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Airport Tracking Device for Blind and Partially Sighted

Airport Tracking Device for Blind and Partially Sighted. Expanding ambient technologies for blind and partially sighted people has rapidly grown over the last few years, enabling people to become more independent in their daily lives. Ambient intelligence is already becoming commonplace in the environment through the widespread use of computing, mobile devices, and information appliances, thereby increasing the ease of communication “between individuals, between individuals and things, and between things.”[1] A new ICT device has been developed that will help those with impaired or no sight safely navigate through airports. This report will explain some of the technology that will go into this device and how it will work in terms of providing directional assistance in a place like an airport where one’s surroundings are not familiar and confusion is easy when there is a lot of noise and movement. Understanding Ambient Technologies The field of ambient technologies focuses on providing “greater user-friendliness, more efficient services support, user empowerment, and support for human interactions.”[2] In this way, the devices that come from the use of this technology will offer for “opportunities for social integration and independent living for elderly people and people who are disabled.”[3] Interestingly enough, this technology may also advance in terms of being able to tune into any cognitive limitations and the devices incorporating ambient technology can then adjust themselves to that person’s specific abilities and limitations.[4] This emerging type of technology is supporting a new way for human beings and technology to interact so that “devices will no longer be perceived as computers, but rather as augmented elements of the physical environment.”[5] The movement to an information-based society will “be populated by a multitude of hand-held and wearable micro-devices and computational power and interaction peripherals.”[6] This provides a host of opportunities for many people who might not have been able to be as interactive with their environment due to some physical disability. Complexity and Challenges Ambient technologies still has a long way to go in terms of reaching its objectives. There are a number of overriding challenges to this emerging technology. Generally, it is perceived that ambient technologies must be “reliable, continuously available in space and time, consistent in its functionalities and interaction in private and (crowded and potentially hazardous) public spaces.”[7] In 2005, IBM researchers identified a number of areas that would need to be addressed before ambient technologies could achieve some of the aforementioned benefits. These challenges include “the distribution of interaction over devices and modalities, the balance between automation and adaption and direct control, the identification of contextual dependencies among services, health and safety issues, privacy and security, and social interaction in ambient intelligence environments.”[8] A number of other challenges are present that must address the unique qualities of each user of the device, including their “abilities, needs, requirements, and preferences.”[9] The complexity and challenge of designing a device that can be used for an airport is extensive. The device must take a lot of external factors into consideration, including noise, language barriers, security, and communications interference. It is hoped that improvements in voice synthesis and recognition will help in noisy environments as well as assist those who might not be able to use keyboards or other object manipulation inputs.[10] Additional enhancements will be needed to incorporate the development of an automatic language translation component,[11] which would be imperative in certain situations like an international airport or for during international travel. A further challenge is to introduce this device into existing information system environment within airport and have it integrate with any number of different system environments. Currently, there is no standardised operating system across global environments. In terms of a device that would be helpful in an airport, there would need to be the “deployment of networks of sensors in closed spaces” that would help with GPS localisation capabilities.[12] Universal access is also a critical issue and challenge because it is vital that these types of devices be affordable and available to all who might need it to compensate for their physical limitations. Device Capabilities and Benefits The user of the device can configure it so that the device understands the user’s specific requirements related to their physical disability of blindness. Having this capability will allow the user to make appropriate decisions, feel more confident, and achieve greater independence and social interaction.[13] This is done through a voice recognition system, which is considered a user adaptive interface that allows the user to interact with the device so that it can also verbally navigate the user in the right direction.[14] The device is then used as if it was an electronic guide dog that can help the person by letting them know about “nonfamiliar physical obstacles”[15] as well as provide the proper directions on how to get to the right destination. This device would also interact with other ambient technologies that may incorporate other user adaptive interfaces, such as scent recognition and output and tactile recognition and output[16] that can be used to fulfil other personal needs usually done with one’s physical eyes. The device is able to overcome some of those external factors found in an airport. It will be a micro-device that the user can conveniently wear in some fashion around their neck or wrist so that they can continue to carry their luggage or belongings but still be guided by a device that can work with an airport information system to guide them through the airport to their appropriate gate or other destination whilst navigating certain objects that are not visible to the sight-impaired person, such as people, baggage, and signs.