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Abraham Lincoln University Blues Verse Poem Writing Task

Abraham Lincoln University Blues Verse Poem Writing Task.

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I want you to write a 3-line Blues verse. It is really only 2 lines because the second line is repeated.
The end of lines 2 and 3 should rhyme.
It does not have to be personal.
You should write about typical blues subjects: relationship problems, money problems, etc.
Here is an example from the textbook.
You never miss your water till your well runs dry,
No, you never miss your water till your well runs dry,
I never missed my baby till she said good-bye.
Abraham Lincoln University Blues Verse Poem Writing Task

Introduction Urban planning is a discipline that explores aspects of the built and environment of communities and municipalities. It is also a discipline that deals with development on small scale i.e. landscape architecture and urban design. Urban planning is concerned with the designing and ranking of settlements from the world’s smallest to the largest cities. History and chronology Urban planning and redevelopment have existed for not more than a century. However, cities and settlements have displayed degrees of forethought and design in their functioning layout. With the growth of agriculture, nomadic existence was replaced. This resulted in the emergence of human settlements. Larger settlements began to appear and became centers for defense, trade, politics, and distributing agricultural produce. The Harrapan civilizations, the Mesopotamia, Ur, and cities of the Indus valley in India are among the earliest cities where planning and management of cities begun. They portrayed some form of planning because they were often paved and laid out in a grid pattern. There was also a hierarchy of streets with small residential alleyways and commercial boulevards. The ancient cities from archaeological evidence had houses that were laid out to protect them from odors, noise, and thieves. They also had their own drainage, wells, large granaries, and sanitation. In 407 BC Alexandria city was laid out by Hippodamus. It was the best example of an ideal form of urban planning in early times which has been used or improved on to this day. (Garvin, 2002) Ancient Romans used urban planning schemes for civil convenience and military defense. The basic feature was a central plaza with all services centralized and it was surrounded by a rectilinear grid of streets that were built for defense purposes. The city was built near a river, to carry away sewage and provide water and transport for the residents. Two diagonal streets crossed the square grid from one corner to the other in order to reduce travel times. Roads were made of stones that were carefully fitted together. An ideal city emerged in Florence. In this city, a star-shaped plan was adopted. Radial streets extended outwards from a center of military, spiritual or communal powers, for example, the Vigevano city (1493-1495) In the 20th century a movement begun for providing people especially factory workers with a healthier working environment. The garden cities concept and models were adopted, the first being in the UK where Welwyn and Letchworth garden cities were built. However, in the post-modern era planning has eliminated disorders and concentrated on diversity in the economy as well as society. Key issues Sustainable urban development Sustainable urban development is defined as the development that improves the short and long-term ecological health and social health of cities. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Associated issues with sustainable urban development Some of the associated issues are efficient land use directed to prevent any land wastage, less automobile use in the urban but with better access, efficient use of resources, less waste and pollution, good housing and conducive environment for living, a healthy ecology, community participation and involvement, sustainable economics and preservation of the local culture. The problem of urban planning and redevelopment poses a challenge to the planners especially the implementation of sustainability visions, programmer, and policies, and the need to modify institutions of planning to achieve these goals. (Garvin, 2002) Aspects of planning These are simply the things that must be kept in mind when planning is being done. Aesthetics Successful urban planning is supposed to consider the character of local identity, respect for natural, historic and artistic heritage, an understanding of “townscape” or “urban grain” pedestrians, and other modes of traffic natural regards and utilities such as flood zones in the city. Planners apply tools like zoning to manage and use growth management in order to manage the pace at which development takes place. Many beautiful cities today are a result of dense, long-term systems of prohibitions and guidance about building uses, sizes, and features smart growth is a contemporary term being used in more repackaged conventional planning techniques. (Garvin, 2002) Safety This is another issue that arises under the aspects of planning. History holds that most cities were located on higher grounds for defense purposes and also near freshwater sources as escape routes. Security is one issue that is sought after by every individual and therefore urban planners spend most of their time ensuring that safety is incorporated in their planning techniques. In modern times cities have grown in coastal as well as flood areas making them more prone to storm and flood surges. These emergencies are mitigated with secure emergency evacuation routes and emergency operations points. Urban planning has gone the extra mile into designing out crime and considering “traffic calming” and pedestrianization as better ways of making life in urban areas more pleasant. Criminality has been controlled through structures designed from different theories such as environmental determinism and social- architecture. (Garvin, 2002) The theories assert that an urban environment can affect an individual’s level of obedience to social rules. Psychological pressure is said to develop in densely developed and unpardoned areas. The stress brings about crime and the use of illegal drugs. The remedy is more space for individuals and a better and more beautiful designed living environment. The “eyes on the street” concept maintain that improving surveillance of land (which is shared