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ACCT201 North Seattle College Calculating Financial Ratios Research Paper

ACCT201 North Seattle College Calculating Financial Ratios Research Paper.

I have attached the word doc. You can work on the same one. (ACCT201 SPR19 SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT FORM).ACCT201 SPECIAL ASSIGNMEMT – Calculalting Financial RatiosThis Special Assignment introduces you to the world of Financial Ratios.ACCT201 RATIO ANALYSIS GUIDELINE.docxActionsThis Special Form provides you with a format to collect data and calculate the changes in some key Financial Ratios.We introduce this critically important topic through this exercise. For those who choose to explore this topic in more detail, our textbook addresses this subject in Chapter 12 (pages 572 to 584). ACCT&202 includes a major Learning Objective on Financial Analysis. Follow the directions within the form to insert the data for a publicly traded company of your choice. You will do some research to define the company’s financial performance over three consecutive years of your choice. For example, you might choose these years: 2014, 2015, & 2016.Please use the data from the same resource for all three years. This will ensure that the data is uniformly calculated over the range of your analysis so that your ratios are consistent and accurate.If you find a resource for your company that displays “calculated ratios”, it’s not unusual to find that your “calculated ratios” do not match those in a published resource. Since each resource applies its own protocol approach of the accepted calculations, with corporate data from their own sources, we focus on consistency within the data over the span of time.FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS WITHIN THIS FORM & UPLOAD YOUR SAVED WORD DOCUMENT FILE IN THIS ASSIGNMENT IN CANVAS:ACCT201 SPR19 SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT FORM-1.docxActions
ACCT201 North Seattle College Calculating Financial Ratios Research Paper

Istanbul University Realism Regionalism & Naturalism in Literature Questions.

1.”There Was Crimson Clash of War” by Stephen Crane. What happens in this poem? What is the theme or central message conveyed by the work? Do you think this work should be categorized as an example of literary realism or naturalism or both? Why or why not? Use examples from the text to support your response.2.What tenets of realism are evident in Zitkala-Sa’s “The School Days of an Indian Girl”? How does Zitkala-Sa’s realistic representation of her experiences affect readers?3.Consider both Hamlin Garland’s “The Return of a Private” and Mark Twain’s “The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” as works of regionalist fiction. In a response of at least two paragraphs, compare and contrast these stories as examples of regionalism. How are they similar? How are they different? Be sure to include specific details and examples from both stories in your response.Answer:
Istanbul University Realism Regionalism & Naturalism in Literature Questions

Fresno City College President Grant and the KKK Research Paper.

ESSAY LENGTH 3-5 PagesTopic: President Grant and the KKK what was going on? A research paper is not a report. Instead, it must deal with a specific issue, and should prove a specific thesis. The following topics provide ideas for the focus of a paper, but they are not thesis statements. Remember to be as specific as possible when writing your thesis.Use a minimum of 4 sources (books, articles, encyclopedias, letters, anything that would provide further information/knowledge about the topic.MLA or APA format acceptable. Use what you like so you continue to use to cite sources.Bibliography, work cited page, footnotes or End Notes: ABSOLUTELY Necessary!!!!Alphabetize by authors last name and if there is no author then alphabetize by title…Author’s last name, first name. Title of book. City where printed: Press where printed, year printed.GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE
Fresno City College President Grant and the KKK Research Paper

