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Advantages Of Operating Small Hotel Business In Britain Tourism Essay

Advantages Of Operating Small Hotel Business In Britain Tourism Essay. Princess Hotel runs as a sole proprietorship type of business where the owner is the manager and the controller of the business. In Britain most entrepreneurs start businesses as sole traders where they mange the business on their own and employ a few people to assist in the day to day running of the business (Swarbrooke, 1999). For the entrepreneur of Princess in London, being a sole trader is among the simplest ways to start a business. The processing of starting a hotel business in London is one of ht simplest ways to start a business since all one is required to get is the professional advice plunging into business. According to the entrepreneur of Princess Hotel among the advantages of he gets by being a sole entrepreneur include, the business was easy to start since the entrepreneur does not require to consult other people, the registration requirements for sole business are also low together with statutory requirements, lower national insurance costs and the entrepreneur can use the profits for expanding the business. The proprietor of Princess Hotel was interviewed using a sample of the following questions about his business operations as part of a fact finding mission on benefits and the problems he incurs. Economic growth in Britain has been fueled by rapid expansion of small and medium enterprises, which have also contributed to an increase in employment rates within cities and other major towns (Baily and Kirkegaard, 2004). The small and medium business enterprises have also contributed significantly towards the global economy. In Britain small hospitality business are faced with challenges that include lack of capital, lack of access to information and lack of proper business management skills (Wood, and Brotherhood, 2008). Research has shown that many small and medium businesses enterprises play a considerable role in the economic development of many countries including the United Kingdom. Research has also portrayed that majority of owners of these small and medium businesses do no have the necessary management skills and knowledge to run the businesses. Lack of management expertise is among the factors that hinders the marketing in these small enterprises particularly in Britain (Gang, 2006). The British government doesn’t have enough resources to provide management systems and financial resources to support the small business enterprises. In addition Britain’s, small and medium businesses enterprises also lack to availability of capital resources which are diverted to bigger and state controlled business. Extensive suspicion by both borrowers and lenders of the threats associated with private enterprises is a major cause of the slow growth in the hospitality business in United Kingdom. British official claim that banks are too conservative to loan money to small and medium business entrepreneurs in Britain. After the subprime crisis in Europe many banks United Kingdom prefer lending to big and state owned businesses leaving small entrepreneurs to raise their finances through assistance from close family members of from local authorities. In addition, numerous small business entrepreneurs are not approved by the central government to be listed on the London Stock exchange which is under control by state owned firms. Undoubtedly, financing problem cannot be coped rapidly by foreign direct investment due to the complex nature of the investment conditions and the problem of business expansion. Among the opportunities enjoyed by small hospitality business in Britain is molding the completion by offering new and mutual market opportunities, improved growth by prevailing over barriers to new entry in the market, shared and enhanced brand image, there is strengthened product line management ( Boella, and Goss-Turner, 2005). Hospitality business in Britain have been able to gain a number of advantages through consortium which include, new networking prospects, economies of scale, knowledge and allocation interconnections and educational training and support, a computerized hotel booking system, and gaining referral opportunities from consortium hotels outside Britain. Other advantages of operating a small hotel business in Britain With increasing importance of tourism as a source of revenue and employment, and a contributing factor in the balance of payments in several countries, has made the British government to focus on developing tourism as a tool for economic development. Tourism has been a source of income, forewing exchange and in providing employment for most countries including Britain. The building and preservation of tourist and travel amenities and establishment of accompanying services are important stimulants for economic development and growth especially for those countries whose natural resources are few like Britain (Jones, 2002). The reason for the slow rate of advancement in the hospitality industry conditions of employment are considerable including a comprehensible unwillingness of many entrepreneurs and owners to be among the first to rise the prices of services provide in British. This is in place considering that Britain has been reported to be before now one of the most luxurious