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ADV 3401 Howard Elements of Media Strategy Creative Expression Discussion

ADV 3401 Howard Elements of Media Strategy Creative Expression Discussion.

I’m working on a advertising question and need guidance to help me learn.

Why is it important to achieve balance between creative expression and media effectiveness and efficiency?•What are the various needs to consider when creating an ad? What things impact on creative decisions?•How does integration between creative and media happen? Why is it important?•Describe two approaches to budget setting:–% of Sales–Competitive Share of Voice•Describe the 4 categories of communication dollarWhat are the 7 Communication Goals in Media Planning?•Define and describe the Product Purchase Cycle. –Identify a brand that is an example of a short purchase cycle–Identify a brand that is an example of a long purchase cycle –What would be the difference in the media plan approach for each?•What is a consideration when setting reach goals? –Provide an example of a brand/situation needing high reach.•What is a consideration when setting frequency goals? –Provide an example of a brand/situation needing high frequency.•What are the 5 factors affecting “how much/how often”?•Explain the recency approach
ADV 3401 Howard Elements of Media Strategy Creative Expression Discussion

SPSS 4. Paper details Do you have access in SPSS to this information? • Download the file titled “SPSS Module 4 Data File”. It is an SPSS data file that contains a selection of data from the American Time Use Survey. This survey is conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and collects information on the amount of time people report spending on different daily activities, from child care to work to leisure. This file contains data from the year 2019. They are 6 graphs not slidesSPSS 4
What type of physical weathering is most likely to occur within the pore spaces.

exfoliationhydrolysisfrost-wedgingall of the above
What type of physical weathering is most likely to occur within the pore spaces

Analysis of an article linking it to Ethical Issues in the transportation industry and

Analysis of an article linking it to Ethical Issues in the transportation industry and. I’m trying to study for my Business course and I need some help to understand this question.

No introduction or conclusion!
Analyisis the article with both topicks 1) Ethical Issues in the transportation industry.2) Choosing minority-and-women-owned business enterprises as suppliers in the transportation industry
Analysis of an article linking it to Ethical Issues in the transportation industry and

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Hospitality Industry Tourism Essay

