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About Bandipur National Park Tourism Essay

About Bandipur National Park The Bandipur National Park, one of the first Tiger Reserves of India, is situated amidst the gigantic Western Ghat Mountains in Karnataka State, at the foothills of the Nilgiris (eucalyptus). This National Park spreads into the neighboring states Tamil Nadu and Kerala and is called the Mudumalai National Park. An astonishing variety of flora and fauna can be found here due to a moderate climate and diverse geographical condition. Sprawling over 860 sq km in area, the Bandipur National Park is very famous in Asia for its huge elephant herds. A very good internal network of roads meanders through its hilly terrains and breath-taking forested landscape. Wildlife viewing becomes an awe-inspiring experience at the many water bodies and salt lakes. Fauna Of Bandipur National Park Wild life abounds in plenty at the park, the rare Tiger being the main attraction. Elephants, Leopards, Bison, Chital, Sambar, Barking Deer, Mouse Deer, Sloth Beer, Black Napped Hare, Wild dog, Langur, Indian Giant Red Squirrel, Bonnet Macaque, 4 Horned Antelope, Porcupines, Slender Loris, Jungle Cat, Rusty Spotted Cat, Leopard Cat, Small Indian Civet, Palm Civet, Otter, Jackal, Wild Boar are just a few of the other inhabitants. Avian Residents: The Park is also very rich in avi-fauna. Bird watchers would be delighted to spot Shaheen Falcons, Serpent Eagles, Crested Hawk Eagles, Gray Headed Firhings, Ospreys, Honey Buzzards, Malabar Pied Hornbills, King Vultures, Hill Mynas, Malabar Trogon, Gray Partridges, Black Woodpeckers, Paradise Flycatchers, Indian Pittas, Cormorants, Flora Of The Park The thick vegetation is watered by the Nagu, Kabini, Mule-hole and Moyar rivers criss-crossing the entire park which include trees like Honne, Sandalwood, Teak, Tadasalu, Mathi, Rosewood, Nandi, Bamboo, Nelli, Kooli, Dindalu, Kadu Tega, Randia and Bende. Stunted trees, interspersed with bushes and open grassy land can also be found on the eastern slopes. Added Attraction Of Bandipur Elephant and Jeep Safaris: A quiet Jeep safari can leave you with an invigorating experience of watching wild animals at close quarters. Bird watchers can opt for Elephant safari as it is an absolutely noiseless way to be at close proximity to animals. Other places of interest are the 3 other reserves of Nagarhole, Mudumalai and Wayanad, the famous Vrindavan Gardens and Shrirangapatna fort of Tipu Sultan. Hot summer months can find people getting away to the enchanting hill towns of Ooty and Wellington. Best Season To Visit The park is open from the May to February. The best season to visit the park would be from May to July or in the months of September and October. Warm but comfortable for most of the year, winter from October to January might find the temperature falling to about 16°C. June to September is the monsoon season. How To Reach Bandipur National Park By Railways: Nearest railway station is at Nanjangud town (55 km) and Mysore (80 km). By Airways: Nearest airport at Bangalore (220 kms). By Roadways: Drive from Bangalore to Mysore and then take the Mysore-Ooty highway via Nanjangud and Gundlupet from where the park is just a half an hour drive.