tourist destination. Another reason, is that the employees of the hotel industry is comprise of mostly people drawn from the less essential labor market who use the hospitality industry on short —term basis such as students or school leavers and who are willing to accept low payment since they are not the sole breadwinners. In addition the trade union in Britain tends to exert less influence in the hospitality sector and therefore there is no set minimum wage for hospitality sector workers. As a result of the poor wages, lack of trade union involvement and the high number of employees who come from the secondary labor market, the hospitality industry in Britain has remained with its own problems which include; high turn-overrate of the labor, poor service principles and institutionalized pilfering in many establishments (Kusluvan, 2003). Economies of scale stem from technical, commercial, managerial, financial, marketing and risk-spreading economies of scale (Malhotra,1997). Princess Hotel owns a single hotel in Britain. The hotel has small kitchen and just only ten rooms. The entrepreneur decides to sell the small hotel and buy two bigger hotels with bigger rooms. In this case the entrepreneur can spread his overhead costs over high level of gains. In a small hotel such as Princess Hotel the hotel production techniques are very fundamental. For instance, all the booking is done using a manual process using hands. Kitchen utensils are also washed by hand and also the washing of bed sheets is also done through the in the traditional method of front loading laundering machine. In addition, the staircase for hotel takes part of the hotel room together with the reception area. When the entrepreneur of Princess Hotel purchased a larger hotel he was able to benefit from improved production techniques, computerized customer reservation system, proper hotel set-up and used of mechanized dish washing and use of a centralized laundering machine. In addition, by increasing the size of the hotel the entrepreneur of Princess Hotel was able to gain from more rooms with centralized stair case (Needham, 1999). In addition with, expansion of Princess Caterers the entrepreneur will b able to recruit more qualified staff such as receptionist, cleaners, porters and waiters, who are more specialized in the field and will enhance in meeting customer needs of Princess Hotel. Managerial economies of scale By expanding and purchasing larger hotels Princess Hotel will be capable of employing trained workforce as compared to when the small hotel hat can only employ secondary labor. Financial economies of scale Majority of business raise finances by bank loans or through overdrafts or selling shares to the public. A small hotel such as Princess Hotel can borrow money from a bank but at a higher interest. Form the entrepreneurs’ point of view a chain of hotels will have a better advantage in borrowing loan form a bank as compared to a small hotel. A chain of hotels such as Princess Hotel which borrows money in bulk is likely to be a good client to the bank and banks are likely to lend money to Princess Hotel at a lower interest rate. Commercial economies of scale Business economies of scale are associated with buying and selling. From the point of view the entrepreneur of Princess Hotel, a bigger hotel will be able to purchase its supplies in better terms as compared to a smaller hotel. For instance, the larger Princes Hotel, can manage to purchase 4000 eggs per week as compared to the smaller hotel which could only purchase 200 eggs per week. In addition, with larger business the entrepreneur will be capable of getting substantial discounts from suppliers who supply repeatedly ( Stockes, Wilson and Robb, 2010). In addition, the cost of transporting large quantities of supplies such as eggs, fruits will lees when compared to small volumes. Marketing economies of scale According to the proprietor of Princess Hotel, the unit cost for marketing the bigger Princess Hotel will be lower than for the smaller hotel. For instance the charges of doing marketing research, promotion and advertising can be spread over a larger number of customers. For a small hotel setting the cost of marketing are high and prohibitive and only minimum level of marketing can be accomplished. Risk-spreading as economies of scale Since the hotel business is seasonal and is easily affected by fluctuations. The proprietor of Princess Hotel by diversifying into other business such as offering casino services and meeting conferences can provide revenue even when sales from the Hotel are low. On the contrary, a smaller Hotel has fewer options in seasons of revenue fluctuations, such lowering accommodation prices, which in the end have negative effects on the business. Among the diseconomies of scale the can affect the Hotel business include; in case the expansion of the hotel does not tally with the number of expected customers then the operating costs will be high. This is because the costs will be spread over a few numbers of customers. In addition, by expanding a Hotel business to many locations for a sole entrepreneur it would lead to inefficiencies in management and administration and may eventually lead to business closure. . Advantages Of Operating Small Hotel Business In Britain Tourism Essay
How the News Items Related to The Business Strategy Concepts Summary.

