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Adelphi Agency Mission Statements in Non Profit Sector Literature Review

Adelphi Agency Mission Statements in Non Profit Sector Literature Review.

There is no limit or requirement for the number of the articles that you need to use. It really depends on your topic and the existing literature. If you find 8 very relevant articles and they have enough information for you to write about for your literature review section, that’s fine too.The abstract of this project is attached below. Feel free to find other references, just add citation, must use some the references enclosed also.4-6 pages.Note: Social Workers get into field of human services to help people but as promotions occur and one climbs professional growth ladder, the work becomes secondary and quotas, plus keeping funders happy becomes more important than mission statement. This is what I would like to argue.Please find other references to back up research question.
Adelphi Agency Mission Statements in Non Profit Sector Literature Review

“From Migrant to Acadian: A North American Border People, 1604–1755” by Naomi Griffiths Essay (Book Review)

“From Migrant to Acadian: A North American Border People, 1604–1755” by Naomi Griffiths Essay (Book Review). Naomi Griffiths conducted immense research in the field of Acadian history, and as a result, she documented various publications. “From Migrant to Acadian” is her most recent book documenting her 45-year research, which began when she immigrated to Canada in1956. This started when she met students from the University of London who regarded themselves as Canadian, but was of Acadian descent. It was from them that she learned a bit about the history of Acadians, which then inspired her research (Griffith 15). The book is a continuation of other books previously published and part of its content answers questions raised in other books. Naomi describes the growth of the self-identity of the Acadians from the early times of the arrival of the traders to the period that they experience deportation. The author expresses that a key part of this self-identity was the Acadian desire not only to be consulted when the decision was made but also have a critical part and contribution in the decision making the process. They wanted to be involved in the making of decisions that affected them. Ironically, deportation occurs as a result of the factors that caused the unity and confidence, i.e., the forces that had the relation between the Acadians and the neighboring nations: New England, New France, France, and Britain. Even with the border issues, the Acadians continue to set themselves apart as they developed new cultural, economic, and political norms and traditions which only fostered their desire for self-identity. The book is also related to present issues of local identity and resistance to the phenomenon of globalization that the Acadians expressed. Griffith does not emphasize on the possible effect of the interaction that the Acadians may have had with the British on the former’s traditions. She suggests that the Acadian people may have developed their traditions without the interferences of outside sources excluding some of New England’s colonies (Griffith 128). She explores the developments of the Acadians with the role of the Mikmaq, Malecite, and the Abenaki and their role as the region’s border custodians. She also likens the preservation of identity in various areas such as Wales, Channel Islands and Scotland with Acadia where a central British rule did not impede on local traditions (Griffith 256). The similarity is particularly close between Acadia and Ireland where there was the preservation of religion (Griffith 258). Weaknesses in the British colonial rule encouraged independent thoughts in the state of Massachusetts. Griffith talks about the importance of the role played by the Acadians’ economic activities. She cites that the trade was particularly important especially with the Mikmaq (Griffith 85). This was a factor that was important to their independence. As New England also desired to assert its own independent identity from the rest of Europe; the Acadians struck a friendship with them basing this as a commonality. Indeed, the trade between them became part of the Acadian identity. The trade was deemed illegal, and the Acadians claimed it to be their right (Griffith 61). New England played a significant role in the assertion of the Acadians’ independence besides the aforementioned contribution on trade. New England grew impatient of Britain’s laxity in guiding the formers traders and leaders. Consequently, they turned to the Acadia in an attempt for negotiations; this further heightened the Acadian’s need for independence. They played a significant role in the deportation of the Acadia as they sought to end the Acadians’ demand for independence. New France played a much lesser role in buoying the Acadians’ demand for independence. Theirs was somewhat indirect as it involved tensions that they held with New England and the latter’s fear of New France and the first nations. Due to this, they resolved to take a much deeper interest in Acadia. Furthermore, there was a considerable distance between New France and Acadia. However, we find that Griffith points out that the Acadians were primarily Catholics which were a French influence. Nevertheless, this is not proof enough for their contribution to the Acadians’ desire for independence. As the fur trade died, and the attention went to fishing and agriculture, the ties that Acadia had with the Europeans had died with it. The Acadians thus asserted more and more of the need for their independent recognition. Griffith does not talk about fishing but cites the unifying dike farming that demanded the cooperation of the communities that were practicing farming (Griffith 283). The British and French portrayal of power also increased their desire for independence. The main point that is put forward by Griffith is the Acadian desire for recognition as an independent entity that had a right to own land and is involved in the decision making of matters that affected them. Lacking in the book is the aspect of ethnicity among the Acadians, which was cemented by a myth of origin and tradition. However, the book provides credible insight as to the plight of the Acadians. Griffith concludes by saying that the deportation and the subsequent return of Acadians still have a role to play in their identity. Works Cited Griffiths, Naomi. From Migrant to Acadian: A North American Border People, 1604–1755. Montreal: Que: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2004. Print. “From Migrant to Acadian: A North American Border People, 1604–1755” by Naomi Griffiths Essay (Book Review)