In the world that Toni Morrison crafts in Sula, society seems to force women into the age-old binary roles in which they have always been cast: Lilith or Eve? In the Christian book of Genesis in the bible, it is said that the first two humans in existence were Adam and Eve. However, in Judaism, it is told that Adam had a wife before Eve. This woman was made at the same moment and with the same clay as Adam, making her his creational equal. This is compared to Eve who—according to Genesis—was created from the rib of Adam and biologically predetermined to be his subservient. Adam’s first wife was named Lilith. Lilith was headstrong, independent, and supposedly sexually wanton, and ultimately, she divorced Adam. In some conceptions of this string of stories, she goes on to become Satan’s wife or mistress. A pagan character, Lilith is often considered the end-all-be-all worst incarnation of femininity—even more vilified than Eve herself after she succumbed to sin and ate the Forbidden Fruit. In Sula, Toni Morrison uses the dichotomy of the choices in of motherhood and sexuality in the lives and upbringings of Nel and Sula to illustrate the binary gender roles at play in black communities in the setting of the novel. The community that Nel and Sula are raised in while living in Bottom places restrictive expectations on them as they pertain to expectations surrounding marriage and submission to men. Both girls are brought up by mothers who represent the different sides of this coin. Hannah, Sula’s mother is routinely seen in a bad light in the community and cast as an adulteress. In the novel, she definitely holds a negative place in the community. It was said that, “Hannah exasperated the women in the town–the “good” women, who said, “One thing I can’t stand is a nasty woman” the whores, who were hard put to find trade among black men anyway and who resented Hannah’s generosity,” (Morrison, pg 46). Sula grew up observing the way that her mother was regarded in the community in this negative light. Hannah was socially branded as this promiscuous woman, and while she did not represent a grand threat to the community as a leech of financial resources, her station in life was very much defined by her decisions surrounding her sexuality. Sula was taught by her mother to enjoy sex as a pleasurable act, and as her father left the family, Sula saw that one could be sustained without a husband or father in the picture. She was not brought up in a household with an emphasis on the male presence as an enhancer. Even further, Hannah approached her role as a mother with such indifference that it laid the groundwork for the way that Sula would feel repelled by motherhood. In a conversation with Sula’s grandmother, Eva, Hannah says of her feelings for Sula, “You love her, like I love Sula. I just don’t like her. That’s the difference,” (Morrison, pg 59). This attitude of her mother’s seeped into the way that Sula was brought up in her home as well as the way she was conditioned to view her family. It is clear that her mother felt somewhat forced into motherhood, and every lesson she taught Sula about sexuality and relationships came with an underlying encouragement to put yourself above all others. Nel—on the other hand—received a very different kind of upbringing that would go on to inform her life choices. Nel’s mother, Helene, took to motherhood and marital life like a fish to water, and this taught Nel to do the same. As described in the novel, “Helene Wright was an impressive woman, at least in Medallion she was… A woman who won all social battles with presence and a conviction of the legitimacy of her authority,” (Morrison, pg 22). Nel’s mother was perceived in the community as an upstanding and pious woman. Her actions and words both directly and intrinsically encouraged Nel toward the pursuit of the same kind of life with the same values. Helene loved her daughter totally and completely. As it says in the book, “her daughter was more comfort and purpose than she had ever hoped to find in this life. She rose grandly to the occasion of motherhood,” (Morrison, pg 22). Helene raised Nel to be the embodiment of what the community expected a woman to be in Bottom. These expectations would carry over into Nel’s adulthood, and despite the influence of Sula, Nel expresses her womanhood and motherhood in a much different way than Sula does. Helene knew the right things to say and behaved in the correct manner, and when compared to Hannah, Helene was rewarded for her values and actions by being put in the good graces of the community. The differences in their upbringing led to Nel and Sula making opposite choices in their adult life that determined the way they would go on to be viewed in the community. Nel chose married life and motherhood, and Sula left Bottom for ten years in favor of finding a life outside of the model she deemed restrictive. When Sula does eventually return, she is confronted with the perceived failure on her part to find a husband and settle down. Her grandmother, Eva, confronts Sula upon her return by saying, “Selfish. Ain’t no woman got no business floatin’ around without no man,” (Morrison, pg 88). Eva’s perspective represents that of the community. The disdain and disapproval she feels for Sula’s actions and lack of conformity to social values reflect the feeling of the community. The choices of their mothers are reflected in the social restrictions that govern Nel and Sula’s place in their communities. Just as their mothers were judged for their decisions and actions in regard to motherhood, Sula and Nel were held to the same standards. In her article, Lindsey Rock simplifies this comparison by stating, “Every ‘Good Mother’ lives striving to achieve ‘good’ mothering and most every ‘Other’ mother lives in a space where her parenting skills are other than ‘bad’. The binary logic that confines mothers to ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is socially constructed and propagated in western culture to serve patriarchy and the state, dividing mothers and women” (Rock, pg 20). Simply put, Nel and Sula’s respective decisions in their lives. The binary that surrounds the definition of a good woman in Bottom kept the two in a constant state of moral deliberation. Sula chose to chase her independence and her desires, and Nel chose to be a wife and a mother. The expectations that weighed on Nel and Sula throughout their adolescence and into adulthood were gender-specific. That is to say that the men in the story were not held to the same standards when it came to the pursuit of desire and parenthood. Sula’s father was absent after from her life after his death (Morrison, pg 44). Nel’s father was also largely gone on business as she grew up, leaving all the responsibility for parenting bequeathed to Helene (Morrison, pg 21). These absences were never seen as shortcomings on the part of the father, but rather, it was expected that their wives pick up the slack when it came to the child-rearing. The expectations of ‘real’ women being good and upstanding mothers create a more precarious place for Nel and Sula to exist in the novel. They have very few options, and it becomes easy for them to be painted in a negative light in the community. The options for Nel and Sula to live full and respected lives in their community are restricted by their decisions surrounding motherhood Work Cited Morrison, Toni. Sula. New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1973. O’Reilly, Andrea. “Toni Morrison’s Theory of Motherhood as a Site of Power and Motherwork as Concerned with the Empowerment of a Child.” Toni Morrison and Motherhood: A Politics of the Heart, SUNY Press, 2004, pp. 1-20. Rock, Lindsey. “The ‘Good Mother’ vs. the ‘Other’ Mother: The Girl-Mom.” Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 20-28.
