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Advanced Practice Nurse’s Skills and Duties Essay

Importance of Theory Classes in Nursing Nursing is a very important activity that concerns human life. As such, a combination of theory and practical lessons is very essential. While some nursing students downplay the relevance of the theoretical aspect of nursing, they fail to understand that the aspect is key to understanding the underlying nursing concepts. DeNisco and Barker (2016) explain that smart nurses combine their practice with information acquired during their periods of learning. Principally, the theory is the initial part of nursing where nurses get the first concepts that concern the practice. It is through theory classes that nursing practitioners know the application of several procedures in the field. Also, theory classes enable the nurse to write information that later translates into reference materials. The information written down during theory classes is very useful and their easy retrieval makes them very vital in the nursing practice. Consequently, theory helps nursing practitioners refresh their memories and recall the practices that they have not engaged in for long period. After several years of practice, nurses may forget some aspects that are important in the field of healthcare. Forgetfulness can transpire if the nurses are not practicing a certain aspect frequently. As a result, the nurses eventually engage in one practice, and in case the expertise is required concerning the forgotten aspects, they may be unproductive. Therefore, studying theory even after long periods of practice is very realistic and practical (Buppert, 2012). It is important to highlight that even lawyers and judges refer to the information acquired during their learning process to make informed and wise counsel. As such, having to study theory in a nursing class is one of the aspects that one cannot underscore in the quest to become the best nursing practitioner in the healthcare sector. Negotiation Strategies that are Important for Contract Renewal In the context of nursing care and practice, practitioners in the healthcare sector need to understand the strategies, which are core in negotiating for a contract renewal. Some of the main strategies that nursing practitioners should understand and utilize during a contract negotiation process include income, expenditure, and unpaid activities that they undertake during their practice. Before negotiating for a contract renewal, a nurse needs to understand the income that the primary care center generates. DeNisco and Barker (2016) assert that understanding the income generated by the center is a vital concept as it facilitates informed negotiation. Knowledge of the income also helps nursing practitioners to asses themselves and their worth in line with their salary and the contract in question. It is imperative to understand that a practitioner, who brings in income, is in a good position of getting a renewal of the contract in the event of a well-designed negotiation. Another strategy that helps the practitioners renegotiate a contract renewal successfully is an insight into the income concerning their salary and term of the contract. If a nurse meets about 20 patients in a day, it implies that the amount of income generated to the center reflects the amount paid by the patients. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More If the amount paid by each patient is $60 during a session of visit, then it translates to an average of $1,200 per day, which also forms part of the practitioner’s salary. According to Buppert (2012), the salary of practitioners should be a third of the income that they generate. Therefore, if the income exceeds a third of their salary, practitioners can successfully negotiate for a contract renewal. The amount of referrals and the engagements that practitioners have had out of schedule is another important strategy that they can advance during a negotiation process. The engagements undertaken out of the schedule to address patient needs play an integral role in defining the practitioner’s interest in propelling the facility to the much-desired success (DeNisco and Barker (2016). It is imperative to assert that owners of a primary care facility expect nurses, who deliver and bring in income. Redundant nurses do not get their contracts renewed but smart ones enjoy the regular renewal of their contracts and eventual confirmation of their service in healthcare facilities. References Buppert, C. (2012). Nurse Practitioner’s Business Practice and Legal Guide. Sudbury, Canada: Jones
St Petersburg College Low Income Community in United States Paper.