Graph the inequality y ≤ |x+2|. Which point is NOT part of the solution?

assignment writer Graph the inequality y ≤ |x+2|. Which point is NOT part of the solution?.

Graph the inequality y ≤ |x+2|. Which point is NOT part of the solution?a. (–1, 2)b. (0, 0)c. (1, 2)d. (–1, –2)Which ordered pair could you remove from the relation {(–1, 0), (1, 3), (2, 2), (2, 3), (3, 1)} so that it becomes a function?a. (1, 3) or (3, 1)b. (1, 3) or (2, 3)c. (2, 2) or (2, 3)d. (2, 3) or (3, 1)What is the slope for the equation  –  1/2x – y = 3/4?a.1/2b.3/4c.-  3/4d.-  1/2Graph the inequality y ≥ 2 |x – 1| – 2.Which point is part of the solution?a.(3,0)b.(0, –3)c.(–1,0)d.(1, 0)
Graph the inequality y ≤ |x+2|. Which point is NOT part of the solution?

COMM 1103 UBC Email Communication Paper

COMM 1103 UBC Email Communication Paper.

PART 2: Email Assignment (25%) Guidelines1. Read through this entire assignment carefully before beginning.2. Although the case below provides the main information needed, it may containunnecessary information, and the information is not well-organized. Be sure to organize the information effectively and make up additional information if appropriate to help you achieve your purpose.3. Avoid copying phrasing from the case below, from a textbook, or from other samples. Use your own words. The case is written in conversational language that might be inappropriate for a business email.ScenarioYou have worked as an Assistant Manager at a food manufacturing company called Harry’s Meats&Such Inc for the past two years. You work for the founder and president, Harry Phelton, who started this company fifteen years ago and has grown it nationally selling meat products to restaurants and hotels across Canada. Harry’s Meat&Such has over 200 employees, a manufacturing plant, and a Head Office located in Chilliwack, B.C.One Monday morning, Harry calls you into his office. He has some important work and pressing work for you to do.Harry says, “I need you to write an email to all staff on my behalf about the changes to our vacation and benefits plan.”“Okay,” you respond, “when do you want the email sent out?” Harry says “ASAP. I need to review it within the next two and half hours as I need to get on a plane. So here are the major changes: first, I can no longer offer three weeks of paid vacation to all employees, so I am cutting it down to 10 days. Second, our prescription drug plan is changing. When an employee gets a prescription for prescribed medicine from the doctor, the employee has to pay for it first at the pharmacy and then submit their receipts to get reimbursed. In the old program, the whole amount of the prescription drug was covered, and they didn’t have to pay up front. Now, the plan covers only 50 percent of the cost of the medicine.”You say “Oh? So, it will cost more for employees now?”Harry replies “Duh. We are losing money and the cost for these benefits has dramatically increased over the years.” Harry pauses, then goes on to say, “Our Dental Plan is also changing. The amount of coverage has decreased for major dental procedures, like braces and root canals. Minor coverage that involve teeth maintenance, such as cleaning and check ups, drops to 75% from 100%.”You respond, “Staff are not going to be happy about any of these changes. This is going to cost them money.”Harry pauses and responds “I don’t have a choice, I need to cut expenses. The world is changing. This COVID stuff is really messing with our bottom line. It’s this or I will need to start cutting staff, and I don’t want to have to do that. But it’s not just COVID, our staff is aging and becoming more dependent on the benefits program. More people have families and they are also depending more on the benefits program, unlike you who is still young and just graduating from BCIT.” Harry takes a long sip from his coffee and says “Oh, I nearly forgot. I also cut the international travel insurance for staff as I found out they were not really using this benefit. However, I added a new program called the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for all staff.”You respond “What’s that?Harry says, “It is a counselling support hotline for staff members to call when they are facing any emotional, mental, financial, or family issues and they need to talk to someone privately. It is available to staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is confidential and private. It is like having a counsellor who can talk to each staff privately by phone”You say “That’s great news”Harry says “It was a free service offered by the government, to help deal with the effects of COVID. There are no additional costs, but maybe don’t mention that its not costing me money in the email. So then, do you have any questions?” Looking at your notes, you think for a few seconds and say, “no, I will get started right away.” ______________________________________________________________________Harry’s Meat&Such Inc has the following email guidelines for sending out emails to staff members.1) Write in the “YOU” viewpoint2) Use the active voice3) Write in a courteous and professional tone 4) Write in the Direct Approach5) Write grammar error free including spellingINSTRUCTIONSWrite a “Professional” Email in good format (don’t forget the subject line),according to the scenario.When you write your email, do not forget to consider the following:1) Identify core information the reader needs.2) Reorganize the information effectively. What should go first or last?3) Identify your audience, audience’s reaction, and tone.4) Usethedirectapproach.5) Add transitions.6) Proofread and edit your email.7) Review your paper for grammatical errors.8) Write in email format with a concise and informative subject line.You can create new details and relevant information such as email addresses, dates, and phone numbers in your email assignment.
COMM 1103 UBC Email Communication Paper

