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In the prescribed text The Removalists Simmonds is shown to abuse his power when he talks to Ross in a manner that makes out Ross being stupid. Simmonds says “You idiot Ross, don’t you know anything? ” when Ross hits Kenny in the head. Simmonds swearing and belittling Ross is a constant in this play. Simmonds is constantly wanting to be in power and belittling Ross is one way to do it. By Simmonds swearing and verbally abusing Ross he is abusing his power. In The Removalists Kenny is seen to abuse his power by swearing and calling Fiona horrific names. Kenny demonstrates his abuse of power over Fiona when he states “You bitch! when Kenny finds out he is being arrested. Kenny is portrayed as a stereotypical 1970’s Australian male. Kenny is obnoxious and treats his wife very poorly. He demonstrates that numerous times in the play calling her names making this an abuse of power. In the related material Shawshank Redemption, Warden Norton abuses his power by using religious language to disguise his corrupt nature. This is seen just before Tommy is killed, the Warden says “Would you be willing to swear before a judge and jury, having placed your hand on the good book and taken an oath before almighty God himself? ”.

Warden is a corrupt man who betrays himself to be a religious one. With this particular scene he uses his religious standpoint to get facts out of Tommy before killing him, this is an abuse of power. In contrast, verbal abuse of power is conveyed through Simmonds and Kennys stereotypical 1970’s Australian male language in the prescribed text and Warden Nortons deceptive language in the related material, there is a difference in language between the two texts. In both the prescribed text The Removalists and related material Shawshank Redemption, abuse of power is conveyed through physical assault.

In The Removalists Ross kills Kenny in what is a brutal attack after Ross finally snapped. Stage Directions say “Ross knocks him to the floor, punches him and starts to bash his head against the floor” Ross had viciously beaten to death Kenny in a moment of insanity after not being able to take the torment of Kenny and Simmonds any longer. This scene is a perfect example of police brutality and the underlying assumptions that it was normal. In this scene Ross has shown his abuse of power. Also in The Removalists Simmonds shows his police brutality when he repeatedly punches and knees Kenny.

This is evident when stage directions announce “He beats Kenny about the face” and “Simmonds knees him in the gut” after Kenny winds Simmonds up about his sex life with Fiona. Simmonds is another example of police brutality, he has taken law into his own hands. Simmonds needs to always be in charge and exert his power and he does so wrongly on Kenny. In the related material Shawshank Redemption Warden Norton kills Tommy showing his abuse of power. After Tommy told Andy he knew the man who killed Andy’s victims, Andy was too much of a prized procession to Warden Norton so Tommy was killed by the Warden.

The Warden in this scene has taken law into his own hands and abused his power. The prescribed text and related material both convey physical abuse in a similar but different manner. In both texts power is abused physically – potraying the 1970’s male dominance, the only difference is that Shawshank Redemption is with a gun and The Removalists use punches and kicks in the act of police brutality. In both The Removalists and Shawshank Redemption a psychological abuse of power is shown. In a scene both the Removalist and Simmonds gang up on Ross, the Removalist says “No experience. Lifts with his back. Simmonds then says “Well there you are Ross, youre picking up a trade, thats what the force does for you. ” Simmonds and Remmovalist are both implying he is worthless at both jobs. Simmonds and The Removalist both take advantage of their power in this scene and gang up on Ross, showing they are abusing their power. In The Removalists Simmonds constantly abuses his power over Ross. An example of this is when Simmonds says “You stupid great arse” to Ross after Fiona and Kate left. All the verbal abuse Ross gets from Simmonds took a psychological toll on Ross which eventually caused him to snap.

Simmonds in this scene demonstrates again his exert of power and his wanting to always be in charge. In the related material Warden Norton demonstrates his abuse of power when he puts Andy into isolation for two months. This is after Andy confronts Warden about evidence coming forward that he was innocent. Warden Norton inflicts psychological damage in the way he controls and exerts his power on Andy conveying his corrupt nature and abuse of power. In comparison, both texts have similar ways of betraying psychological abuse of power, Ross is belittled by Simmonds and The Removalist and Andy is belittled in isolation by Warden Norton

LSS Define & Tollgate review

LSS Define & Tollgate review.

Using DMAIC for your A3 Report

Posted on October 27, 2009 by business901 — 5 Comments ↓

The definition of an A3 Report is a simple storyboard that tells the whole story of an improvement event on one 11×17 sheet of paper. The left side defines the problem, the right side proposes solutions. That is the basic structure. However, A3 is much more than that. It is the tool used by Toyota to implement the PDCA process. Understanding A3 thinking and you can apply this to problem solving, proposals and status reports. But you have to pick a template and you have to follow some outline in creating an A3 to get it off the ground.

DMAIC.JPGTypically, when I create an A3, I go about it a little differently by utilizing the Six Sigma principles of DMAIC. This acronym stands for Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control. The Six Sigma process improvement process(DMAIC) is closely related to the PDCA lean process. The difference is the set of tools being utilized. I believe DMAIC has a stronger set for variation and process control. The PDCA process has a more simplified version. Depending on your needs either tool applied appropriately can be utilized. Lean has a tendency to be favored initially because of the lack of measurements within most organizations and that process is a little more forgiving. The important part is that you start the process. The chart simplifies the DMAIC process:

·         Define -What is important?

·         Measure – How are we doing?

·         Anaylyze – What is wrong?

·         Improve – What needs to be done?

·         Control – How do we guarantee performance?

Whether you decide to use DMAIC or PDCA for your A3 makes little difference. The tools are just that, tools. The important part is that you have flexibility to format your A3 report in any way that most effectively can tell and demonstrate your story to your team and others. Your goal is not to complete the A3 report, it is to harness all of the benefits through implementation from the problem solving that took place.

I use A3 Reporting in the marketing process. It demonstrates and recaps the thoughts, efforts and actions that took place for a particular campaign, such as advertising or public relations or even a launch. This report can really highlight the value that marketing supplies. I will be discussing DMAIC and A3 and how it applies to the foundation of the Lean Marketing House™ in the upcoming weeks.


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