This module explored various vulnerable populations. Now it is your turn to go more in-depth on these issues by focusing on one specific vulnerable population.For this assignment, identify a vulnerable population (different than the one used for your A Vulnerable Person Discussion) that has meaning to you. Following the HSA Standards provided below and without writing in first person (i.e., I, me, my, us, we, our, etc.), write a paper at least 700 words using the following outline and including at least three scholarly references.IntroductionDescribe the vulnerable population. Include the HealthyPeople 2020 goal(s), objective(s), and statistics.Describe at least:one federal,one state, ANDone local service, program, or initiative that help provide support for this vulnerable population.Individuals often qualify for more than one program. Include as many resources as are appropriate, and explain how the programs at these different parts of the system (federal, state, and local) collaborate to create a safety net for this population.What else could be done to help this population? Be specific. For example, do not just say, “More interventions are needed”. Describe a specific intervention(s), activity(ies), or strategy(ies).Summary
St Petersburg College Low Income Community in United States Paper

ISSC 341 American Military University Week 3 Network Switch Configurations Case Study.

Note : Need original paper as professor will process this paper via turnitinAssignment Instructions:You have completed building out the physical aspect of your network in the new ACME, Inc. facility. Now let’s get it up and running.You will need to provide a plan for how to bring the network online.Note: There are 5 departments moving into the facilityAccounts ReceivablesAccounts PayablesHuman ResourcesLegalOutside SalesYour plan should include the following, this is not the entire list.Network Switch ConfigurationsIP Addressing table and assignments/Subnetting strategyRouting Tables (3 minimum routes/remember this is a remote office)Remember to justify your choicesAll of this should be contained in a Word document
ISSC 341 American Military University Week 3 Network Switch Configurations Case Study

SVA Mary Beth Edelson American Women Artists & Feminist Art Movement Presentation

SVA Mary Beth Edelson American Women Artists & Feminist Art Movement Presentation.

1- Write a short expository report (300-350 words), and submit it on Canvas:Select one woman artist (or group) from the movie W.A.R., that is particularly interesting to you. Do some research on the Internet and write a short paper on who this artist was/is, her medium, style and accomplishments, and the challenges she might have faced in being a woman artist. This is a report. You do not need to organize your text as an essay, but summarize and organize your research. Use at least one primary source (her/their art work) and one secondary source (what someone else said about her/them).IntervieweesJanine Antoni (Links to an external site.)Judith Baca (Links to an external site.)Judith Brodsky (Links to an external site.)Cornelia (Connie) Butler (Links to an external site.)Judy Chicago (Links to an external site.)Mary Beth Edelson (Links to an external site.)Howard FoxSusan Grode (Links to an external site.)Guerrilla Girls (Links to an external site.)Harmony Hammond (Links to an external site.)Alanna Heiss (Links to an external site.)Lynn Hershman Leeson (Links to an external site.)Miranda July (Links to an external site.)Mike Kelley (Links to an external site.)Joyce Kozloff (Links to an external site.)Robert Kushner (Links to an external site.)Suzanne Lacy (Links to an external site.)Sheila Levrant de Bretteville (Links to an external site.)Lucy Lippard (Links to an external site.)Howardena Pindell (Links to an external site.)Yvonne Rainer (Links to an external site.)Maura Reilly (Links to an external site.)B. Ruby Rich (Links to an external site.)Faith Ringgold (Links to an external site.)Rachel Rosenthal (Links to an external site.)Martha Rosler (Links to an external site.)Moira Roth (Links to an external site.)Elizabeth Sackler (Links to an external site.)Miriam Schapiro (Links to an external site.)Carolee Schneeman (Links to an external site.)Lowery Sims (Links to an external site.)Sylvia Sleigh (Links to an external site.)Nancy Spero (Links to an external site.)Marcia Tucker (Links to an external site.)Camille Utterback (Links to an external site.)Cecilia Vicuña (Links to an external site.)Faith Wilding (Links to an external site.)Martha Wilson (Links to an external site.)If you are into feminist punk music, you can also choose Carrie Brownstein (rock trio Sleater-Kinney), who made the music for the film, or the riot grrrl (Links to an external site.) music movement, which became a key part of the feminist, American indie rock scene in the 1990s. 2- Prepare an oral presentation with 2 or 5 photos (5 minutes).
SVA Mary Beth Edelson American Women Artists & Feminist Art Movement Presentation

Need biology help with a Question regarding the Ames test on chili for Micro

programming assignment help Need biology help with a Question regarding the Ames test on chili for Micro.