Reading Response: “The Martyred” by Richard E. Kim Essay

Reading Response: “The Martyred” by Richard E. Kim Essay. Reading Summary The chapters from 21 to 29 in the book “The Martyred” by Richard Kim introduce the idea of sacrifice and the reasons of why people may be eager to hide the truth and contribute their own interests and ideas. The author uses two main perspectives according to which he discusses the peculiarities of a sacrifice and its sub-type, self-sacrifice. One of them is the position supported Captain Lee, who continues to believe that the truth is the only thing that can matter: “I will hang onto my truth and will not compromise it… I shall do my best to stop immediately any more manufacturing and dissemination of false information” (Kim 107). Another idea is introduced by Mr. Shin, who decides to hide the truth to save the faith and its possible power over the ordinary people. Mr. Shin chooses to introduce himself as the martyred betrayer and proves that the martyred decision to pray for his sins and the sins of the citizens is the only correct idea. Even Park, who could not recently understand his father, realizes that it is justified to pretend “for the poor, suffering, tortured people” (Kim 134). These chapters show that faith makes people weak in front of the challenges and decisions that have to be made during their lifetime. The ministers exist to assist people to survive and find an appropriate ways out. People, like Captain Lee or Colonel Chang, cannot understand whether God is aware of sufferings his people and define themselves as outsiders, nonbelievers. “If you believe in a god, you wouldn’t ask that question. You would rather ask what you have done wrong against him to deserve your suffering” (Kim 127). And it is wrong and pointless to despise as well as to understand the actions people, who define Christianity as the only appropriate faith to believe in. Questions about the Reading 1. According to Mr. Shin, how long is it possible to guard the truth? There may be no right or wrong answer to this question. Still, the evaluation of the conditions under which Mr. Shin has to keep the truth and share its part with the society promotes understanding of the fact that even one truth may have several sides. People are free to decide what to tell and what to hide from the rest, but it is necessary to think over possible outcomes and consider the consequences that may change a number of lives. 2. Is it possible to define who is right in the bloody war? The answer to this question requires the analysis of the dialogue that takes place between Captain Lee and Colonel Chang. There are many reasons for people to start a war, still, there are not many proofs to justify it. When the war leads to blood and useless sacrifices and murders, it is wrong to believe that it is necessary. Even during the war, people have to complete their duties. Still, human actions cannot be justified in case they are bloody and take the lives of many people. 3. Is it possible to believe the God is not aware of his people’s sufferings? To answer this question, it is necessary to analyze the events of all previous chapters and clear up what makes the martyred to accept their deaths the way they did. All those lies and explanations that have been given during the story are in the name of God, whose essence cannot be understood by all characters. Of course, people need something to believe in. Still, it is not always clear whether human sufferings should be justified in regards to faith only. Works Cited Kim, Richard, E. The Martyred. New York, NY: Penguin Books, 2011. Print. Reading Response: “The Martyred” by Richard E. Kim Essay

Business homework help

help writing Business homework help. This is a paper that focuses on an research article review analysis of one done recently. The paper should not be more than three years old.,Research article review and analysis of a recent article,Review a recent, refereed journal article that is research based and critique it. Below are instructions on how to complete the assignment.,1. Locate and read a recent (no more than 3 years old) refereed journal article relating to an instructional strategy or innovation of interest to you.,2. The article needs to be a research article (with either quantitative or qualitative data, or both kinds of data) about an ,instructional strategy, or innovation in education or training where researchers collected data, analyzed it, and present it to the reader.,3. Once you have located your article, read and write a critique using Microsoft Word and the latest APA style. The length of your article review must be at least 4 full double-spaced pages (not including the title page and references section) but should not exceed 5 pages. Include at least one other ref‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍erence.,Within your review, include the following elements and headings: 1. A title page 2. A summary of the main issues presented in the article 3. A discussion of issues in the article that you found intriguing, thought were worthwhile, or in some way stimulated your thinking 4. A short discussion (in a paragraph) of how the information presented in the article impacts the strategy/innovation within your setting (teaching, work/job, degree program). 5. Agreement/Disagreement: Discuss whether or not the authors’ findings make sense and whether you agree with them. Not only give us your opinion but provide a rationale based on what you have read by now. 6. Include at least one other article, book, etc., to support your view(s). 7. References: Conclude the review with the citation of the article you reviewed and all other citations you include in APA style‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍.Business homework help

Oklahoma City Community College Sports Marketing Management Questions

Oklahoma City Community College Sports Marketing Management Questions.

Chapter ReviewWinning EdgeMarketing Management Series Role PlayThe goal of television programming is to capture the greatest percentage of viewers possible. Television ratings determine which programs will stay and which ones will be canceled. The large number of college football bowl games has diluted the interest of many college football fans. The popularity of the teams and the significance of the game are factors that determine television success.A lower-tier college bowl game is scheduled to air on the morning of January 1 immediately following The Price Is Right. The morning time slot is a drawback for television ratings, but no other games are scheduled to be broadcast on competing networks during 80 percent of the airtime. Television ratings for this game have been declining during the last three years. Two major football conferences have signed a five-year commitment to play in this game. Your marketing firm has been hired to increase the popularity of the game and the size of the television viewing audience. You must develop a marketing plan and advertising campaign to promote the game and elevate it to the status of a major bowl game.Consider the demographics of the television audience that normally tunes in on weekday mornings. Capture the attention of The Price Is Right viewers so that they stay tuned to the channel for the game.Think CriticallyHow have the number of bowl games affected the television ratings for the games?Why are the scheduled date and time of the game important factors for ratings and promotions?Why should television networks be aware of the programming scheduled around the game and on competing networks when making decisions?How can promoters make an association between the game show and the bowl game to help pull in more viewers? 300+ words, Cite references
Oklahoma City Community College Sports Marketing Management Questions

