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Advertisements Usage in Consumer Manipulations Essay

Abstract Globalization and technological advancements continue to revolutionize business structures and cultures across the globe. Competition for rapidly growing market base coupled with reducing purchasing power compel business firms to engage in several strategies to win hearts of the consumers. Internet and social networks sites rapidly takes centre stage in providing ample avenue for advertisement and marketing. In many cases, multi-national companies have conquered great market base through international advertising firms and proper use of social media. As competition grows, more firms offering similar service join the market fight for the consumer bases. In many cases, competition as pushed firms into exaggerated advertisement programs to lure and maintain competitive edge in the market. Introduction In the history of business, advertisements always play a vital role in employing various tricks and tools to boost sales. In the past, professional marketers and salespersons played a vital role in marketing the importance of a firm’s product. However, with technological advancement and improved internet connectivity, soft-copy advertisement and online marketing present a noble advertisement conduit. Advertisement on social media goes beyond all borders as more populations become more technologically well informed. Limited Time Offer Advertisements Argument In this form of advertisement, businesses develop a persuasive skill in winning the hearts of customers to purchase a particular product since it is available only for a given period. Given the fixed and short time frame for its purchase, the task of the advertisers revolves around frightening prospective buyers on the repercussions of missing such wonderful offers. The main objective of the drivers of these advertisements remains convincing the customers that they will never get such a product at such a lower price (Cameron, 2000). Counter-argument Traders easily manipulate buyers with little track of their spending and expenses. However, in the current world where resources are minimal, many buyers continue to get hold of their spending habits with an emphasis on the checks and balances in purchases. Consumers, in many cases, develop personal and family budgets with strict financial goals. Fidelity to these systems ensures insufficient manipulation from the advertisements run by traders. Similarly, the availability of information in social media ensures that consumers get the right market information about promotion in the market. From the internet media, consumers easily compare the prices of goods and services available in the market, especially those on promotion. This reduces the chances of bulk buying arising from misinformation on the availability of such goods later. Loyalty Cards Argument Supermarket chains and retailers greatly rely on loyalty cards to increase their sales. Apart from creating a bond between the traders and the customers, the loyalty cards creates a platform for the traders to analyze and understand the shopping trends within a given area. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More For this reason, the loyalty cards enable traders to create the most attractive and catchy product offers depending on the purchasing trends among the consumers. To the consumers, the cards play the basic role of earning redeemable points as well as showing the kind appreciation from the traders (Wilson, 2007). Similarly, the fact that the loyalty cards earn points for the consumers, they often overlook rival traders without loyalty cards but offering similar goods and services at lower prices. The bond between customers and traders with loyalty cards often increase in time of rewards and vouchers. For this reason, customers often increase their purchases to earn extra points to win presents such as birthday vouchers. Loyalty cards create a “family-like bond” between customers and traders, leading to the feeling of a sense of belonging. In such a circumstance, most consumers prefer supermarkets and retailers with cards due to the availability of rewards in the form of loyalty points. Counter-argument In as much as loyalty cards offer grounds for consumer brand loyalty to a given trader, it fails to offer adequate rewards that can generate sufficient loyalty. This implies that in cases where competing traders copy substantial rewards, chances of shoppers staying loyal to a single trader reduces. In the worst cases, consumers often acquire cards from different retailers and use them about their needs and want. This cases scenario becomes worse when different traders offer equal rewards for the same amount of spending. Such linear and uniform rewards continue to compromise loyalty to traders hence reducing chances of manipulation. Similarly, retailers face an uphill task in maintaining substantive reward programs due to the low profits margins. Given the fact that giving a relatively lower one percent loyalty reward to shoppers reduces profits margins by between thirty to fifty percent, traders often depend on “excess capacity and resource base with extraneous subsidies” to maintain their loyalty programs. All these represent short-term solutions to the loyalty program menace, thus jeopardizing the ability of the traders to manipulate their customers through the loyalty card programs. We will write a custom Essay on Advertisements Usage in Consumer Manipulations specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Consumer Panic Capitalization Argument In cases of life scares and pandemic outbreaks, traders capitalize on the panic among the consumers to maximize the sale on relevant products. During the SARS and sine flu outbreak, antibacterial hand gels and sanitizer products registered large sales volumes as advertisement strategies diverted to hoodwinking consumers that the presented the best preventive remedy. Lysol, an antibacterial product manufacturer, acknowledged in their website that engaging in proper hygiene and sanitation played a great role in the prevention of the swine flu. Even though the media for the spread of the flu remained elusive, the company registered high sales in the antibacterial products since their statement insinuated that the use of the products reduced the chances of contracting swine flu. Marketing is a basic component of the business. It is responsible for the identification and anticipation of the consumer needs and wants, thus helping traders develop products that meet such wants. Since marketing represents the expression of the entrepreneurship skills and abilities of a given trader, innovation and unique execution strategies are necessary. This creates an avenue for exploration and market capitalization in time of crises and panic among the consumers. Since marketing creates need-satisfying products in the market, an advertisement plays a vital role in delivery. It is, therefore, necessary for the traders in free-market economies to maximize from rare opportunities such as panics and paranoia, to improve their sales albeit in a short period (Hillstrom