Proper preparation for the News Talk requires a regular reading of the news. Students should study business news every day, especially as it pertains to the core theme of this course: strategy. To receive a good grade on this News Tals, students should explain how their news items relate to the business strategy concepts we are discussing in class, plus give their opinion on the topic. Please pick high-quality sources like the Wall Street Journal, The Economist and The New York Times. As said above, non-serious business news sources, in your professor’s opinion, include Inc., Forbes, TMZ, and Business Insider.
How the News Items Related to The Business Strategy Concepts Summary

683 – Social Engineering and IT Security Incident Response.

As additional background, read the following two articles: a written analysis, highlight and share an experiment that you
might utilize to perform a social engineering attack on a Saudi company.
Discuss what methods and weaknesses you would use to exploit the
employees or family members of employees to try and gain positive
access and/or control. Include any additional recommendations to the
company/employees to protect against such exploitation.Your paper should be 3 pages in length, not including the title
and references pages, and should cite at least two scholarly resources
other than the course materials. It should follow Saudi Electronic
University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines, as
appropriate. a Proper introduction and labeled conclusion should be included.
683 – Social Engineering and IT Security Incident Response

Submit a research paper topic proposal with a comprehensive outline based on the chapters . No two students will submit the same topic. Topic approvals will be based on a first-come first-served basis

No two students will submit the same topic. Topic approvals will be based on a first-come first-served basis. Start immediately as there may be circumstances when your topic and outline will need to be refined over and over. submit the proposal and outline that will show what you plan to address and resolve ultimately including the conclusion and lessons learned. You can only focus on one chapter of your choice and make sure that you understand and master it well to complete and submit a quality final paper.

‘My Mistress’ Eyes are Nothing Like the Sun’ by W. Shakespeare Essay

online assignment help ‘My Mistress’ Eyes are Nothing Like the Sun’ by W. Shakespeare Essay. The speaker in the poem ‘My Mistress’ Eyes are Nothing like the Sun’ by Shakespeare, is a man trying to find the exact reason for the immense love that he feels for his lover. The speaker honestly admits that even though his lover has many flaws, he is still madly in love with her. The speaker fully understands the shortcomings of his lover but still admits that he loves her just the way a man can love any other woman. The language used by the poet is one that seeks to portray his lover as an ordinary woman who has won his love. A poet is probably a man who has stayed with his woman lover for some time to the extent that he understands her weaknesses. He speaks of a love that is deeper than just a mere attraction of superficial beauty. This fact points out that theirs is a mature love that values what is on the inside and not the outside of a person. The speaker seems to speak out his thoughts at a time when he is meditating about his lover and the love he has for her. The poem creates a picture of the poet sitting in a quiet place and contemplating this issue. The thoughts of the speaker seem to be provoked by a possible disagreement between him and his lover. This poem indicates that there is nothing special about her. Further, she has nothing out of the ordinary that makes him stay with her other than his love. The main theme that comes out in this poem is love. The speaker describes his love for the woman as one that is not attached to her outer beauty. It is therefore evident that his lover lacks the essential features that are normally emphasized by other poets. She is a simple woman who has won his love. The theme of reality is also emphasized in this poem. This is evidenced where the speaker chooses to be realistic with his lover’s physical appearance. Instead of heaping false praises on her beauty, the poet boldly declares that she cannot be compared to other beautiful things in nature. The speaker exhibits the hypocrisy in other men who attach magical and unimaginable beauty to their lovers. The speaker says that although he does not falsely praise his lover, he still loves her in the greatest way possible. He, therefore, does not see the need for lying about his lover’s beauty because it will not change the fact that he deeply loves her. If anything, the speaker prefers to be honest with his lover so that she can be aware that he loves her just the way she is. The lover should not be envious of false praises heaped on other women by their lovers but rather learn how to appreciate the genuine love that she gets from the poet. The audiences in the poem are people who live in a society where poets unrealistically praise their mistresses. The speaker, therefore, gives them something different when he decides to lay bare his mistress’ flaws rather than praising her for the beauty that she lacks. Other characters in the poem are the men who praise their mistresses for the magical beauty and elegance that cannot be fathomed. The poet aims at correcting this insincere habit of the poets. The poem is a portrayal of the poet’s attitude to his mistress. It is structured in such a way that the speaker juxtaposes his lover’s beauty and other natural beauties such as the sun, coral and snow. His lover’s beauty falls short of the natural beauties in every instance (Vendler 67). The speaker first presents his lover’s shortcomings and then concludes by confessing his love for her. This structure helps the poet to achieve his purpose by describing his genuine love for his mistress. The poet is compelled to speak about this issue because he is repulsed by the other poets who are not being realistic with their lovers’ beauty. He wants to show them what real love is like. The main point that comes out is that if one truly loves his mistress, then he should be honest with her beauty. The speaker, by being frank about the beauty of his lover, is an indication of honesty. This is what most men lack. It is also evident that the speaker believes that true love is not defined by the physical appearance of a person but the character. The speaker in the poem is motivated by the need to change the hypocrisy of other poets as far as speaking about the beauty of their loved ones is concerned. This need propels him to emancipate everybody on the significance of being genuine and the futility of exaggerating the beauty of their mistresses. Finally, the poem uses iambic pentameter. The rhyme scheme followed is AB-AB/CD-CD/EF-EF/GG. This is evident at the end of each line in the poem. The use of this rhyme scheme makes the poem easy to read by enhancing its flow. Works Cited Vendler, Helen. The Art of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1997. Print. ‘My Mistress’ Eyes are Nothing Like the Sun’ by W. Shakespeare Essay

