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Adverse Childhood Experiences Study and Family Homelessness Questions

Adverse Childhood Experiences Study and Family Homelessness Questions.

hello is me again, for the same class, a short discussion response about 200 words and a short response to another post. Here is the requirement: Be Sure To Check The Course Calendar For All Due Dates!Introduction to TopicIn this 3-week-long seminar, we will talk about families facing crisis. We will look at the issues of homelessness and family separation/immigration in our country. Take a moment now to review all assignments and due dates for this seminar so that you will be certain to finish your work on time and unfrazzled! Remember that you must complete the book by Ryan and Kelley for this seminar’s project.Journal Entry I (Due 2/26 – 11:59P)Before beginning the readings for this section, write a paragraph (approximately 100 words) that reflects your current thoughts on families in our country that are dealing with such crises as homelessness and/or family separation. Submit here to Canvas Assignments Week 1: Homeless Children & FamiliesReadingsUnited States Interagency Council on Homelessness. (2018). Homelessness in America: Focus on families with children.National Health Care for the Homeless Council (2016). Engaging youth experiencing homelessness: Core practices and services.Discussion QuestionsAll students complete 1 question (Due 3/9- 11:59P) and 1 response (Due 3/12- 11:59P). Submit in Canvas Discussion.Please Remember:Do not repeat what someone else has already written.Do use data and research findings to support all of your points in all of your postings.Also note that many of these questions will require lengthy responses—several students will need to contribute. Do not feel like you need to cover all of the material in your specific response–basically, I am asking you to work together to fully respond to the question. However, please do keep in mind that you should not repeat information/ideas.)Discuss 2 issues that we know are related to family homelessness.What are the racial demographics for homeless families?What do we know about patterns of homelessness among families with children?What do we know about families’ risks for experiencing homelessness?What is the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE) and how does it relate to homeless families/children? (You will need to use the Internet for the first part of this question.)The US Interagency Council on Homelessness article mentions several areas/issues that need more research–discuss 3 of these. Research: Look at the HUD Annual Point-in-Time Report (PIT) for 2019 that was released in January 2020. Look at the current figures for unaccompanied homeless youth and discuss any aspects of the situation that may expand on or differ from what we have seen in the reading. (There is quite a bit of data to explore—again, more than 1 person should contribute to this question but be sure that you don’t repeat what has already been written and do not include information that is appropriate for #8.Looking again at the 2019 HUD PIT Report, describe the data for homeless families with children. How do the authors of the NHCHC Report define homeless youth and what is meant by homeless? Does this seem to be a reasonable way to operationalize these variables to you–why/why not?Eight challenges to engaging youth with intervention services are discussed. Please review/discuss 2 in your response.Discuss 2 of the listed categories of services of which homeless youth are often in need.Research: Discuss the “Runaway and Homeless Youth and Trafficking Prevention Act” and let us know its current status. After reading this week’s NHCHC report, what is your view as to the value of this legislation?Why do the authors see measuring client engagement as being important and what are ways to carry this out? Be sure to look at the study findings as well.Research: The authors mention the value of using a “harm reduction” approach with homeless youth. What is it and how might this mesh with the ideas set forth in the articles by Steinberg that we previously read?The establishment of a quality relationship between the providers and their clients is central to being able to deliver the necessary services to homeless youth. The authors list “Three Essential Questions about Relationships” that must be addressed in order to achieve an effective connection. They are Is the provider expressing trust and respect and considering safety?Is the provider considering the individual’s culture, respecting boundaries, and attempting to involve youth in decision-making?Are providers expressing acceptance, appreciation, and the desire to work together with the client?Select one of these 3 questions and discuss why it is necessary and how it is thought to contribute to a positive client-provider relationship. Be sure to consider the study findings.
Adverse Childhood Experiences Study and Family Homelessness Questions

Strayer UniversIty Differences Between Apple and Samsung Comparative Paper.