and facilities of nearby residents), through increasing the number of persons who can see it will help residents easily detect undesirable behavior, hence helping curb criminal activities and make urban centers safer. The “broken windows theory” states that some small things which act as indicators of neglect can also promote crime, for example, broken windows and unkempt lawns. This is taken to mean a state of decay and people likewise fail to maintain their properties. The theory suggests that it is abandonment that causes crime and not vice-versa. We will write a custom Research Paper on Urban Planning and Redevelopment specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Slums This is another issue associated with aspects of planning, a significant need for planning strategies and resources is required to address slum development. Urban decay This is a process where a city or part of it falls into a state where it can not be repaired, it is characterized by property abandonment, depopulation, fragmented families, crime, high unemployment, political disenfranchisement, and an unfriendly and desolate urban landscape. Urban decay is caused by poor urban planning decisions, suburbanization, development of freeways, redlining, racial discrimination, and immigration restrictions. (Hoch, 2000) Transport A good transportation network brings about development but any development beyond a certain density quickly overcrowds transportation. For many years transportation in urban areas has been a major problem characterized by long hours that are spent on roads due to traffic jams. Good planning policies positions higher densities of residents and jobs near places with high-volume transport network, for example, commerce and multi-story apartments are permitted in one block of train stations. Single-family homes and parks are placed further away. A common method used to measure densities is the floor area ratio. The floor area of buildings is computed and divided by the area of the land. Most city centers have a density of five and above while sky scrappers easily hold a density of more than thirty. The impact of poor and good urban planning is always felt by all the people inside and outside the urban environment. Those inside are however the most affected because they spend more hours in the urban environment, effects of bad drainage systems on urban dwellers may be a bad odor, diseases, and traffic jams which cause a lot of time wastage. If the urban centers are well planned, the above-mentioned problems cease to exist and dwellers enjoy a more pleasant life. Those outside the urban cities are affected because most industries are located in these centers. A good or bad transport network in these centers determines the duration the manufactured goods and services take to reach them. The urban planning problems in the past were addressed through limiting traveling which was aimed at reducing crowds in the cities, use of levees, and retaining walls that were used as shelter from floods. These measures bore fruits because there were reduced jams on the urban roads and lives were saved from the effect of floods and other emergencies. (Camillo, 1999) Alternative solutions to urban problems do exist, urban planners must consider the threat brought about by floods by localizing the affected regions and convert them into greenbelts. This would add the benefit of open space. Urban areas in extreme weather or other emergencies can be surrounded by emergency evacuation routes and emergency operations centers. Creative solutions like Nairobi’s “camp of fire” program should be adopted to reduce the problem of the slum in urban places. Slum-dwellers construct proper houses, community centers, and schools without the support of the government in return for the land they have illegally occupied for 30 years. This program has also been initiated in Asia and South America in order to deal with the slum problem. Racial discrimination should also Hoch, C.(2000), be avoided. Races considered inferior are segregated and they retreat back into their own ways of life thus culminating in the growth of slums. Not sure if you can write a paper on Urban Planning and Redevelopment by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Areas that are densely built should have a high capacity of urban transit to make transportation easier. Single-family dwellings should be located further away from cities and average roads provided to them while multi-story apartments should be located near a high-volume transport network. Commercial areas and industrial regions should also have high-capacity transit routes. House numbering, streets labeling, and naming are also other major solutions to urban planning problems which minimize the time taken by pedestrians, motorists in the streets trying to locate places they have never been before the results being the increased movement of traffic and reduced jams along the roads. (Camillo, 1999) Theories proved to have worked should also be adopted in urban planning and redevelopment, for example, “the roadway air dispersion model” that helps to predict the impact of air on urban highways should be employed. “Roadways noise model” should be used to predict the effects of noise pollution on urban highways. Environmental site assessment is also another important tool that can be used by urban planners in the early stages to identify toxic constraints in any parcels or geographical areas. The cost to be incurred in implementing the above viable solutions is high with huge amounts from the government budget directed towards urban planning. In the initial stages implementing these solutions may call for patience from the public because of the delayed duration of time in reaching their destinations. Conversely, the benefits are numerous, for example, de-congestion of cities, reduced crimes, comfortable and pleasant lives without much stress. My recommendation is that the planning process should integrate public opinion through social workers and community organizers so as to ensure that planning is done in a manner acceptable to all. The public administration will therefore have an easy time due to public involvement in the planning process and therefore any failure cannot be directed to the administration. References Camillo, S. (1999), City planning according to artistic principle, New York, Prentice Hall, pg. 121-158. Ebenezer, H. (1998), Tomorrow, a peaceful path to real reforms. London; penguin, pg. 55 -78. Garvin, A. (2002), The American city, New York: McGraw-Hill, pg. 78- 145. Hoch, C. (2000), The practice of local government planning, New York: McGraw-Hill, pg. 23 – 58. Wheeler, S, (1998), Planning sustainable and livable cities, London: Cambridge University Press, pg. 134 – 215.