University of Miami Social Media Strategies Hypothetical Scenarios

University of Miami Social Media Strategies Hypothetical Scenarios.

AssignmentChoose ONE of the three hypothetical scenarios below. In each of these scenarios, “your client” is the brand that you chose for your final project.Your client is spending most of his/her marketing budget on print magazine ads. Explain to your client how he/she might leverage Social Media Strategies in this situation. Include an explanation, and 2-3 examples of social media strategies you would use for your client.2. You are the content creation manager for your client who just released a brand new version of their best selling product. You would like to generate some earned exposure about this release. List at least two media outlets where you might gain some earned exposure. Explain why each outlet might find interest in spreading your message.3. You are working with your client whose current marketing strategy consists only of running TV advertisements. Your client sees a surge of leads when running TV advertisements but doesn’t have the budget to run TV ads year round. Explain to your client how a three-part media strategy might help his marketing efforts ( owned-paid-earned).
University of Miami Social Media Strategies Hypothetical Scenarios

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online assignment help Languages homework help. This paper focuses on the impact of sustainable tourism practices in Hanging Gardens of Bali, a western paradigm on the Balinese cultural uniqueness. ,Aim…,The impact of sustainable tourism practices in Hanging Gardens of Bali,The impact of sustainable tourism practices in Hanging Gardens of Bali, a western paradigm on the Balinese cultural uniqueness.,Aim:, To explore the impact of sustainable tourism practices on the traditional Balinese cultural aspects in Hanging Gardens, Bali, in the region of Ubud.,Objectives:, Firstly, To investigate the sustainability practices in 5 star chain hotels in Bali through ,secondary research sources.,Secondly, To assess the impact of sustainable measures implemented in a luxury hotel on the cultural dimensions of Balinese culture through interviewing the local staff at the chosen property.,Thirdly, To identify the importance of implementing sustainable tourism on the influx of western tourists in Bali’s famous town of Ubud and its luxury property by comparing primary & secondary data.,Fourthly, To provide the hotel property with recommendations based on theories of sustainability; discussed in the study.,More details;,How has tourism affected Bali?,The amount of ,tourists has, created a mass ,tourism, industry in the island. This ,has, created wealth but not without a cost: water shortages, lost ownership of the land, misuse of the water sources and money flow to abroad. As the number of arriving ,tourists, is rising so is the severity of the problems.,What is the biggest problem associated with tourism in Bali?,“Nothing is lost yet,” he says, even though he acknowledges that “Our big ,problems, are the lack of roads, access to water, insufficient infrastructures, electrical potential and waste disposal.” “We used culture like merchandise,” says Ketut Yuliarsa, a poet and stage director from Ubud.,How did Bali become a tourist destination?,Around half of ,tourists, that visited Indonesia (an archipelago of 17,600 island) flocked into one island, ,Bali,. Not only because they want to ,visit, only this island, because the government encouraged them to. This way it ,is, easier for Indonesia to focus on ,Bali, for ,tourism, infrastructure building.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Languages homework help