Apple iPads continue to be successful. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one (1) of iPad’s competitors. Use the Internet and Strayer Library to research the advantages and disadvantages of these devices and to determine if they are comparable. Research the features of both tablets, such as the operating systems used and their capabilities, cameras (front and rear) resolution, processors, display resolution, battery life, display size, internal memory, ports, etc. Also research any available accessories, potential for future upgrades, warranties, and available support for both the iPad and Galaxy Tab. Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:Compare and contrast the features of both the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.Compare and contrast the available accessories, potential for future upgrades, warranties, and available support of both the iPad and the Galaxy Tab.Recommend the type of user for which the iPad is best suited. Provide a rationale for your response.Recommend the type of user for which the Galaxy Tab is best suited. Provide a rationale for your response.Use at least four (4) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:Compare and contrast the types and role of distributed software architecture.Discuss common input / output technologies.Summarize the different types of data storage technology.Use technology and information resources to research issues in enterprise architecture.Write clearly and concisely about Advanced Computer Architecture topics using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions.
Strayer UniversIty Differences Between Apple and Samsung Comparative Paper

Grossmont College Genetic Practice Problems.

I’m working on a biology multi-part question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

Genetics Problems: In guinea pigs, black fur is dominant over white fur. How could an animal breeder whether a black guinea pig is homozygous or heterozygous? A short stem, yellow pod pea plant is crossed with a true breeding long stem, green pod pea plant. Assuming that long stems are dominant to short stems, and green pods are dominant to yellow pods 1) what are the genotypes and phenotypes of the F1 generation? and 2) the genotypes and phenotypes from a F1 x F1 cross? In humans, hemophilia (bleeder’s disease) is a recessive, X-linked trait. Use a Punnett square to show the possible genotypes of offspring of a man who is a hemophiliac, and a normal, but heterozygous woman, where XH contains the normal clotting gene and Xh contains the gene for hemophilia. Lesch-Nyhan syndrome is a metabolic defect caused by the lack of the enzyme hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyl transferase (HGPRT). This disease is the result of an X-linked, recessive mutation and results in mental retardation, selfmutilation and early death. A normal man marries a woman who had a brother who died of LNS. Your are the genetic counselor who will advise them on the likelihood of their having a LNS baby. What are the possible genotypes for the woman? What is the man’s genotype? For each of the woman’s possible genotypes, what are the possible genotypes of her offspring and the implications for survival for each of them? In tomatoes, red fruit color is dominant to yellow. Suppose a tomato plant homozygous for red is crossed with one homozygous for yellow. Determine the phenotype and genotype of a) the F1 offspring the offspring of a cross of the F1 back to the red parent the offspring of the F1 back to the yellow parent In humans, the allele for free earlobes is dominant to the allele for attached earlobes. A woman with attached earlobes has children with a man who has free earlobes. a) what is the genotype of the woman? What is the genotype of the man? What proportion of their offspring will have attached earlobes? Phenylketonuria (PKU) is a human autosomal genetic disorder in which the affected individual cannot metabolize the amino acid phenylalanine. The disease is characterized by severe mental retardation if left untreated. The disease is caused by homozygosity for a recessive, mutant allele. If two parents are heterozygous for the allele, what is the probability that their child will have PKU? 9)In the fly Drosophila, the allele for dumpy wings (d) is recessive to the normal longwing allele, (D) and the allele for white eye (w) is recessive to the normal red-eye allele (W). In a cross of DDWW with Ddww, what proportion of the offspring are expected to be “normal” (long wings and red eyes)? What proportion are expected to have dumpy wings and white eyes? 10)A farmer breeds a chicken with all white plumage with a chicken with all black plumage. All of the F1 offspring have bluish-gray plumage. When two of the bluishgray birds are crossed, black, white and bluish-gray offspring are produced. What is the mechanism of inheritance and the genotypes of the parents, F1’s and F2’s.
Grossmont College Genetic Practice Problems

Using the published literature provide an example each for CASE-CONTROL Study, COHORT Study and an Experimental Study OVER CANCER. Write Essay

Using the published literature provide an example each for CASE-CONTROL Study, COHORT Study and an Experimental Study OVER CANCER. Write a two-page report outlining these studies and provide a summary on the Strengths and Weaknesses. Justify the study design for your capstone project. Include a separate page for references in APA format.

UC Davis Rethinking Health, Wellness & Aging in America Today TED Talk Analysis

custom essay UC Davis Rethinking Health, Wellness & Aging in America Today TED Talk Analysis.

