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Absolute Power essay

weather a person is born into a powerful family or rises to the top on their own , chances are that their possession of or desire for power will shape who they are

Language Analysis Paper

Language Analysis Paper.

Language Analysis Paper

Introduction (.5 – 1 page)

The introduction of your paper should give an overview of linguistics. 

·         What is linguistics?

·         Overview of linguistic features

·         Brief descriptions of the two speakers that you will be analyzing (the nonnative speaker and native speaker) and overview of their distinctive features and how they compare to each other


2.      Morpho-Syntactic Analysis (4 pages)
In this part of your paper, you will analyze the written samples of English from your two subjects.  You will use your morphology and syntax assignments as the data for your paper.  Your report should include examples from your assignments with analysis, and evidence that you have read relevant readings from our textbook.

·         Morphology (suggested topics)

·   Content and function words

·   Roots, derivational, and inflectional morphemes

·   Bound and free morphemes

·   Morphemes in English

·   Morphemes in other language

·         Syntax (suggested topics)

·   Word order

·   Word relationships

·   Grammatical relations

·   Hierarchy in syntax

·   Relationship between syntax and grammar


3.      Phonetics Phonology Analysis (4 pages)
In this part of your paper, you will analyze the speech samples from your two subjects.  You will use your phonetics and phonology assignments as the data for your paper.  Using your knowledge of phonemes (voicing, place and manner of articulation) you will look at a few words and phrases in each of the speech samples.  Address any mispronunciations, assimilation or elision that you find.  Your report should include examples with analysis, and evidence that you have read relevant readings from our textbook.

·         Phonetics

·   Relationship between speech sounds and orthography

·   International phonetic alphabet

·   Phonemes (place and manner of articulation)

·   Comparison of speech sounds between native and nonnative English speakers

·         Phonology

·   Allomorphs

·   Syllables

·   Stress, pitch, and juncture

·   Comparison of intonation between native and nonnative English speakers


4.      Conclusion (.5 – 1 page)
The conclusion should summarize your new perspective on linguistics and language.  If you plan to have your own classroom, describe how your new perspective will inform your teaching of English Language Arts. 

Your final paper will be a total of 9-10 pages (not counting cover page and references).  Your paper should be APA format, size 12, Times New Roman font. 

There are several elements in a well-written paper.  Ask yourself these six questions to see if your paper is well-rounded: 

  1. How’s my introduction? Does it introduce the topic adequately?
  2. Have I shown that I have concrete experience in the topics being discussed? (Narratives make research more engaging, but be careful that the bulk of the paper isn’t narrative.)
  3. Have I reflected adequately on my concrete experience?
  4. Have I incorporated (and cited) third persons into my paper (books, lecture, other sources)?
  5. Have I shown that I can apply what I’ve learned to a new situation? (In this case, your future classroom.)
  6. How’s my conclusion? Have I effectively closed the topic?

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The role of the rabbi in the formulation of the Jews canon

Absolute Power essay The role of the rabbi in the formulation of the Jews canon.

Discussion the role of the rabbi in the formulation of the Jews canon the emergency of christian canons in the second and third and fourth centuries and the influences of the enlightenment on scriptures and traditions (should only come from the book) “Jews Christians, Muslims.

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Critically evaluate one of the arguments by which Descartes

Critically evaluate one of the arguments by which Descartes.


The essay will consist of two parts:  1) In the first and shorter part (approximately 1 page) you will explain why Descartes sets out to doubt everything he once thought he knew and how he arrives at the one immediate certainty that he exists. (It will also be useful in this context to say something about how according to Descartes in Med. 4 we can avoid ever being in error).  2) In the second part which will form the bulk of your paper, analyze and critically evaluate one of the arguments by which Descartes attempts to prove either a) the existence of God or b) the existence of an external physical world. You have two choices here: choose either a) or b) as your focus and, if you choose a), focus on one of the three arguments by which Descartes tries to prove God’s existence, briefly indicating how it differs from the other two. Analyzing an argument requires clearly stating and explaining all of its steps as well as showing how they logically lead to the conclusion. Critically evaluating the argument requires you to question each premise (is it true? Is it vulnerable to objections? Can counter-examples be brought against it?) as well as the logic of the argument  3) Your conclusion should state why you either do or do not think, based on what you have shown in your paper, that Descartes has succeeded in arriving at the knowledge he sought.  description 2/2 General guidelines:  1) Provide page references to document and support everything you say, using the numbers on the margins of the text.  2) Go through several drafts of your essay, editing for clarity, accuracy, and organization: qualities that are absolutely essential in an essay of this type.  3) Proofread the essay carefully before submitting the final version. Essays that are practically unreadable on account of awkward and ungrammatical sentences, typos, etc., will not receive a satisfactory grade.  4) Let your own voice be heard, but in such a way that you argue for and support what you wish to say. A sentence beginning “I wish to demonstrate that.. .” is perfectly acceptable, but a sentence beginning “I feel that…” is not.  5) Remember that the issues Descartes is dealing with are important issues. Learning to care about them, think and reflect on them, before starting to write. That will make all the difference. Book:René Descartes,Meditations on First Philosophy, with Selection from the Objections and Replies 

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Gender and Transformational Leadership

Gender and Transformational Leadership.

 Gender and Transformational Leadership Review the information in your textbook about women and transformational leadership and the article by Lopez-Zafra, Gardia-Retamero, and Martos (2012) about transformational leadership and emotional intelligence. Discuss how qualities and styles of leadership differ by gender and describe some of the key factors that shape views of female leaders. Present an example from an organization that illustrates differences in gender leadership styles.