Andre performed an Ames test on some of his homemade chili. He found several revertant His+ colonies the next day. This result shows that Andre’s chili (Points : 4)       is carcinogenic.       is mutagenic in humans.       is mutagenic in Salmonella.       is carcinogenic in humans.       is carcinogenic in Salmonella.
Need biology help with a Question regarding the Ames test on chili for Micro

New Jersey City Correlation of Herpes Simplex Virus 1 with Oral Cancer Paper

New Jersey City Correlation of Herpes Simplex Virus 1 with Oral Cancer Paper.

Extra source: Jain, M. (2016, August). Assesment of Correlation of Herpes Simplex Virus-1 with Oral Cancer and Precancer- A Comparative Study. Retrieved November 05, 2020, from…Marur, S., D’Souza, G., Westra, W., & Forastiere, A. (2010, August). HPV-associated head and neck cancer: A virus-related cancer epidemic. Retrieved November 03, 2020, from, K., Follmann, M., & Nast, A. (2012, November). The diagnosis and treatment of oral cavity cancer. Retrieved October 08, 2020, from read the primary articles and write a review article on them including intext citation
New Jersey City Correlation of Herpes Simplex Virus 1 with Oral Cancer Paper

Emotion Equally Moral

Emotion Equally Moral. ARE REASON AND EMOTION EQUALLY NECESSARY IN JUSTIFYING MORAL DECISIONS? Since the birth of human onto this earth, reasons and emotions are frequently used by us to justify any decisions made. However, to what extent that both of them play an important role in making decisions? This raises some arguable questions concerning reason and emotion; are they really equally necessary? Equally important means both factors must be present and without any of the factors which are reason and emotion, the decision cannot be justified. With that, I would say that reason and emotion have the same significant important role in justifying moral decision. Both of them work together to drive us in our daily life so the decisions made will be the best for the sake of human being. Thus, this essay will consider the equal role of reason and emotion in justifying moral decisions. First of all, how this two ways of knowing works together. Reason is the ability to think logically regarded as a basis for knowledge, while emotion is a strong feeling towards what you believed in and influencing behaviors. Reason and emotion are equally necessary in ethic as in justifying decisions emotion will be the catalyst for the next process which is reasoning. Rachel Carlson in his quote says, “If facts are the seeds that later produce knowledge and wisdom, then the emotions and the impressions of the senses are the fertile soil in which the seeds must grow”. As example, the news of natural disaster of Cyclone Sidr in the southern part of Bangladesh because of the global warming effect, the picture of 273,000 houses were destroyed and 650,000 damaged and more than 3,000 people dead will emotionally affect the reader. Then, the emotions will tell us the sympathy to the victims of the disaster. It would stimulate the reason to the morality of the countries that let their factories released the gases that caused the global warming disaster. Here, the emotion is the catalyst for the reason to take place. However, without the reasoning, the information from the news cannot be organized and to sort out the news in the rational way. The emotion make the reader of the news felt sympathy to the victims of the cyclone and the reason makes sense of the emotion part and end up with the moral decisions of the news. As Joseph Cook aptly commented, “Conscience is our magnetic compass; reason our chart”. Even reason and emotion equally necessary in justifying moral decisions, somehow reason play more important role as it can explain certain things that cannot be explained by emotion. In justifying a decision, it must be reasonable and acceptable. Emotion can distract what is wrong and what is right because it depends solely on what a person sees and feel. Thus, reason must present in the process to justify and correct what emotion think of. As example, if a pregnant women wanted to have an abortion. On the emotion level, she might think that having a baby is a burden for her. She just wants fun from the sex but she refuses the baby. She wants to get rid of the baby so that she does not have to take care of the baby and continue with her previous life. Her immediate response is the option to abort the baby. At that particular time, it may be right for her to abort the baby. But then, the feeling of a mother declines her to do the abortion and the reasoning process began. She started to consider the debate, ‘it is killing’, and the baby deserve a live. Perhaps she might consider that it was not the baby’s fault, so why should the baby take it. Or maybe she possibly will consider her religion not allow abortion. So, the reasoning process continues