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AD 642 East Los Angeles College Proper Communication Structure Worksheet

AD 642 East Los Angeles College Proper Communication Structure Worksheet.

Individual Assignment 2 Draft (ungraded, for review)The Columbia Gas of Massachusetts case (see the fiel)- Your assignment is to identify 2 to 4 issues and provide a draft of solutions and the pros and cons of each. This draft is ungraded. Your facilitator/instructor/grader will let you know if you are on the right track for a good Case Study Report based on this draft, which can be in basic bulleted form. In fact, here is a template you can use to facilitate getting your ideas together and we suggest you use this to submit your draft: (see the fiel) (see the file) for a sample assignment (from the case used in the past in this course) to help you understand the structure. IMPORTANT NOTE: the student in this example included a “solution ranking matrix”. This is a nice tool to be familiar with but it is not required for the assignment. Feel free to include one for ‘extra consideration’ but it is not required.IMPORTANT: the file above is, as it says, only meant to help you with structure. IT IS NOT MEANT AS A SOURCE OF TEXT for your document. Blackboard is enabled with applications that sense copied text and if detected, not only is your ability to earn points going to be severely restricted, there is significant disciplinary action possible for this activity.See the Grading Guidance in the Individual Assignment 2 Final section below.
AD 642 East Los Angeles College Proper Communication Structure Worksheet

cis205 human computer interaction. I need support with this Computer Science question so I can learn better.

Working as Part of A design Team

Read Building a Cohesive Design Team
Watch JPlay Video
WatchPlay Video

Skills of Great Teams

Watch Qualities of an Effective Team Member
Read Being an Effective Team Member
Read 5 Basic Elements of Cooperative Learning

Working with a Client

Read Designing With Your Client
Watch How to Pitch Ideas to a Client | Graphic Design
Read Be a Good Designer, Be a Good Client
Watch Client Relations For Graphic Design

Read How To Tell The User’s Story. Then write user story for the clients for the project you are working on. Then expand it into a user scenario
cis205 human computer interaction

Table of Contents Background Information Yakima Residents Emerging Role of Computerization IT Security and Patient Privacy Conclusion Reference List Background Information The Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center is a 214-bed facility that is found in Central Washington in the USA. The hospital provides a full complement of healthcare services to the residents of Yakima region. It is mainly known for its open-heart surgery, comprehensive robotics, advanced imaging, and neurosurgery services to the inpatients rehabilitation (Rau, 2012). The hospital is a Level I Cardiac and Level II Stroke center with inclusion of Level III trauma designations. It also undertakes pediatric and maternity services among others (Rau, 2012). The staff capacity is above 700 comprising both full and part-time employees. Yakima Residents The people of Yakima County in the USA have been the target of the Yakima Regional Medical Cardiac Center. The facility focuses on alleviating health-related issues including lifestyle diseases such as obesity and cardiac problems. Data provided by the Washington State Department of Health indicates that about 30 percent of the population living in Yakima is said to have lifestyle-related problems. Approximately 22 percent of the residents are below the poverty level (Mokadam et al., 2011). Lifestyle diseases have been noted in both adults and children in the region. For example, obesity has been a major health problem in this region, especially amongst children. In fact, the Washington Department of Health (2011) reveals that 30 and 35 percent children who fall in the eighth and tenth graders are overweight and obese respectively. Other health facilities that offer services in conjunction with the Yakima Medical Regional Medical and Cardiac center include the Yakima Health District (YHD) among others. These health facilities are striving to provide medical services together with community-based education on healthcare with a view of promoting the prevention of diseases rather than treatment (Washington State Department of Health, 2011). Emerging Role of Computerization Technology in the current healthcare programs has laid emphasis on medical information systems to ensure that doctors and nurses are successfully supported to provide quality services whilst reducing expenditures and improving the health statuses of patients. In the case of the Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center, the management has introduced computerized medical systems that are supported by the cloud computing technology (Wan et al., 2013). The healthcare services are currently performed using programmed equipment such as telemedicine, electronic medical records, medical imaging, and automated patient management. The systems offer an array of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to the stakeholders during activities such as registration, billing, scheduling, and reimbursement of various payments (Wan et al., 2013). This state of affairs has been deemed to provide cost-effective and efficient healthcare services to the Yakima residents (Rostrom

Answer the following IN YOUR OWN WORDS. 175 words each. It will be ran thru a plagiarism checker, thanks

Answer the following IN YOUR OWN WORDS. 175 words each. It will be ran thru a plagiarism checker, thanks. I’m working on a Management exercise and need support.

