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Academic writing: Expo Final draft 5 pages double space with 2 articles

Academic writing: Expo Final draft 5 pages double space with 2 articles.

I send the a picture and a link about the two article for you, the questions shows in the picture.Robert Thurman “wisdom ” P441Jean Twenge “An Army of One: Me” P487 is a college Academic writing, so in the essay you must include following elements1. A intro with a two articles summary and connections and a specific thesis. The thesis is a big picture of your main ideas, it needs to including your all the ideas which gonna show in the body paragraphs.2. Every body paragraph needs two quotes from each article to support you main idea, and you need to analyze the quote and make connection between two quotes. And you need to have a quote mark of each quote and writing the page number after that quote.3. each body paragraph is not completely independent, they need to be smoothly and have some connections, but, they can not be same and have similar ideas.
Academic writing: Expo Final draft 5 pages double space with 2 articles

LITERARY ANALYSIS FINAL DRAFT, writing homework help.

Hi good morningI hope everything goes well. I have submitted my essay to my teacher for almost one week. She replied to me an hour age to correct my essay. She has written the notes that needs to correct. So, I will cope her notes then I am going to attach my essay. It is Literary Analysis Final Draft. so, please be creative of woring on this work because its worth 50 point. I will attach two documents. The First one is the story and the second one is my essay. So, the original work is the story then I have written about it Literary analysis. So, just I need someone to correct my essay and you can look at the story to help u of doing this work. Finally, this is my teacher’s notes on my essay.(The introduction paragraph is a bit confusing.All of your sources are not incorporated correctly.There are some small mistakes to correct.The essay is currently fewer than the required two full pages in length.The second Works Cited entry is incorrect.With no changes, this essay will receive no credit.)
LITERARY ANALYSIS FINAL DRAFT, writing homework help

Reflection. I’m working on a Political Science question and need guidance to help me study.

Reflections can be made up by writing a two-page paper summarizing the following:


100 words, each,

100 words, each,.

I want you to describe each form in 100 words . This is an example on how you will do it.Form 1: Physician’s CV. Contains a summary of the physician’s academic and professional work history including any articles he or she published, any presentations he or she made, any research and also a summary of all major CMEs (Continuing Medical Education Hours). The CV provides the credentialing committee with a snapshot of the physician’s education, experience, specializations, licenses, applicable board certification and how they stay current. Even though other attachments provide more detail such as an attachment of CMEs, this overview forms a frame of reference for the committee members to proceed
100 words, each,

POLS 1105 ASU The Impact of Food Insecurity & the Planet Carrying Capacity Discussion

term paper help POLS 1105 ASU The Impact of Food Insecurity & the Planet Carrying Capacity Discussion.

Answer any five questions from the list below. Please, insure that your responses are well written, supported by examples for the issues and claims that you make for a total of 50 points.Discuss the impact of one current global issue that you think will continue to impact our world. What is the problem and what solutions do you personally have to save this world from that problem?The rift between the EU and Britain is deepening of the issues that are coming up after Brexit became a reality. Going forward, what do you think will be the future problems likely to confront the bloc and what solutions do recommend for the two to save Western Europe from communist Russia and China?Race has become a very serious issue confronting our already divided world. Discuss specifically what the problems about race are and the solutions you recommend for this world to understand the need for different races to coexist.Discuss the basic elements of Putin’s policy and what are the reasons for Russian President’s distrust of the West?Why did Russia intervene in the war in Syria and reclaimed Crimea as part of Russia? How do these actions affect our fractured world and what solutions do you have?. The sectarian war in Yemen is more of a rift between Shia and Sunni Moslems, but it is directly affecting the prospects for peace in the region. What do you think the rest of the Moslem world, and indeed the world under the auspices of the UN, can do to ensure that there is peace in the region? There are serious threats to democracy around the globe today and this year in particular. Discuss three or more of these threats and show what solutions you have to avert these and any global disasters that are bound to happen because of our failed democratic institutions?
What are the differences between just, unjust secrets, and lies in government? What then are the essential differences between leakers and whistleblowers? In your opinion, what do you recommend as some punishments for the activities of these individuals?
If a potential whistle blower bypasses the defined process for whistle blowing and sends the information to a news outlet, and you later find out that the whistleblower was compensated for their information: Should the whistle blower be charged with a crime? What if the leaked information was credible and crucial to public safety, will your opinion change? Why, or why not?
What is meant by the carrying capacity of the planet and why is it important? What are the effects and importance of genetic engineering on global food supply in the era of Covid 19 and mass unemployment?
Why do you think political candidates running for offices build their platforms on empty promises? Do you think it is selfish of them to appeal to a certain audience to be elected and not fulfill the promises that have been made before the election? Going forward, what do think are the prospects for peace and development around the world with wars looming and Covid – 19 not letting up anytime soon?
POLS 1105 ASU The Impact of Food Insecurity & the Planet Carrying Capacity Discussion

