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A -Threat of New Entrants is low  (=The existence of barriers to entry (patents, rights, etc.) The airline industry is so saturated that there is hardly space for a newcomer even to squeeze its way in. The main concern for this is the cost of entry. The airline industry is one of the most expensive industries, due to the cost of buying and leasing aircrafts, safety and security measures, customer service and manpower. Another major barrier to entry is the brand name of existing airlines and it is really difficult to lure customers out of their existing brands.

B – Availability of Substitutes. (=The existence of products outside of the realm of the common product boundaries increases the propensity of customers to switch to alternatives.) What is the likelihood that someone will drive or take a train to his or her destination? For regional airlines, the threat might be a little higher than international carriers. When determining this you should consider time, money, personal preference and convenience in the air travel industry.

C -Bargaining power of buyers Low : a certain location certain time –> only one ticket –> low buyer power. Ex) for very specalised airlines (ski planes) gives the airline the advantage. Destination.

High: now easy to compair what tickets are the cheapest w/ website ex) edreams.

D -Bargaining power of suppliers Two main manufacturers : boieng and airbus –> quite big power on setting price. Switching cost is high because mostly long time contracts.

Airport (supplier also) because they set the fees. -> demand is there -> they know they can put the prices high.

Fuel , food in the planes -> also competition.

E – Competitite rivalry. Highly Competitive : all selling the same product (tickets)`

About data

Assignment 1 Objective: Prepare a managerial report, starting with an executive summary; expected length up to 1-2 pages APA format, excluding cover page, table of content, and appendices.
Choose a neighborhood on which to focus, from the list provided by your instructor.
Import your data into Power BI
Develop visualizations highlighting important KPI for your neighborhood, including, but not limited to, the total volume of residential sales in the last year in your neighborhood, and the growth (or reduction) of the market over the past 5 years. Use the historical data table.
If real estate companies, on average, earn a commission of 5 cents per dollar on residential sales, what is the total revenue earned in your neighborhood over the last year of data in the historical table? If your company achieves 12.5% market penetration in your neighborhood, what would its revenue be?
Write 1-2 pages summarizing your process and findings
Submit both the report and the Power BI file.