Watch a video and write a response paper. (at least one page).Please follow the prompt!Guidelines: follow this order to write several paragraphs1. Who – Briefly introduce the guest speaker & topic.What did you find interesting about their career path?.2. What – What is the relevance of the topic (what is the issue)? Why did you choose to write about this lecture? How does it relate to you?Briefly discuss how the topic/issues relate to current events.3. Impact – What made the biggest impact on you? Discuss.Did you learn anything new from the lecture?Provide an interesting “quote” made during the lecture.4. Take Home Message – What did you take away from the lecture? What was the speakers take home message?5. Healthful Living Goal – Self-assess your habits regarding this topic and discuss. Based on what you learned, write a new action oriented goal for yourself that you can apply to your own wellness that changes your habits.6. Recommendation – Would you recommend the guest speaker and/or subject matter for future classes? Rate the speaker: 1 = Low… 5 = Average… 10 = High. Additional information: List the guest speaker’s name, topic and date.
UC Davis Rethinking Health, Wellness & Aging in America Today TED Talk Analysis

ANTH 007 Ethnographic and Linguistic Data Analysis Discussion

ANTH 007 Ethnographic and Linguistic Data Analysis Discussion.

I’m working on a anthropology question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

Essay: The goal in writing up an essay based on this interview is to present the person(s)’ attitudes, experiences, and life story through language. Feel free to quote from the interview when you think that there are particular expressions that make their story compelling. Then, draw connections between any of the readings that are relevant. The interview you did is an “ethnographic and linguistic data,” so in you essay, you can ethnographically and linguistically analyze the data you have. Your paper should be composed of: (1) the presentation of your data, (2) your observation/analysis. Your observation/analysis can be (1) presentation of your own thesis, that is, your own analysis, or interpretation of what to think of the data you have, and what the data tell us and (2) backing up/strengthening of your thesis by building on/connecting it to/being in dialogue with the readings, lectures, class discussions, etc. (1)Presenting your data Tell the readers what your data is. You can tell the readers whom you interviewed, what your relationship is to them is, and what the interview was about. But, be creative in presenting your interview data, because you have a limited space and you cannot literally tell all the details of the data. You have to find a reasonable way of narrating the important or interesting parts of the data. (2) Analyzing your data. Show the readers what your findings are about this data. What does this data demonstrate to us? What is your own thesis? How did our readings, discussions, etc help you have such a thesis? Your ethnographic analysis would be contemplating the social, cultural and political backgrounds, norms or realities that have influenced or shaped your interviewees’ linguistic life, or those that have elicited your interviewees to say, or think certain things about languages. You can also contemplate how your interviewees’ linguistic life is intertwined with your interviewees’ broader social, political and cultural realms. Your linguistic analysis would be scrutinizing the linguistic details you noticed when transcribing. For example, did certain topics make your interviewees hesitate, pause, hedge, change tones/pitches, or overlap with others’ utterances? Did certain topics bring discomfort to them, and are there linguistic evidences of such discomfort? Or, did some of your questions or topics make them code-switch? If they switched into a different language, you can analyze why they did so. (Or, sometimes, why they didn’t.) (3) Building on academic dialogue You have to use at least five different authors, concepts, readings or frameworks or readings from course material. This means that you can use just one concept from class to explain your discovery and use three additional readings to compare different ethnographic examples, or you can account for your analysis using four different concepts. Either is fine, but you have to make a solid argument, using enough material from class. You can separate the presentation, analysis and intellectual dialogue with other authors (that is, connecting your thesis to the readings, lectures, discussions, etc.) in different paragraphs, but also integrate them together. For example, you can (1) have a paragraph describing what your interviewee said about English and Spanish/Chinese/Belgian etc, (2) have another paragraph establishing your own thesis about how to interpret such ideas, and (3) have other paragraphs relating your thesis to the readings. However, even more efficient would be, maybe, doing all this in one paragraph about each topic in synthetic ways. That is up to you. (Times New Roman font 12pt, with 1’’ margins, double-spaced,three pages,)
ANTH 007 Ethnographic and Linguistic Data Analysis Discussion

Imagine that your firm recently was awarded a contract for a private sector school design and construction project in

Imagine that your firm recently was awarded a contract for a private sector school design and construction project in your community. The school is to be a one-story building with a steel frame, brick veneer, concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls, and a drywall interior. As construction manager, you have been tasked with developing work packages for the project. Begin by researching similar projects in and outside of your community (New Jersey). You will be responsible for including cost and time estimates for each work package in your WBS. For this Application Assignment, you will submit the work packages for the school construction project in a Microsoft Word document (“.doc” or ”.rtf”). In addition, include a brief 200- to 300-word analysis addressing the following questions: How has your location affected the work packages you have developed? Would your WBS look differently if the school project was built in another country? If so, how? Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as appropriate. Refer to the Harvard System of Referencing guide to ensure your in-text citations and reference list are correct. The powerpoint slide should show a work package diagram

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