essay writer The hospitality industry is a huge and famous industry in this world, and there are multiple areas in this industry. This industry is specialized by training. This gigantic sector includes tourism and tour, traditional hospitality industry such as resorts and hotels, motel and a range of other hospitality services. ( Johnston, 2010). Because of this industry is famous so there is several advantages in this industry. But if we look deep through this industry also got some disadvantages also. The advantage of hospitality industry is that, they afford to provide the full service to their customers. For example, many hotels or resorts are around-the-clock, provide 24-hour operations and staffs are required to work varied shifts and extended hours for their customer satisfaction. Its means they provide the services for their clients all the time. Without bothering the time of the clients ask for the service. For example if any of the clients need foods or any other service at midnight means they can provide all the service to them without any further adore. Besides that, this industry also provides other services such as tour and tourism beside provide only the accommodation service. Mostly the resort department will provide this as their service. It is because mostly the resorts will located at beach site waterfall site. So the people those who are go there can enjoy the beach site by staying there for 2 days or more than 2 days. In this situation, the industry helps their client to enjoy the nature by staying at beach site. The resorts also sometimes will build at jungle site. Those who is interest for stay in jungle for get any deferent experience they can go there and stay there and at the same time can enjoy the jungle life. The hospitality industry is famous for accommodation sector. They provide this sector with multiple categories. For example five star hotel, four star hotels, and three star hotels and so on. So those who are afford to pay the high fee they will choose their standard level hotel such as five star or four star hotels and those who are not afford to pay more fees only for the accommodations for a short period time will choose the lower level hotels. So its shows that this industry provide hotels for all the people according to their living standard. Then glamour myth also a advantage of the hospitality industry. Is means the hotel industry offers you the chance to meet rich, famous and interesting people. So we can meet them at the place where go for rest but at the same time it brings benefit to us. Can get meet any famous person or any important person who are in the same carrier with us. For example, if I¿½¿½m a business person I can get to meet any other business person who is carry on the same business with me, so I can develop my business very well and famous. At the same time they can include scientists attending in-house conferences, foreign tourists, local business people and ordinary everyday citizens. Although you might be able to tell your friends that Hollywood’s hottest stars are staying in your hotel, you’ll probably have to stretch the truth a little to say that you actually talked with them. Celebrities might chat with you like an old friend, out of politeness, only when ordering room service, or not at all. Some may be jovial and even invite you for a drink, while others will treat you with the cool and fun. Furthermore the hospitality industry provides the standard living for their client. They provide services with the standard level such as the rooms that they provide the foods that they provide. They provide the rooms with full furniture and all the equipment. So the client will happily can enjoy all the service of them. So they will satisfy with their service and may be the loyal to the particular hospitality industry. With the advantages of hotel Industry come the disadvantages too. The disadvantage of this industry is long and odd hours. This means that if the client or customer of that particular hotel doesn¿½¿½t like early starts or late finishes, then the hotel industry may not be help them. They may make late to help the client purposely. Besides that, pressure, high standards and deadlines also a disadvantages of the hospitality industry. Working for demanding clients and management is not the downside of working in hotels – for it is what the industry is all about – but you may find that the pressure of guest and management expectations are more stressful than you ever imagined. Pressure and deadlines are intrinsic elements of the industry and the best hotel workers thrive on conquering the challenges and obstacles placed in the way of personal and company objectives. Culture problem also consider as a disadvantage of this industry. Most of the hospitality industry provides their service with the western style but it not suitable for all the clients of them. For example we can take the Malay religion, they cannot eat all the food especially pork at all and they can eat only ¿½¿½halal¿½¿½ food so they face some problems. Then also must prepare with at least a special hall for their praying. Because Malays must at the correct time and must carry on the prayer at the special venue which is called as ¿½¿½surau¿½¿½ if there don¿½¿½t have mosque. So some of the hotel or hospitality management sometimes never provides or forget to prepare all this things to them. Besides Malays, in our country the Indian are sometimes will carry on the vegetarian. So the hotels must prepare the vegetarian foods for them. But they never provide this sometimes. So the clients need to go out site of the hotel for find the foods for them. This shows that the hospitality industry never give important for their clients. As the conclusion, the hospitality industry provides the good service for their client with their variety service. But still this industry needs to improve their service to archive the target of their industry. if they improve all this the customers will get happy and will enjoy with service. Question 2 2.1: Find out the factors that affecting travel and tourism. Explain in detail? Tourism comprises the activities of persons travelling to and staying in places outsides their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes. The word staying suggests that tourists stay at least one night. However must acknowledge that day visitors make a huge contribution to the tourist industry and some