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accounting and corporate finance concepts, writing homework help

accounting and corporate finance concepts, writing homework help.

The aim of this assignment is to test your knowledge and understanding of key accounting and corporate finance concepts, theories and tools that can be used to critically analyse organisations.
You are required to select a company quoted on the FTSE 250 index
Introduce the company, about the product or services, location, turnover, number of employees, etc.
You must act as an adviser to an investor and make sure your conclusion is ended up advising the investor.
The report should be maximum 2,500 words which covers the following issues for the last five years:
Section A
1. Identify the Profits, earnings- discuss, the 5 years trend, economic condition, calculate the ratios and interpret the results for 5 years on the financial performance
2. Identify dividends (including a comprehensive ratio analysis). Calculate the ratios and interpret the results for 5 years on the financial performance
3. Financial stability and liquidity (including a comprehensive ratio analysis) calculate the ratios and interpret the results for 5 years on the financial performance
+/-1500 Words
Section B
1. Research the webpage for any information about the company’s performance or any news that has an impact on their performance.
2. Then critically have a reflection on the company portrayed by journalists and other financial reports, please make sure you reference where you got the information from.
3. An evaluation of the corporate governance of the company. Identify the number Directors what their position are, Non -Executive Directors, Independent, Female, Ethnic background and how the diversity of this board structure contribute to the organisation, address the UK code of governance 2014.
4. Identify the asset value per share and the current market share price and assess whether or not your selected company represents an investment opportunity.
+/-1000 words
You can use the FTSE sector classification (Link available below) to identify companies within their sectoral classifications.
It is essential that all sources of information are correctly referenced using the Harvard system.
Maximum words: 2,500words
The final assignment must be submitted electronically through “submit your work” on this NILE site

accounting and corporate finance concepts, writing homework help

ART 101 University of Michigan Training Ground for Untrained Artists Discussion.

Two entries, each entry write at least 200 words. Instructions:Once again, the purpose of the Reading Response is to engage intellectually and personally with the topics presented in each assigned reading. You will need to use your skills at analysis, critical thinking and creatively drawing connections between the readings’ specific content and your own thoughts, observations, impressions, experiences, studies, etc.Your task is two-part: first read each entry, and then writing a 200-300 word response based on your personal interpretations of its content (Note: the word count should not include in-text citations if you use them – the body of your writing should be counted and noted on the assignment template for each entry). Every week there will be two entries to read and two responses to write. Some weeks an entry may be multi-part, asking you to read and view several interrelated links. Please ensure you look at ALL material linked and make sure it’s clear in your written response that you have done so. I strongly recommendtaking notes, making annotations, and marking passages that stand out to you and feel significant to respond to. Jot down your thoughts, questions, criticisms, “aha” moments, things that surprise, challenge or excite you, etc. as you are reading.Do not summary the reading only. Need to add personal reflection. Here are some sample prompts if you could use help focusing your interpretation:What are your overall impressions of the reading, and what particular passages or details stood out to you most? WHY???In what specific ways does the content of the reading challenge/expand/complicate/frustrate your understandings about art and how art functions in the world? Cite specific passages in the reading to support your thoughts.How do your personal experiences or background relate to the content of the reading? Where do you see yourself or your own experiences reflected or not reflected in the material? Be specific and explain these connections or disconnections as clearly as possible.How does the reading as a whole and specific parts of the reading make you FEEL? Explain why and cite specific passages in the reading to support your reactions.What questions do you have about the reading? What passages or ideas challenged you? WHY???What are you critical or skeptical about in the reading? WHY? Be specific!The sky is the limit with how you respond to the readings! I’ve made these instructions purposefully open so that you can each come to the interpretive process from your own standpoints and experiences.Your Task – Week 6:Please download and use the Reading Response Template (see attached file) to format your responses.ENTRY 1: Title: “A Training Ground for Untrained Artists,” (Links to an external site.) New York Times 12/15/2015Author: Nathaniel Rich**NOTE: If you have trouble accessing the NYTimes article online you can download this pdf (see attached file) (it’s a bit oddly formatted, but it will work).ENTRY 2: Title: “A Foot in the Door,” Introduction to How Art Can Be Thought: A Handbook of Change (pp. 1-20)Author: Allan deSouza
ART 101 University of Michigan Training Ground for Untrained Artists Discussion

