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Abraham Ribicoff – Democratic Convention Nomination of George McGovern summary and response essay help i

Abraham Ribicoff Speech Nominating George McGovern for the U.S. Presidency delivered 28 August 1968, Democratic National Convention, Chicago, Illinois Abraham Ribicoff: George McGovern is a man full of goodness. He is a man without guile. He is a whole man. And because he is a whole man, he can bring a sense of wholeness to a divided nation that so desperately needs its parts put together. George McGovern is a man who has peace in his soul. And because George McGovern has peace in his soul, he can translate that peace to our cities, our states, the nation, and this world. The basic problem that we face here tonight is an indivisible peace — peace abroad and peace at home — and here was a man, long before it was a cause that was popular to espouse, George McGovern in 1963 called attention to the great problems of Vietnam, and its significance and meaning to the United States of America — at home, abroad — in its relationship with all the people of the entire world. George McGovern understood from the very depths of his being that napalm, and gas, and 500,000 Americans in the swamps of Vietnam was not the answer to the people of Vietnam or the people of the United States. George McGovern, ladies and gentlemen, had another solution for Vietnam. I served with him in the Kennedy Administration. And there, George was in charge for President Kennedy of the Food for Peace program. And George’s concept for underdeveloped countries is food; his concept is shelter, education, health, opportunity, and to bring a sense of brotherhood to submerged billions of people, wherever they may be. I’ll tell you why I’m for George McGovern. George McGovern is one of the few men in public life today any place in the world who has passion in his heart and a commitment to the very depths of his soul. And what this nation lacks, lady [sic] and gentlemen, is a sense of commitment and a sense of passion for all the people of this entire nation and the entire world. George McGovern is not satisfied that 10 million Americans go to bed hungry every night. George McGovern is not satisfied that four and a half million Americans — families — live in rat infested and roach encrusted houses. George McGovern is not satisfied that in this nation of ours — in this great nation of ours — our infant mortality is so high that we rank 21st in all the nations of the world. George McGovern brings out of the prairies of South Dakota a new wind, a wind that will be able to lift the smog of uncertainty from throughout our great land of ours. We need unity; and we can only have unity with a new face and new ideas and new ideals. The youth of America rallied to the standards of men like George McGovern like they did to the standards of John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. And with George McGovern as President of the United States we wouldn’t have to have Gestapo tactics in the streets of Chicago! With George McGovern we wouldn’t have a National Guard. You bet. You bet.

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Business Law Research.


As the next generation business leaders, you are expected to be familiar with the latest development around the world, one of which at current time is digital disruptions. This exercise will offer you the opportunity to understand at least one disruptive technology, and to analyse the impact of your chosen technology on the elements of a business contract. To make your arguments easier, you may select a form of business contract as you wish. 


You may refer to page 17 of the Productivity Commission paper referenced below for the definition of disruption.

To facilitate your arguments and analysis, it is advised that you make two calculated decisions before you write:

You should pick up a particular type of business contract which is of interest to you and focus your writing on this type of contract only. And,

You should pick up one type of digital disruptions from the following list[1]:

Blockchain technology

Mobile internet

Cloud computing

Automation of knowledge work

Internet of things (IoT)

Advanced robotics

Autonomous vehicles

Next-generation Genomics

Next generation storage

3D printing

Advanced materials

Advanced Oil and Gas Exploration and Recovery

Renewable Electricity



Productivity Commission 2016, Digital Disruption: What do governments need to do?, Commission Research Paper, Canberra.

[1] Maria Fonseca, “What is a disruptive technology?” on Maria Fonseca, Guide to 12 Disruptive Technology Examples (03 February 2014) < >.

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