[17] The device can integrate multimedia content, including sound and graphics[18] to help those with partial or no sight find their way, with interactive sensorial and motor abilities[19] which allows the device to interact with the travellers as if they were getting help from another human being. In other words, partially sighted or blind travellers will be able to ask the device questions and receive a response that will help them navigate through the airport. It is important that the user interface on this device be as “straightforward and meaningful without the user being overwhelmed by options and menus.”[20] To address the various information system environments in airports, an environmental-level adaption can be used because it “extends the scope of accessibility to cover potentially all applications running under the same interactive environment rather than a single application.”[21] This will enable the device to run successfully in all environments, thereby reducing some of the insecurity for the user who may be apprehensive about how the device will affect their experiences. Device Enhancements As ambient technologies further progress, devices using this technology will be characterised by “increasing ubiquity, mobility and personalization.” The devices could be reconfigured,[22] according to which network the user has come in contact with – at an airport, a store, a bank, etc. This will be important because of the critical need to solve some of the cognitive overload, confusion and frustrations[23] that will result as human beings — visually impaired or otherwise — try and adapt to a new way of interacting with each other and their surrounding environment. Ambient technologies must also advance in their alignment with other technologies in terms of “miniaturization, low power devices, wireless devices, security and encryption, biosensors and scalability.”[24] Many of these other technologies could hold the answer in terms of advancing the goal of ambient technologies to meld the idea of technology and human interaction into one action. Further research is also being conducted on an open source and standard for networks that will allow for widespread accessibility and adoption of ambient technology devices as well as more effective communication regardless of their location[25] so that these can be used in such public and global places as airports. As with most technology, there will be many glitches that will need to be overcome. It can be difficult, especially for those who are partially or completely blind, to learn to depend on a device to overcome their physical limitations only to find that it has malfunctions.[26] Therefore, it is imperative that a number of tests be conducted and backup information systems be developed to minimise any technical glitches. Other technical issues related to security and privacy can arise from a device’s network being compromised by viruses and works if there is not great care taken to insure that the networks are not vulnerable to attack.[27] This would involve further research into how numerous protective tactics now in place, such as proxy firewalls and intrusion detection system,[28] can be integrated with ambient technology in devices to keep people safe, especially in public areas where larger networks may be breached. To further the development of ambient technologies for such devices as an airport device for the blind and partially blind, it is recommended that candidates for the device be involved in the design life cycle and testing phase to ensure that the user interface is capable of delivering on its objective and that the subject using the device feels confident that it will improve their interaction with their external environment. Conclusions There is a wide demand for devices like the one developed for use in an airport because there are far-ranging benefits involved in its creation and implementation in the marketplace. However, there are many technology, legal, privacy, and security issues to overcome as well as detailed explanations about these devices so that those who need them the most can quickly feel comfortable with the idea of interacting with technology in a way that also responds to them and their cognitive abilities and limitations. However, it is clear that as devices come to market, such as the airport-enabled solution, more people will feel comfortable using them to enhance their interaction with others and provide a more independent way of travelling for those who might have felt previously inhibited. Although standardisation can be a slow process, this will provide time to achieve greater enhancements to various devices, such as the airport information and navigation device, so that some of the other challenges can already be solved to make implementation more likely. The growth in this market is explosive and real opportunity will be realised as ambient technology delivers lower cost and user-friendly devices. References Emiliani, P.L. and Stephanidis, C. (2005). Universal access to ambient intelligence environments: opportunities and challenges for people with disabilities. IBM Systems Journal, 605-619. Available from: Gill, J., ed. (2008). Ambient intelligence: Paving the way. Cost 219. Available from: Gill, J., ed. (2005). Making life easier: How new telecommunications services could benefit people with disabilities. Cost219. Available from: Raisinghani, M.S., Benoit, A., Ding, J., Gomez, M., Gupta, K., Gusila, V., Power, D., and Schmedding, O. (2004). Ambient intelligence: Changing forms of human-computer interaction and their social implications. Journal of Digital Information. Available from: 1 Footnotes [1] Raisinghani et al. 2004: 4. [2] Emiliani and Stephanidis 2005: 605. [3] Ibid: 610. [4] Gill 2008: 8. [5] Emiliani and Stephanidis 2005: 609. [6] Gill 2008: 4. [7] Ibid: 9. [8] Emiliani and Stephanidis 2005: 60610-611. [9] Ibid: 616. [10] Gill 2008: 7. [11] Ibid: 7. [12] Ibid: 7. [13] Gill 2005: 8. [14] Emiliani and Stephanidis 2005: 615. [15] Ibid: 616. [16] Rasinghani et al. 2004: 2. [17] Gill 2008: 8. [18] Emiliani and Stephanidis 2005: 606. [19] Ibid: 606. [20] Gill 2008: 12. [21] Emiliani and Stephanidis 2005: 607. [22] Ibid: 616. [23] Ibid: 611. [24] Emiliani and Stephanidis 2005: 616. [25] Raisinghani et al. 2004: 5. [26] Emiliani and Stephanidis 2005: 611. [27] Raisinghani et al. 2004: 2. [28] Ibid:23. Airport Tracking Device for Blind and Partially Sighted
