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Achebe’s Views on Racism Essay

Chinua Achebe, a great African novelist, gave a detailed review of the work done by Joseph Conrad titled ‘Heart of Darkness’. This book gave an encounter of Conrad in Africa, especially parts of Congo and other regions of West Africa. The book gives an account of how Africa, as a continent and Africans, as the inhabitants of this continent, are yet to come to the civilization reality. This book, just as the title suggests, portrays Africa in a very bad taste. It paints Africa as the heart of darkness. Just as their skins are, so are their deeds and their culture in general (Conrad 31). The book, well written with a good sense of humor and a deep understanding of stylistic devices, brings out Africans as people who are not only dark in their skin but also from their heart, as is reflected in their acts and their culture in general. Achebe says, “I am talking about a book, which parades in the most vulgar fashion prejudices, and insults from which a section of humankind has suffered untold agonies and atrocities in the past and continues to do so in many ways and many places today” (Achebe 4). Achebe appreciates the fact that when Conrad visited Africa, Africans were not as advanced in technology as was the western world. Africa was considered uncultured according to western standards, and whites had low opinion about them. He notes in this review, “It was certainly not his fault that he lived his life at a time when the reputation of the black man was at a particularly low level” (Achebe 5). He appreciates the fact that writings of Conrad might have been overshadowed by the then view of whites towards blacks. When they went to Africa, the whites found Africans a little too awkward in culture and the fact that they managed to manipulate them in their own continent was a proof enough that their way of life was far below that of whites. This is what is reflected in this book, ‘The Heart of Darkness’. Achebe laments that the image painted by this novelist is still held by many people in the western countries, especially in the United States of America. This review was done this same time. Racism was real and Africans were treated as second-class citizens in this land. He recalls a discussion he had with a certain white man, a mature student in the college he was teaching. “What did I teach? Now that was funny, he said” (Achebe 1). Why would it be funny to teach African literature? Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This was something that troubled Achebe so much. At the same institution, there were lecturers teaching American literature, Asian literature, literature of Greeks, and many other cultures across the world. However, it was funny teaching African literature because it was literature of the darks, dark from the heart, darkness that was so dark. Actually, it was the dark culture of the dark Africans. This student developed interest to pursue this unit taught by Achebe not because he thought it would affect his life positively but because it was talking about a dark culture of the dark people with a dark heart, and above all, taught by a dark man. Achebe was not amused. He notes that every society had its own culture. Therefore, trying to measure the level of advancement of one culture against that of another would be unfair. He also notes the bias in reporting. Early western researchers had prejudices against African culture. He notes, “Travelers with closed minds can tell us little except about themselves” (Achebe 5). He goes ahead to note that China had developments that would be considered in western standards as more advanced than as compared to those in some European nations. He notes, “The Great Wall of China is the only structure built by man that is visible from the moon. Indeed, travelers can be blind” (Achebe 6). Travelers who visited China were blind enough not to have seen this building but were keen though to have noticed the culture of the Chinese, which in the western scale of measurement was backward. Achebe feels that Africa, just like any other region in the world, Africa should be treated like any other western nation. This is because people in Africa are also cultured. He feels that this book is too racist and is misplaced in the current society. “I am talking about a story in which the very humanity of black people is called in question” (Achebe 8). This statement brings out his resentment not only to the content of this book, but also to the general western society. The United States of America is the only country in the world with representation of people from every corner of the world. It has people from different regions, with different cultures that sharply contrast. In addition, the country has experienced the highest level of discrimination because of integration. We will write a custom Essay on Achebe’s Views on Racism specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More He blames Conrad and other racist authors for contaminating the minds of others with negative information about Africa. “But even those not blinkered, like Conrad with xenophobia… Unfortunately, his heart of darkness plagues us still” (Achebe 9). He feels that there are those who would have different perceptions about Africa and its people if only they were given the opportunity to think independently. However, because others such as Conrad have already people negative perception about Africa and its populace, it becomes very difficult to change this. He observes that, “it was and is the dominant image of Africa in the Western imagination and Conrad merely brought the peculiar gifts of his own mind to bear on it” (Achebe 11) Africa, just like Europe, America, Asia, or any other continent in the world, has people with a culture they value for reasons known best to them. Some of their culture, such as female circumcision, could be as retrogressive as human practiced in some parts of Europe and Asia. Furthermore, FGM could be likened to hosexuality, which is so rampant in many western countries today. Achebe wonders why Africans are perceived to be strange. This is a matter of concern to Achebe. Africans are not criticizing these unnatural acts practiced in the west. Achebe wonders why should they criticize African culture. In Africa, homosexuality is not allowed in many parts. However, Africans have not stood out to hate whites because of that. Africans tolerate this behavior because they understand that not all people are the same. It can be observed that Achebe is not against whites but he is against racism practiced by some members of society in western world such as Conrad. He notes that skin culture should not be used to differentiate society because every person is equal and has a right to exercise his or her fundamental rights. Indeed, the US has incorporated laws that punish offenders s regards to racism. The First Amendment to the US constitution empowers all races. It gives people various fundamental rights and freedoms. For instance, each race has a right to participate in political processes. This means that any person can stand for any position as long as he or she qualifies. Furthermore, any individual in society has the right to vote for a preferred candidate. Works Cited Achebe, Chinua. Things fall apart. New York: Heinemann, 1996. Print. Not sure if you can write a paper on Achebe’s Views on Racism by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Joseph. Heart of Darkness. New York: Forgotten Books, 2008. Print.
Georgia College & State University Home Based Business Owners Paper.

