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What kind of the person is the main character (You) in Lorrie Moore’s short story, How? According to the description inside the contents, the woman, you, is a white-collar class office lady at the age of mid-thirty or older by speculation. We can implicitly know that she may have a well-pay job, and that she can live independently. From her unique tone of speaking throughout the story, readers will little by little form a charming, sophisticated feminine figure, which is smart and knowledgeable, somewhat indifferent and cool.

She is clever and confident, but for love she holds with ambivalence, and that’s the major conflict in this story. 2. What’s kind of person is the other main character (He)? Readers perceive less from this character, the woman’s boyfriend. We mostly feel his emotion by his outward actions and words. He is good-looking, trendy and sentimental. He must be younger than the woman, less mature as well. He depends on the woman to a certain degree, psychologically and financially maybe.

He “wants to go with you” and “wants to be what it is that you want to be. ” He adores the woman by true heart, imitating her own tastes and preference, doing all that to try to please her. 3. What’s their relationship? By the woman’s point of view, she somewhat despises him for his ignorance. He doesn’t have common sense, nor can he detect what she’s bearing in mind. The woman is unsatisfied with their relationship. At first she feels “discovered, comforted, needed loved,” but as they’ve been together longer, her love for him dies away.

She feels bored. She shows apartness while he endeavors to make up. She feels love for him every now and then, but she begins to “plot her getaway. ” It was a stalemate until the man is diagnosed sick. Their life adds a lot more lugubrious scenes. She becomes lachrymose and distracted. He somnambulates, babbling. Their love turns out to be a nightmare. She makes decision to end their relationship. As time passes, “the sadness will die like an old dog. ” Everything will fade out, the story is over.

3-4 page double-spaced Ethical Consideration based on the case “June At The Multiplex”.

Read the case “June At The Multiplex” (attached) and write a 3-4 page double-spaced ethical consideration related to the case. An example of an ethical consideration is also attached as two files. Include your own ethical questions with answers related to the case. Ethical considerations in research are a set of principles that guide your research designs and practices. These principles include voluntary participation, informed consent, anonymity, confidentiality, potential for harm, and results communication.