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AICU Unit 4 Coca Cola Strategic Planning Discussion

AICU Unit 4 Coca Cola Strategic Planning Discussion.

in your own words, answer this unit’s discussion questions in a main post (recommended minimum 300words), and respond to at least 2 peers’ postings (recommended minimum 75 words).After you have reviewed the Assignment Details below, click the Discussion Board link under the My Work heading above to open the Discussion Board and make your post.Assignment DetailsThis DB has three parts. A common tool used in strategic planning is the S.W.O.T. analysis. Pick a company you are familiar with and complete a SWOT analysis for it describing 5 each of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. How can a SWOT analysis help a company develop a strategic plan that will be successful? Describe the four functions of management. What role do these play in the strategic decision making process?
AICU Unit 4 Coca Cola Strategic Planning Discussion

Table of Contents Introduction Lighting Costumes Props Conclusion Introduction Theater is an intricate form of artistic expression. Some of its main applications include the creation of an avenue for the transfusion of culture from one generation to another and maintenance of the uniqueness of various aspects of specific societies. Plays form part of the many ways through which theater passes on culture through several generations in a society. Although educative in nature, plays also serve as means of entertainment for most people. Themes represent the important elements that comprise a play or story. Unlike storytelling, plays bring imagery in stories to life. They enable audience to connect better with the story while obtaining entertainment as a bonus. However, the successful execution of these functions depends on the observance of certain aspects of the play by the various involved parties. For instance, the utilization of objects such as lighting, props, and costumes has the ability to affect the audience’s perception of the play and understanding of the story. To aid in a better elaboration of this concept, this paper explores a case study of the play Romeo and Juliet presented at the California Shakespeare Center on 25 July 2013. The essence is to analyze lighting, props, and costumes in terms of their effect on the themes in the story and a general understanding of the entire play by the audience. Lighting One of the most important aspects in designing a set for a play is choosing the appropriate lighting for each scene. The lighting helps in the creation of the mood for the play and enhances the theme so that the audience connects with the director’s vision for the play. For instance, dim lighting creates a romantic or sad feel to a scene in a play, thus enabling the audience to understand the story through emotional connection through enhancement via light. Therefore, it is utterly critical to make the right choice of lighting depending on various factors such as the location of the stage and the time of day the play shows. For the play, Romeo and Juliet, a California Shakespeare Theater production hosted on the theater grounds on 25 July 2013, the directors, in conjunction with the set designers, chose to hold the play at an outdoor setting. This aspect means that factors such as natural light from the sun or moon or foggy weather came into consideration. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The crew thus had to ensure that the lighting sets the mood for each scene without interference by these circumstances. One of the main advantages for the location is that the natural surrounding creates a more realistic feeling to the play as it is easier to incorporate scenes that require nature’s raw beauty outdoors than it is to create such on an indoor setting. The crew did a brilliant job in choosing the location as well as the time of day to show the play. The Shakespeare Center is located on a hilly serene area with lush green trees and a cool breeze. In consideration of the fact that most people refer to the play as a romantic story, albeit with a tragic ending, the scenery matches the general theme of the entire play. The only disadvantage for the setting is the chilly weather that results from the cold evening breeze, which is typical of mountainous regions. The choice of location provided for perfect lighting for the entire play. The lighting enhanced the themes of contract between light and darkness, irony, and romance without the application of excessive effort on the part of the set designer. For instance, in the balcony scene where Romeo meditates on Juliet’s beauty, it is easy for the audience to create the contrast between the sun and the moon as they experience both during the performance of the play by watching the sunset and the moon rise. The time set for the play allowed the audience to ease into the play using natural evening light and gradual transition into artificial lighting, thus creating an overall natural mood to the occurrence of the play. This way, the play felt more ‘real’ as opposed to an act, hence enabling better emotional and psychological connection with the audience. Additionally, it is much easier to introduce light in right amounts to a dark area than it is to make a bright area appropriately dark when need be, a concept that the set designers took full advantage. For instance, the use of lighting during the scene where the two lovers spend a night together, the use of appropriately dim lighting enabled the designers create a romantic feel to the episode, and matching the director’s vision for the part in the play. The use of floodlights to create the illusion of daytime also worked perfectly in creating irony in the contrast between light and darkness. For instance, the audience experienced the difference between the romantic and seemingly rightful acts done in the scene where the lovers lay together at night and the scene immediately after, where Romeo has to leave in the morning to commence his exile, which is a seemingly shameful duty. We will write a custom Essay on Design: Effects on Themes in Theater specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Costumes It is easy for the audience to connect with the storyline of a play just by looking at the costumes that the actors wear. The choice of costumes indicates the culture and societal norms to which the audience should relate the play. For instance, the play Romeo and Juliet is reminiscent of the Edwardian era during which the playwright, Shakespeare, lived. Attire in the Edwardian era was indicative of society’s insistence on chastity as