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Adam Smith walks into your office and announces that he is officially up to his eyeballs in debt. Specifically, he owes the following to the following people:

Adam Smith walks into your office and announces that he is officially up to his eyeballs in debt. Specifically, he owes the following to the following people:.

Adam Smith walks into your office and announces that he is officially up to his eyeballs in debt. Specifically, he owes the following to the following people:- $57,000 to Citi Bank in unsecured credit card debt- $22,000 to Bank of America in unsecured credit card debt- $5,000 to his neighbor Penelope, as Penelope lent him that amount a few months ago interest-free.- $11,500 to Ford Motor Company on a car loan that he used to buy a Ford Focus two years ago. – $178,000 on his first mortgage to the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA or “Fannie Mae”). The loan is secured by his house at 678 Walnut Street, Winsdor, New Liberty 66666.- $18,750 to Wells Fargo Bank on a home equity line of credit that is also secured by his house- $870 to Home Depot that he borrowed to buy a riding lawn mower two months ago. He bought the lawn mower for $1,200.- $8,400 to his ex-wife, Sandy, in back alimony and child support payments, for which he has been in arrears for a couple of months.- $7,600 in back taxes and penalties that he still owes the IRS from failing to pay his taxes for the last two years.Adam tells you that he owns the following assets:- His house at 678 Walnut Street, Winsdor, New Liberty 66666. He estimates the house’s fair market value as approximately $220,000.- A checking account at Liberty Bank, account number 98765432. Its balance is about $780.- His Ford Focus (referenced above). He estimates the car’s current market value at about $10,000.- Hi riding lawn mower. He estimates that it’s worth about $1,000 now- A Baume and Mercier wristwatch that he received as a gift several years ago. He thinks it’s worth at least $3,000, but he’s not sure exactly how much it’s worth- An Individual Retirement Account with about $18,000 in securities held in it.- He owns a patent on a device that he invested called the “anti-gravity umbrella.” He has no idea how much it’s worth, if anything, as no one has, as of yet, offered to produce and market the product.- Clothing. The only pieces of clothing worth anything of significance are a suit he bought last year for $400 and a nice trench coat he bought 5 months ago for $320.Assume that New Liberty allows a homestead exemption up to $50,000 in equity for a residence of the debtor.Adam tells you that although he works and earns $15,000, right now, he is spending more money than he makes every month, and that’s with making only the minimum payments on his credit cards and home equity loan. He has no interest in trying to negotiate or reorganize his debts. He just wants to get rid of them, to the extent possible.Please prepare an appropriate bankruptcy petition for Adam, along with all of the appropriate schedules.I do have the following please include in your answer this is schedule A/B and the petition they are attached . I need the schedules C/D and E/F dome . Please include all in word draft and not separated into different word. If you need me to copy and paste the Schedule A/B and petition I can
Adam Smith walks into your office and announces that he is officially up to his eyeballs in debt. Specifically, he owes the following to the following people:

“The Wellness Tree”: Philosophy of Health Report

This reading inspires and suggests a different way of looking at one’s health. The author proposes that by regarding oneself as a being of energy, one can enhance one’s well-being over the whole of life. While this approach may present challenges to embracing it right now, it certainly opens up many avenues for thought and action. My philosophy of health has not been clearly articulated in the past. In this, I am probably like many people. I have taken for granted that I will have good health while young, and probably experience health problems when older. I have also taken for granted that medicine will help me to some extent as my health issues multiply. This attitude probably arises from seeing relatives and family friends showing different degrees of health and robustness in different decades of life. Siblings are just as vigorous and healthy as I am. Uncles and aunts are healthy, but take fewer risks with their bodies. Grandparents’ health concerns may interfere with their productivity and enjoyment of life. Great-grandparents are more frail or dead of the diseases of old age. For a child, this is just the way the world is, and few children question it. This, nonetheless, was my first introduction to the idea that health was not unvarying, and was, thus my first, immature philosophy of health. As I have grown older myself, I have also watched as my relations and neighbors showed signs of aging. They show decreased vigor and increasingly complain of health concerns. This recognition of changes in people over time has occurred only since adolescence. Before then, such changes were simply not noticeable to me, partly because I was less aware of my growth and development. Adolescence showed me that I was a creature that passes through phases and stages of life. This realization made it easier to notice the stages of life and health that others experience as well. I now notice aging very clearly everyone that I interact with over time. For example, an uncle who played football with his nephews in his 20s safeguards his knees in his 40s. The grandparent or great-uncle who once chased me as a toddler is now glad to sit down. The beloved great-grandparent who once participated in all family events needs help with daily chores. I have assumed, I think, that this decreasing mobility and freedom of action would happen to me as well, without having thought about it very carefully or specifically. This was my more recent philosophy of health – still very unsophisticated, but with the addition of a perspective of time. I certainly did not delve into the three aspects of health as described in this course. My family cared for my physical health and warned me away from risky behaviors. My mind was to be improved with as much education as I could manage financially and intellectually. Spirit was taken care of by my attending to religious obligations to the degree demanded by my family and community. This was the extent of explicit attention paid to what I now learn are three aspects of health This is very much like what the author of the reading describes. We take for granted that we will live a certain number of years, then experience a disease that disables and kills us, or, if we are ‘lucky’, kills us so fast that we are not aware of having had a disease (O’Brien and Jaidev 14). I have certainly inferred this from the experience in my family and community. Many people, myself included, also tend to focus on physical well being without reference to spiritual and mental well being. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The particular reading promises a great deal but offers little practical guidance on behaving like an energy being. However, this segment suggests a novel way to consider the human life cycle. The reading inspires me to aim for being the best I can be at each age. This requires being more in charge of the way that I feel. My goal for this course is to take better charge of my health. This will have to begin with awareness. I need to be conscious of my health more of the time. I know that smoking and obesity are two major health factors, and I can control both, to some extent at least. I can change the way that I eat, exercise, sleep, monitor screen time, and allow time for mental rest and recuperation. I can do this myself, without medical intervention. My intellectual life is very fulfilling right now. It is also all-consuming. However, I now realize that a dull or otherwise awful job could negatively affect my health. This should shape my job hunt. My spiritual health is the area where I have the fewest specific ideas. I think that if I remain aware that my spiritual health is important, I will be on the lookout for ways to optimize it. The religious practices of my family may be comforting, and I will try to reconnect with them to see whether they build me up, or have no impact. Meanwhile, I will be listening and trying to observe what works for the people around me whom I admire. The assigned reading is a reminder that we are more than skin and bones, organs, and blood, that will inevitably malfunction. We have the potential to be healthier and more productive at each stage of life, according to the authors (O’Brien and Jaidev 16). This is an empowering notion. If I can manage even a few goals – eliminating some sources of health stress and adding positive behaviors, I will have taken good advantage of this course. Works Cited O’Brien, Justin and Swami Jaidev. The Wellness Tree. St. Paul: Yes International, 2000. Print. We will write a custom Report on “The Wellness Tree”: Philosophy of Health specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More

