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ADA Code of ethics

The paper will include 2-3 pages of content, a title page and reference page, for a paper that is 4- to 5-pages in total length. The paper should consist of an introduction, body (points below), and a conclusion. Identify your profession, and a professional code of ethics for your profession. Summarize at least three main points of the code, and how they apply to your career. Explain the benefits of a code of ethics with two specific examples Discusses how the chosen code of ethics can guide logical decision-making and provides two specific examples. Demonstrate how the code of ethics can be applied to a specific ethical issue that could arise in your profession. Demonstrate consistency of your clearly established viewpoint throughout the paper with a clear logical flow as you apply ethical reasoning. Make sure your writing is original and insightful. Two in-text citations and references used as support for ideas presented (one must be the code of ethics).

Perspectives on intercultural listening and General semantics & intercultural comm.

Perspectives on intercultural listening and General semantics & intercultural comm..

After each reading, write a blog that: i) Briefly discusses what resonated with you or what you found interesting/intriguing from EACH reading [5 – 8 sentences]. (ii) Asks a question related to the reading, which show depth of thought and require critical-thinking by you and your peers.

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ADA Code of ethics Hi y’all
My assignment is easy and it is about Aerodynamics Interest. 300 words APA 7th
The Aerodynamic Interests assignment is your opportunity to share a topic in aerodynamics in which you are currently interested. In order to receive full credit on the assignment, you must include 1) your name, 2) your topic of interest and 3) the reason(s) why it interests you.

Emotional Intelligence is key to leadership success

Emotional Intelligence is key to leadership success.

 Thesis: emotional intelligence is key to leadership success. -A minimum of 7-10 pages in length Excluding the cover sheet and bibliography pages -Must include a title page, an outline, and a bibliography Written in APA format -Have at least four peer-reviewed or high-quality sources, which should be sources not covered in the course (i.e., not the textbook). -Search for published, preferably peer-reviewed articles. Citations from blog postings, Wikipedia, or similar other low quality sources are not acceptable. -Well-formatted double-spaced typed using Courier New font (12 point) one-inch margins

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positive thinking — business of motivation

positive thinking — business of motivation.

REMEMBER following the RUBRIC and materials that I provide to write the essay. For the link which is not in course that I need to provide, I have already chosen one. here is the link that I chosen: (I need full two pages, not one and half)

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Humanity from outer space”

Humanity from outer space”.

Watch “Humanity from outer space” and write an essay on how it effects business. in the essay you should address the following. please write about what you see as the benefits of being a global marketplace and the drawbacks. 1, How technology shapes our lives 2. What happens to emerging markets when they cannot keep up 3. How political and economic societies impact the citizens working under their system 4. What do you think the future will hold for the world and in particular the united states. 5. Also can be personal opinion or cited.

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Paper details:

SERVICE ENCOUNTER INSTRUCTIONS The purpose of this assignment is for you to assess critical aspects of service from the perspective of the customer with an eye toward improving service delivery and service support systems. The hope is that by the end of the term you will recognize and classify service behaviors, explain the potential impacts these behaviors have on customer perceptions, and be able to prescribe remedial steps to improve customer service performance and eliminate processes that lead to poor performance. A total of 4 service encounters are required for the term. You are to use the reporting format detailed below. Be sure to be thorough in your responses to the requested information. Each report will detail 1 service encounter; however, each encounter may include contact with multiple individuals and different dates, especially in the case of any service recovery efforts. Only encounters from the current term will be accepted. Select from a variety of service providers and industries (e.g., do not evaluate only restaurants). Some examples include retail, restaurant, sport and entertainment events, automotive services, airlines, event planners, insurance providers, attorneys, campus services, hair stylists, nail salons, and customer service call centers. Review 1 sport property during the term if possible. It is highly recommended you perform your write-ups as soon as possible after each encounter. Do not try to write from extended memory. It is preferable that a mixture of experiences be documented (i.e., both “good” and “bad” customer service encounters). REQUIRED SERVICE ENCOUNTER CONTENT Provide the following information to document your service encounter. 1. Service provider information: Note the name of the service provider; the industry category of the service provider (e.g., fast food, specialty retail, etc.); and the date, time, and location of the encounter. If the encounter was web-based, be sure to note the provider’s URL and service methodology (e.g., live chat, email, etc.). If the encounter was phone-based, be sure to note which department(s) you interacted with. 2. What were the circumstances that led to this encounter? (e.g., to meet an emergency need, socializing, impulse decision, etc.)? Why did you choose this particular service provider? 3. Describe your interaction(s) and experience(s) with the provider’s employees. For example, were you greeted upon entering the location? Did an employee offer you assistance? Describe the employee’s competence in meeting your needs. If they did not know the answer to a question, did they offer to find out the answer from someone else? Share other pertinent information including any service recovery efforts. 4. Provide an evaluation of the provider’s servicescape and its processes (e.g., was there too much clutter, do you think there is a better and/or faster way the organization could serve its customers, etc.). Comment on the provider’s web-based servicescape too as applicable (e.g., describe how easy was it to navigate and purchase tickets online for the event you attended). 5. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being “Extremely Dissatisfied” and 5 being “Extremely Satisfied,” how would you rate your level of satisfaction with this encounter? 6. If you were dissatisfied or neutral with your experience (i.e., you rated your experience a 1, 2, or 3), what could the employee(s)/service provider have done to make you more satisfied with your encounter? 7. How likely are you to return to this service provider? Why or why not? Would you recommend this provider to a friend/social acquaintance? Why or why not? 8. What is the key managerial takeaway from your experience? Regardless of the industry category of your encounter, how can the takeaway be applied to guest services within the sport industry?

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Case Analysis

Please find the instructions, case description and 8 questions that need to be answered related to the case given attached. if you need any clarification or help please let me know. Answers need to be in full sentences and last question cannot be more than 5-6 sentences.