Answer the following IN YOUR OWN WORDS. 175 words each. It will be ran thru a plagiarism checker, thanks
1.Discuss risks and biases for a chosen organization. How can they taint analysis?
2.How could you minimize resistance to the use of analytics-based decision making?
3.Within an environment where change is needed, what obstacles make changes difficult to implement?
Answer the following IN YOUR OWN WORDS. 175 words each. It will be ran thru a plagiarism checker, thanks

Languages homework help

essay writer Languages homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the readings of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening book assignment. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:,Readings of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening book assignment,Based on your close reading of either, Kate Chopin,’s The Awakening or Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth,Develop an argument that analyses a particular aspect of either of these novels.,Choose one of the following questions to guide your essay:, What does the novel say about the way others see the protagonist (Edna or Lily) versus the way she sees herself? What is the significance of this perceived split between the outer self and the inner self?,How does the novel comment on gender relations in the United States during the nineteenth century?,How does the novel grapple with (pick one) social class/wealth/marriage/appearances/respect and reputation/morality?, Examine your chosen theme as it is conveyed by the plot, the characters’ actions and words, setting, and symbolism. Find a number of key quotations that deal with the theme (for example, gender relations). Analyze their language and then proceed to your thesis and composition of the essay.,The task in this paper is to show how the language used in the novel reveals something important about your chosen theme. Remember that unlike most argumentative or informative texts, such as newspaper articles, literary texts often rely on their composition. Also, use of language to create and communicate meaning as well as create impressions (both sensual and intellectual) for their respective audiences.,Please choose one of the questions listed above to construct an effective thesis. Remember your thesis should make an argument about your chosen topic. For example, it’s not enough to give examples of morality in the novel. You have to argue that the novel suggests something specific about this theme and support your argument with specific textual evidence.,.Languages homework help

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Write a scintillating, well-written essay of 6 pages in response. You must narrow the scope of your thesis and argument to fit the page limit. Please follow the guideline for quotation.Your essay should feature the following:

a clearly-stated thesis statement early in the essay which articulates your argument. This statement should do more than just announce the topic of the paper, and it should avoid the”similarities and differences” formula. Underline your thesis statement.

