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Think about what factors can have an influence on the academic achievement of the students in a school, college, or university. Look at the following list of possible influences and rate the ideas on a scale of 1-5 (1 = very little influence, 5 = very strong influence). Influence on academic performance Resources available (e. G. , computers, laboratories, textbooks) Teacher level (qualifications, experience, etc. ) Student motivation Rating 1.

3 Add and rate some of your own ideas.Then compare your list and ratings with a partner. Focus task Your reason for reading Text 1-1 is to get some background information to help you write the following essay. English for academic study 18 Task 2: Reading for a purpose 2. 1 Look carefully at the title of Text 1-1. Do you think that the text will be useful for writing an assignment about academic achievement? Share your conclusions with another student. Read the introduction to Text 1-1 (lines 1?66).

As you read, try to make up your mind about how useful this text might be for your purpose.When you have finished reading, circle and complete the allowing sentence. 2. 2 Task 3: Reading selectively 3. 1 Read the subheading (lines 67-68) and think about your own opinion on the issue. Do you think that smaller class sizes help to improve academic performance? Circle your answer then write one reason for your choice below. 3.

2 Below are some notes that have been made by another student on Text 1-1 . Read lines 67-1 17 and check the points mentioned in the text a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Reading & Writing 3. 3 Read lines 69-72. What does anecdotal mean?Try to guess the meaning of his word by looking carefully at the whole sentence. If the ideas in this paragraph are anecdotal, think about how seriously you should take them into account when writing your assignment. 19 34 Read lines 97-1 17 and underline specific information from this paragraph that you might use to help in the completion of the Focus task. Think about: 3.

5 how useful you think this paragraph might be in relation to the Focus task; whether you think the sources are reliable. With a partner, compare and justify your choice of information for all four questions.Task 4: Identifying the writer’s purpose 4. 1 Read lines 1 18-192 and decide on the main functions of TTT text from the choices given below. For each choice, rate the if depending on how sure you are (5 = very sure). Study tip It car to recognize why the writer has written a text, or a section of the function of the text is. Function a) To persuade the readers to accept a certain point explain the importance of using research data instead of annex explanations.

C) To evaluate the importance of the research the effect of classroom size on academic achievement. To research method used in various parts of the US into the effete size on academic achievement. 4. 2 What is the function (or full Figure 1: Milestone studies in class size (page 1 59)? A) to sums content of the text b) to outline the content of certain relevant explain the importance of the STAR project d) to compare the research about class size Rating Task 5: Understanding referencing in texts Referencing in a text is a way of linking words and ideas toggle making the text more cohesive and easier to understand.The activity will provide practice in this important skill. 5. 1 Look at 1-1.

What information or idea in the text do the words these if a) The US Department of Education b) The National Assessment Educational Progress c) Project STAR Study tip An effective ere of referencing in a text to gain a clear understanding of what t wishes to convey. 20 English for academic study 5. 2 What other words or phrases (lines 119-148) refer to the s 5. 3 (line number (line number ) ) What reasons do the writers give for ignoring the data?

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Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice

Research in nursing started with Florence Night-Ingale and her mostly commonly known research contribution included the analysis of factors which affected soldier’s morbidity and mortality during the Crimean war. Her work on sanitation during 1800s is one of early efforts at linking the environmental variables to the clinical outcomes. During the early 1900s the nursing research focal point was on the nursing education. In 1940s it shifted its concentration to demand and availability of nurses in the war period. During 1970s, clinical outcomes emerged again and focused on nursing research. Today, through the Evidence Based Practice, application of research findings in the clinical decision making has been to improve individual patient outcomes.

In understanding the differences between Nursing Research, Research Utilization and the Evidence Based Practice, it is very important to first understand their definitions;

Nursing Research

It provides scientific basis for the professional practice through application of multiple theory-based and philosophical approaches. It utilizes rigorous guidelines for producing trustworthy, unbiased answers to nursing practice questions. Nurses use research in providing the evidence based care thus promoting high quality health outcomes to for families, individuals, health care systems and the entire community.

Research Utilization

It is a process of disseminating, synthesizing and utilizing research generated knowledge in making an impact or changes on the nursing practices in existence.

Evidence Based Practice

It examines quality improvement data, research findings, expert opinion and other forms of data evaluation in identifying methods for improvements.

In nursing, research is paramount to the future nursing practices as it providers crucial educational components and which are utilized in implementing and changing the4 quality of the nursing practice. Research is an orderly way where possible solutions to answers or problems are examined for questions through the application of methodical or scientific approaches. In nursing, research may be used in production of evidence that a particular way of educating, practice, or administering over other nurses is much beneficial than another. Research Utilization is when the study results or group of studies are adapted into a practical application and which does not relate to the original study. It may be closely related to the Evidence Based Practice in a manner that, the EBP sis a research utilization which involves other considerations or influences specifically for the problem at hand.

The difference between the Research versus the Research Utilization and Evidence Based Practice is the work which is involved (Grove, Susan, Nancy & Jennifer, 2014).

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