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AHPA Week 3

A 38-year old male construction worker complains of severe pain to his right lower back. States he woke up with the pain after an especially difficult work day.A 58-year old obese man complains of pain in his left knee. The pain seems to be unrelenting, he says it is better when he rests, but gets stiff when he rests too long.For the case you have chosen, post to the discussion:Discuss what questions you would ask the patient, what physical exam elements you would include, and what further testing you would want to have performed.In SOAP format, list:Pertinent positive and negative informationDifferential and working diagnosisTreatment plan, including: pharmacotherapy with complementary and OTC therapy, diagnostics (labs and testing), health education and lifestyle changes, age-appropriate preventive care, and follow-up to this visit.Use at least one scholarly source other than your textbook to connect your response to national guidelines and evidence-based research in support of your ideas.In your peer replies, please reply to at least one peer who chose a different case study.

Third Party litigation funding in Ireland

Third Party litigation funding in Ireland.

A discussion of the UK method for the proposed law reform, including an examination how a reform could be achieved, looking at advantages and disadvantages of each and a conclusion as to the most appropriate for implementing the UK method in Ireland. This is meant to be a presentation which will explain exactly how Ireland can reform the current law, and adopt Englands method. Therefore, the english method should be looked at carefully. I will attach their code of conduct + earlier reviews on it.

The advantages of reforming the law using the english method should be clearly established so it should be clear how it would practically work and the essay/presentation should clearly favour the reform (but also mention the disadvantages and possibly how we can deal with them in the future). Format: OSCOLA Preferred language style UK English

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