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Introduction Recent events on the financial markets show how interdependent the world is. Common value should not be forbidden but what about common losses. Who should be responsible for them? Many blame globalisation. But what is globalisation and does the world have any other alternatives to develop? Should we return to the strategies of the past? Or should we continue to live in an age of essential economic revolution? The term globalisation generates constant debates and controversies. But most of those who talk about globalisation are not even aware of its fundamentals. Globalisation is the one specific modality of international integration. Technology has definitely changed the way we live and also the ways in which the business is done. The countries by means of internet connection and enthusiastic workers can have access to unlimited jobs and industries. Let’s imagine a picture of a world where all limitations are disappearing. A world where there are no boundaries and where competition can come from anywhere. That’s the world where our future lies. To make this world a healthier place globalisation is going to play a very important role. There are some people in developed world who believe that we must try to turn our back on this novel rapidly changing and integrated world. They also think that the chance to preserve one’s living standard is to make a fortress around one’s country, stop trading with other countries and depend only on own industries. But at present it is impossible to turn back the waves of globalisation but in doing so we can actually make ourselves worst off. So in my opinion, instead of fearing the future we should embrace it. Globalisation and Structure of Indian Economy Globalisation has been expressed beautifully through a poem by Canadian economist Gerald Helleiner- “The poor complain, they always do, but that is just idle chatter. Our system (globalisation) brings reward to all, at least to all who matter”. Broadly speaking the term globalisation is an economic process. Even though it is modeled as a way of ‘bringing the world together’, globalisation is all about the business community breaking down the remaining barriers to the free flow of its capital around the world. It fundamentally means opening up of any country economy system and its integration among the other economies of the world. It involves liberalism and implementation of economic liberalization policies and reforms to promote the progression of private sector. The word globalisation itself means something new is happening to the world. The world is becoming a “Flat” and experiencing global practices, values and technologies that are shaping people lives. For India, there are ample confusions about the costs and benefits of globalisation. Data Source

Essay on the Institute of Public Health

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Background/Situation- The Institute of Public Health in Ireland was created in 1999 to promote cooperation for public health in the whole of the country. This was a big cross-border initiative that happened at the same time as the Belfast Agreement that intended to end the centuries conflict. The Institute of Public health provided public health information, strengthened the public health capacity, and advised on public policy. The reality of this was to tackle the inequalities in health, unite public health initiatives, and promote cooperation for public health throughout Ireland. An original idea came from the Chief Medical Officer in Northern Ireland and identified the need for greater cooperation of health. A small group to explore was set up and discussed the idea and its potential success with a wide range of people from universities to environmental health. After networking and many discussions later the Institute of Public Health of all Ireland was established. The institute needed someone to develop the original idea and move the agenda of health further with limited number of resources. Jane Wilde was given the title Director of the Institute in 1998 and is a consultant in public health and on the health board, and she has trained in both the United States and United Kingdom. Key Individuals Former US Senator George Mitchell, Canadian General John de Chastelain, Finnish ex – Prime Minister Harri Holkeri were the main few that led in talks to the agreement on Good Friday. The United States President of the time, Bill Clinton, provided political support and encouragement for the IoPH to get passed through. The original idea stemmed from Chief Medical Officer in Northern Ireland. Jane Wilde was appointed Director of the Institute in the autumn of 1998. Her background in the health and political field included Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition and professional as Director of the Health Promotion Agency. Issues/Problems Right away a number of challenges arose for the Institute of Public Health in Ireland. The location was the first big issue, because of the differences The Republic had vs. Northern Island. With their different jurisdictions, different budgetary regimes, different political institutions, time periods, different cultures, and different health care structures. Originally the Institute was to be located within the Royal College of Physicians in Dublin, which seemed like amazing news at first. Until they realized they weren’t given very much space to work with, and were placed in a closet with no windows and a poor computer system to work with. Jane had great aspirations for the Institute that didn’t agree or match up to the Royal College’s ideas and plans. Jane wanted the Institute to be modern, transparent and permeable, facilitative and enabling, rather than strict and laying down the law. The Royal College was more focused on tradition, standards, specified training and examinations were mandatory, which Jane did not have in mind. At first, the Director had a very small network on the island and that was going to be a challenge for her expansion plans. Until she linked up with the Chief Medical officer who took her in and acted the role as her sponsor, setting her up with connections and meetings to expand the Institute of Public Health in Ireland. Causes- The actions of the institution were challenged by political sensitivity as well as cultural differences. The management team had to be cautious in their approach in order for the project to be successfully initiated. While the non-executive management board had to work around this issue with the interest of the executive board they functioned on a system of transparency. Having this collaboration focused and consensual approach the institute would be able to follow their initial vision of unity in Ireland. The ability of having a successful management staff that posed credibility helped further the institutes position as well as the outgoing