate was not over. In his guilt upon the death of Banquo, he sees Banquo’s ghost at one of his banquet. Afraid he almost reveals his guilt to his guest. Frightened by the appearance of Banquo’s ghost he visits the witches again to learn about his ‘fate’. The witches give him a new prophecy. The first apparition tells Macbeth to beware Macudff, but the second apparition tells Macbeth, “Be bloody, bold, and resolute; laugh to scorn / The power of man, for none of woman born / Shall harm Macbeth” (4, i, 81). When the apparition tells him this Macbeth says will all the evil in his heart that he will not kill Macduff. However he will “make assurance double sure, / And take a bond of fate” (4, i, 83-84). He will kill Macduff just to be sure fate wont happen. From this apparitions Macbeth is extremely boastful and believes none can kill him. He takes pride in fate. Nevertheless, the English army led by Malcolm is coming to Scotland to remove Macbeth from the throne. During the last 5-8 years Macbeth was on the throne he has been a horrible king. He did not come to the attention of the people and Scotland was in a huge crises.

Columbia Southern University Budgeting and Planning Questions & Excel Sheet

cheap assignment writing service Columbia Southern University Budgeting and Planning Questions & Excel Sheet.

Creating Your Personal BudgetFor this assignment, you will apply what you have learned in this unit to a small business. To get the business’s finances under control, you need to prepare a budget. You may consider items from your personal finances and cash flow to help you identify possible expense items for the small business budget. Research the CSU Online Library or the Internet for steps to creating a personal budget.Monthly expenses might include rent, utility costs, personal loans, car loans, credit cards, groceries, childcare, vehicle maintenance costs and insurance, phone charges, and cable or streaming costs. Cash flow considerations might include monthly salaries, commissions, and allowances.You can use any budget format that you are comfortable with, or you may select a free template. Your budget should be completed using Excel. Once you have completed your budget, in a separate Word document, address the information below.How can the use of the budget be used in the planning process?How can this financial information influence short-term and long-term decisions?Based on your personal budget, what are your static expenses? What are your flexible expenses?As an accountant, reflect on how you can use what you have learned in this activity in the workplace.Your submission should include one Excel document, which contains your budget, and a one-page Word document, which contains your responses to the prompts above. You should include at least two resources to support your responses. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.2 QUESTIONS SEPARATE!!! Just answer in word document. do not put in APA. Just simply answer.1. Violated expectations are often the cause of conflict in cross-cultural teams due to the result of different cultural rules. However, unmet expectations must be managed effectively for a team to succeed. What are some of the most common behaviors that are classified as primary ways expectations tend to be violated in cross-cultural teams? Explain each with detailed examples.Your response should be at least 200 words in length.2. Identify at least two of the common problems that are associated with managing virtual teams. After identifying the problems, describe a team-building method that could be applied to each situation.Your response should be at least 200 words in length.3. Explain the importance of establishing ground rules and respecting cultures amongst team members. How does diversity within members affect the performances of the group as a whole?Your response should be at least 200 words in length.
Columbia Southern University Budgeting and Planning Questions & Excel Sheet

Problems of Correctional Officers Essay

It is possible to state that much attention should be paid to how correctional officers are depicted not only in popular TV series or films but also in news and talk shows, for example. The problem is that journalists, directors, and editors are often inclined to focus on depicting only those cases, accidents, and events when correctional officers behave brutally or violate prisoners’ rights and interests. As a result of the public’s focus only on this aspect of the profession that is supported by providing evidence in news and documentaries, people tend to develop certain biases and stereotypes regarding the profession. I can assume that people have developed visions regarding correctional professionals which are based on TV representations, and these perceptions can cause situations when relatives or friends of imprisoned people can blame officers for some problems in correctional facilities. The media representations of these cases support the development of stereotypes. From this point, it is important to pay more attention to developing a positive image of correctional officers who need to be discussed as embodiments of ideas about order and discipline. Unfortunately, some people are inclined to perceive these officers in association with outrage and lawlessness. These perceptions need to be addressed, and the only effective method to develop new visions of this career is the representation of officers’ achievements in the media. It is important to preserve the balance of depicting both negative and positive aspects of the work in correctional institutions. In spite of the public’s bias regarding this topic, the problem should be viewed from a sociological perspective. Therefore, I am interested in this topic, and I have spent much time while thinking over this issue and observing how prison officers can be depicted in the media while focusing on consequences of these depictions for public’s perceptions. However, it is also important to pay attention to the fact that the profession of a correctional officer is really tough and full of risks and challenges. Those people who choose this career path are expected to demonstrate skills not only in monitoring prisoners and guaranteeing their safety but also in communication, negotiation, and crisis management. Thus, correctional officers play a significant role in society as people who assist prisoners to adapt to realities of life in prison. As supervisors, correctional officers are expected to help prisoners focus on discipline, follow certain rules, and adhere to legal and ethical norms. Traditionally, roles of correctional officers are associated only with supervision and control, but it is possible to state that tasks which are performed by these professionals are diverse, and they have the significant social importance. From this point, correctional officers along with psychologists, mentors, and supervisors can help prisoners adapt to the principles of living legally and effectively. Thus, the problem is only in the perception of correctional officers and their duties. It is possible to assume that these perceptions are provoked by inappropriate images of correctional professionals presented in the media. There are a few depictions of positive, strong, and effective officers who can maintain discipline and order in facilities because such characters are often not interesting to the public. It is possible to agree that the environments of correctional institutions can stimulate aggression and violent behaviors in prisoners and correctional officers, but these cases should be discussed as exceptions from the rule.

Complete Graduate Communications Task (UOP)

Complete Graduate Communications Task (UOP). Help me study for my Communications class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Search the internet for additional information you may need about the research method used in the Stanford prison experiment.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word analysis of the research methods and ethical violations in the Stanford prison experiment in which you:

Identify one or two ethical issues that occurred in this experiment.
Explain the APA ethics guidelines that may have been violated.
Summarize what you would have done differently.
Determine the research method that was used and justify your choice.

Format your paper according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines located on the APA Templates page in the Center for Writing Excellence.
Complete Graduate Communications Task (UOP)

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