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Bob and Carol are married. Bob is self employed as a CPA. Bob collected 80,000 in fees from clients. He paid utility bills of 3000 and spent 2500 on advertising. He also took some clients to dinner. The total costs of the dinners was 800. He also subscribed to several magazines that focused on tax accounting. The costs of the subscriptions totaled 200. He bought several new suits for 1500 that he often wears when he works. He bought his new office building for 80,000 in Feb 2000 (remember to depreciate the building). During the current year, the only new equipment he bought was a new computer for 10,000 in Feb and a nice new desk for 4000 in Jan. Bob elects not to use Section 179 but he wants to use Bonus (100%) depreciation. During the year, Bob has sent in 2000 as estimated payments for his current federal tax liability and 1000 estimated GA income taxes. Bob purchased the medical insurance policy for his family at a cost of 3000. complete Bob’s taxes including a breakdown of all areas. Remember the Bob is eligible for the Qualified Business Income DD.
Georgia College & State University Home Based Business Owners Paper

Amazon: The Champion of Customer-Delivered Value Case Study

Introduction Many companies use powerful models and strategies to deliver high-quality products and services to their customers. Amazon focuses on powerful initiatives and practices that can promote performance and improve customer satisfaction. This paper gives a detailed analysis of the organization’s market share and pricing decisions. Market share Every industry has its leading players or competitors. Each company has its market share and strives to maximize it using evidence-based strategies. Izogo and Ozo (2015) define it as the representation of what a specific organization earns in a particular sector over a specified period. Analysts can use total sales to calculate the market share of a specific business. Amazon’s Market Share Amazon’s original business model revolves around the concept of an online bookstore. The introduction of new tactics has made it a leading competitor in the United States’ e-commerce sector. Since many people are embracing online transactions, chances are high that Amazon will remain a dominant player in its industry. Currently, it commands a total market share of 49.1 percent of the country’s e-commerce sector (Lunden 2018). Its closest competitors include eBay, Apple, and Walmart. These companies have market shares of 6.6%, 3.9%, and 3.7% (Lunden 2018). Other key players in the sector include Best Buy, QVC Group, Macy’s, and The Home Depot (see Figure 1). In the wider retailing industry, Amazon has a share of 5 percent (Lunden 2018). This is the case since Walmart and Best Buy use physical stores and outlets across the US to increase sales. Figure 1: Comparative Graph of US E-Commerce Market Share (Lunden 2018). Losing Market Share The presented case study reveals that Amazon is currently losing its market share in e-book retailing. This is the case since new competitors have emerged that are providing similar services at reduced prices. This development means that Amazon should be concerned since it stands a chance to become less profitable. Emerging competitors provide different platforms that are accessible and affordable (Lunden 2018). With this kind of knowledge, Amazon needs to develop a superior model for attracting more customers, revisiting its prices, and diversifying its e-books in order to remain competitive. Amazon’s Pricing Decisions: Implications Due to the increased pressure from publishers, this company chose to increase its prices for various e-books and other digital content (Weise 2019). Although its sales for different products still remain high, Amazon’s pricing decisions might present negative effects despite its enjoyable market share. Firstly, such an initiative means that the company has to consider the bargaining power of different suppliers and publishers. The emergence of new competitors providing such products at reduced costs will result in reduced market share (Robischon 2017). Secondly, the pricing decisions are unsustainable and incapable of addressing customers’ demands. Thirdly, the instability of this company’s prices means that different customers might opt for other e-retailers and providers of digital content (Demir 2017). This development will result in reduced sales, thereby affecting profitability. Since its prices are still low in comparison with those of its key competitors, chances are high that Amazon will still remain profitable. It would, therefore, be appropriate for this corporation’s leaders to consider the trends recorded in the e-commerce sector and develop an evidence-based pricing strategy that can reduce the level of rivalry. Conclusion The above discussion has revealed that Amazon is a leading player and competitor in the American e-commerce industry. Unfortunately, its pricing strategy remains unstable and incapable of meeting the changing needs of all potential customers. A superior model is needed to transform the situation and ensure that this company remains competitive. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Reference List Demir, A 2017, ‘Management information system: case study of’, Journal of Research in Business and Management, vol. 4, no. 11, pp. 11-17. Izogo, EE

