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In todays society of pop culture and fashion, women are easily targeted and exposed especially in the magazines that are sold. The documentary “Killing Us Softly 4”, places emphases on the misconception of the advertisements that people see on a daily basis. In this advertisement by belk, the main item being sold is her floral maxi dress and the items she is holding as well. The subtitle “Welcome to pretty in prints” clearly dictates that the model’s floral maxi dress is the main focus of the advertisement and that the viewer’s eyes should be drawn to her outfit.

The first thing that caught my attention about this piece of advertisement was that it was trying to sell women’s clothing, yet there was a man posing with the model. The man is interacting with her and in two of the photographs, he has his arms wrapped around her waist. In the main photo where they are walking side-by-side, his arm is around the model and the model is looking down when her head should be held up high. I feel that the man has no relevance to the advertisement and including him beside the model shows a symbol of male dominance in todays society.

At the ottom of the page, there is a line that says “Max florals, max colors and maxis by Jessica Simpson. ” The model is swinging a handbag with her as she’s walking with the man, but the purse is purposely being covered by another photo in the collage. Nowhere on the advertisement does it say anything about the bag, but since it was being blocked, the editor then placed a more full, clearer image of the bag on the side of the advertisement. This was hidden specifically so the viewer can be eager to see it and then placed at the bottom so the viewer can have the urge to purchase it.

This is a perfect example of how advertisers direct a main focus for their item being sold and then throwing in an extra item with intentions of it grabbing the viewer’s attention. In conclusion, this advertisement is a reflection of the documentary that was viewed in class. The manipulation has caused others to purchase the dress so that they are able to get a handsome man like the model. And they also try to sell the other products such as the bag and shoes. These examples have caused the product to not only be successful but the brand as well.

Computer science – Enterprise Security Concerns Enterprise Security

Computer science – Enterprise Security Concerns Enterprise Security.

Concerns Assignment Content After reviewing the material your group has prepared so far, the management team has returned with a list of five specific concerns. They include: Access control Security enterprise Impact of implementing a change management system Mitigation Risk management Management has asked you to address concerns with a visual presentation. Address concerns by providing the following information: An overview of the access control Required mitigation steps for each concern Prioritize concerns Concerns with vendor relations from the enterprise security standpoint Description of how the organization can apply risk management principles in its efforts Description of iterative maintenance effort, including audits and frequency Include at least two references formatted according to APA guidelines. Present the information in one of the following ways: A detailed chart along with a brief 1-page executive summary explaining the decisions made

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