Parenting Variables in Antenatal Education Quantitative Research Essay

Parenting Variables in Antenatal Education Quantitative Research Essay. Theoretical and operational definitions This section of the paper includes the definitions and measurements of those variables that are going to be investigated. The key objective of this study is to determine how antenatal education impacts the perceptions about breastfeeding and breastfeeding practices. In part, the operational definitions, provided in this paper, will rely on the research article, written by a group of authors under direction of Citra Mattar who investigated the affects of antenatal education on breastfeeding practices (2006). The first set of dependent variables includes breastfeeding initiation and breast feeding. In this context, initiation can be interpreted as the period of time after which mother begins to breastfeed the child. Citra Mattar et al define breastfeeding initiation as any breastfeeding that occurs within the first two weeks after delivery (2006, p 76). In turn, the duration of breastfeeding is the timeframe within which the mother breastfeeds the child. This definition may appear to be self-evident; yet, it has been provided in this paper because the duration of breastfeeding can also be understood as the length of a breastfeeding session. Largely, my research will be analogous to that one conducted by Citra Mattar et al (2006). The second variable is parental feelings and perceptions of breastfeeding. This variable consists of such elements as maternal breastfeeding self-efficacy, paternal self-efficacy and parental confidence. These are the main psychological parameters that need to be measured. Breastfeeding self-efficacy can be defined as mother’s belief or conviction that she is capable of breastfeeding the baby (WellsParenting Variables in Antenatal Education Quantitative Research Essay