BFIN 241 Kwantlen Polytechnic University SunOpta Inc Business Report Discussion

cheap assignment writing service BFIN 241 Kwantlen Polytechnic University SunOpta Inc Business Report Discussion.

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Briefly describe the company’s activities, industry and operations, history/background,
head office and executive information
2. Include a qualitative analysis of the company’s past, current and expected strengths and
weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis), focusing particularly on financial
aspects. (This is not a general or marketing SWOT; the focus should be on the financial
SWOTs as revealed through your financial statement and stock market analysis.)
Remember, Strengths and Weaknesses are internal, Opportunities and Threats are
SWOTS need to be clear, concise and relevant. For example, over the years we have
seen the words “interest rates” as an example of a SWOT (in all 4 categories). A more
reasonable comment would be, for example, under opportunities, “current low borrowing
rates may provide opportunity to use greater financial leverage for investment in capital
assets”.BFIN 241- Group Project Outline
BFIN241 – Finance for Managers
3. In your analysis you must include information on at least 2 current events relating to your
company. For example, a current event may be a change in the company’s markets, a
dividend announcement, a stock split, or a change of management or board etc. Explain
how these events have impacted or may impact corporate performance and share price.
Ensure these current events are appropriately referenced, and include the original article
(newspaper clipping or internet printout) as an Exhibit or Appendix, or with an appropriate
BFIN 241 Kwantlen Polytechnic University SunOpta Inc Business Report Discussion

Discuss the core premises and underpinnings of white nationalism in the United States. What is their beliefs. How and

Discuss the core premises and underpinnings of white nationalism in the United States. What is their beliefs. How and why people join these activates. Within this broad discussion prompt, you may keep your review as narrow or expansive as you prefer. Please use all 4 listed recourses. And include introduction, conclusion and thesis statement. Film: Inside the KKK: Readings: Byrne On the Origins of White Nationalism White Sexual Politics What We Stand For – American Nazi Party

ASCI 309 Embry Riddle Aeronautical Cessna 172 Weight & Balance Presentation

ASCI 309 Embry Riddle Aeronautical Cessna 172 Weight & Balance Presentation.

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Welcome back to the last part of your Independent project. In this module, you will research and apply knowledge about the stability and control of your selected aircraft, before finalizing your work with a concluding presentation. You will submit the entire presentation as a whole finished production.  Keep in mind, this is supposed to be an “Instructional Presentation.” So you are telling someone else about the characteristics of your chosen aircraft as if they have never heard of that aircraft before. Again, if you have any questions about the project, please feel free to review the Independent Project Introduction in Module 2. your selected project aircraft, create an instructional presentation that details the weight and balance of your selected aircraft.  
From the provided resources, find and diagram the allowable center of gravity (CG) range for your aircraft and explain how passenger and/or fuel loading would affect the CG. 
Then, compile your entire aircraft documentation into a presentation format, utilizing a presentation tool of your choice The goal of the presentation is to inform a new owner/operator of your selected aircraft about the specific performance characteristics that you analyzed throughout this project. So, make sure to properly instruct your audience on how the provided data is applicable to the intended flight operations. Once completed, upload your presentation in the designated area. Then, each student individually reviews at least two of the other teams’ presentations and provides commenting and reflection.
Again, the emphasis in this project task is on explaining your methodology as if you attempted to instruct someone unfamiliar with the aerodynamic details and relationships. Therefore, make sure to detail all assumptions, all formulas used, and all steps that were taken.
ASCI 309 Embry Riddle Aeronautical Cessna 172 Weight & Balance Presentation