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Good morning sir/madam. Hrstly I would Ilke to say thank you for giving me opportunity to Introduce myself Well I am Martha Prashanth basically from warnagal. I was born and brought up In warangal. I am currently pursuing a-Tech final year In chemical Engineering from LIT, Ralpur_ I passed 1 2th with an aggregate of 96% from Srl Chaitanya Junior College, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. I did my schooling from vanl Vldya Mandlr, Raipur with an aggregate of 90. In 10th. My father Is Deputy Tahslldar and mother Is home maker have two siblings, elder ister and younger brother.

My sister is doing job and brother is in 1 1 th standard My hobbles are learning about new things, thinking and getting Ideas, observing people and knowing about them and learning new things trom them, practlclng singing, watching series, doing social work, interacting with everyone (not only friends but with other people). As I said the good thing that I learned from my father Is hardworking and honesty. My strengths are I am sociable, quick learner, adaptable to every situation and etermined.

My weakness is am emotional and trust everyone easily. My short term goal is to crack this interview and get placed in this good company. My long term goal Is to reach a higher position In the company and to Improve the company in all aspects wherever I get placed by creating friendly environment, motivating everyone, suggesting new ideas etc and also to improve myself In all aspects by learning trom everyone who is working in the company and also to become self-dependent. That’s all about me.

a CRIMINAL JUSTICE topic. The TOPIC is about inmate misconduct. I need a 6-page paper with 3 or more references

Students are required to complete two reflection papers. These papers will represent students’ observations of their readings, a critical evaluation of the topic, and thoughts on how best to address the problems/issues inherent in their topic. Students must utilize a minimum of three outside sources to inform their paper. These sources must be peer-reviewed publications or governmental reports. These papers must be a minimum of 6 pages in length (does not include references), maximum 12-point font, 1-inch margins, include your name, and utilize proper APA citation format. Students should organize their papers as follows: Identify the topic and provide an overview of the issue, its relationship to corrections, and how this topic is currently handled/addressed in corrections policy/practice (you may provide ‘real time’ examples from correctional jurisdictions) (approximately 2- pages) Provide a critical evaluation of this topic including information that supports and/or disputes current policy and practice (approximately 2-pages) Provide thoughts on how best to improve/address the problems/issues inherent in the topic, including providing an example of ‘best practices’ (if they exist) (approximately 2 pages)