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Questionnaire Name: Address: Q1 Age Group: 1. 15-20 2. 20-25 3. 25-35 4. 35-50 5. <50 Q2 How many pairs of sports shoes do you buy in a year on an average? A. 1 or none B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 E. > 4 Q3 Which brand of shoes do you prefer to buy? A. NIKE B. ADIDDAS C. OTHER (Specify)…………………………………… Q4 Out of the two brands which is your preferred brand for sporting products (other than shoes)? A. Nike B. Adidas Q5 Which brand products are you better informed about?

A. ADIDAS B. NIKE C. NONE Q6 If you have visited a retail outlet of Nike and Adidas then which brand’s staff was better informed about the products and provided you with a better insight of the products? …………………………………………………………………….. Q7 Which brand’s products are you more up-to date on? A. Nike B. Adidas Q8 How much do you rate the After Sale Service of Nike and Adidas respectively on a scale of 1 to 10: ………………………………………………………………… Q9 which store consistently provides the best values for your money?

A. Nike B. Adidas C. Others……… Q10 which store has the best advertised sales and specials? A. Nike B. Adidas Q13 which store has the best quality merchandise? A. Nike B. Adidas Q14 which store maintains the best everyday price for most merchandise? A. Nike B. Adidas Q15 which store has the most convenient store layout for shopping? A. Nike B. Adidas Q16 Tick the one with which you are agree:- Description| Co. Name1| Co. Name2| | Addidas| Nike|

This store has modern-looking equipment and fixtures. |  |  | Materials associated with this store’s service (such as shopping bags, catalogs, or statements) are visually appealing. |  |  | The store layout at this store makes it easy for customers to move around and find what they need. |  |  | This store provides its services at the time it promises to do so. |  |  | This store has merchandise available when the customers want it. |  |  | This store insists on error-free sales transactions and records.  |  | Employees in this store have the knowledge to answer customers’ questions. |  |  | The behavior of employees in this store creates confidence in customers. |  |  | Customers feel safe in their transactions with this store. |  |  | Employees in this store give prompt service to customers. |  |  | Employees in this store are never too busy to respond to customer’s requests. |  |  | This store gives customers individual attention. |  |  | This store willingly handles returns and exchanges.  |  | When a customer has a problem, this store shows a sincere interest in solving it. |  |  | Employees of this store are able to handle customer complaints directly and immediately. |  |  | This store offers high quality merchandise. |  |  | This store provides plenty of convenient parking for customers. |  |  | This store has operating hours convenient to all their customers. |  |  | This store accepts most major credit or Debit cards. |  |  |

Operational Analysis

Operational Analysis.

The assignment for this module is an extended project. It accounts for 75% of the total module mark, so it should be detailed and contain data, facts and figures. It should be critical and analytical and not merely constrained to the descriptive level – the assignment should be treated as a serious piece of practical research work. You are urged to start work early on selecting your topic and collecting any relevant data.

1. Select an operation with which you are familiar. The operation could be one from a past or current place of work, one you have experienced as a customer or client, or one where you were able to observe process and from which you can collect data.

2. Describe and analyse the operation in detail, outlining the main processes and discuss the inputs, outputs and constraints. You are encouraged to use diagrams and process maps to illustrate your description.

3. Identify at least one aspect of the operation that is either sub-optimal or could be improved. Drawing on theory, critically examine why the aspect you have chosen is sub-optimal/in need of improvement and discuss what could be done to improve it.

4. Produce some recommendations, making sure you consider the system-wide implications.

Important Notes:

– Your assignment must be word processed in a professional report format and should be around 2750 words in length.
– Marks will be allocated on content, evidence of data, an analytical approach and critical insight (see full rubric).
– Please ensure you read extensively for your assignment, in support of your observations of the process. You will be expected to read beyond the textbook in order to develop more insight.
– Make sure that all sources are fully referenced using the Harvard system (surname, date, page number if appropriate in the main body, alphabetical listing of references at the end).

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