actions by the director Jane Wilde. THe leadership styles overall were important as they needed to balance between affirmative, democratic and authoritative. Using this insight they would be able to engage in building community trust and gain stakeholders who saw growth in the institute. Having a strong vision and people behind it who supported the functions was seen with the transition to the college where they were faced with a very below average result. Handling themselves and moving forward to encourage their position was highly constructive and graceful which would lead to better sponsorship. Decisions/Alternatives In order to move forward the IoPH must demonstrate a desire to work on the heath inequality agenda. This will actively create a positive response amongst the people and it will be politically neutral wich will be necessary for a smoother transition. Conclusions/Recommendations After establishing this institute a lot of key lessons were learned during the change process. It was necessary to have good sponsorship from a person who was well respected and who had authority in the field of work already, know as Chief Medical Officers. They had a role in good sponsorship because they were there for the first idea and the take off of the organization to it being taken by the management board. They learned the importance of knowing whos involved within and outside the organization. Identifying the stakeholders and seeing what they need and want and giving them information on all plans within is very important. Since the Institution did not operate on specific powers it had to adopt an influencing style that was constructed on drawing people into discussions and offering knowledge. Building on someone’s ideas and sharing power works best when no formal power is in motion. The importance of the ‘what’ from visions and ‘how’ from values helped create a route to achieve the objectives in place. The what and how was the major part of the decision making process in order to become successful. In order for the organization to become successful they needed to demonstrate it by enabling the health inequalities agenda to move on. In order to move that on, it needed to develop a lean, agile and responsive organization during recruitment for good people with good influencing and enabling skills. A transformational leadership style was adopted by the senior management team. The Institute recognized the need to invest in leadership processes that will pay due regard to either an individual or a team that will take action. A stronger relationship between non executive board and senior management team needs to happen in order to create a fully effective organization. The stronger relationship between the non executive board and the senior management team will ensure the clarity of goals and effective operating processes. The leaders of the organization also saw that they needed to be close with all of their stakeholders as well. By doing this, the organization can build an amount of trust and the needs of the people whom they represent. These strong relationship are developed through the vision and values that the institution has been built upon. The vision and values of any organization are very important. The vision and values are “even more important than a clear set of objectives.” The vision and values of an organization will be a key factor in helping transitioning through change. Case Study Questions Individual Change- 1. What were the main ways in which people were motivated during the change process together with any underlying assumptions? The main ways in which people were motivated during the change was through collaboration, teamwork, and creativity. As long as they have these 3 key aspects they will be motivated with the help of others and themselves. Working with others will keep the motivation flowing because other ideas are being thrown out and they are able to work around it with keeping one main goal in mind. 2. If you were a manager (not leading the change) at loPH what would be some of your key tasks? If I was a manager at loPH some of my key tasks would be organization, promoting collaboration, and understanding the future needs and scenarios to come. These would be key tasks because you always need to prepare no matter what the case may be or even if you are not the one leading the change. Also having everything organized for yourself as a manager, loPH, and everyone else involved is very important. 3. Using the Satir model describe how the loPH change process evolved? The loPH change processed evolved by having their old problem, to resisting any change from happening, to having everything go wild and not being able to handle what is to come, to actually dealing with the change, and then having the change become real and established. Satir Model: -old status quo -resistance -chaos -integration -new status quo Team Change A) In terms of the four personality types, which one(s) were most in evidence? What might some of the benefits and pitfalls of this type have been? The B personality type was most often exhibited in the case. Jane Wilde, the director of the institute, was hired to be creative and innovative all while displaying a credible reserved presentation. She is outgoing and very much concerned with face to face communication. Participating in meetings initially in her position she was able to acquire 80% of the Republic’s vote for the belfast agreement all because of her communication success. The reason type B stood out more so than the type A personality, was due to the influence of emotions that were much more present in how Jane conducted her position as Director. She had the ability to focus on everyone and not pressure certain people where an A type personality would lose sight of this action. A large benefits of a type B individual is the ability to recognize other people’s opinions and have a small amount of attention focused to what people think. While this may seem like a pitfall it can go both ways. Consumer opinion has a direct effect on income for a company and in this particular situation in the beginning of the IoPH the process of creating such a platform needs agreement from outside entities. B) If you were a team manager/leader in loPH which of the five elements of effective team work would be most important? Commitment would be the most important aspect out of the five elements of effective team work if I were a manager in IoPH. Holding true to the vision of the decision in relation to the companies