regions and organizations choose to include day visitors in statistics. It is acknowledged by the World Tourism Organization that tourism is the fastest growing economic sector, bringing foreign exchange earnings to countries and creating jobs. Jobs are not only created directly in tourism but in related industries, for example in construction. Much tourism development occurs in developing countries, bringing economic opportunities local communities. There are several factors that affecting travel and tourism industry which influence the industry. The first factors that affect this industry are technological factor. Nowadays the technology develops very well. So also develop in travel and tourism. The growth of e-commerce and new transportation affect the travel and tourism industry. Nowadays the travel system develops well for example the buses that use nowadays is full of air-condition service, with video and audio system. Travel and tourism has always been an industry that has made extensive use of new technology equipment. Central reservation system (CRS), the use of computers in travel agencies and sophisticated databases for marketing purposes are now ordinary. Increase in competition within the industry will force organizations to use new technology to the full. New developments in transportation make extensive use of new technology, for example the Channel Tunnel, the advances in aircraft design and opening up new long-hall destinations. Then more develop bus is super VIP bus. This is consisting of all the service to the passengers. So the passengers can enjoy the traveling period. Furthermore, another factor is, the technology develops until the passengers or the customers can get the information of the travel and tourism industry in internet. The particular agency will update all the information in web so the customers can check easily all the information about their tour and can easily contact to the particular agency. This makes the agency famous among the people because all over the world can access their information and can consider to the particular agency. At the same time also help the customers to get all their information in detail and faster too. Cultural and environmental factors also affect the travel and tourism industry. In the 1980s saw the emergence in Britain of a greater environmental awareness and a society that was beginning to take its health and fitness seriously. These factors are likely to remain important influences on travel and tourism developments in the future with so-called ‘green issues’ high on the agenda. The political aspect also affects this industry. The security concerns over travel have had a serious impact on the travel and tourism industry. Which are leading to increased business failures in certain situation if the government never invent in this industry. The government must provides all the services to help the industry such as prepare a good road for travel and railway tracks for the rails travel so the travel and tourism industry can easily can safely travel. Then the choice of destination also affects this industry. Most of the customer likes to travel for a famous and enjoyable place. So they must bring out the travel and tourism to a famous popular place, which got a high demand among the people. Then choose of place should be according to the age group. If want to carry on a travel and tourism, must be a place where got a lots of fun and entertainment but if want to carry on for veterans means place should be suitable for them. So they can enjoy the travel with fullest and the affect also will be the positive type. Other than age group category there got other group category also, such as leisure customers, business customers, independent travelers, package holidaymakers. So the travel and tourism must be carrying on according to deferent types customers. Besides that, the rule and regulation also will affect the travel and tourism industry. The travel that¿½¿½s going to carry should be following the all the rules and regulations that the government stated and the particular place stated. So it will never affect the customers of them. For example, if the tourism place stated that cannot brings camera or video inside means they should tell earlier to their customer so they may follow the rules and will not affect the agency also. If not the agency may affected because did not follow the rules and regulation. While the customers¿½¿½ also wont respect to the agency. At the end the customers won¿½¿½t support for the particular industry. The travel and tourism that going to carry on also should be suitable for the season. Because the customers are always like to travel to different destination in a different season. So should carry on the correct travel and tourism event at the correct season. If not it will affect alt the industry. The customer may not will support the agency because they are not giving what they want and they won¿½¿½t satisfy with them at all. At last the food and beverage also will affect the industry, even is not a big issue and important in a travel and tourism industry. The foods that they provide to the customers should be good foods which is not expired or spoiled. If not the customer may get anger with their service and will get disappointment with their service. So if a travel and tourism industry wants to be success means, they should consider all the element of the travel and tourism. And must prepare earlier for everything with full of good service for their customer¿½¿½s satisfaction. Conclusion As the conclusion, we have learnt about the meaning of hospitality and the stages of hospitality industry development from traditional to advanced stage and learnt that hospitality management means how to cater for people in a friendly and cheerful manner to enable the guest appreciate in services. Besides that, we have learnt about the meaning and the importance of housekeeping Department in hotel, motel, guest how we have learn about the interdepartmental co-operations among various departments of the hotel and the importance of hotel industry in our society. Furthermore, we also learnt the meaning and types of non-commercial hospitality management and the type of organization that is available. Lastly we have learnt and understood the meaning of the layout in hospitality industry and the necessary and important factors to consider when plan to establish this industry.