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Sociology homework help. Even though this week?s topic is in a different section of the textbook than last week?s topic they seem to be interconnected, hence Professor Vaughn ?content is a change in the syllabus.? by inserting it after ?Do We Have a Population Problem?? in light of that change I am going to start out with part of one of my reply?s to one of last week?s posts ?Since the Industrial Revolution the worlds human population has gone from 700 million to over 7 billion,? without getting into all the projections that are out there, would it not make sense that if in the last 200 plus years the human population has grown by a factor of 10 that in the next 200 plus yeas it could also grow by a factor of 10 or to 70 billion, I am writing a paper for my ?CHM 1100 General Chemistry 1? classtitled ?Paul T. Anastas and John C. Warner The Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry? which is also known as sustainable chemistry, that ties into two of this week?s questions ?2. What is wrong with the statement that there is no population because all of Earth?s human population could fit inside the state of Texas?? and ?3. What does population have to do with sustainability?? once more would it not make sense that the amount of space required to sustain each human is greater than the square footage of how many people can stand in an area wall to wall, with that line of thought I listed below the link to a site of a documentary film titled ?Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret? which is on Netflix, along with some of their figures of how much area is required for agriculture that is exacerbated by livestock (there is a lot of ?Anthropogenic Global Warming? figures, along with unsustainable natural resources data on the web site listed under ?The Facts? go figure on that heading, which I will not list as they are more reverent to last week?s topic such as ?GREENHOUSE GASES, WATER, WASTE, LAND, OCEANS, RAINFOREST, Wildlife, and HUMANITY? even though the two topics are inter woven) keeping in mind that there is only so much arable land available, of which in this country we continue to build housing on in an misguided attempt to avoid other groups of people, whom eventually follow no matter how far out you build suburbs surrounding our city?s (urban sprawl) I have also listed links to the two authors articles that are used in this week?s section of the text book, only included for a more in-depth understanding of the section we are covering this week as in the material I posted in the discussion board every other week, if you are so inclined to read as it has been my experience in the six years I have been taking classes at ?Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies? that the weekly discussions are for open academic communication and learning between students as a major part of online learning, which should not cause problems that require only a private email discussion ?forum? with our professors, in closing it has not been my attempt to show bias to the resent past and present presidential administrations, that might offend any other students (as myself I am a conflicted registered republican, whom voted for both [without cheating] past presidential candidates, one candidate because I do not support Ohio?s governor whom won the primary in his home state anyways and the second candidate due to my belief that health care insurance providers should not be able to exclude people based on preexisting medical conditions) only to bring forth facts on their past legacy and present potential environmental records. or livestock feed occupies 1/3 of the earth?s ice-free land.FAO. “Livestock a major threat to environment”Livestock covers 45% of the earth?s total land.Thornton, Phillip, Mario Herrero, and Polly Ericksen. ?Livestock and Climate Change.? Livestock Exchange, no. 3 (2011).IPCC AR5 WG# Chapter 11, Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Us (AFOLU)[the two above figures contradict each other, as figures don?t lie but liars figure]2-5 acres of land are used per cow.The Diverse Structure and Organization of U.S. Beef Cow-Calf Farms / EIB-73:ÿ study by USDA – Economic Research Service ( for acres/cow- pages 12 and 13)Oppenlander, Richard A. Food Choice and Sustainability: Why Buying Local, Eating Less Meat, and Taking Baby Steps Won?t Work.Minneapolis, MN: Langdon Street, 2013. Print.Nearly half of the contiguous US is devoted to animal agriculture.The US lower 48 states represents 1.9 billion acres. Of that 1.9 billion acres: 778 million acres of private land are used for livestock grazing (forest grazing, pasture grazing, and crop grazing), 345 million acres for feed crops, 230 million acres of public land are used for grazing livestock.U.S. extrapolated data from EPA, Land Uses.Versterby, Marlow; Krupa, Kenneth. ?Major uses of land in the United States.? Updated 2012. USDA Economic Research Service.USDA, Major Uses of Land in the United States, 1997.?Rearing cattle produces more greenhouse gases than driving cars, UN report warns.? UN News Centre, 2006.1/3 of the planet is desertified, with livestock as the leading driver.ÿÿ [xviii]?UN launches international year of deserts and desertification.? UN news centre, 2006.Oppenlander, Richard A. Less Meat, and Taking Baby Steps Won?t Work. Minneapolis, MN : Langdon Street, 2013. Print.UWC, ?Desertification”.The Encyclopedia of Earth, “Overgrazing”.UN, “Desertification, Drought Affect One Third of Planet, World?s Poorest People, Second Committee Told as It Continues Debate on Sustainable Development”.An article that explains desertification and livestock?s role:OCEANS90-100 million tons of fish are pulled from our oceans each year.ÿÿ [vii]?World Review of Fisheries and Aquaculture.? UNITED NATIONS FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION (FAO). 2012. (pg 6, 20)Montaigne, fen. ?Still waters: The global fish crisis.? National Geographic.Fish catch peaks at 85 million tons.?World Review of Fisheries and Aquaculture.? UNITED NATIONS FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION (FAO). 2012.[the two above figures contradict each other, as figures don?t lie but liars figure]RAINFOREST1-2 acres of rainforest are cleared every second.?Avoiding Unsustainable Rainforest Wood.? Rainforest Relief.Facts about the rainforest.Rainforest facts.World Resources Institute, “Keeping Options Alive”.HUMANITYWorld population in 1812: 1 billion; 1912: 1.5 billion; 2012: 7 billion.?Human numbers through time.? Nova science programming.Harvesting the Biosphere: The Human Impact,Vaclav SmilWe are currently growing enough food to feed 10 billion people.Common Dreams, “We Already Grow Enough Food for 10 Billion People? and Still Can?t End Hunger”.Cornell Chronicle, “U.S. could feed 800 million people with grain that livestock eat, Cornell ecologist advises animal scientists”.IOP Science, Redefining agricultural yields: from tonnes to people nourished per hectareWorld Population grows 228,000+ people everyday. Population Data SheetLand required to feed 1 person for 1 year:Vegan: 1/6th acreVegetarian: 3x as much as a veganMeat Eater: 18x as much as a veganÿÿ [xvii]Robbins, John. Diet for a New America, StillPoint Publishing, 1987, p. 352?Our food our future.? Earthsave.PNAS. Land, irrigation water, greenhouse gas, and reactive nitrogen burdens of meat, eggs, and dairy production in the United States?Soy Benefits?. National Soybean Research Laboratory. Retrieved 2010-04-18.Direct Seeded Vegetable Crops, Johnny Seeds.1.5 acres can produce 37,000 pounds of plant-based food.1.5 acres can produce 375 pounds of meat.Oppenlander, Richard A. Less Meat, and Taking Baby Steps Won?t Work. Minneapolis, MN : Langdon Street, 2013. Print.Direct Seeded Vegetable Crops, Johnny Seeds.USDA NASS, “One Acre of Washington’s farmers land”Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 2012. GeographicAs World?s Population Booms, Will Its Resources Be Enough for Us?New projections of escalating growth increase the tension between humanity?s expanding needs and what the planet can provide.Dennis DimickSeptember 21, 2014 American SpectatorEdited by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.Population, Economy, and GodTom BethellMay 12, 2009Sociology homework help