values would be key in keeping all actions relatable. Commitment keeps the goals and actions of a business functioning at a high level which will achieve success. Operating with specifics is something the Institute desired to create but has not capitalized on because of a lack of commitment. The ability to do a task relies on the motivation employees are faced with. Creating an environment that gives more credit to the employees will in turn strengthen the institute as a unit to bring about change in Ireland. C) Would you create any different types of teams at the loPH to help in its evolution? (Cameron) While reading about the Institute of Public Health in Ireland we have come up with a few different types of teams that can be implemented to help the evolution of the organization. A problem- solving team would definitely be something that could benefit IoPH. This team would be a temporary, cross-functional group of people who come from different departments, and possess different roles, skills and interests. A fast, permanent solution to a specific problem is the problem-solving team’s priority. Another team that they could benefit from would be a quality- solving team. This specific team would be in charge of take a methodical approach to identifying and resolving workflow issues that have a negative and ongoing impact on the organization’s efficiency and working conditions. Lastly, since the location of the IoPH, they would greatly benefit from a Online/ Virtual team. Technology now in 2018 allows people to participate in an organization’s activities regardless of their geographic locations. Online teams communicate online, through various conferencing and collaboration technologies. Thanks to social-networking tools, virtual-team members can be in touch continually and access group projects, no matter where they are. Organizational Change 1. Identify some examples of the political systems metaphor, and the Flux and Transformation metaphors in action in this case study. Some of the examples of political systems come with the influence of the people who were involved with the IoPH. More directly the IoPH provides public health information and surveillance which would strengthen public health capacity, and lastly, advising health policy. 2. William Bridges wrote about transitions in his work. Can you see and evidence of Endings, Beginning’s or Neutral Zones in the process of change at IoPH in Ireland? If so, what ended, and what began? What was accomplished by the leadership in the neutral zone? If not, does that mean there was no real transition? Discuss. 1. Ending, Losing, Letting Go – The time of ending a process within and organization and beginning the new one of the most difficult time while going through the change. Employees of any level may feel some levels of sadness, anxiety, or anger towards the change that the company is going through. Good Friday agreement provided “necessary momentum to crystallize the idea and the Institute of Public Health for all Ireland was established.” This was the starting point where they would employ six people of various health backgrounds and would see what would happen. One of the jobs being the Director’s which would be granted to Jane Wilde. This would start the transition into forming IoPH. 2. The Neutral Zone – The neutral zone is the halfway point of the organizational change. During this time there still may be some confusion and anxiety amongst employees but there are ways to ease them through this process. Some of the ways a manager or executive can help is to involve everyone in the change process, have the employees work in a collaborative manner and build teamwork. Also, sharing reports of progress will help ease the company along with the change. This is especially helpful because it reminds the team that they are working positively through the change. Finding a reason location for the institute, which would be located within the Royal College of Physicians in Dublin. Overcoming old Northern Ireland jurisdictions, cultures, and health structures became a problem in which Jane and the IoPH would have to tackle. Overcoming more challenges such as the developing infrastructure. With the new infrastructure came “technology, such a we and Internet, e – mail and other lines of communication.” Along with this came recruitment, which then the institution needed to establish financial systems. The organization also started stepping away from just providing advice and information. The members of the organization were now focused on aiming on having “wider determinants of health, highlighting the interconnections between transport, housing, education and social works.” 3. New Beginning – The new beginning is when the change has gone through completely and employees are starting to feel excited about the change. This new change that was implemented feels like it’s the “only way.” Helping your team in this stage can be as simple as providing the necessary information for your team, or painting a clear picture of how outcomes will look due to the new change. The new beginning was starting to take form when the IoPH’s new approach was widely accepted. This allowed the institution to be more involved than just the normal realms of health and this guided them through that process over overcoming the change. 3. Take Kotter’s eight steps to transforming your organization, and see if you can find any parallels, or obvious areas of mismatch. Is there any work still to be done, or work that was missed out, that you can deduce from carrying out this comparison? 1. Create Urgency 2. Form a Powerful Coalition – The group of individuals who led talks for the agreement. Some of the people are former US Senator George, Canadian General John de Chastelain, and Finnish ex – Prime Minister Harri Holkeri. The group of these folks played an important part in gaining the support for the Good Friday Agreement. 3. Create a Vision for Change – Chief Medical Officer in Northern Ireland began conversations with his counterparts to begin the vision for the change needed with the health systems of Ireland. 4. Communicate the Vision – the vision for the new health care system was most effectively communicated through the director, Jane Wilde. Jane Wilde would go out meeting people and communicating with them that this new institution was not a direct competition. 