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ACCT 301 King Saud University Cost Accounting Questions

ACCT 301 King Saud University Cost Accounting Questions.

Q1 Give example of company using ABC costing and explain the process used in this company to assign costs in an ABC system? (Week 7: Chapter 7, ABC costing) Answer: Q 2 Give examples of questions managers could ask to help them identify relevant qualitative factors that will be used before making decision? (Week 9: Chapter 4, Relevant information for decision making) Answer: Q 3 Kadhim Co. manufactures product B which is a part of its main product. Kadhim Co makes 50,000 units of product B per year. The production costs are detailed below. An outside supplier has offered to supply 50,000 units of product B per year at $ 2.45 each. Fixed production cost of $ 40,000 associated with the product B are unavoidable. Should Kadhim Co make or buy the product B?
ACCT 301 King Saud University Cost Accounting Questions

Effects of Gibberellins on Plant Growth and Development. Introduction Gibberellic Acid, also called Gibberellin A3 or GA3 is a naturally occurring hormone found in plants with the chemical formula C19H22O6. It is renowned for promoting cell elongation; this in turn stimulates overall plant growth and development, resulting in a taller, more mature plant. The purpose of this experiment was to discover to what extent GA3 has on overall plant growth and development, if at all. Our plant of choice was the Pea Plant (Pisum sativum), for a multitude of reasons. The main reasoning behind the selection of the pea plant for this experiment was the fact they are already quick sprouting, meaning we can conduct this experiment in a short period of time, and if need be, run a secondary experiment afterwards to ensure experimental reliability, without impacting on time. The Pea Plant has also been used by accredited scientists for various experiments, most notably in Gregor Mendels experiment, based on the Hybridization of Plants. It was discovered by researchers that the tall pea plants used by Mendel had GA3, and that the short plants were mutated to grow at 1/20 of normal speed, due to containing GA1, causing what we now know as dwarfism. Even if no other discoveries were made from Mendels experiment, we can safely conclude that pea plants are very susceptible to Gibberellic Acid, which makes them perfect plants to conduct this experiment. This experiment will be run using four subject plants. Two will be left control plants, being feed a drop of distilled water, while the other two plants will be feed a drop of GA3 each, these being the experimental plants. In all, based on prior evidence, we hypothesis that Gibberellic Acid, or GA3 will stimulate plant growth resulting in the experimental plants being taller than the control set. Materials and Methods: We originally started with 6 already mature pea plants in a pot full of soil. The pots were identified with the group names, date and lab class. Next we carefully selected four of our potted plants to be our subjects for the experiment. We looked for the four most similar plants to be our subjects in order to keep the experiment as accurate as possible, so any plants that were unhealthy or considerably different in size were cut out of the pot using scissors at the base of the stem so as not to damage the root systems of the other plants. We then tagged each plant with a number, 1Effects of Gibberellins on Plant Growth and Development

Simple Linear Regression And Independent And Dependent Variables

Simple Linear Regression And Independent And Dependent Variables.

You are the CEO of Big Grocery. Your company is planning on expanding into new markets. You are expected to make decisions on things such as store size, location and management. You want to decide how large of a store you want to build but also need to analyze how large of a store should build.To be able to do this, revenue per square foot should be estimated. What you would like to have as a manager is data on revenue and data on square foot for each store. Please estimate the revenue per square foot. Questions 1.State the relationship to be analyzed and define the independent and dependent variables? 2.Perform the simple linear regression based on the data? 3.Discuss the analysis in terms of; Linear in Parameters Random Sampling Sample variation in the independent variable Zero mean of the error term conditional on the independent variable
Simple Linear Regression And Independent And Dependent Variables

The Bicycle Lobby Reader Response

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The Bicycle Lobby Reader Response
Read (Links to an external site.) and write responses to the following:

What passages do you find the most compelling/thought provoking in this writing?
What rhetorical appeals do you think gives those passages strength?
What details in the language gives you an indication of the writer’s perspective?
What line of reasoning do you see the writer presenting/developing/advancing in the essay?

When answering these, think about using full paragraphs, and quoting passages that help support your explanations.

The Bicycle Lobby Reader Response

Writer’s Choice

Writer’s Choice. Paper details   Choose ONLY ONE of the following PROMPTS: Is true justice possible in utopia? Consider the society in LeGuin’s ‘The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas’. What do you think this stories say about justice? Take a position and defend it. We have to live together, so we need to figure out how justice works for all of us. Choose a section of our contemporary society (examples are education, criminal justice, healthcare, governmental representation) and apply Plato’s definition of justice to argue whether your chosen section represents a just society or not.Writer’s Choice

UW Operant Conditioning Uses Rewards & Punishments for Modeling Behavior Essay

UW Operant Conditioning Uses Rewards & Punishments for Modeling Behavior Essay.

The goal of these papers is to demonstrate your understanding of learning and conditioning,This is done by explaining information in your own words and by applying it correctly to the topic. Your target audience should be someone who has an Intro Psych level of familiarity with the basics of learning and conditioning but has not taken this course. Be sure to think like a behaviorist: Focus on the relationships between environmental events and responses. Thoughts and feelings are considered behaviors; they should be discussed as responses to the environment not as causes of behaviors. Do not use external sources please. Use just the Book Learning and Behavior by James E. Mazur, 8th EditionDown below you can find the chapters that will help for the paper. Length of the paper: 3 pagesDue Monday November 7,2020 before 2pmPrompt: The State of Wisconsin spends about 6% of its budget on corrections, a category that includes prisons, courts, state police, parole functions, etc. This is the third-largest single budget category, second only to K-12 schools and medical programs such as Medicaid. (Currently, about $1.25 billion of the annual budget is allocated to the Department of Corrections while only $1.19 billion is allocated to the University of Wisconsin System.) This suggests that the citizens of Wisconsin view punishing criminals as a major budget priority. Using your knowledge of operant psychology principles, discuss when and how punishment might and might not be an effective approach to preventing and reducing criminal behavior. That is, apply to the context of criminal behavior the knowledge that operant psychologists have discovered about the benefits and shortcomings of using punishment to reduce undesired behaviors. Then make your own proposal(s) of other or additional ways a government could use operant psychology principles to deal with criminal behavior. Be sure to include suggestions about preventing or reducing criminal behavior before it happens, not just suggestions about reacting to crimes once they have happened. Make sure your discussion and proposals are rooted in principles of learning and conditioning, not personal opinion. Please note the following very carefully: (1) Although one could clearly argue that prison sentences are an example of a time out or omission procedure (loss of freedom and autonomy as a consequence for undesired behavior) for the purposes of this paper think of prison sentences as an example of punishment. That is, consider a prison sentence as the presentation of a penalty that involves forced residence in a punitive, undesirable environment. (2) This paper should focus on serious, felonious criminal behavior such as theft and assault, not on misdemeanors such as traffic tickets or underage drinking. People convicted of misdemeanors are not typically imprisoned.
UW Operant Conditioning Uses Rewards & Punishments for Modeling Behavior Essay

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