ENG 100 05 Palo Verde College Influence of Technology in The Modern World Essay

assignment writer ENG 100 05 Palo Verde College Influence of Technology in The Modern World Essay.

Essay #3 asks students to examine our culture’s relationship with technology. More specifically, students will have to examine how our culture feels about technology, how it shapes us (both personal and collective) by looking at examples from popular culture. This essay is a space in which students are encouraged to examine how technology shapes us. 2000 word essay with works cited MLA formatAnswer the 3 questions 1.) What is it attempting to do?This is the point in which you can express what the text is attempting, the theme, as well as the obvious articulations (pointed, tall, shiny, or bald that comment on wealth, feminism, world famine, homelessness, etc). 2.)How is it attempting it?This is where the details and particular points are used as evidence to support what it is doing (facial expressions, colors, tone, composition, interplay of text and visual) 3.) Is it a success?A combination of questions one and two are used here as evidence as back up.Articles that can be usedThe Machine StopsThe Positive Impacts of TechThe Tech Utopia that Nobody WantsUsing Zeitgeist CoherentlySocial Networking is not Killing
ENG 100 05 Palo Verde College Influence of Technology in The Modern World Essay

WLAC Psychodynamic Humanistic & Trait Perspectives & Defense Mechanisms Discussion

WLAC Psychodynamic Humanistic & Trait Perspectives & Defense Mechanisms Discussion.

1.We discussed 5 major perspectives in lecture (and in your textbook), for each of those 5 perspectives give a brief description of them and at least one contribution and one criticism of each.  
1. Psychodynamic Perspectives
2. Humanistic Perspectives
3. Trait Perspective
4. Personological and Life-Story Perspectives
5. Social-Cognitive Perspectives
2.We discussed several defense mechanisms in class, and there are more discussed in your textbook.  Pick three ego defense mechanisms, describe how they work, and give one example of each
3.Social Psychology Concepts:
Briefly define and give an example for each of the following 
Fundamental Attribution Error

Social Loafing

4.Stereotyping: We tend to think of stereotypes as always being negative, however they can also be beneficial to us in certain situations. Give one positive aspect of stereotypes and one negative aspect of stereotypes. *NOTE* This does not mean “give a positive stereotype” and “give a negative stereotype” it means what is a pro to stereotyped thinking, and what is a con to stereotyped thinking
So… let’s try a little social science experiment: You can each earn some extra credit on your exam. You get to choose whether you want 3 points added to your grade, or 8 points. But there’s a catch: if more than 10% of the class selects 8 points, then no one gets any points. In other words, if everyone picks 3 points, you all get 3 points. If everyone picks 3 points and you pick 8 points, everyone else gets 3 points and you get 8 points. If 10% (5 or more) people pick 8 points, them NO ONE gets ANY points. All selections are anonymous, so no one else will know what you picked.

So… how many points do you choose? 
3 points
WLAC Psychodynamic Humanistic & Trait Perspectives & Defense Mechanisms Discussion

Empowerment and Feminist Theory Essay

It is well-known that sociology is an essential discipline that explores people’s interactions in society. Many theories explain how society influences people and how human beings impact the development of culture and civilizations. One of these theories is the empowerment and feminist theory, which examines the role, power, and status differences related to gender (Turner