5. Remove Obstacles – Technology played a massive role in the efforts to remove obstacles for the institution. Some of the technology they used was the web and Internet, e – mail communication as well as other lines of communication. Having very streamlined communication as such made for a more efficient place of work. 6. Create Short – Term Wins – There were many wins, big and small that the IoPH went through. They gained the support from people within the health field. They also had other wins from their technology with their communication. The biggest win the institution saw was the openness to broaden the range of their work within the health field. When it was accepted by people that they would make the scope of their work bigger, it was a big win for the institution. 7. Build on the Change – Building on the change was easy. The IoPH did not have to go through a great deal of change with the change happening during the beginning of the IoPH. With this, every person within was able to adapt to the change easily. This was made simple by Jane Wilde and the vision she set within the institution. The first six months when she went out meeting people was crucial in helping the change process. 8. Anchor the Changes in Corporate Culture – The vision and values that are talked about have a very strong impact on how this organization is ran. On page 22, it’s stated, “the vision and values are crucial, even more important than a clear set of objectives.” Maintaining the core values of this organization are an instrumental part of their operations. They execute these visions and values they hold within their company by recruiting health professionals from all parts of the world. Leading Change Warren Bennis is said to be the “Father of Leadership”, whenever someone mentions a great leader, Bennis is rarely not mentioned. Jane Wilde, the director of the institute, was hired to be creative and innovative all while displaying a credible reserved demeanor. She stayed persistent in her trials to expand the Institute of Public Health in Ireland through all of her challenges that came her way and that’s the true definition of a leader. Jane Wilde’s story could be encapsulated by the drive and motivation she had as a leader. Jane Wilde had a very clear take on the importance of the vision and the values to the IoPH and the way it worked. The visions and values are very crucial, even more important than a clear set of objectives. Vision and values are at the top, and infrastructure is at the bottom. The vision is that Jane Wilde had was motivating. Leaders are necessary for organizational change. For an organization to be operating at the full effectiveness a strong relationship is required between the senior management team and the non- executive board members. The senior management team adopted more of a transformational leadership qualities such as: creating a facilitating environment, enabling people to operate in an environment of trust, recognizing that building overall capacity and capability instead of being directive and hierarchical. References Organization of Effective Teams. (n.d.). Retrieved February 23, 2018, from The 5 elements of an effective team. (2010, October 16). Retrieved February 26, 2018, from Understanding the 4 Personality Types. (n.d.). Retrieved February 26, 2018, from Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp

Customized Product Essay

essay writing help Customized Product Essay.

Below is a list of websites where you can purchase a customized product. “Build and price your own BMW” — You can build your own car at!/
“Customize a bag”– You can choose the design of your own bag at
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your essay, you should answer the following questions:

Which company’s web site did you visit? Provide the URL.

Choose one line of product (e.g. 2 Series Coupe model at BMW or messenger bags at

Explain how you configure your own product? What types of choices do you have? Be
specific. Answer these questions by explaining the customization process step by step.

Tell us how satisfied you were with the customization experience. If you were dissatisfied,
what factors (e.g. design of the web page and ease of navigation, limited options for
customization) contributed to your dissatisfaction?

How important is customization for the company? Can you describe the company’s business
strategy and how mass customization fits this strategy?
Customized Product Essay

Introduction Of The Smartphone

The first ever cell phone was invented by Martin Cooper on April 3rd, 1973, that was only for two pounds. The height of that phone was 10 inches, depth 3 inches and the width an inch and a half (Motorcity, 2003). At that time it was the only way to communicate with each other. And at that time it was not available to the general population and it was used for the first time only businesses and government. In 1992, the first Smartphone invented by IBM, known as a Simon Smartphone. This was a big breakthrough in the field of technology and for the requirements of people. Because people want to connect with each other with in a small period of time. It becomes possible to send messages and sending email to each other with the help of Smartphone. To understand that one technological device could change culture of customer, style of living and the whole society. After the invention of Smartphone a sudden change came into being in the human life and finds the way to go ahead in the field of technology. It is not possible to find anyone without smart phone. The smart phone is very essential device because of this you can talk to your clients, family members and colleagues. In other words a smart phone is also known as Personal Computer (PC) with advanced capabilities and functionality. The Importance of Smartphone When discussing the topic of new media the importance of networks are very essential. With the help of networks the whole world is connected with each other. And this is the easiest way to connect with your family members, friends and clients. When someone is going to purchase a cell phone he will think about the service of his area, the size of the phone, about the price of the phone then you have to make a decision to purchase a phone. If consumer purchases a smartphone he will be very happy with the functions of smartphone than any other in the market. IT professionals are tasked with developing more applications for smartphones as worldwide consumption continues to grow in 2010 and beyond. When technology professionals design web-based and computer-based applications, they should consider compatibility with smartphones and other mobile devices. Many webmasters already create web content with mobile users in mind. For example, the Internet giant Yahoo! offers a Mobile Web for phones like the Blackberry and iPhone. Role of Social Media Social media is playing a vital role in the success of martphones, because of social media its possible to share data, videos, pictures, and other tasks. Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are the example of social media. Social media and smartphones means to connect more and more people online even on mobile. Operating System of Smartphone In 2010 the market of smartphone operating system changed. For customer and businessmen the impoetance of smartphone is very essential. Because without smartphone its not possible to keep in cotact with each other, with clients and with family members and friends. Key features of Smartphone: Wi-Fi With the help of this feature you can connect wireless internet connection. Using Wi-Fi the speed of internet will be very high. Push Notification By push notification we mean that you can receive messages, emails and you do not need to log in to check your account. Social Networking ‘Social Networking’ means those websites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter by which we can communicate with each other individually and as well as groups and also can share photos, videos and album. QWERTY Keyboard QWERTY keyboard is the layout and this keyboard allows you to search and browse the internet and send emails and text. One may see a smartphone as one that offers a complete keyboard with internet and email functionality, and some may only view a smart phone as a phone with a full operating system (OS) and applications. A smartphone is a full-featured mobile phone that comes equipped with the personal computer like functionality. So it is the most efficient way of being mobile and carrying your office with you. Most of these phonescome with a camera that supports email capabilities and serves as a complete personal organizer. This is true that the smartphones are the helping hand of the several businessmen’s. Because of the technological features of mobile phones these are called smart phone. In these days smartphone is a basic demand of every businessman and company. By latest technology it includes to share his idea with their partners and colleagues. With the help of smart phone we can watch live match if you are somewhere else it does not matter, breaking news. We can get help from smart phone like human bodies. In next five years change will take place suddenly in smartphones. If we study last few years about phones we will understand that how quickly changes occurred from time to time, therefore in next few years the improvement in technology will take place. PC Replacements The basic change in smartphones in next few years will occur that it starts working like laptops. It means that in future those people who have smartphones they do not need to buy laptops and personal computers. So smartphones will replace PC in next five years. Joined Devices After long time finally its become possible to connect devices with each other like bluetooth in PC and in laptop can connect with smart phones. In next few years it will be possible to know about you that now where are you and what do you want to do because of smart phones. Smart phones will become a single device in next few years yes it is true because the smart phones are moving in a straight forward direction. There are alot of confusion because of the variety of mobiles phone and competency. If you want to have a great mobile than smartphone is the best choice among all. Smartphone is much better than any other mobile phone. If you have smartphone you can move your office with where you want so than you do not need to buy personal computer or laptop because in smartphone there is an operating system like personal computer and laptop, so nowadays most of smartphones are with their camera. Top ten Smartphone iPhone 3GS The iPhone 3GS continues to bring together three incredible products in one – A revolutionary phone, a widescreen iPod and a breakthrough Internet device with full web browsing and easy e-mail access. HTC Desire HTC have yet again outdone themselves with another superb smartphone, this time in the form of the HTC Desire! Powered by a monstrous 1GHz Snapdragon processor and displayed through a stunning AMOLED 3.7 inch full touchscreen. Samsung Wave The Samsung Wave mobile phone allows for a brighter, clearer and less reflective view with the Super AMOLED 3.3 inch wide display touchscreen. BlackBerry 9700 The BlackBerry 9700 is jam-packed with all the very best Blackberry features including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, HSDPA, full QWERTY keyboard, 3G technology and Push e-mail! BlackBerry 8520 Smart, sleek and classy the Blackberry 8520 Curve is here to entertain, organise and communicate. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 The first Android mobile phone from Sony Ericsson, the Xperia X10, has a stunning 4 inch touchscreen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor and truly next generation features, such as Timescape and Mediascape. Sony EricssonVivaz The Sony Ericsson Vivaz mobile phone is here to deliver high performance, responsive touch control, multimedia, entertainment and connectivity, just how you want it. Memory Cards You can greatly improve the memory of your Smartphone by purchasing a memory card. This allows you to save and store more applications, music, photos, videos and more. Your Smartphone can become a multimedia entertainment centre! The best thing is, you can pick the size (or capacity) of the memory card to suit your needs or budget! Nearly all Smartphone’s are compatible with MicroSD memory cards and our memory cards range from 2GB to 8GB. Screen Protectors Protect the most expensive part of your smartphone – the display, with a screen protector. This essential purchase is cheap but crucial and will greatly improve the protection from chips and scratches on your Smartphones screen. Screen protectors are extremely easy to attach to your Smartphones, and once fixed in place, are virtually unnoticeable. Bluetooth Headsets With a Bluetooth headset you can make and take calls on the move, wherever you are and keep your hands free! Using the Bluetooth connection on your Smartphone, a Bluetooth headset will allow you to talk without needing to hold your phone. This means your Smartphone can be safely stored in your laptop, purse, bag or pocket! Summary Smartphones are playing very vital