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What interesting about mobile marketing? Social media and vertical video as communication tools

What interesting about mobile marketing? Social media and vertical video as communication tools.

What interesting about mobile marketing? Social media and vertical video as communication tools Academic Level : Professional Paper details Hello, this will be a part of my placement report related to my internship in a production company in London. So this will be similar of a dissertation but shorter. I will add the dissertation proposal that you did like a month ago, the work needs to start from there but I’d like to add more authors and i also need to improve the literature review but since on this topic there are not many sources, it is fundamental to point out this aspect and how mobile marketing is still new but is in a moment of rising. I will require other 2 thousands words possibly always with you so it will have the same style of writing. Please try to focus on Production aspect of vertical videos and on Challenges of doing that. Also how this Trend of vertical video is going. Also please point out that vertical video are in rise since the creation of social media and the mobile format that make it easier to watch it in format 365. And how vertical videos are a new tool of communication. Please if you can find examples in this article Industries has used this vertical- support explain on: Aspects of social video like What is new, What is innovative, Challenges and opportunities, Vertical video festivals (that I can look up for you and maybe you can include them here or in the next part.

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“The Great Debaters” Film Assignment

“The Great Debaters” Film Assignment.

Instructions You must watch the film “The Great Debaters.” You may find this film on Amazon (prime). For those of you who do not have an amazon prime account, I encourage you to sign up for “the student” account. I am not sure if there is a trail period, but I am certain that you receive a few perks with a student account versus a regular account. Once you watch the film and decide that you do not want to continue your subscription, you can cancel. Below is the link to sign up and watch the film. You should be able to rent the film as well (google search for this option). Either way, you cannot complete this assignment without watching this film. Assignments: There are two Parts of this assignment to complete. The first part, you must thoroughly answer the questions asked (MLA format) and upload to the assignments folder labeled “The Great Debaters_Part I”, and the second part you must thoroughly answer the analysis statements (MLA format) and upload to the assignments folder labeled “The Great Debaters_Part II.”

“The Great Debaters” Film Assignment: Directions: (Part I) In complete sentences, thoroughly answer the questions or statements that follow while watching the film.

(Part II) In a well-developed essay, you must type your answers to the analysis statements below. PART I: The Great Debaters: Questions to answer during the film (40 points) Question 1. Do you believe education is the only way out? Explain your answer. Question 2. What is the difference between the resolve and the affirmative? Question 3. Explain what he means by “Your Words being your weapon.” Question 4. In today’s technological age, is it possible to write your own dictionary? Explain your answer. Question 5. Do you believe welfare discourages hard work? Explain your answer. Question 6. Identify all the persuasive techniques you recognize during the debate versus Paul Quinn College. Question 7. In the debate versus Oklahoma City University, the opposition (white debater) accounts a personal example and a quote from whom during this portion of the debate. Which rhetorical appeal is this? Question 8. When planning their debate against Harvard University, what point did Samantha suggest should go last? Why? Question 9. List two persuasive techniques James Farmer, Jr. uses throughout the debate and give examples from the scene to support these techniques. Question 10. Analyze why the Wiley Debaters were so successful. Give specific techniques they used to hook their audience, language and vocabulary used, and the support they used to defend their position. Bonus. Why is Forest Whitaker’s statement about the greatest weakness of man important to the Wylie debate team? PART II: The Great Debaters: Analysis of debates (60 points) Throughout the movie, you will see THREE COMPLETE debates. You must write a complete analysis essay. This includes an introduction + thesis statement, three fully developed paragraphs, a conclusion, and works cited page. For each debate, answer the following: 1. Resolution (the point/claim to prove). 2. Any use of pathos (emotional appeal). Remember, the writer /speaker’s aim should NOT be to manipulate the reader/audience through emotions but to appeal to needs that all humans have in common. 3. Any use of ethos (appeal to credibility). 4. Any use of logos (logical appeal). Remember, a logical appeal depends on reasoning and evidence, appealing more to the audience’s intellect than their emotions. 5. Counterargument/s – Follows a concession (a respectful acknowledgement of an opposing viewpoint) and strongly counters, or refutes the opposing viewpoint. Every essay that you submit within this class will consist of five fully developed paragraphs (introduction + thesis, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion). See five paragraph essay (Review). Each paragraph must contain at least 8-12 fully developed sentences (this includes source information) and page length depends upon the information you include within your essay. Typically for a research supported paper your essay is about four to five pages (fully developed), try not to exceed five full pages. I seek quality, (organized, unified, coherent, and well-developed essays) not quantity. I prefer your mistakes as opposed to a paper full of information in order to fulfill page requirements. See common errors in writing (Review). To avoid plagiarism, you should write a draft about your topic from your perspective and then include related and relevant sources. I want to hear “your voice” (thoughts and opinions upon the topic) within the essay. The sources are included to support your thesis and make your argument stronger. See plagiarism section (MLA). To reduce unorganization within your paper, include three points within your thesis to guide each paragraph. See sample MLA paper (MLA). In addition, you all are restricted to the number of sources you can include within your essay

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Leadership Analysis

Leadership Analysis.

Leadership Analysis


Paper details:

This paper is a leadership analysis about a current leader that I have chosen, which is Colin Kaepernick. This assignment will not focus on politics or engage in an analysis of the chosen leader’s political views. This assignment should focus on the “Analysis of Leadership Styles” and the “Impact on a Vulnerable Population”. I have also provided you will necessary links to help you in this paper. Please use these links to help you analyze my chosen leader Colin Kaepernick Strength Based Leaderships (SBL): Here are some websites about Colin Kaepernick:

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