Political Science homework help

Political Science homework help. Discussion 1Does Social Media enhance or hinder interpersonal relationship?You must post to this discussion on at least four separate days of the week, and your posts must total at least 400 words as you address the questions. Your first post must be completed by Day 3 (Thursday) and the remainder of your posts must be completed by Day 7 (Monday). You must answer all aspects of the prompt at some point during the week. Also, reply to your classmates and instructor. Attempt to take the conversation further by examining their claims or arguments in more depth or responding to the posts that they make to you. Keep the discussion on target, and analyze things in as much detail as you can.The total combined word count for all of your posts for this discussion, counted together, should be at least 400 words. Answer all the questions in the prompt, and read any resources that are required to complete the discussion properly. In order to satisfy the posting requirements for the week, complete your initial post by Day 3 (Thursday) and your other posts by Day 7 (Monday). We recommend that you get into the discussion early and spread out your posts over the course of the week. Reply to your classmates and instructor. Attempt to take the conversation further by examining their claims or arguments in more depth or responding to the posts that they make to you. Keep the discussion on target, and analyze things in as much detail as you can.The topic of this week is deductive reasoning. Accordingly, in this discussion your task is to create a deductively valid argument for your position (the same position that you defended in the Week One discussion).ÿPrepare Iconÿÿÿÿÿ Prepare: To prepare to respond to this prompt, make sure to read carefully over the required portions of Chapter 3 and Chapter 4. View the deLaplante (2013) video What Is a Valid Argument? as well as the other required media for the week. For more guidance about how to construct a valid argument for a controversial position, review the Constructing a Valid Argument video and the document How to Construct a Valid Deductive Argument . Based on the sources, create a deductively valid argument for the position you defended in the Week One discussion.ÿReflect: To make your argument deductively valid, you will need to make sure that there is no possible way that your premises could be true and your conclusion false. Your premises must lead logically to the truth of your conclusion. Make sure that your argument is sound, that is in addition to being valid, make sure that the premises are true as far as you can tell. If your argument is invalid or if it has a false premise, revise it until you get an argument that you can stand behind.ÿÿÿWrite: Identify the components and structure of your argument by presenting your deductively valid argument in standard form, and explain how your conclusion follows from your premises.ÿÿÿÿÿGuided Response: Read the arguments presented by your classmates, and analyze the reasoning that they have presented. In particular, if you believe that their argument is invalid, explain a way in which it would be possible for the premises to be true and the conclusion false. If you believe that their argument has a false premise, explain why a reasonable person might take it to be false. Finally, see if you can help them to improve their argument. How can they alter their premises so that all of them are true? What might they change in order to make their argument valid?Discussion 2YOU CAN CHOOSE ANY ONE THE HAVE A GOOD DEDUCTIVE REASONINGWe have learned this week about deductive reasoning, including what it takes for an argument to be valid. This discussion allows us to get more practice with the concept through making arguments valid. You will see a list of arguments here. These arguments are not presented in standard form, and each is missing a premise that would be necessary to make it valid. Your tasks will be to put the argument into standard form and add the missing premise that would validly link the premises to the conclusion.Prepare: To prepare to respond to this prompt, reread the section from Chapter 2 of our book titled ?Extracting Arguments in Standard form,? all required portions of Chapters 3 and 4, as well as the guidance and required media for this week. Further assistance in the filling missing premises can be gained from watching the video Constructing Valid Arguments.Reflect: Look at the list of argument options below. Choose an argument that has not yet been chosen by any of your classmates. Think through the reasoning and determine what premise is (or premises are) missing that would be needed to make the argument valid. You might also consider challenging yourself by choosing from the more difficult examples in the list (at the bottom).Choose from the following list of argument options.1.