Distribution Channel Design Channel design facilitates the flow of goods from the manufacturer to the end-user. Hutt and Speh (2007) defined that, the link between the manufacturer and the customer is the distribution channel. The purpose of the distribution channel is to distribute the product from manufacturer to the end user to the right time to the right place (Klein and Frazier1990). The channel of distribution is the marketing manager’s bridge to the market. Channel design creates a competitive advantage that separates market winners from market losers. Stern

Endangered pleasure Assignment

Endangered pleasure Assignment.

Using Endangered Pleasures as a text, pick one pleasure of your own choosing (don’t steal from Holland) that we need to enjoy now. Use this to reflect overall on our theme questions of “How should we live?” Make an argumentative piece that convinces your reader about what they should appreciate or rethink in their lives. For models, use Endangered Pleasure to see how she writes about the specifics details, chooses evidence, and her argumentative moves that deal with qualifiers, counter arguments, and skeptics. Another model you could consider are Charles Baxter- You’re Really Something.pdf. Consider the choices you studied in Assignment 2 about craft, consider the lessons you learned about voice, tone, and style in Assignment 1 and put all of these together in the Final Essay. The piece should have MLA citations. Consider carefully what outside evidence you might need to support your arguments. The pieces should be at least 1250 words long.
Endangered pleasure Assignment

Waldorf University Ethics and Social Corporate Responsibility Apple Inc Case Study

research paper help Waldorf University Ethics and Social Corporate Responsibility Apple Inc Case Study.

Unit VII Essay
Corporate social responsibility is an emerging trend for businesses in today’s environment. Regardless of the nature of the
industry, corporations are held to higher ethical standards. This assignment will give you a chance to think as an executive
and take into consideration the importance of ethics and social responsibility.
You are tasked with choosing a corporation and discussing the importance of ethics and social responsibility in relation to
that particular corporation. Think about the stakeholders associated with the corporation and how they benefit if the
organization practices good ethics and social responsibility. Start with a brief introduction of the organization, and remember
to think from the perspective of the leader of the organization.
Your essay must be a minimum of two pages in length, not including the title and reference pages. A minimum of two
resources must be used. Your essay, including all references, will be formatted in APA style.
Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below
Waldorf University Ethics and Social Corporate Responsibility Apple Inc Case Study

University of California Davis Foreign Exchange Supply and Demand Questions

University of California Davis Foreign Exchange Supply and Demand Questions.

Please answer those question follow the link… 1. What will happen to a country that fixes the price of the foreign exchange below equilibrium? 2. What factors will shift the supply and demand for currency? 3. What are the three categories of transactions in the balance of payments? Give an example of each. 4. What will happen to the supply of dollars, the demand for dollars, and the equilibrium exchange rate of the dollar in each of the following cases?a. Americans buy more European goods. b. Europeans invest in U.S. stock market. c. European tourists flock to the United States. d. Europeans buy U.S. government bonds. e. American tourists flock to Europe.5. Economists sometimes say that the current exchange rate system is a dirty float system. What does this mean?6. What are the main arguments presented against flexible exchange rates?7.In a capitalist economy, is income inequality necessary for economic growth?(300 words)8. After reading the article found in the following link, post comments on how cryptocurrencies are affecting the world’s economy. (300 words)
University of California Davis Foreign Exchange Supply and Demand Questions

CU Talent Management And Succession Planning Discussion

CU Talent Management And Succession Planning Discussion.

Succession PlanningPretend you are an executive planning to retire in 12 months and you have identified a successor within your organization. Discuss the steps you would take to influence the organization and other stakeholders to improve the chances of your designated successor assuming your position.Initial Post GuidelinesInitial posts should be based upon peer-reviewed, evidence-based literature. In your post, include at least one APA-formatted in-text citation and the accompanying, congruent APA-formatted reference. Your source can be a course textbook, assigned reading, or other scholarly source and meet the requirements according to the Faculty Expectations Response Guidelines.Response Guidelines
CU Talent Management And Succession Planning Discussion