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In fact, a good physical fitness could stop DVAM because of two reasons: first, the physical strength of husband can rescue them from bad physical damage (Pagelow ,1985, p. 186). Another reason is a strong body can restrain the violence from one’s wife because she fears of the harm in the future attacks (Todd, A. Migliaccio, 2002). The last and the most obvious reason of DWAM is choosing a wrong wife. Many people believe that person could marry other person only if he/her likes or loves her/he. This behavior is a big gamble because people will change something when the love loses the passion after people get married for several years.

So, our parents always suggest us to know more about our partners or girlfriends/ boyfriends. In fact, women who are violent have some common characteristics. First, people who have the experience of being abused in the childhood have more possibility of acting violence in their marriage life. In a 2001 research paper Foster Care: A Psychological War, Charlotte Weldon claims “the younger a child may be, psychological effects become even more profound. During the first 3 to 4 years of life, many traits are established, strengthened, and made permanent.

There traits include personality, learning processes, and coping with stress and emotions”. The negative environmental conditions cause the children may imitate their parents’ violent behaviors and act it in their own family life. In addition, a bad development environment also causes Borderline Personality disorder. This psychological problem leads women to violent toward men. According to Oregon Counseling that is operated by Mentor Research Institute, Nearly 1%-2% females have Borderline Personality disorder, and more than 50% of DVAM is caused by females who have this problem( About Domestic Violence Against Men, 2007).

Second, alcohol abuse is an important characteristic of women who are possible to abuse man. After drinking alcohol, people will become more emotional and misunderstood and people will control their emotion difficultly. In short, It is necessary to know the partners’ histories as the way to avoid DVAM. In conclusion, DVAM is caused by three reasons above. Low income is the factor that causes many family contradictions; Bad physical fitness leads man to have less self-protect ability against domestic violence; choosing a wrong wife is the key of abusing husbands.

Although DVAM is common in the US, it is still goes unrecognized. First, a lot of programs and organizations encourage females to report domestic violence but nothing encourage males. Second, “although such research has promoted a better understanding of the issue of abuse, most studies have focused almost exclusively on female victims of domestic violence. …The researchers of those studies have acknowledged the presence of abused men, but they generally concluded that husband battering is not as serious or as prevalent”( Todd, A. Migliaccio, 2002).

Case: William Willshire Research

Case: William Willshire Research.

QUESTION: Choose a criminal case or trial in Australian history that attracted a lot of attention when

it occurred. ( THE CASE IS: Case: William Willshire, policeman responsible for murdering Aboriginal

people, 1880s­90s )… What does it tell us about attitudes to crime in Australia, and Australian society

more generally, in its day?

­Make sure to talk about key issues like fear and frontier ? or find other arguments that can relate and

make sure to Substantiate with evidence….

­Would the case have been different if it wasn’t involved with aboriginal people?? Things to think

about and add into argument with the case and scholarly research.

­Make sure to conduct primary resources as well as secondary readings and come up with an

argument that is driven by engagement with my primary research….


­ makes a persuasive and nuanced argument on the basis of a critical evaluation of evidence

­engages with values assumptions and contested meanings into primary source/ secondary.

­moves beyond an understanding of the facts and events to an analysis of the implications of the

arguments at work.

­ Please arrange bibliography into two sections

one entitled “Primary sources” & the other “Secondary sources”

­ Please add these References into bibliography…. & make sure to have other scholarly articles

properly referenced and footnoted.

1. Mulvaney, D. J., ‘Willshire, William Henry (1852–1925)’, Australian Dictionary of Biography,­william­henry­9128/text16101, published first in

hardcopy 1990

2. Willshire, William Henry 1888, The Aborigines of Central Australia : with a vocabulary of the dialect

of the Alice Springs natives, [publisher not identified], [Place of publication not identified]

3. Nettelbeck, A., & Foster, R., In the Name of the Law: William Willshire and the Policing of the

Australian Frontier (Adelaide: Wakefield Press, 2007).


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