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ACCT 101B Cash Flow Statement of the Good Habit Firm Worksheet

ACCT 101B Cash Flow Statement of the Good Habit Firm Worksheet.

I’m working on a accounting project and need a sample draft to help me learn.

So far, I have done numbers 1 and 2 on the project requirements PDF. All I need is number three. Financial plan and results for 3 months of operations (Start date 10/1/20 and end date 12/31/20) I need journal entries for the first three (3) months of operations. At least 50 business transactions are required (but you may have more). I have also uploaded an example of a journal for your reference. I also need:b. A general ledger (you may use T-Accounts to represent the general ledger as long as it is clear and organized) c. An unadjusted trial balance, adjusted trial balance and post-closing trial balance. d. Any necessary adjusting entries for the end of the three months as well as closing entries for the end of the three months. Journal entries should be journalized and posted.e. Financial statements including: ·Income Statement for the Quarter Ended 12/31/20 ·Statement of Stockholders’ Equity for the Quarter Ended 12/31/20 ·Balance Sheet at 12/31/20 ·Statement of Cash Flow for the Quarter Ended 12/31/20
ACCT 101B Cash Flow Statement of the Good Habit Firm Worksheet

MN552 How can you apply critical thinking and diagnostic reasoning during health assessment?.

No plagiarism please, include 3 references APA Style, this is a case study that will be posted in discussion board.You are expected to role play the selected scenario with a family member to gather necessary data to complete the chart. For the person described in the following situations, discuss the developmental/age, socioeconomic, ethical considerations, and cross-cultural considerations that should be considered during the gathering of subjective and objective data, and the provision of health care. Discuss any additional information that might be needed before a judgment or diagnosis can be made.Case Study:A. E. is a 35-year-old African American female, and is 5 months pregnant presenting to the office today for a routine prenatal visit. She complains that her neck feels swollen and that she has been feeling nervous and tired. She also complains about the heat, excessive sweating, and how she “can’t seem to get cool during these summer months.” She attributes all these complaints to her pregnancy.Components ofassessmentSubjectiveDiagnostic Reasoning(list key questions — use PQRSTU pneumonic)ObjectiveNormal vs.abnormal findings(must note pertinent body systems to be examined)Differentialdiagnoses(list 3)Nurses diagnosis (list 1)List relevant labs anddiagnostic studies (if any)NormalDifferentialAbnormal FindingsNurses DiagnosisDevelopmental/age considerations:Socioeconomic considerations:Cross-cultural considerations:Ethical considerations:Additional info needed to formulate actual diagnosis:
MN552 How can you apply critical thinking and diagnostic reasoning during health assessment?

CDB 7 – Camp Grant Massacre

CDB 7 – Camp Grant Massacre. I’m stuck on a History question and need an explanation.

CLASS Discussion Board 7: Camp Grant Massacre
For the chapter 6 reading, kindly focus on pages 116-118 for the purpose of this class discussion board.
What is the Camp Grant Massacre?When and where did this massacre take place?Who was involved in this massacre and why?Please analyze to what extent was race and/or ethnicity a factor in this massacre and what other factors contributed to this tragedy.
In your replies to your classmates, be sure to discuss the other possible factors that contributed to the Camp Grant Massacre and how it was being justified.
CDB 7 – Camp Grant Massacre

PowerPoint on workers Compensation OSHA

essay help online free PowerPoint on workers Compensation OSHA. I’m trying to study for my Powerpoint course and I need some help to understand this question.

You are a human resources manager, and you have been asked to make a presentation to help employees understand how workers’ compensation works and their rights under the law. Create a presentation on workers’ compensation rights for the specific state in which you live or work. Be sure to include the items below in your presentation.

Define the mission statement or values that guide the specific state workers’ compensation board/office.
Identify whether or not the state has developed a model return-to-work program for employers to follow with their business.
Discuss temporary total disability (TTD) and temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits for maximum weekly compensation.
Discuss workers’ rights and responsibilities under the state’s compensation system and how this compares to other states.
Report any resources that could be beneficial to employers such as risk reduction instructions or links to the safety and health division for the state.
Indicate the process for workers’ compensation appeals.

Your presentation must be a minimum of eight slides. You must use a minimum of two sources, which may include your textbook. Be sure to cite any sources used on a separate reference slide in APA style (cover and reference slides do not count in the minimum slide count). If necessary, you may also use the slide notes function to explain slide contents, but this is not required
PowerPoint on workers Compensation OSHA

UMKC Wasnt Me Neglection Discussion

UMKC Wasnt Me Neglection Discussion.

For items 1-2, write at least 100 words each. For item 3, your comment/reply to a classmate will be separate, write at least 50 words total to one or more classmates (remember to be thoughtful, positive, and constructive). In the Supplemental Videos there was shown a great safety clip, titled: “Wasn’t Me”. This is a classic video that remains a favorite of a lot of safety professionals. View the clip and answer the following questions:1. What was the clip about?2. Is this a common in almost everywhere, work, home and school?3. Give a personal example of a “wasn’t me” moment pulled on you.4. The clip shows a multitude of safety violations, Count the ones that you see and explain why you think it’s messed up. Don’t worry about citing OSHA, I just want to know what you think and see.5. I personally love the safety guy, (in the office). Not to say he’s terribly efficient but good qualities for a safety manager does he possess?
UMKC Wasnt Me Neglection Discussion

Gameplay Simulation Marketing Sales Channel & Human Resource Strategy Essay

Gameplay Simulation Marketing Sales Channel & Human Resource Strategy Essay.

Make sure you’ve played this gameplay simulation to sell 3D print bike game before.Based on the these 6 quarters of the game, please write 5 pages of B and C partPlease ONLY do B and C part.The whole report instruction :REPORT TO BOARD Format:A. Review performance during the last three quarters (incl.traditional and conscious metrics)B. Highlight the key features of the business plan which was presented to the venture capitalists 1. Marketing strategy2. Sales Channel strategy3. Human Resource strategy 4. Manufacturing strategy 5. Financial strategy C. Assess your business strategy and performance for the last three quarters 1. Compare actions taken the against business plan2. Discuss departures from the business plan, justification, and outcome 3. Review significant events that affected the company and/or market 4. Review goals relative to performance for key performance indicators (include the promises made relative to demand, revenue, net income, ROI, etc. D. Explain why you were able to achieve or not achieve your goals – what were the causes of your better or weaker than expected performance? (candidness here is very important) E. Assess your current situation and the market (Firm’s strengths & weaknesses?)F. Summarize how you have prepared your firm to compete in the future. G. What were the lessons learned? 1. How did you benefit from participating in the simulation? 2. Are there any lessons that you can take into the business world? 3. What role did SEER/GMI play in your management of the business?I will share my SIMULATION GAME account that you could see what we are doing for the last 3 quarters and strategy what I use for this and we did presentation before. Wish it helps!
Gameplay Simulation Marketing Sales Channel & Human Resource Strategy Essay