role in the world. Without smartphines it is not possible to connect with each other even with members of the same organisation. So it is very clear if you have smartphone then it does not matter you can contact with relatives, friends, clients. And you can move your office any where in the world. As discussed above that smartphones have operating system so then you do not need to buy personal computer and laptop. Because the smartphone gives you that work which personal computer and laptop do. In next five years amazing change will occure in smartphones by the improvement of technology. Smartphone will replace personal computer because it has the complete keyboard and many other functions which personal computer has. So it is true that within the next few years smartphones will become the single most important digital device we own. Role of E-commerce in Ebay’s and Amazon’s popularity E-commerce is playing very vital role in the popularity of ebay and amazon. Because it is only possible to buy goods online from ebay and amazon. Without electronic commerce its not possible for ebay and amazon to reach at this top level. By the help of e-commerce everyone can buy things online without any problem. So it means that without e-commerce ebay and amazon can not acheive the goals and objectives. E-commerce or electronic commerce means purchasing and selling of goods and services and exchanges on the Internet. On Internet with a big success of ecommerce commonly we can say that it is shopping at World Wide Web. Simply we can say that when we do online shopping it is called ecommerce. Types of E-commerce B2B (Business-to-Business) Business-to-Business means that when company dealing with each other like wholesalers selling to retailers, and manufacturers selling to distributors. In this kind of business customer or client will not be included. B2C (Business-to-Consumer) In this kind of businesses selling is directly to consumer through cart software. C2B (Consumer-to-Business) In C2B business a consumer put his project online and then different organisation study the consumer’s needs and then try to get that project. And then consumer selects the company that can do the project. C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer) C2C business means that everyone is free to buy and sell from each other by online payment system. Like Amazone and eBay is alive examples of C2C business where alot of transaction take place everyday. Role of 2.0 technologies in Ebay’s and Amazon’s popularity Web 2.0 was introduced in 2004 and know as the second generation of the World Wide Web. It does not relate to a particular type of Web. Examples of 2.0 are listed below: Blogs: Blogs means that users can post and upgrade their profile of life on the Web. Wikis: It enables the users from the whole world to update and add online content. Social networking: MySpace and Facebook are the present examples by which people can interact with their friends and update their own profile. Web application: By the help of variety of new applications users can run programs directly in a browser. 1. Making money Of course. Since the first data-scraping and sniping tools… well, wait, make that since eBay first opened its APIs to developers, the eBay development ecosystem has grown with the volume of eBay transactions. eBay sellers sold $60B last year, and the 80,000 developers who helped sellers research, list, and service all those transactions also received their cut. 2. Useful technology eBay has some of the greatest technology and data assets on the web. The technology of eBay and PayPal is useful on a massive scale. PayPal has 70 million users. eBay sees 150 million unique visitors per month, and supports 70 million sellers worldwide. The developer community that provides applications for eBay sellers and buyers uses the eBay APIs to drive as much as 60% of eBay transactions. 3. Accessible technology Mark emphasized the importance of mobile applications.The eBay iPhone application is a strong start. It is clear that he believes eBay should make a powerful effort to enable mobile usage. eBay and its third-party developers still need to make some breakthroughs to enable accessibility. 4. Technology adapted to you Today, your cell phone is a communications device, an entertainment center, a mall, and a social network. Tomorrow, it may also be your wallet. Already you can instantly repay a loan to a friend who has a PayPal account. Soon, In-N-Out Burgers may accept PayPal, and you will be able to pay for your burgers at the counter from your cell phone. PayPal is uniquely adaptable for this kind of use, because it is a single global payment network, with end-to-end transaction visibility, good risk protection and fraud detection, integrated with more than 15k banks. PayPal unifies the world’s disparate money systems to enable payments anywhere. The big news in adaptable technology is that the PayPal Developer Program is opening up later in 2009. Third-party developers will use flexible APIs for sending money to create mobile payments applications that will change the way people pay for things. 5. Open platform eBay released a new developer opportunity today.SM Apps lets developers embed seller applications in, just as you can embed applications in Facebook. The difference is that with SM Apps developers can make money, charging a one-time fee or using a subscription model for use of their application. Because the SM Apps platform uses the Gadgets specification, applications built for eBay can also operate elsewhere on the web, including on other portal pages. The Selling Manager tool has 270,000 active, paying businesses operating in the U.S. alone. As Mark said, “While other platforms are trying to figure out monetization… we are set up for you [the developer] to take a cut, and we hope you will.” Summary E-commerce and Web 2.0 technologies are the way of popularity of ebay and amazon. Everyone in the world knows about the role of e-commerce and amazon. So in this essay the importance of e-commerce and amazon are discussed in brief. Ebay’s and amazon’s popularities are connected with e-commerce and web 2.0 technologies. So it is not possible without e-commerce and web 2.0 technologies that ebay and amazon get popularity. Everyday there are alot of buying and purchasing occurred in daily life and these transaction are increasing day by day, by this we can say that these two are the key factors in the popularity of ebay and amazon.

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