one of its most important moral values, especially for women, and class for men. Most plays’ directors and designers who organize plays based on Shakespeare’s script comply with this mode of dress as a communication tool with the audience and project themes in the story in general. However, the director, Shana Cooper, with assistance from the costume designer, Christine Crook, decided to take a different direction by using modern designs for the play apparel as opposed to costumes that indicate the story’s expected cultural background. The main advantage for use of such costumes concerning the audiences is that it enables them to apply a more modern perspective to the story as opposed to the application of imagination as is usually the case in most Shakespeare plays. By choosing outfits such as jeans, sneakers, and dresses with modern designs, the costume designer appeals to the audiences’ experiences as a basis for their understanding of the story as is the director’s plan, which is easier for most people in the current era. In the play, the costume designer applied the use of fabrics such as satin and lace with a modern cut to reflect Juliet’s class as opposed to depending on the overall medieval designs. In addition, the length of dresses for female actors in the play remains below knee length to embody the theme of chastity present in plays with older settings. Also notable in Juliet’s costume is the designer’s use of sheer fabric that creates a sense of rebellion and indicates the character’s age without compromising on the elegance representative of the character’s social class in the play. Although the use of modern outfits such as costumes adds a new twist to the story, it also alters the mindset of the audience regarding the concept of the story. The original story reflects on the culture of the Edwardian era and the consequences that came with the practice of society’s norms at the time. However, in Shana Coopers’ twist, that concept is lost through the application of modern apparel to a classic story. Another disadvantage of using a different range of costumes is that some of the themes lose their meaning in the story. For instance, chastity decreases in importance in relation to the story when the audience can see through the main character’s dress, thus presenting a very different ideology from what Shakespeare had in mind. The inclusion of nudity, albeit of a mild nature, when Romeo and Juliet spend the night together also creates a different perspective of norms that were morally acceptable in the story. Although the scene is more believable to the audience, it alters their perception on discretion concerning sexual behavior. Not sure if you can write a paper on Design: Effects on Themes in Theater by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Overall, although the costumes add a modern twist to the story, they also take away some aspects that are unique to the play, such as the cultural nature of the society that the story represents. Props Props are objects that actors use on stage to aid in their performance, especially in the expression of various concepts in a play. They are essential in creating a better understanding of the story for the audience through reflecting the director’s vision for the play. Most enactments of Romeo and Juliet create scenes that represent the setting of the Edwardian era, which mainly consisted of buildings that reflected social stratification on the society. For instance, the Capulet and the Montague families in the play represent two feuding families from the same social class. Therefore, in most cases, plays include props that indicate their wealthy status, such as antique furniture and elegant buildings with balconies with the most common being castle designed props. Although seemingly irrelevant with regard to the storyline, they are crucial in creating the appropriate mental picture for the audience. The overall application of the props on set enhanced themes such as danger and violence, although the designer failed to exploit the full potential of the props in the creation of a realistic experience throughout the story. Although the application of an outdoor setting is creative in making the mood for the play, the set designer, Daniel Ostling, fails to utilize the appropriate application of props in the play. Such oversight diminishes the importance and portrayal of themes, such as wealth, which are important in the understanding of the reason behind the constant violence between the two families. Instead of props that indicate majestic buildings, the set designer uses a makeshift balcony and a ladder that in no way portrays elegance. It is difficult for an audience to imagine Romeo as a man from a rich family when the actor portraying the character stands on a plain platform in place of a balcony. Additionally, in doing so, the designer exhibits his or her assumption that the audience is conversant with the story, thus denying the portion of the audience who are experiencing the play for the first time some important details to the story. Another disadvantage of using inadequate props for the play is that they change the audience’s perception of the performance. Most actors endear to make their performances feel as real as possible by telling the story behind the play as best they can. However, by using substandard props, the set designer reduces the performances of the actors to mere illustrations. The downside to such action is that such an audience may only appreciate the experience enough to watch the performance once and may not recommend the same to others, hence reducing revenue generation for the theater and esteem for the actors. Not all props in the play were substandard. However, some props were impressive, hence creating a feeling of exhilaration for the audience. For instance, the use of a real fire pit added the realness of the story, and thus making the performance more realistic. The utilization of an outdoor setup added to the possibility of creativity for the set designer in enhancing themes such as violence and danger. Conclusion Although the play provided much entertainment and observed a majority of the essential components of the story, the use of lighting, choice of costumes, and props largely affected the audience’s perception of the story in the play. Some of the effects were positive while others were negative in the sense that they altered the overall story and the subsequent lessons the author sought to impart. In essence, the play was a nice performance, with a modern twist to a classic tale.
Write one page and half for other group which is what is the habit.