Table of Contents Introduction The OSHA Benzene Exposure Rule Similar ethical dilemma or conflict currently in the news Bribery/gift giving and other scenarios Works Cited Introduction Business ethics are obligations that the management of a business should follow in doing business activities. Reflectively, when a business fails to follow these obligations, ethical dilemmas are likely to occur and negatively affect such the business. Based on the code of ethics, the management of a business should exercise integrity. Business ethics are presented as influenced by internal and external factors which when improperly aligned, result in an ethical dilemma. The main contributory factors to ethical dilemmas in the business environment include personal feelings and thoughts that are improper, especially on self-concept, motivation, attitudes, emotions and perceptions. This analytical treatise attempts to explicitly review the OSHA benzene exposure rule in terms of business ethics. The OSHA Benzene Exposure Rule An ethical decision can be defined as a decision with moral and legal appeal to the wider community. The aspect of commitment is a crucial element in examining ethicality of a decision. In precision, for these decisions to hold and be positively assimilated into the market environment, a series of tests are carried out by gathering facts and incorporating them in defined issues surrounding ethics to test the consciousness in application. The aspect of competency is critical in separating the premises from assumptions in making ethical decisions. Thus, the suggestion is ethical since it considers the moral value of doing business. Lowering the limit of benzene exposure to 1ppm is not enough since even an exposure of this small magnitude has effects of health of employees. Despite the lower exposure, the effects in long term may be as severe as higher exposure in short term. Besides, little health protection will be observed by companies or work environments that have lowered their benzene exposure to meet the1ppm standard (Harris et al. 34). I disagree with the ruling since it creates a vacuum in companies to lower their strategies for complete work environment safety. Besides, companies that obey the lowered exposure will be very reluctant to compensate employees who are victims of benzene exposure in the long run. However, the lowered benzene exposure level will protect the employees from extreme carelessness on the part of the work environment. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Besides, employees will be in a position to defend and sue companies who do not obey the benzene exposure limit and may demand compensation when necessary. The OSHA rule is currently for time-weighted average limit of Benzene exposure since it tracks the exposure limits continuously in work environments that use benzene (Harris et al. 34). Similar ethical dilemma or conflict currently in the news The recent move to lift the tap water ban in some divisions of West Virginia after the chemical spill which was widely believed to have contaminated the water supply is an ethical dilemma. Despite Governor Tomblin’s assurance, it is apparent that the contaminated water is not fully good for consumption. It is unethical to make a rush decision of resuming consumption of water in West Virginia when the chemical spill is less than two week old. The dual pillar approach to ethical leadership comprises of a combination of moral being and moral management skills. The combination of the two aspects is critical in building ethical leadership reputation since executive responsibility functions on moral codes that promote proactive leadership (Harris et al. 24). In fact, it may destroy the West Virginia Water Company’s external market since customers will opt for other alternatives. Besides, it is the responsibility of the management team at the company to give the customers quality water products. This suggestion would betray the elements of trust between the company and the market. The process of decision making is dependent on heuristic since it provides assumptions, integration of options, and ethical control. Decision environment often experience dynamics and swings which create short and long term effect on chances of survival for two alternatives to solve a problem. When faced with a decision dilemma that requires critical assessments, analysis resorts to analytical tools that ensure competitive positioning advantage. Each option is assigned to a quadrant with predetermined response strategies and ‘follow-ups’ upon implementation. The water company ought to have considered the views of the customers before deciding to resume water supply after the chemical spill. The economical consideration in making a socially responsible ethical decision is a dichotomous path. The social responsibility of a business is to make profit. However, reducing ethical behavior to solely economical consideration is not enough. We will write a custom Essay on The OSHA Benzene Exposure Rule specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More If companies are solely driven by profit motive, they will end up taking an unethical decision that may do society more harm than good. Today businesses are responsible in taking prominent roles in societal building and therefore ethical conduct devoid of profit motive becomes more important. Bribery/gift giving and other scenarios Some ethical beliefs portend that necessary economic rationality leads to ethical behavior. In other words, such ideas of ethical conduct believe that unethical behavior is not profitable for the business such as bribery and gift giving. However, in case of the conspiracy, fraud, and misreporting, it must be understood that following the unethically correct path necessarily mean that it would be financially viable. In order to make the whole process to be ethically right, it is necessary to understand that it would restore the faith of customers and employees. This is summarized in the diagram below. (Source: Self generated) Works Cited Harris, Charles, Michael Pritchard, Michael Rabin, Ray James, and Eliaine Englehardt. Engineering ethics: Concepts and cases. Alabama, Al: Cengage Learning, 2013. Print.

