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about newborns that amazes you and explain why. Use examples and/or quotations from our course readings and lectures to support your explanation and analysis.

Demonstrate your understanding of the readings and lectures cohesively. The structure of the paper includes: (1) a clear opening paragraph indicating what you are going to discuss in this paper, (2) comprehensive analyses and explanations supported by the assigned readings and lectures, and (3) a concluding paragraph that clearly sums up your thoughts on the subject.

E-Business Website Analysis: Report

Introduction The buying decisions of a customer are considerably influenced by the recommendations or suggestions provided by their friends or near ones, then the information that may have had by any other form of advertising. However, new media forms like e-marketing have increased the scope of shopping in the world of today (Arora 2007; Liao, Proctor and Salvendy, 2009). The objective of any marketing entity is to increase the revenue for the organization either through an increase in sales volume or an increase in margins (Arora 2007). Because of the vicious competitiveness in most markets as well as the increase in intelligence of the customer, it is not easy for a business entity to charge high prices or rates while increasing its margins at the same time. Hence, raising the volume of sales may fulfill the objective of increasing revenue. The organizations should aim at learning the impact of relationship marketing strategy on online consumers, the effect of website security on online consumers, the extent of a customer’s satisfaction impact on e-commitment, the e-trust impact of electronic word of mouth and e-commitment impact electronic word of mouth to the customers (Burkey, College, and Delaware, 2007). Then it should be able to explain how commitment, communication, proper conflict handling, and trust create a good relationship in a business (Kalakota and Whinston, 1997). There is a dearth of information on customer satisfaction and trust in the British context of online retailing. Moreover, the role that commitment plays could be just as relevant as trust and satisfaction, but there is a gap in the existing literature about this. Therefore, the results of this study will be able to enlighten online retailers on how to maximize relationship quality, so they can retain their customers, and cultivate customer satisfaction and loyalty. Retailers must understand that it is not always about the price that matters to customers (Korper and Ellis, 2001). The fashion industry is an old and established type of business that has become subject to many changes due to deregulation and technological developments like online shops. Many fashion companies have branches in different countries but can reach all parts of the world. This expansionism and diversity make them stocks among the hardest subjects to analyze. General Overview The website of the company can be found on the following URL: At first glance, the website’s design seems rather overcrowded but it does a good job in providing informative content about subjects as the products, patents, and target customer. The target customer of the website appears to be from first glance to include both men and women. The division of the website is easy to follow with the main products of the company provided in the first and main tab section. These include clothes and gift cards. Additionally, the company sets itself apart through its customer support services. The link to asking a question is among the first things to notice near the top of the page. Regardless of the overcrowded first impression, one gets upon opening the website of the company, it is still important to note that their topics are divided into main and subtopics. Main topics include subjects as women and women while subtopics are comprised of how it works; refer to a friend about Indi, resources, and testimonials. It targets its variety of customers well through its provision of different clothes ranging from jeans to gift cards. What is also helpful is the useful information section, which includes miscellaneous but very practical information as to what to do when shopping online. The company’s policies concerning clients’ eligibility and terms of practice are also very easy to locate down the page, which is indeed very clarifying. The tab to the information about the company itself is also strategically very well located on the website. From the first look, the website is very visually appealing. The combination of the colors red, white, black, and blue provides a familiar image that is pertinent to the context of the company’s overall presentation of itself as a fashion company. In addition to the coherence in color and theme selection, the company does also a good job in its layout presentation. What is made even bolder is the idea of free shipping within the US. The specification of services by geographical location is also very practical. This is a priority for professional as well as private customers and strengthens the company’s overall ability to target its variety of customers effectively. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Communication Under this perspective, communication is the ability to provide accurate and timely information. In recent times, there has been a new perception of communications as an interactive dialogue between customers and the company, and this takes place during the pre-selling, selling, consuming, and post-consuming stages (Ndubisi 2007). Communication in relationship marketing means preserving contact with valued customers, providing accurate and timely information on service/product changes, and communicating proactively if a delivery problem is anticipated or takes place. It is the task of the communicator to establish awareness, develop consumer preference, convince interested buyers, and encourage them to make the purchase decision that promotes value. Communications also inform the dissatisfied customer what the company will be doing to correct the causes of dissatisfaction. Whenever there is effective communication between a firm and its customers, a better relationship will result and customers will be more loyal (Ndubisi 2007). Posts on corporate websites’ contents, such as websites, have strategic importance to PR and marketing professionals. There is however always the risk in the contemporary world for public relations to place too much emphasis on social media instead of interactive corporate website content (Macintosh, 2007). Hence, it is significant to analyze the marketing strategies of the website to understand the organizational communication strategy on its own. This is in its turn significant since, as Lindy Dragstra notes, Enhancing stakeholder engagement will only work if you have interesting and high-quality content for your target audience and they know how to find you. Indi’s communication objectives seem to be centered on engaging the investors, whether business or individual, in an interactive dialogue. This communication strategy is competitive as it focuses on relationship commitment and trust, which are essential to retaining clients in the contemporary competitive environment. The strategic focus on security in the web-based application of the website is done to influence trust, which is found in marketing research to be a stronger predictor of the retention of customers in the e-commerce context. Indi’s communication strategies are hence competitive in an indirect but powerful manner. Website Characteristics The most significant aspect of online retailing from the perspective of the customer is the increase in access and choice particularly in the information on products and services (Mukherjee

Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Scale Book and IQ test Discussion

cheap assignment writing service Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Scale Book and IQ test Discussion.

