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(Delmi Castro) This case is about Max, who is the CEO of Salary Advance United. This company lends advances to consumers and charges a percent per advance. A key issue can be the ethics behind moving the base company Native American reservations because the future of the business is in jeopardy. State regulations would be avoided if this solution would take place. The Native Americans deserves respect and have been used for decades and should be left alone. Taking advantages of their situation is morally wrong. I think basing the base business on a Native American reservation is unethical. The population on these lands are usually poor and basing a business of these lands that are governed by the tribal nation is unethically wrong. If this were to happen, it would make the people who are lending even poorer. This will not help grow the economy but make them rely on money that is lent and pay a fee.
There are many factors that are contributing to the company losing business. The reason this type of business is being jeopardized is because of the high interest rates that are being charged. They had to produce a solution to keep the business afloat. Their mission is to help people that are in need. They are violating their own mission and are looking out for the benefit of the company. I would advise Max to focus on the pros and cons of lending money ahead of time and to find other services like free money orders, selling stamps in the loc to create more income.
My evaluation is that every business needs to make a profit. The amount being charged is minimal compared to the amount that is being lent. Would you go to a convenient store and ask the cashier to charge you what the company paid for the item? You will pay for what the item is being sold for. This is applied to any business that offers cash advance. In order to make a profit it is to charge the consumer a certain percentage.
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