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Adidas Company history essay help Business Law

I think this company using pull marketing. There are several reasons that I think that this company using pull marketing because for their strategy they use performance as central group value, leveraging opportunities across brand portfolio and extending innovation and design leadership. Why they use pull marketing? They use pull marketing because it very easy for customer or users s to access the services of the internet or the web using their web browsers.

Their main goal is to lead the supporting goods industry with brands built n a passion for supporting lifestyle. In performance and service, they performed efficiently designed to simplicity of access especially while shopping and buying transaction via internet. Adidas will send us a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of orders. Once we have selected our purchases, delivery charges are automatically calculated and displayed on the check out page. Payment includes all major credit cards, Pay Pal or pay check.

Their Customer Services is 24 hours if someone wants to order or to make sure for heir order have been sent by call at this number 1-800-982-9337 Other factor includes personalization; Adidas will request certain personally identifiable information from us on our order form membership and financial information (credit card number, money order or using pay check) for billing purposes and to fill order. Besides, look and feel factor. Based on their homepage, we can glimpse a soccer players or athletic using this shoes to show that their quality, comfort and their stability.

On combination of stylish and striking background, I believe that this will attract customer to get into website swiftly. Consist of teenager’s preferences and taste it could be most sensation and favorable website among modern generation today. Last for the factor is security and reliability factor. Adidas seize customer privacy very seriously. All information collected include card credit number will remain within the company and will not be distributed or sold to any third party.

To ensure customer hopping experience safe, simple and good secure, Adidas uses the standard ‘Secure Shopping Guarantee’ technology. This encrypts and protects the sensitive details like email address and credit card details. To give more privacy to their customers, they use ‘Privacy Policy to make sure that their customer can choose any product they want to buy without any interruption someone. It also ensures customer browser is being sent to the correct and then checks the data being transferred. It’s approved SSG technology make online purchasing secure and pleasurable.

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In this midweek assignment you code and interpret a nearest neighbors algorithm that classifies Iris’s (flower) using the following dataset. This is a common use case for nearest neighbors. You use multiple attributes of the flowers to decide which type of Iris they are. Analyze the data set, and answer the following.
What was the overall accuracy of the model?
What was the accuracy of each type of iris?
Would you classify the model as a good model or not?
To get you started the code is provided in the video of Lesson 1-5 (data set is called from scikit package, sklearn.datasets in the code). The paper needs to be written in APA format and needs to be a minimum of 2 pages. Upload your markdown file as well. Any images that you want to use should be referenced in the appendix.