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The following three standards: The AICPA Code of Professional Conduct, the IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice, and the Statement on Standards for Tax Services compare in many ways, which will be discussed in this paper. However, out of the three the two that compare the most are the AICPA guide and the IMA guide. The AICPA version goes into much more depth and description about each point in comparison to the IMA guide. Both the AICPA and IMA discuss the importance of integrity, and that avoiding conflict of interest is critical.

This is discussed in the public trust section of the AICPA, and in the integrity section of the IMA. They also both discuss objectivity, stating that it is important to be impartial and honest while making decisions. One notable difference between the AICPA and IMA is the AICPA deeply discusses how members need to remain independent in their practices, while the IMA does not discuss it at all. The reasoning for this could be that Independence may be more valued in public accounting than non-public accounting.In comparison to the AICPA and IMA, the Statement on Standards for Tax Services is much more detailed. Similar to IMA, SSTS states that a member should follow the laws that are in place, and list steps that should be taken if there are no written laws or standards. The AICPA and IMA both state how members should be loyal to the profession, and the SSTS also follows this.

It explains how members should not only keep the taxpayers interest in mind, but also the interest of tax services. All of the standards seem to believe that this is very important.As mentioned earlier, set standards are another topic that is discussed in all three of these standards. The only difference is the set of standards that these documents refer to. The AICPA refers to GAAP, the SSTS refers to tax laws, and the IMA refers to laws that are in place for Management Accountants. Also, the AICPA website provides a lot of information on GAAP, while IMA and SSTS simply inform professionals to refer to the appropriate laws and standards. All three of these standards discuss the importance of being logical and competent while working.

The AICPA has a section titled “due care” that goes through this. The IMA has a competence section that explains steps that members should take in making decisions. Lastly, throughout the SSTS, it is stated that members should question some of the decisions they are making, and how they affect other parties. This shows that the accounting profession takes professional conduct and education of accountants very seriously. All three of these standards believe it is critical for a member to have experience in the profession and be knowledgeable.As shown throughout this paper, the AICPA, IMA, and SSTS ethical standards compare in many ways. Although these organizations represent different areas (public accounting, nonpublic, and tax), they all believe following set law, being competent, and serving the public are important values and principles which must honored when working in the profession.

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Contact tracer

Using Python, Flask, Bootstrap, and PostgreSQL, build a contact tracer website.
This website should enable people to create an account, indicate if they have been sick (from start date to end date), and list all the people they were in contact with recently (with dates). If the person was already marked as in contact with someone else, they will be told they might be sick if their contact was with a sick person. Also support different diseases, and disease has an explanation of what it is.
For example, if Julie gets sick, she will make an account and say she was in contact with Joe and James (at certain times). Then, if Joe creates an account, he will see that he was in contact with someone who was sick (since he was in contact with Julie in the time range that she was sick). He won’t be told the name of the person that was sick. If Joe turns out to be sick, he can list his contacts, too, etc.
Use a Bootstrap theme to make the website look nice. Create your own normalized tables. Everybody’s work should be done on their own, so I should not see the same code for anyone. Turn in our table-creation commands and Python/HTML code. Turn in a ZIP file.
Table structure:
Users table: id