This is a brief summary what I listed Every one in their group do well and each one talked about what their are habit and expline very clearly to us. One of them description the hike king how he enjoy it and i was interesting about it.This is the description how to write it: After taking notes from the Team Experience, you are to write a critique response from one team’s (other than your own) presentation. Consider Chapter 13-Delivery when forming your critique. Please follow the guidelines below:1. Select a presentation OTHER than your group’s presentation. Make sure to mention the team’s nameyou critiqued in the first paragraph.2. You are to write one 1.5 pages minimium.3. Provide a cover sheet with your name, date, and Quiz 4.4. Exam will be double-spaced, 12 pt. font, Time New Roman with default margins. Any exam submitted not following these requirements will receive a straight 20 point deduction from the final grade. Again, follow the above font and spacing requirements.5. Any late exams will receive five points off per day late.6. I will not accept ANY exam via email.7. The critique will be graded using the following criteria:• Content: 50 pts.• Grammar: 25 pts.8. Delivery components to consider:• Communication apprehension• Methods of Delivery• Vocal delivery (Rate, pitch, volume, pauses, vocal fillers, pronunciation).• Visual delivery (Eye-contact, body movements, posture).• Connection and interaction with audience• Presentation aids (Visuals used: could there be better visuals, removal of aids)• What stood out and impressed you about this team?• Do you feel that the team practiced? Is more rehearsal needed?• What improvements could the team make?
Write one page and half for other group which is what is the habit

Musician Miles Davis Prince of Darkness Distant Nature and His Habit Essay.

Your paper, should be a study of MILES DAVIS-musician’s life, and their relevance to, and impact on the music world. Any parallels you can make that point to connections your musicians have to social issues from their time, especially those we are still struggling with, would be very important to bring up. Here is how you should build your paper: Title and Name – Don’t forget these! They’re important!! Introduction – The paper should begin with an introduction describing the person you chose, why you chose him/her, and stating your specific thesis (in bold print). Body of Paper -. The body of the paper will also consist of background research on the music and culture pertaining to your chosen individual. Conclusion – The paper should end with a conclusion that revisits the original thesis, highlights what you learned through your research about the person you chose, and how the experience has impacted or altered your views about jazz, culture, and the world around you. The conclusion should be mostly in your own words, and it should revisit the original thesis, highlight what you learned as a result of your research and interview, and describe in detail how the experience has affected your opinions or views of jazz and how it relates to the world around you. Bibliography – You must include a bibliography, showing that you used a variety of resources with at least 4 articles, books, and encyclopedias. You must include at least one of each of those. A good resource to start with is Oxford Music Online ( This paper is supposed to be a minimum of 2,500 words minimum (not counting the bibliography), double spaced, in a common 12-point font. However I am a firm believer in content, so as long as this is a well-researched, well-written paper, that shows that you learned as much as possible about your topic, then I believe that anywhere between 1,500-2,500 words is acceptable. So, don’t feel obligated to meet that 2,500 quotas. Content is the most important! If your paper is thin and it is obvious you did not put in any effort, your grade on paper will be marked down substantially.
Musician Miles Davis Prince of Darkness Distant Nature and His Habit Essay

ETH 560 Grantham University Week 3 Ethical Self Awareness Discussion

ETH 560 Grantham University Week 3 Ethical Self Awareness Discussion.

Select one peer-reviewed article Analyze the article separately and correlate them to your personal ethics assessment results. You are encouraged to share some specific examples of your assessment results to support your opinion. However, if you would like to keep your results private, you can speak to your results in general terms.Write a 1-2 page summary on your analysis of the article #1 to your assessment results and how you believe this content has increased your ethical self-awareness. Please discuss these points from: alternatives, analysis, application, and action.The assignment should be submitted as a Word document and APA format is required. The title page and reference page are not counted in the 2-4 page requirement. Both summaries can be included in one document.
ETH 560 Grantham University Week 3 Ethical Self Awareness Discussion


cheap assignment writing service 540 STRATEGIC PLAN 4-2. Paper details Overview Defining a business strategy is part of the strategic planning process and is necessary for achieving the company’s goals and objectives. The steps involved in creating a business strategy are critical and it is imperative that the appropriate amount of time is spent in getting it just right. As the director of strategic planning, you want to ensure that all your managers understand business strategy, including what a strategy is, how it’s created, and who is responsible. Prompt Create a one-page document describing business strategy for mid-level managers. Specifically, you must address the following criteria: Definition : Define the term business strategy in your own words. Formulation : Briefly outline the steps involved in formulating a business strategy. Responsibilities: Explain who is responsible for and who benefits from good business strategy. Corporate vs. business unit strategy : Describe at least two ways in which a corporate strategy is different from a business unit strategy. Guidelines for Submission Submit a one-page Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. You are not required to use sources; however, if you choose to use sources, they should be cited in APA format. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on citations.540 STRATEGIC PLAN 4-2

