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An analysis of the character of Aeneas in ” The Aeneid” and a comparison with the Greek heroes, Odysseus and Achilles.

This paper takes a look at the legendary story of the hero Aeneas who survives the fall of Troy and follows the will of the gods and fate to build a nation that will eventually become Rome. The paper includes an analysis of “The Aeneid,” written in Homeric style and gives a comparison of Aeneas’ character with Greek heroes, Odysseus and Achilles.
The son of Anchises and Venus, a prince of Troy and leader of the expedition to Italy, Aeneas is the main character in the book The Aeneid. The most admired and valued characteristics in Augustan Rome are marked on his personality. He is true to his word devout, a courageous and skillful soldier and a pious. The heroism of Aeneas is his ability, to place his belief in Rome in all times and the Roman ideal before his own selfish interests, which was unlike Achilles and Odysseus.

The Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number

The book is (the Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number) I would like someone who has read the book. For this question, there are 6 parts/questions about the book. Each part has three questions to choose from, they will be about the book. These questions must be at least 1-2 paragraphs or 1/2 a page. So this would be like a 4-page essay, not too bad at all. I will provide the prompt, directions, and a pdf of the book. BUT, you must only use the book as a source of information, no articles or outside sources! You give essay-style answers to the questions.