discussion reply

discussion reply. I need help with a Nursing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Please reply to the following post 100 words two references
A topic that has always pained me is the choice that Jehovah’s Witness make of not receiving blood transfusions even though it may mean saving their lives. The reasons for this are because I do not understand their belief system and the other is that, in my own personal experience, it was a blood transfusion that saved my life 34 years ago. When I was a new nurse, I had a patient who suffered of Leukemia and needed blood transfusions but refused. This hit me hard because he was 68 years old and I felt that he still had a lot of life left in him. I did tell him my story and how a blood transfusion helped save my life. He listened courteously to my story and then proceeded to tell me about his belief and the why of his decision. I knew at this time that I should not have told him my story because, in the back of my mind, I was really hoping it would change his. Florence Nightingale stated that “professional caregivers should not try to persuade their patients or their families with their own beliefs and values” (Lewenson & Truglio 2015). I certainly did not know how else to help my patient and referred him to seek support from his family and his congregation who shared his beliefs, and this gave him comfort. Sadly, the patient passed away, but it was his spirituality and religious faith that allowed him to make that “right to die” choice. Nurses should become knowledgeable of the various religious and spiritual beliefs as this will foster a healthier and respectable patient-nurse relationship.
Lewenson, S. B. & Truglio-Londrigan, M. (2015). Decision-Making in Nursing: Thoughtful Approaches to Leadership. (2nd ed.) More than Prayer: Spirituality and Decision-making (Pg. 59). ISBN:978- 1-4496-9150-9.
Swihart DL, Martin RL. Cultural Religious Competence In Clinical Practice. [Updated 2019 May 29]. In: StatPearls [Internet]. Treasure Island (FL): StatPearls Publishing; 2020 Jan-. Available from:
discussion reply

English Language and Literature homework help

English Language and Literature homework help. This is an assignment for a Request for proposals for Benny Factor a wealthy philanthropist. Additionally, the paper will address real world issues proposal.,Request for proposals for Benny Factor a wealthy philanthropist,Firstly, this project is a simulation of a Request for Proposals (RFP). RFPs are typically to hire a consultant/consulting company/researcher for a specific project. This project is a simulation, so you can use your imagination to consider a problem that needs to be solved and create a plan to improve the problem. Your instructor will place you in groups of 3 to complete this proposal.,Page limits and formats are non-negotiable, and the threshold for excellence is high. RFP Details: Benny Factor is a wealthy philanthropist who is looking to donate money for someone to carry out a project that will improve humanity in some way, applying psychological science. He is willing to fund basic and applications projects, as long as they are grounded in empirical evidence, and are designed in such a way that their efficacy can be measured.,You must address the following points: What is the real world problem that you are proposing to solve/research? Examples include: homelessness, violence prevention (domestic violence, child abuse, community violence), substance abuse, hunger, critical incident respose for natural disaster. Also, parental support after diagnosis of ‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍,Autism Spectrum Disorder, or other mental health diagnosis, unemployment, disparity in educational opportunities across communities, etc. What data is there to justify that your proposed problem is indeed problematic?,Lastly, provide references. What have others done to address this problem? Provide references. Given the previous work that has been done on this problem, what is the gap that you intend to fill? What will you specifically do to address this problem? Detail the plan. How will you know if your project has an effect? How will you measure its effectiveness? What are your hypothesized results? Identify what are the implications of your hypothesized results? What are the limitations of your approach?English Language and Literature homework help

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