Law and Obedience: Pros and Cons Essay

Despite the fact that people have always been striving for freedom, which involves freedom of choice, freedom of lifestyle and the freedom to make mistakes, social life has always presupposed a certain level of control over people’s lives. However mild the laws and the rules in a certain society might be, they always determine complete obedience and the absence of any revolutionary moods. Whatever the society might be, without people obeying its laws, it would collapse. Although this statement might sound cruel and uncompromising, it has a proof psychological; and sociological basis, which cannot be argued. Obedience is a part of human’s nature, or at least so says the psychology of a man, the common sense and the Bible. In fact, obedience as a part of a man’s religious beliefs plays an important part in this situation, persuading people to follow the rules established in the Testaments. Without the due respect to the Testaments a man cannot make a virtuous believer. According to Green’s point of view, these are “God’s children, who calls for obedience and honor, and who promises faithfulness and love” (4). However, obedience concerns not only the sphere of religion, but also many other spheres of a man’s life, providing a man with a way to live in peace with the society a part of which he or she represents. The laws that an earthy life grounds on are strict and uncompromising as well, since they declare the ideas that the society is based on, and in case they are not followed, the society simply stops existing. Without obedience, people would go against the laws and make the society collapse. It must also be considered that the reasons for breaking the laws can be different and it is not obligatorily that these reasons should be vulgar, egoistic and criminal. On the contrary, a man can think of committing a misdemeanor, a petty crime or even a felony in the attempts to lend someone a helping hand and improve the conflicting situation. The cost for such a deed is punishment according to the existing law, because the actions that have been undertaken conflict with it. Like a Latin proverb says, “Dura lex, sed lex” – “The law is harsh, but it is the law”. If people stop acting according to the rules of the civil and criminal law, the world that they live in will become a mess. Indeed, there are rimes when it seems that a petty crime or a small mischief will only improve the situation, but even taking such a step, a man should fully realise that he or she will be responsible for what has been done and that the punishment that will follow will be just and lawful. As Woozley said, “the reason for acting in accordance with the law, or for conforming one’s conduct to it, lies in the value of the practice.” (73) If a world becomes a place where people do not cat accordingly with the law, most of the population will spend a lot of time in jail, paying for the crimes they have committed when doing what they thought right. There would be not a single man free of charge if obedience would be forgotten. Yet there is another aspect of being obedient that raises a lot of questions. The problem is how far one can go with being obedient. The orders that come from the commanders or another people in charge of leaders can be conflicting with one’s morals or beliefs and life concepts. A Buddhist, for example, will never do harm to any single creature, a man or a worm. A Muslim will not make any single thing that contradicts the standards of life that Torah prescribes. When such a situation emerges, it is easier to cease to convince a man and give up than to make this man act according to your or any other will. This observation drives to the conclusion that a world without obedience is also a world without beliefs, credos, or any other firm positions that a man takes during his life as he or she accumulates the life experience. From this point of view, the mankind that does not obey is the mankind that does not have its place in the world, its own system, and does not represent any ideas, because once an idea is expressed, it creates a basis to exist on, and this basis is another law. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Phillip Mayer asks his audience a question to think about: “If Hitler asked you to electrocute a stranger, would you?” (111). In my opinion, this is where the line between a conscious obedience and the blind one should be drawn. The situation itself does not seem absurd, which is important, – and it does not, because the person that gives the order justifies it. Since Hitler was posed in the history as a cruel and fanatic man, it is quite natural that he gives orders to deprive someone of their life. Thus, the society in which Hitler is the head justifies death, and in the given circumstances a murder will not be considered a crime. Mayer sets the decorations for the situation where a murder, completely justified from the legal point of view, is a matter of a person’s own ideas and beliefs. Again, one’s morals come into conflict with the existing law. A good example of such a clash of moral principles is a dialogue from A Few Good Men (1992): Kaffee: Dawson brought a hungry guy some food… what crime did he commit? Lt. Kendrick: He disobeyed an order! Summing up everything that has been said, I would add that a world without obedience will not last long. It will turn into anarchy that will destroy everything that has been created so far. Until people possess “the native justice and magnanimity” that Jefferson (7) was speaking about, they have to obey the rules set in the Constitution. Even in the situation when the law turns out “logically bankrupt and grossly unfair” (Fuhrman 118), people create a new one to comply with. Living without a law that controls the situation is impossible, at least at the present stage of people’s development. Otherwise, the total madness is inevitable. Works Cited A Few Good Men. Dir. Reiner, Rob. Perf. Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, and Demi Moore Castle Rock Entertainment, 1992. Film. Fuhrman, Mark. Death and Justice. New York, NY: Harper Collins. 2004. Print. Green, Joel B. Salvation. New York, NY: Charlise Press. 2003. Print. We will write a custom Essay on Law and Obedience: Pros and Cons specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Jefferson, Thomas. Declaration of Independence. Dep. of State.1911. Print Mayer, Philip. Readings in Psychology. New York, NY: Ardent Media. 2009. Print. Woozley, Douglas A. Law and Obedience: the Arguments of Plato’s Crito. New York, NY: Duckworth, 1979.