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According to my reading from the article of Nancy Canton I have determined that critical thinking was implemented. She used a lot of things about critical thinking, which were allocated from the text. She strongly expresses her opinion throughout the article to allow the reader to understand her points of view. They were also some valid points made as well to give more incite as to the things being expressed in the article.

Nancy used two valid points of critical thinking opinions and logic two parts of critical thinking. The following will come from the text of (Think Critical Thinking and Logic skills for everyday life pg. 4). Critical thinking a collection of skills we use every day that are necessary for our full intellectual and personal development. Logic the study of the methods and principles used to distinguish correct or good arguments from poor arguments. Opinion a belief solely on personal feelings rather than on reasons or facts.

I included these definitions because these are the thing she used in her article, which determined my decision to say critical thinking was used in the article. When writing or speaking you must implement critical thinking no one wants to listen to just your views on the topic at hand. If there is no logic behind any of the opinions given then what is left to make a person understand the things being said. Also if you have no analytical skills to analyze what you are preparing to say if you can’t analyze it for yourself how could anyone else.

Analytical skills are important in recognizing and evaluating other people’s arguments so that you are not taken by faulty reasoning (Think Critical Thinking and Logic skills for everyday life pg. 7). Another point for the author and reader too understand. In this article Nancy Canton embarks on a lot of past educational law suits which are very informative in her argument about affirmative action in Michigan. She even goes as far as point out the flaws in the views if what the president (George W.

Bush) had to say regarding the issue. Affirmative action to him was unconstitutional and her argument was beneficial to all races. This is the thing that catches the readers mind and begins the process of critical thinking the compare and contrast of the argument from both stand points. Affirmative action is still an issue today always has been. The issue of affirmative action is not a negative stand point but a positive one. This action is not only involved when it comes to college admissions but in the job aspect as well.

Nancy Canton understands these issues which are why she felt compelled to allow her thoughts to be expressed within her article. In most part without affirmative action and integrations America may have not changed for the better. The whole thing is based upon race and Nancy Canton was furious about the fact bush was trying to have things both was but the fact still remains race will always be an issue. If she had not had the ability to use her critical thinking skills she may have been unable to elaborate on the topic of affirmative action and higher education.

CYS 564 Seed lab

Word format only- Avoid plagiarism.- Add table of contents- Add table of figures- add list of abbreviations
SEED Lab . Cross-Site Request Forgery Attack Lab
Please open the following link and solve this Seed lab…
After completing the assigned activities and answering all questions, take a screenshot showing that each has been completed. Paste these screenshots into a Microsoft Word document and submit them as evidence of completion.
Please Let my name appear in the screenshots and in any registrations “I will provide my name in the private chat ”
you need to install some software in your machine
Task 1: Observing HTTP Request
Task 2: CSRF Attack using GET Request
Task 3: CSRF Attack using POST Request
Task 4: Enabling Elgg’s Countermeasure
Task 5: Experimenting with the SameSite Cookie Method
1- Please explain why the attacker cannot send these secret tokens in the CSRF attack; what prevents them from finding out the secret tokens from the web page? (This question under task 4).
2- In addition to describing your attack in full details, you also need to answer the following questions in your report:
• Question 1: The forged HTTP request needs Alice’s user id (guid) to work properly. If Boby targets Alice specifically, before the attack, he can find ways to get Alice’s user id. Boby does not know Alice’s Elgg password, so he cannot log into Alice’s account to get the information. Please describe how Boby can solve this problem. (This question under task 3)
Question 2: If Boby would like to launch the attack to anybody who visits his malicious web page.In this case, he does not know who is visiting the web page beforehand. Can he still launch the CSRFattack to modify the victim’s Elgg profile? Please explain (This question under task 3)
3- Please describe what you see and explain why some cookies are not sent in certain scenarios?
4- Based on your understanding, please describe how the SameSite cookies can help a server detect whether a request is a cross-site or same-site request?
5- Please describe how you would use the SameSite cookie mechanism to help Elgg defend against CSRF attacks. You only need to describe general ideas, and there is no need to implement them?
Describe your solution carefully and provide screenshots for each step, not just the result.
You need to submit a detailed lab report, with screenshots, to describe what you have done and what you have observed. You also need to provide explanation to the observations that are interesting or surprising. Please also list the important code snippets followed by explanation. Simply attaching code without any explanation will not receive credits.
You can find all of these tasks and questions in the pdf file I attached .