In the late 19th century, psychology emerged as a discipline distinct from philosophy, accompanied by increased efforts to measure and classify human behavior. Psychological testing is one way to measure psychological constructs and behavior. The creation of psychological tests has been fueled by the need for mental health diagnosis and for occupational, educational, and military selection. The invention of new statistical techniques, such as factor analysis and item response theory, has led to improvements in the structure and utility of tests.To prepare for this Discussion, select two events from the timeline of tests and measurement history. Research the events you selected and consider how they influenced the development of tests and measurement.With these thoughts in mind:Post by Day 3 a brief description of the two historical events you chose. Explain how these historical events influenced the development of tests and measurement. Then, choose one of the two events and describe a historical example of test misuse and the consequences related to the event.Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources, Zero plagiarizing, quote work and’s, APA formatting
Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Scale Book and IQ test Discussion

History in “Fire Jubilee” by Stephen B. Oates Essay

The fires of jubilee are the title of a book by Stephen B. Oates. The author narrates the tale of a slave rebellion. This rebellion was led by a slave named Nat Turner. The rebellion took place in rural Virginia in the year 1831. Nat Turner was a black slave born on 17th October 1800 to a woman named Nancy. As he grew up, people started to notice special traits in him. It was said that he had a very good memory and that sometimes he could see visions. This made his parents very fond of him. They saw him as a future leader. His owner was a man named Benjamin Turner. The owner was very proud of Nat Turner and usually made comments on his intelligence to his friends(Oates, 1990). Nat’s intelligence was showcased through the fact that he was able to read at a very young age. This fact made him a very well respected slave, among his fellow slaves as well as among the white people. Nat’s life was completely changed when his father runaway to seek freedom. He thus began to see slavery as a yoke imposed on him. These thoughts would later see him lead an uprising against White men. A man named Joseph Travis acquired Nat turner as his slave in 1830. Nat was well treated by Travis his new owner. It was said that Nat regarded his new master as being kind. From a very young age, Nat was a profoundly religious person. As he was working in his master’s fields he received a vision (Oates, 1990). The vision made him start planning on liberating his fellow slaves. This is because he saw the end of the white man’s hold over the black man. The preparations turner made involved acquiring firearms. Later this proved too difficult and therefore Turner resorted to knives and other crude weapons. Turner recruited men that were trusted allies and slowly gained followers. Because of his religious exposition, when Turner saw an eclipse he took it as a sign to start what he was already preparing for (Oates, 1990). Thus the rebellion started. House after the house was visited, people were murdered and slaves were freed. This was the trend that Turner and his allies used. However, to remain inconspicuous they refrained from using firearms. Turner targeted the affluent Whites as he believed they were the ones who thought themselves superior to the Black people. The rebellion led to the death of about sixty people. In retaliation, groups of white men with superior weapons attacked black people wherever they were found. The rebellion was quickly quelled. Many Black slaves were killed on feeble excuses. Turner went into hiding. Most of his allies were killed. Many people were tried by the state. Many were found guilty of various accounts. Those found guilty were quickly executed. The number of this stood at approximately 56. There was widespread fear of attacks in the neighboring states. Meanwhile, Turner’s whereabouts were not known. Various efforts to capture him proved fruitless. Finally, after months, he was apprehended. He was found hiding in a hole. His captor was Benjamin Phipps. He was tried on charges of “secretly planning harm and staging an uprising.” He was found guilty on both accounts and was executed (Oates, 1990) Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Turner was driven by the desire to accomplish a mission. He felt he was given the mission by God. This is illustrated through the various visions that Nat Turner had. First, he has a vision directing him to return to his master at one time when he had escaped. The second vision is more vivid, it shows him how the savior has laid down his yoke for him to take it up. This vision makes turner realize that slavery’s time has come to an end. Also, because the vision was shown to him, he makes himself the instrument to accomplish emancipation from slavery (Oates, 1990). Another reason that compelled Nat Turner to lead a rebellion was the escape of his father. The book clearly states that when Nat Turner’s father escaped it changed his life. The escape probably made turner realize that slavery was very intolerable to many Black people. This is because if a father could readily abandon his family to seek freedom, then slavery was a thing to be fought. Therefore, Nat Turner being much respected and also being viewed as a leader decided to use his influence to lead his fellow slaves to stage a rebellion. Due to the rebellion, several laws were passed. They were mainly in disfavor of the Black population which was a majority. The first law concerned the education of Black people. It was made illegal to educate any black person. The white people thought that educating the Black people made them empowered and therefore, made it possible for them to plan rebellions. This law was met with wide skepticism among the Black community. Some of the educated Black people began educating their people (Oates, 1990) There was also a law concerning religious assemblies by the Black community. The law prohibited the Black community to have any religious gatherings in absence of an accredited White minister. The southern community was a largely religious one. Many slave owners used religious texts to convince their slaves to be obedient to them. However, some realized these misinterpretations and preferred to go to their congregations. The White community realized the power held by these gatherings and therefore, by prohibiting them, they were muzzling independent opinions. The rebellion was an eye-opener for many slaves and also some White people. The southern states did not want to loosen the hold they had on their slaves. This was in contrast to the Northern states which were much more liberalized in their views concerning the Black people. Many slaves were migrating to the north to seek asylum from the oppression in the South. This stand by the North led to the weakening of the relationship between the North and the South. Reference Oates, B. S. (1990). The Fire of Jubilee: Nat Turner’s Fierce Rebellion. New York: Harper Perenial.

Week 6 Finding Ways to Come Together assignment help

Week 6 Finding Ways to Come Together assignment help.

Forum: Week 6 Finding Ways to Come Together  (it is related to race relations racism and religious hatred – any topic)Find an article and summarize. Thank you 🙂
Week 6 Finding Ways to Come Together assignment help