Fourth Amendment Change for Modern Digital Era Discussion Response

Fourth Amendment Change for Modern Digital Era Discussion Response.

I need support with this Law question so I can learn better.Here is the question that was asked:In light of this century’s development of modern electronic devices, do you think that the Fourth Amendment should be modified in terms of the search & seizure of electronic devices? If so, discuss what modifications you think should be made and why? If not, discuss why you do not think modifications need to be made and why. Are there any exceptions to the Fourth Amendment that may also be applicable? Be sure to use resources to substantiate your thoughts.After posting your original post, be sure to engage in discussion with your peers.————————————————————————————————————Respond to this post:The Fourth Amendment should be modified in terms of the search & seizure of electronic devices. In general, most warrantless private premises searches are prohibited under the Fourth Amendment unless a specific exception applies. It protects one of the United States citizens’ fundamental rights (privacy) by defending people from unreasonable searches and seizures. However, predicting the Fourth Amendment jurisprudence’s direction relating to this century’s development of modern electronic devices is increasingly difficult because of the constant advancements in technology. As electronic devices become profound and convenient to use, people progressively rely on them to communicate with others via electronic mail, text message, and video conferencing. They also store their sensitive data such as pictures, health, and financial records. Hence, it’s no surprise that a law enforcement search of an electronic device is now a routine part of any criminal investigation, regardless of how minor or severe the crime. I believe that privacy concerns must adapt to technological advances, and they must account for the ease with which information can be intercepted.Today, new technologies are a reality projecting us into a new era, and society must decide how to regulate their use, particularly concerning government surveillance. Traits unique to a digital world break down the distinctions on which the Court has traditionally relied to protect individual privacy concerning the Fourth Amendment. A typical example that proves the Fourth Amendment should be modified in terms of the search and seizure of electronic devices is the case of Riley v. California (2014), where the Supreme Court considered whether the 41-year-old search-incident-to-arrest exception to the warrant requirement applied to the contents of a cell phone in possession of an arrestee. As a category, modern cell phones implicate privacy concerns far beyond those involved by the search of a cigarette pack, a wallet, or a purse found in possession of an arrestee. Despite rapidly advancing technology, fundamental principles do not change. Some police agencies and investigators recognize the need to obtain a warrant for the search and seizure of electronic devices; many do not, which indicates that warrants are not being obtained consistently to implement surveillance of electronic devices. Technology does not give the government a license to surveil every move of its citizens; hence, modifying the Fourth Amendment in terms of the search & seizure of electronic devices will help control this problem.ReferencesThe Fourth Amendment and new technologies. (n.d.). The Heritage Foundation. technology versus the Fourth Amendment. (n.d.). American Bar Association. comment – New technologies and the Fourth Amendment. (2009, December 29). Harvard Journal of Law & Technology., the Fourth Amendment, and new technology. (2020, January 10). Law & Liberty.
Fourth Amendment Change for Modern Digital Era Discussion Response

Columbia University in the City of New York High Speed Rail Project Discussion

Columbia University in the City of New York High Speed Rail Project Discussion.

I’m working on a writing question and need a sample draft to help me study.

A goal of the Obama administration has been to promote high-speed rail across the most populous and geographically-dispersed states in the United States. The idea is to adopt more energy-saving initiatives while also helping to improve state’s infrastructure. It is with this in mind that the Federal Government made billions available to various states in the 2008–2010 budget cycles. After the Fall, 2010 elections, several states that had elected Republican governors refused the grants, suspicious that this seed money would not be sufficient to pay for what they viewed as unnecessary construction based on over-optimistic expectations of the need for and use of high-speed rail. One of the states that accepted the money and has moved forward strongly into high-speed rail has been California, which has already begun work on a 65-mile section in the middle of the state, earning the derisive nickname, the “train to nowhere.” This case details the state’s projections regarding the need for high-speed rail, against the views of infrastructure experts and critics who charge that for a state that is already in a severe budget crisis, this is just the sort of project that makes no sense economically or demographically.
Columbia University in the City of New York High Speed Rail Project Discussion