Writing prompt :
At first glance, Sir Toby Belch from Twelfth Night and Sir John Falstaff from I Henry IV andHenry V are remarkably similar characters–both are fallen knights, both enjoy copious drink and hearty merriment, both are ringleaders of a small community of fellow revelers, both have vexed relationships with figures of authority. Compare and contrast these figures, focusing on ONE element or quality that you find particularly important, revealing, or significant. Develop a thesis about how and why Shakespeare revises this popular character type across the two plays. Pay some attention to the question “so what?” as you are developing your analysis: why is the element or quality you’ve analyzed important to our understanding of these characters and the plays in which they appear?
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Starlight Computer Solutions Ltd Business Plan Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Business Description Mission Statement Business Goals Operational Strategies SWOT Analysis Conclusion References Introduction A business plan refers to a formal presentation of business goals, how the business intends to achieve the goals, and the reasons for choosing those goals (Bangs, 2002). A business plan also includes a description of what the business does, the markets served, as well as the features that make it standout from their competitors. A business plan can apply to a start up business or an existing business that intends to expand its operations, introduce a new product into the market, or rebrand (Bangs, 2002). A business plan focuses on either internal or external elements of a business. External business elements include customers and investors who associate with a business. Internally focused business plans target transitional goals that help in reaching external goals (Bangs, 2002). This essay will provide a business plan for a computer business that I am starting up. The business plan will include a statement of the business vision, goals, operational strategies, as well as an internally and externally focused SWOT analysis. The name of the business I am starting up is Starlight Computer Solutions Ltd. Business Description Starlight Computer Solutions Ltd will focus on offering cloud computing services and solutions to its various clients. Our client base will include businesses and individuals. The business will operate from the capital city, with a start-up workforce of twenty employees. We will set up an office in the central business district, where we intend to draw most of our clients. The start-up capital will be $1.5 million, which will cater for salaries within the first few months of operation, getting an office, acquiring the necessary resources and assets, obtaining essential documents and licenses, as well as marketing the business (Bangs, 2002). Starlight computer services will offer various types of cloud computing services to various clients in line with their preferences and our corporate values. The services we will offer to our clients are social networking, e-mail, online offices, backup services, as well as banking and financial services (Miller, 2008). Provision of these services will require strict adherence to our corporate culture and organizational structure. The corporate values for my business include professionalism, teamwork, integrity, honesty, responsibility, and customer prioritization (Miller, 2008). The organizational structure of Starlight Computer Solutions will have three levels comprising of a business director, business managers, and employees. The business intends to achieve good revenue margins by focusing on our strengths, identifying our weaknesses, exploiting available opportunities, and addressing all the threats to our business. Mission Statement To provide the business community and entrepreneurs in my country with quality cloud computing services, technical support, and unequaled customer service in a professional manner that meet their immediate and future needs, while observing the business practice code of ethics. Business Goals Starlight Computer Solutions developed a set of goals that it hopes to achieve within the next two to three years covered by this plan. The first goal is to build a reputable customer base within the first year of operation (Abrams, 2003). The second goal is to maximize on revenue margins and reduce on operational cost within the first year of operation. The third goal is to nurture a culture of professionalism and ethical behavior in the workforce as part of my business culture within the first six months of operation. The fourth goal is to develop a reliable and professional communication strategy with all clients within the first year of operation (Abrams, 2003). The fifth goal is to earn the trust and support of all employees within the first six months of doing business. The sixth and final goal I want to achieve with this business plan is to retain and attract as many clients as possible within the second and third years of operation. Operational Strategies Key to the success of a cloud computing service business is effectively and professionally designed operational strategies (Waters, 2006). The strategies the business will apply in implementing various business activities will determine how well it can meet the needs of its customers and longevity of the business amid numerous competitors. The first strategy is to build and maintain deliberate alliances with various business partners in the field of computer and technology services (Waters, 2006). This is essential when planning to diversify operations and services, as the business will be aware of what their competitors and partners are doing. This will help in avoiding duplication of efforts by others as well as market analysis for better performance. The second strategy is designing a marketing strategy that focuses on the needs of the target market, as well as the customer needs (Waters, 2006). For the business to succeed, it has to meet all the needs provided by the market, and at the same time focusing on clients who are core to business success. The third operational strategy for the business is developing a management approach that applies a scorecard in assessing commitment towards business objectives. The scorecard applies in assessing the progress of growth by comparing set goals with their recurrent results (Waters, 2006). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Another strategy is emphasis on service and support provision (Waters, 2006). The business intends to achieve this through networking, employee training, and encouraging all employees to develop intimate business relationships with as many clients as possible. Value and quality is another strategy for the business, as clients will always look out for products that excite them and meet their needs at the same time. Our sales strategy will be to sell Starlight Computer Solutions as a market leader and friend in cloud computing. This will require a positive attitude, innovation, as well as an orientation towards our clients, activities, and revenue targets (Waters, 2006). Another strategy is professionalism in the manner in which all activities apply. This will include customer relations, employee relations, and commitment to the corporate culture of the business. SWOT Analysis This is a planning approach applied in evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats involved in a business (Richter, 2009). The main advantage of SWOT analysis is that it provides information that helps in developing strategic plans for the actualization of an objective (Richter, 2009). Information applied in SWOT analysis falls under internal factors and external factors. Internal factors entail strengths and weaknesses within a business, while external factors entail opportunities and threats external to a business. Starlight Computer Solutions will have numerous strengths and weaknesses from its internal environment, as well as opportunities and threats from the outside environment. The strength of the business lies in the organizational structure and operational strategies. The organizational structure of the business provides an inclusive environment that will allow everyone to participate in all activities of the business (Richter, 2009). Key business decisions will involve everyone, thus keeping motivation and morale to work high. The weaknesses of the business lie in the inexperienced workforce and limited resources. Providing computer services to businesses and entrepreneurs requires an experienced workforce that can easily identify customer needs, and the best applicable solutions to the problems. For a start-up business, limited resources are always a challenge that limits the ability to meet all the set goals in an objective and timely manner (Richter, 2009). However, the external environment provides opportunities for the business to counter any challenges. One of the opportunities for the business is a chance to diversify the services they offer their clients to include information system management and information technology training. Apart from the challenge of cloud computing, some clients can have other technology related challenges that my business can diversify into and expand its operations. The possible threats for the business are high employee turn over due to attractive job packages offered by businesses with adequate resources and employee training programs. Employee satisfaction is essential to success in a business, and employees will look for an employer who can meet all their needs (Richter, 2009). Another threat is an over flooded market of cloud computing service providers. Many people have embraced technology, thus a high possibility of numerous companies offering the same service. Conclusion A business plan is an important part of creating a business. It provides the roadmap for identifying the essential resources, the kind of workforce needed, market needs for the intended business products, as well as the appropriate operational strategies. A business plan also identifies the goals of a business and effective strategies for actualizing the goals. A business without a plan set its self up for failure. Good operational strategies compliment a professionally developed business plan, thus the need to apply effective and economical ones. References Abrams, R. (2003). The Successful Business Plan: Secrets

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