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The IT systems in place to support the CCG included databases to store information on the loans, software to keep track of contacts and repayments, analytical software to analyze portfolio information, and IT hardware to host the data. The CCG has two subgroups, a business group and a technology group.

Information is required before Deloitte can decide whether or not to make a bid on the project: -Basic information about Addison Bank and the bank’s Credit Control Group (CCG) -Current system, potential future of this bank Bidding information: Know the bid form, procurement plan, make the acquaintance of competitors. Price bid package, funds, time, type of contract, duration of contract, requirements for bidders

There are so many problems need to make clear. They have to prepare a list of key questions to ask the working committee during the following day’s meeting: -What have you used IT infrastructure? What did you change? -Why do you decide looking for help from a consulting firm for some IT strategy work? The detailed requirements for this project? How do you make this bid? What are standards to approve the bid? -What will we gain any benefits from this project?

The current state of IT infrastructure at CCG: -Limitations in the current technology platform -Using two technology platforms -CCG Information Technology Team (CCG IT) and centrally-located Technology Solutions (TS) were in disagreement on CCG’s IT strategy •The changes being considered: -Stop further investment in the platform -Standardize operations on a single platform Looking for help from third party involvement-the selected vendor develop an IT strategy agreed upon by both parties (CCG IT and TS), develop a recommendation for an optimal technology architecture to support the CCG’s business vision and strategy.

Evaluate project -Addison Bank was less concerned with technical issues, but rather required focus on the business architecture. The chosen vendor would need a solid technical background in addition to strong business strategy experience that could be applied in a technical environment. Deloitte had the expertise that Addison Bank’s CCG looking for. While Deloitte would not normally consider projects under $200,000, the Addison bank’s project budget is CDN $100,000.

But Addison Bank was not a Deloitte customer, the project was expected to be strategically important despite its relatively small size. Deloitte couldn’t meet profit targets given the scale of the project; they believed it was worthwhile to “strategically invest” in the client with the hopes of building a solid relationship for the future. If Deloitte could win this project, it could lead to others. IV. SUMMARISE Based on the analysis above we would make a bid this project if we were Deloitte.

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The risk-benefit calculation for any drug assumes a correct diagnosis of the disorder. Many investigators and clinicians feel the current epidemic of child psychiatric disorders is largely due to inappropriate diagnosis. Evaluate the risk and benefits of using psychoactive drugs in children correctly diagnosed with a disorder versus those incorrectly diagnosed with a disorder. Consider the risks and benefits of not treating (drug treatment) a child because they are not correctly diagnosed with a disorder. In your evaluation summarize the natural course of the disorder, the drug action on the neurotransmitter systems in question, and the likelihood of short-term, long-term, and permanent positive and negative effects of drug treatment. Make sure to take into account the ethical dimension of this risk-benefit calculation.