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Business law and ethic.

What is common law and how is it created?What are statutes and how do statutes originate? What is the difference between criminal law and civil law?What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?Identify and briefly describe the different parts of a trial.?What are the elements of the tort of negligence?Multiple choiceWhile some firms engage in behavior that is unethical; making a habit of this behavior is:a. berserk b. not a good long-term business strategyc. never doned. not good on the very short termIn dealing with business ethics, we cannot ignore that _______ control what the firm does:a. bylawsb. the securities and exchange commissionc. the better business bureaud. people A lot of our moral standards were incorporated into the law because:a. many believe that these standards should be enforced by legal penaltiesb. 1 person got significantly hurt by the governmentc. one country set the example for true patternd. neither answer nor application has been effective. Sexism is morally wrong in the U.S. but accepted in some foreign business environments:a. falseb. neither true nor falsec. talking loud is acceptedd. true.Damon. W, found that mid-adolescence is when: a. morality turns into a dominant characteristicb. obscurity and doubt beginc. valuable beliefs of self appropriation begind. self reliance beginsWhich of the following is a personal moral standard: a. problemsb. negligencec. exceptionsd. credit rating The fourth step that leads to behavior that is ethical is:a. reasoningb. compassionc. legitimacyd. to carry out the decision Firms with an ethical culture that is strong: a. have an ease in determining what is rightb. have a variety of multiculturally appropriated mergers.c. do not existd. can be built in as little as 2 years. Which is not a condition of moral responsibility: a. Accuracyb. causalityc. knowledged. freedomuncertainty helps mitigate : a. moral responsibility for wrong or factorb. dark waters in lifec. deciding right vs wrongd. ethical synchronicity
Business law and ethic

Political Science homework help

Political Science homework help. BSAD 156: Product Management-Explain the “Hummingbird effect”. All the innovations Johnson writes about in How We Got To Now play such fundamental roles in our lives that we may sometimes not even consider them when thinking about important innovations. Describe another innovation like these that had hummingbird effects of its own?,BSAD 156: Product Management-Explain the “Hummingbird effect”,BSAD 156: Product Management,Written Assignment, Reading #3:, The written assignment is due through Blackboard by noon.,Reading #3:, HOW WE GOT TO NOW, by Steven Johnson, Riverhead Books @ 2014. The assignment is based only on the following: Introduction plus Chapters 2, 4 and 5. In case you don’t have access to your books, the key portions have been scanned by the Howe Library staff. I reduced those assignments to just the absolutely relevant materials to complete our assignments here:,, You can also watch the chapters as episodes of the PBS series, ,How We Got to Now on Amazon Prime,. The episodes do a good job of demonstrating the key points of each chapter.,Question 1:,  Explain the “Hummingbird effect”.,Question 2:,  All the innovations Johnson writes about in How We Got To Now play such fundamental roles in our lives that we may sometimes not even consider them when thinking about important innovations. Describe another innovation like these that had hummingbird effects of its own?,Question 3: ,Chapter 5 takes us through the long process of making time more and more exact, from the swinging altar lamps to the atomic clock. Is there an innovation today that you think may still be in the early stages of efficiency?,General Assignment Instructions:, 1. This is an individual assignment. Your work must be your own., 2. Late write-ups are not accept ed., 3. Your submission should be word processed, proofread and concise. There is no specific page limit but I would expect these to be well and thoroughly done in about 2-3 pages., 4. Any materials you use apart from class notes and the assigned book should be appropriately cited.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Political Science homework help

HSA 515 Strayer University Week 8 Medical Ethics & Caregiver Patient Encounters Essay

best assignment help HSA 515 Strayer University Week 8 Medical Ethics & Caregiver Patient Encounters Essay.

Ethical Dilemma BriefIntroductionHealth care administrators are confronted with ethical dilemmas and difficult decision making during their work. As we have already discovered, there are important interactions between ethical behaviors and legal issues. Health care administrators need to understand the relationships as well as the distinct differences. Health care institutions have ethics committees that play a central role in the protection of patient’s rights, the organization as a whole, and its staff.InstructionsImagine you work as a professional health care administrator in a large medical center. You have been asked to present a paper at a professional conference on medical ethics and caregiver-patient encounters. You must write a paper about a significant physician-patient ethical dilemma in a medical setting, defending the decision and conclusions made.Below is a resource with multiple ethical case studies that involved patients, their families, and members of the interdisciplinary team. Choose one of the scenarios on this site, or select a case of your own choosing from another resource.Medical Ethics and Physician-Patient Encounters: Case Studies and Best Practices.Your paper should be 3–5 pages and should include a title page and references, for a total of 5–7 pages.Strayer Writing StandardsThis course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course.Grading CriteriaThe grading criteria for this executive summary is as follows. It must include the elements listed below, so be sure to address each point. You may also want to review the performance-level descriptions for each criterion in the scoring guide to see how your work will be assessed:Prepare a brief from the perspective of a lead administrator dealing with an ethical dilemma.Apply ethical and moral theories to a case study involving a patient and caregivers.Outline the ethical concerns and potential outcomes in a selected ethical dilemma.Propose a solution to mitigate the issues raised in a selected ethical dilemma.Defend the solution from an ethical standpoint.Use at least three peer-reviewed articles less than five years old.Provide appropriate in-text citations and reference section.Meet clarity, writing mechanics, and formatting requirements.
HSA 515 Strayer University Week 8 Medical Ethics & Caregiver Patient Encounters Essay

Webster University Provisions and Depreciation Financial Accounting Question

Webster University Provisions and Depreciation Financial Accounting Question.

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Hello, I have an exam for financial accounting with 10 questions that need to be answered. these are the questions: 1. Explain accounts payable and account receivable. 2. What are provisions?3. Differentiate deferred items and prepaid items. 4. show the require minimum structure of an european income statement (PLA statement)5. What is the concept of Depreciation. Explain and give one example.6. Pick 2 valuation principles respectively rules and explain them properly. 7. What are accruals and what are they all about?8. What are the keys to understand IFRS?9. What does true and fair value (IFRS) technically mean?10. Name 3 gap principals which differ FROM IFRS AND EXPLAIN THE DIFFERENCE
Webster University Provisions and Depreciation Financial Accounting Question

Renaissance art

Renaissance art. Paper details   Research about St Francis of Assisi(Church) should contain: Images that are labeled fully with sources. Work on Finding great images and details. Look carefully at the details in the work (look at all angles of the work) or in the case of architecture the plan, front, sides, back an interior of a building. Sources: Find 2 JSTOR articles.(I uploaded) Review online sources for expertise. Bibliography cited in Chicago Style (image list separated from Bibliography). Please talk about the murals and paintings inside of the Church. Basic on the source I uploaded.Renaissance art