ESL 122 Grossmont College Benefits of Academic Procrastination Research Paper

ESL 122 Grossmont College Benefits of Academic Procrastination Research Paper.

Two Different Research Papers as in the in the PDF attachment below. 6 pages each and the task, in the end, on a different page.
Can procrastination (or delaying working on a task) have benefits for students or employees? What are the advantages of procrastination according to research?

Step #1: Finding sources (in groups)
Step #2: Writing an annotated bibliography (individually)
Step #3: Writing an introductory and one body paragraph (individually)
Step #4: Final draft (individually)
Your paper will be done in the MLA format and style of citations (see the next page for the MLA explanation).
You paper should be organized in the following way:
should tell the reader what your paper is about

introduce the issue and hook the reader
provide the basic definition of the issue
state your research question
provide the concise thesis that answers the research question


There could be many, but he minimum is 3
The paragraph that follows the introduction should provide the background or history of the issue
The next few paragraphs must summarize your findings on the issue (there should be more than one)
Each significant finding should be in a separate paragraph
You should have a paragraph where you summarize the research that refutes or contradicts the major findings. This goes something like this: “While most research agrees that X is a problem, Z and Y says that it is not.” In other words, you MUST address other points of view on this issue.


should summarize what your findings
may provide suggestions for future research
should only be one paragraph long

FORMAT: MLA formatted

Works Cited page should be part of your paper (the bibliography of your sources is the last page that should have a title “Works Cited)
Your paper should be at least 3-4 pages long (not including images or Works Cited page)
Double-spaced, 12 size font (for body

How many outside sources should you include? In your paper, you must have at least (minimum) of 5 credible sources. You may use the two introductory texts by Tim Urban (TedTalk) and Adam Grant (article) as two of your five sources. This means that if you include Urban’s and Grant’s texts, you must find at least 3 more sources. Remember 5 is the minimum, and you can have as many as 10 if you wish to do a more extensive research. You do not have to include Grant’s and Urban’s text, but it’s a good idea.
What kind of sources are acceptable? Because it is a research paper, you will be looking for sources in:
How to find credible sources: You can search for credible sources by:
On the next page, you will learn how to use library database and Google Scholar. You must use these website to look for credible scholarly articles for your research paper. This section explains how the research for this particular article was done.
METHODS: This section explains how the research for this particular article was done.
RESULTS: In the results section, you may typically find a summary of what the researchers collected from the data.
DISCUSSION: This is where the authors of the research paper interpret and analyze the results.
ESL 122 Grossmont College Benefits of Academic Procrastination Research Paper

MBI 111 Miami University Ebola Outbreak in West Africa Descriptive Essay

MBI 111 Miami University Ebola Outbreak in West Africa Descriptive Essay.

Reading: Cowan 20.3:589-590 (Ebola) for backgroundYour assignment is to thoughtfully consider the content of the PBS Frontline video, Outbreak (available on the PBS website (Links to an external site.)), and write a reflection paper as described below.Ebola is one of a fairly large number of Emerging Infectious Diseases found in the world today. The existence of such diseases shows clearly that potentially life-threatening infectious diseases have not been fully controlled even with modern medical, public health, and scientific progress. Previous experiences with Ebola outbreaks dating back to the 1970s showed public health agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) that localized Ebola outbreaks could be contained using a three-prong approach: isolation of Ebola cases, monitoring the contacts of the Ebola cases, and safe burial practices. Outbreak describes the recent Ebola epidemic that occurred in the West African countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, and points to numerous circumstances, problems, mistakes, and instances of governmental/institutional ineptitude which created the conditions which allowed the original localized outbreak to become an epidemic.In your reflection paper:Describe at least FOUR circumstances, problems, mistakes, and/or instances of governmental/institutional ineptitude that were described in the video that helped Ebola to spread from the initial local outbreak and become an epidemic.Discuss the reason(s) WHY these circumstances, problems, mistakes, and/or instances of governmental/institutional ineptitude helped Ebola to spread in light of the previously established effective control measures: isolation of cases, monitoring the contacts of cases, and/or safe burial practices.Discuss your impressions of the abilities of international public health organizations and the governments and health systems of developing countries to respond to infectious disease outbreaks. Be sure to include the potential implications for the health of people worldwide.Assess how this compares to the performance of governments and health systems of DEVELOPED countries during our current COVID-19 pandemic? Your reflection paper should consist of 5 numbered sections. Sections 1-4 should include one each of the circumstances/problems and the corresponding effect it had on spread of Ebola (bullet points 1 and 2). Your 5th section should address your impressions of our ability to respond to infectious disease outbreaks (bullet points 3 and 4)Your paper should be 375-500 words in length, which corresponds to 1½-2 double-spaced pages with 1-inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, and minimal spacing elements. Late assignments will not be accepted or graded. This assignment is worth 10 points.FYI: for a page with 1-inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, and minimal spacing elements, a good rule of thumb is 500 words for a single-spaced page and 250 words for a double-spaced page.
MBI 111 Miami University Ebola Outbreak in West Africa Descriptive Essay

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