ÿÿÿÿÿ Flipper is a dolphin, so Flipper is a mammal.2.ÿÿÿÿÿ Football is dumb because it is a waste of time.3.ÿÿÿÿÿÿ If he loved you he would have shown up on time with flowers. He must not love you.4.ÿÿÿÿÿ All mammals bear live young, so dragons are not mammals.5.ÿÿÿÿÿ Abortion kills a human being, therefore abortion is wrong.6.ÿÿÿÿÿ He broke the record for rushing yards in a game on that last play. Therefore he holds the record.7.ÿÿÿÿÿ He won the election. So he will be the next governor.8.ÿÿÿÿÿ He won?t go to the wedding since he doesn?t like mushy stuff and weddings are mushy.9.ÿÿÿÿÿ I can?t go to the movies with you ? I have a test tomorrow and I have to study.10.ÿÿ Mike loves pickles. Pickles come from cucumbers. Therefore Mike loves cucumbers.11.ÿÿ You shouldn?t go out with that guy. He rides a motorcycle and goes to bars.12.ÿÿ Capital punishment is wrong because it is killing and it doesn?t save anyone?s life.13.ÿÿ You shouldn?t use drugs because they are addictive and can ruin people?s lives.14.ÿÿ To fix your care you will need money. However, to have money you have to have money. It appears that you need to get a job.15.ÿÿ To go to the movie you have to have a ticket.ÿ To buy a ticket you must pay money.ÿ Thus, to go the movie you must pay money.16.ÿÿ If you don?t do your chores then you can?t have any dessert. You really like dessert, so you will certainly do your chores.17.ÿÿ You will get an A if you study hard and always come to class. You came to class every time and studied. You are bound to get an A.18.ÿÿ Julie is allergic to gluten. So she won?t be having any bread.19.ÿÿ Only women can have babies, so women are more important to the survival of the species.20.ÿÿ If I wear that cologne then women will love me. I bought that cologne, so women are going to love me.21.ÿÿ I can?t go to the party because there will be alcohol there, and I am a Mormon.22.ÿÿ You shouldn?t force me to wear a seat belt because that would violate my rights.23.ÿÿ In order to buy a car you will need money. But to have money you need to get a job. But to go to a job you will need to be able to get to work. So you will not be able to buy a car.24.ÿÿ Capital punishment kills a human being. It is wrong to kill a human being except in self-defense. So capital punishment is wrong.25.ÿÿ You shouldn?t tell someone to do something unless you would be willing to do it yourself. You?ve never gone to war. So you shouldn?t vote for others to go to war.26.ÿÿ If you talk to Mike about politics then he will yell at you. If he yells at you then you will be hurt and it will damage your friendship. Therefore, you shouldn?t talk to Mike about politics.27.ÿÿ Either the maid or the butler did it.ÿ For the butler to have done it he would have had to have been at the mansion yesterday.ÿ The butler was away all day yesterday.ÿ So, the maid did it.28.ÿ ÿIf the maid was guilty then she would have had to been at the scene during the crime. However, she was seen a mile away only minutes before the crime, and she has no car. She must be innocent.29.ÿÿ It is always wrong to kill a human being unless it is necessary to save somebody?s life. Abortion kills a human being. So abortion is wrong unless the mother?s life is in danger due to the pregnancy.ÿ30.ÿÿ Government intervention is justified if it is necessary to protect the welfare of the people and does not violate anyone?s constitutional rights.ÿ Therefore, government intervention is justified in this specific case because it is necessary to protect the welfare of the people.Write: In your original post, be sure to include the entire original argument, in standard form, with your own added premise (or premises) in bold. After you have presented the argument, include a description of how the conclusion logically follows from the premises. Include also a reflection on whether it seems that the missing premise(s) is likely to be true (in the context). Would there be any way to fix the argument so that it is valid and has all true premises?Guided Responses: Read the reflections of your classmates and analyze the arguments that they have presented, paying close attention to how the conclusion follows from the premises. In particular, if you believe that their argument is still technically invalid, explain a way in which it would be possible for the premises to be true and the conclusion false. If you think that their argument is valid, then address the question of whether the premises all seem to be true and how it might be improved. If someone presents such a suggestion for your own argument, then respond by attempting to revise the argument so that it is valid and has all true premises.Political Science homework help

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