Nutritional Support for Patients with Hypertension Research Paper

Table of Contents Introduction Causes and Effects of Hypertension Intake of Potassium and Minimal Intake of Sodium Consumption of Whole Grains and Dairy Products Consumption of Fruits, Vegetables, and Seeds Relevance of Nutritional Support for Patients with Hypertension Conclusion References Introduction When the pressure in the blood vessels otherwise known as arteries increase, it leads to a medical condition called hypertension. The condition is long term and comes with a range of challenges. Although the challenges do not appear due to the condition, the symptoms come in because of other problems. Screening and diagnosis of the disease can take place when one visits a medical facility with the intention of addressing another ailment, which may not have a relationship with high blood pressure. It is imperative to explain that the condition is on the rise especially in the light of the changing lifestyles and poor eating habits demonstrated by modern societies. While the condition affects older people in society, younger individuals are also becoming victims due to the use of supplements and birth control pills. It is within this context that the paper examines the various nutritional support strategies for patients with hypertension. Causes and Effects of Hypertension Hypertension also is known as high blood pressure can be a result of primary or secondary causes. While primary causes concern unhealthy lifestyles and poor eating habits, secondary causes comprise known factors such as kidney problems and the use of birth control pills. Reddy and Katan (2004) elucidate that consumption of excess salt and fats are some of the factors, which contribute to the contraction of the disease. On the other hand, too much consumption of alcohol can also increase the chances of contracting the ailment. It is vital to allude that the effects associated with the condition are dire, a factor that calls for timely redress. Loss of sight, cardiovascular complications, and stroke are some of the effects linked to the disease. In contemporary societies, the ailment has led to the death of a number of individuals, and hence, there is need to institute measures that provide timely redress. While the condition is manageable and can be treated successfully, medical practitioners encourage its prevention. Individuals at risk are usually the subjects of regular education on the various causes and effects associated with the disease. By creating awareness among the risk individuals in a particular society, the practitioners as well as the state incur minimal costs linked to contraction and treatment of the disease. Moreover, the society experiences minimal challenges associated with loss of lives due to the ailment. According to Appel (2009), prevention of the disease is one of the steps that lead to its management. As such, it is very crucial for medical practitioners to focus on prevention of the condition so that the challenges related to its treatment decrease. Conversely, patients suffering from the disease should receive expert attention from qualified medical practitioners, who have relevant skills in the respective field. Intake of Potassium and Minimal Intake of Sodium Potassium is one of the best nutritional components that patients suffering from hypertension need to look for in foodstuffs that they consume. The relevance of potassium in management and treatment of high blood pressure emanates from its ability to control the levels of sodium in the body. Apparently, by controlling the amount of sodium in the body, potassium helps in management of the condition. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Moreover, control of sodium implies that the amount of fluids stored by the body reduces an aspect that is advantageous in the journey of managing hypertension. Tomatoes, broccoli, and vegetables contain potassium and by taking them, one can successfully address the condition. In the perspective of Reddy and Katan (2004), individuals who have hypertension need to consume food that contain potassium as it plays an important role in the overall treatment of the condition. The statement coins the relevance of potassium in treatment and management of high blood pressure among individuals. Consequently, individuals suffering from high blood pressure need to avoid excess consumption of sodium. While sodium is good for healthy lifestyles, it leads to storage of fluids in the body. When fluids remain in the body, people gain weight and their chances of contracting hypertension rises. Moreover, in the case of those individuals suffering from high blood pressure, intake of salt complicates the condition and hampers its management and treatment. Appel (2009) explains that individuals suffering from hypertension should stay away from foods that contain high amounts of salt or sodium. In effect, they should try to minimize the rate of salt that they consume. Medical practitioners usually encourage individuals to consume one teaspoonful of salt every day for healthy lives. The translation of the teaspoonful is an average of 1,500mg of salt especially for individuals, who have high blood pressure. Consumption of Whole Grains and Dairy Products Bread, pasta, and rice are some of the grains that people who have hypertension need to consume. In the quest to treat and manage the level of pressure in the blood, people suffering