Miami University Centipedes Venom Survival Discussion

Miami University Centipedes Venom Survival Discussion.

Instructions: There are a lot of articles that you can find on the web (e.g. Science Daily, Discovery News, BBC, CNN, Nature, Science) about evolution, new fossil finds, and new species identified.  For this discussion you need to find one of these relatively current (within the last year) articles that relates to Chapters 11-14.  When you have identified the article you need to do the following that involves several postings by you.

Your first post is about the article: 
write at least 300 words in length about the article which includes-
A three- four sentence summary of the articles main point or purpose of the information.
A short discussion on how the article specifically relates to the class and/or chapters we are studying
A statement about why the article is important and what you think about the material in the article.
Any questions you have regarding the article

Miami University Centipedes Venom Survival Discussion

WRC 1013 UTSA Air Force Office of Special Investigations Education & Career Essay

best essay writers WRC 1013 UTSA Air Force Office of Special Investigations Education & Career Essay.

Attached to this is a file with the assignment and requirementsAssignment: Based on the definitions for work, career,profession, and vocation, write an explanation of your chosen field or a field you are interested in. What does each of these words mean for your field? Also, what do the experts in your field have to say about these terms? The introduction should mention these four terms. The thesis should mention the chosen field and why examining it is necessary and interesting The goal of the essay is to better understand your chosen field and its value The conclusion of the essay should examine how, based on your field, approaching work as a livelihood or as a vocation will coincide in or confuse daily life.Its due by July 20th The field I chose or work I chose is an investigator I want to be an OSI in the Airforce.It has to be 3-5page essay, using MLA guidelines, with at least 4 sources
WRC 1013 UTSA Air Force Office of Special Investigations Education & Career Essay

TRA 2010 FSCJ The Effects of Covid 19 on The Transport Industry Term Paper

TRA 2010 FSCJ The Effects of Covid 19 on The Transport Industry Term Paper.

I’m working on a supply chain report and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Tackle today’s transportation challenges, strategies, changes, etc., as it relates to the COVID-19 environment we’re operating in today. What impact is the Pandemic having on the transportation industry?SubmissionYour term paper draft will be 4-5 pages in length, not including the title or reference pages, and include an introduction with a thesis statement and a conclusion that summarizes the main ideas. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence supported by 3-5 sentences that offer additional details, explanation, and examples. The essay should be free of errors in grammar, sentence structure, and other mechanics. In addition, the essay should be in APA format, which includes Times New Roman, 12 point font with double line spacing and one inch margins. You will submit the assignment as a Word document with the file name LastName_FirstName_TermPaperDraft.This assignment requires a file upload submission. After you have reviewed the assignment instructions and rubric, as applicable, complete your submission by selecting the Submit Assignment button next to the assignment title. Browse for your file and remember to select the Submit Assignment button below the file to complete your submission. Review the confirmation annotation that presents after submission.
TRA 2010 FSCJ The Effects of Covid 19 on The Transport Industry Term Paper

IRLS 655 American Military University Wk 5 The Transformation of War Discussion

IRLS 655 American Military University Wk 5 The Transformation of War Discussion.

I’m working on a global studies multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me study.

W6: WARContains unread postsAvailable on Monday, March 8, 2021 12:00 AM ESTAnswer the following prompt:War has changed in some ways, while it has remained the same in others. Discuss one or two areas in which you believe war has remained relatively constant in the modern age (since World War I), and one or two where it seems radically ‘new,’ in terms of its conduct.W6: Regional Issues: Mexico, South and Central America, Caribbean, and AfricaContains unread postsDiscussion Questions: What is the effect of illicit trafficking networks on a source, transit, or user state? (RESULTS) Provide examples.W6: Latin America: International organizations’ affects on security issuesContains unread postsundefinedAvailable on Thursday, March 4, 2021 12:00 AM EST until Friday, March 4, 2022 12:00 AM ESTLatin American security issues are affected by both intergovernmental and non-governmental international organizations. These international organizations may have a worldwide, or regional focus. Based on your course readings and other readings, defend or challenge the proposition that regional international organizations have had a more positive influence on Latin American security, than international organizations with a worldwide orientation.
IRLS 655 American Military University Wk 5 The Transformation of War Discussion