until the women can justify her decision to do the abortion or not. Here we can see both are equally significant. Reasoning comes from the emotion process but the emotion itself cannot justify the decision that going to make. Thus, one cannot take place without the other. However, in this so-called civilization era where the cost of living is increasing, the option to abort the baby will be the most suitable choice for most of the people. Their reasoning brought them to that kind of decision because they claim having a baby will cost them a lot and they can’t afford it. Even though they will feel it is a cruel action through their emotion, but it does not prevent the mother to abort that baby. In view of the fact that emotion is a feeling that is given form by a thought, it is usually bounded from the past experience that would influence the emotion that is created. If the past experience of the person is good, the person will have the good side of emotion or otherwise, the experience will end up with the bad emotion toward something. As a case in point, a person witnesses a horrible accident happened in front of his eyes. He can see the victims of the accident screaming for help. Very luckily, the person has some knowledge about the medical knowledge especially in emergency situation. However, because of the past experience where he failed to save a few lives after he gave the medical treatment, the person felt guilty and had the trauma. His emotion tells him not to help the victims as they would die because of him by justifying the action from his past experience. But then, he tries to reason his emotion; does it an appropriate action to let the victims that are really in need for some help as he was able to help them? Does it worth him just to see them helplessly facing the end of their life? After a battle between his emotion and reason, in the end he might decide to help the victims. Even though in this example it is seen like reason is overpower emotion but actually they are equal. Someone may argue that reason is the cause that makes him to help the person. But in reality if his emotion is not stable enough or he did not have the confidence to help them but his reason push him to help, the probability that the victims would survive is low because he does not has the mental strength or something to inspire him to help them. This is just like what Winston Churchill has said, “Before you can inspire with emotion, you must be swamped with it yourself. Before you can move their tears, your own must flow. To convince them, you must yourself believe”. After his reason corrects his emotion or change the perception made by his emotion to inspire him, then he was able to help them. By looking at this example, it is clearly seen that reason has been plays the role the change the emotion of the person and the emotion has justified the decision that he going to make. Here, at first emotion stimulate the reason to work and in the later stage reason corrected and stimulates the emotion. Both of the factors play such equal role in justifying the decision as one might get it wrong without another one or perhaps the decision cannot be justified. There are some limitations where sometimes reason and emotion do not equal in making an ethical issue. This is frequently happen in the religious belief, field of works, and the level of knowledge of the person. In the religion such as Islam and Christian, bigamy (polygamy, adultery) is prohibited in those religions. Although a person wants to have more wives or having a little experience of sex before marriage which comes from his emotion, he cannot do that because of his religion. His reasoning will prevent him to do it as it is against the belief of him to his religion. In the field of work such as judge, emotion must be put aside to justify the verdict that going to make. A judge must only depends to the reason from the facts either the accused person is guilty or not. This is the situation where reason and emotion do not play equally necessary in justifying moral decisions. In conclusions, reason and emotion equally necessary in justifying moral decision, because emotion can change according to situation but reason will justify the emotion with logic and hence will drive us to the correct interpretation of the ethical issue. But, reason can only exist and be significant if and only if emotion exists. Emotion will be the catalyst for reason to work. In most of our life, we cannot deny the role of emotion and reason. However, other ways of knowing such as perception and language also can be important in justifying moral decisions but reason and emotion exist in the equal way to justify any moral decision that we make in our life. Therefore, reason and emotion are equally necessary in justifying moral decisions. Emotion Equally Moral

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