from hypertension need to take grains that contain little amounts fat. On the other hand, these people should consume food that is full of fiber. Reddy and Katan (2004) elaborate that while most processed grains have little fiber, majority of whole grains contain lots of fiber and are good in management of the condition. Whole grain bread, brown rice, and whole-wheat pasta are among the grains that contain high amounts of fiber as opposed to those that have been refined. Besides their high content of fiber, which helps the digestive system, the grains are also good because they contain low amount of fat. Therefore, by consuming grains, individuals improve their digestive system and lower the overall amount of fat in their bodies. Low amount of fat in the body translates to effective management of blood pressure. While some dairy products contain a lot of fat and are not good for healthy living, those that contain little fat are helpful in management of high blood pressure. Appel (2009) asserts that low fat yoghurt and skimmed milk are some of the dairy products that are useful in treatment of hypertension. It is important for people suffering from high blood pressure to look for dairy products that are low in fat. These individuals need to seek medical advice before consuming any dairy product. The essence of consuming these foods is because of their high contents of calcium and proteins. Moreover, the dairy products contain vitamins such as vitamin D. It is practical to elucidate that when individuals consume dairy products that have low amounts of fat their level of calcium amplifies, a phenomenon that facilitates effective recovery from high blood pressure. Consumption of Fruits, Vegetables, and Seeds In the quest to treat and manage the level of blood pressure, people need to consume high amounts of fruits and vegetables. Apparently, fruits and vegetables contain high levels of potassium useful in management of the condition. Moreover, fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, which are essential in the overall health of the body. Therefore, when people suffering from hypertension consume fruits and vegetables, body immunity improves and their attempt to manage the condition augments. Fruits such as citrus, grapes, and apples are among the best fruits that people suffering from high blood pressure need to consume. Besides containing high amount of potassium, fruits and vegetables also contain magnesium, vitamins, and fiber. Therefore, when people consume them, they eventually improve the functionality of their digestive system. As such, people suffering from hypertension cannot downplay the role played by fruits and vegetables in management of the condition. We will write a custom Research Paper on Nutritional Support for Patients with Hypertension specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Besides consuming vegetables and fruits, one also needs to take a reasonable amount of seeds. The minerals present in various seeds are very instrumental in management of high blood pressure as well as treatment of some cardiovascular complications. It is vital to allude that vitamins such as omega 3 present in seeds like nuts are among the healthy types of fat, which are required for health bodies. Additionally seeds like lentils, sunflower seeds, beans, and almonds have minerals like proteins, fiber, potassium, phytochemicals, and magnesium. In effect, these minerals are very important in addressing issues related to high blood pressure. Besides helping individuals manage their blood pressure, the seeds also help them attain the much-desired lean and healthy body. According to Appel (2009), consumption of seeds reduces the amount of sodium in the body and facilitates successful management of high blood pressure. Notably, consumption of seeds requires moderation because some of them contain high amount of calories that may be detrimental when consumed excessively. Relevance of Nutritional Support for Patients with Hypertension Currently hypertension has diverse ways of management and treatment. Some of the ways adopted by individuals to treat and manage the condition include use of supplements and nutritional systems. It is imperative to explain that the other systems or ways of addressing the condition have a range of side effects that come along with their utilization. On the other hand, following the provisions of nutritional support and consuming the right food is a method that manages the condition without side effects (Reddy

UOC Factors Accelerating Mobile Computings Growth Discussion

UOC Factors Accelerating Mobile Computings Growth Discussion.

We learn from our readings that the use of mobile devices in our society today has indeed become ubiquitous. In addition, CTIA asserted that over 326 million mobile devices were in use within The United States as of December 2012 – an estimated growth of more than 100 percent penetration rate with users carrying more than one device with notable continues growth. From this research, it’s evident that mobile computing has vastly accelerated in popularity over the last decade due to several factors noted by the authors in our chapter reading. In consideration with this revelation, identify and name these factors, and provide a brief discussion about them.Use proper citations and references
UOC Factors Accelerating Mobile Computings Growth Discussion

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