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__/20 pts: Discussed how the position paper was formulated and what, if any, impact the position has had on professional practice (can use outside references here)
__/40 pts: Discussed personal and professional views related to the position statement and what, if any, improvements are needed to enhance this position or to make the position more relevant to current practice/health care
__/10 pts: conclusion clearly summarized relevant points of paper; provided adequate closure to topic
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Please write 6 page “Positional statement ” with all reference included.Below is the instructions for the paper.

Spanish Speaking Organizations Essay. El Congreso is a civil rights association that was formed in southern California. It is the first national congress of the Mexican and Spanish American people of the United States. This organization was formed to advocate for civil rights in the working environment. It ensured that there was no mistreatment in the job places. It emphasized anti-racism and anti-communist in its operation. It worked for hand in hand with the National Negro Congress to ensure equity in the workforce. Luisa Moreno and Philip Usquiano helped to advocate for the rights of the minority in southern California. Cesaria Valdez, Frank Nieto, and Ishmael Rincon were union organizers who were involved in the issuing of chapters in some agricultural farms. This organization was formed to advocate for the right of the minority, especially in the workforce. EL Congreso put a lot of effort to eliminate hostility acts such as lynching and brutal murder of the Mexicans by the Ku Klux Klan. Moreno and Fierro de Bright had a mission to ensure ability as what needed to matter in terms of workforce. One mission was to ensure that members had control of the mayor by involving themselves in voter registration. The next thing was to ensure a positive way of thinking by controlling the judges who shape the law. All these efforts were meant to ensure that everybody in the society was a beneficiary of the law in an attempt to reduce dictatorship of laborers, which had increased following a corresponding increase in Mexican immigrants in America. This organization wanted to attract as many activists as possible to ensure a high number of supporters in its movement by attracting writers who helped to reach a great number of readers. Federation of Spanish American Voters Federation of Spanish American Voters is a political committee that was formed in 1942 by Latin speakers in California. It was headed by Eduardo Quevedo who spear-headed its formation. This committee ensured the Spanish American people were treated equally as the American people. It formed a platform for recognition of the Spanish communities in America. It also paved the way for the formation of Spanish American union. Culbert Olson and Eduardo Quevedo formed the platform for the establishment of this committee. They crumbled down the racism factor that was the then day-to-day activity in America. Entenza who was appointed by Culbert to a state board led the movement in the formation of this committee. The committee established itself to ensure that its members remained loyal in the voting of Culbert Olson to be the governor in the 1938 election. Culbert Olson who was the chief executive would form policies that were to uplift the economic level of the Spanish Americans after being elected. He was also to assist in the labor organization formation, which would ensure equal treatment in the workforce. This strategy would help in recognition of the Spanish people in the American government such that they were also involved in making amendments. In the end, the Spanish speakers will have equal chances as the American people since they both had leaders in the government representing them. Culbert was to fight against racism in the country by taking legal actions to those found guilty of the offense. New Mexico-Arizona Club New Mexico-Arizona Club was an environmental club that helped in the conservation of uranium mines besides preventing the occurrence of mining activities in New Mexico. It formed a group of clubs that usually demonstrated both health and environmental concerns. Robert The is actively involved in organizing all the concerned groups. He has greatly pioneered the formation of this club through bringing together people from different tribes to work against uranium mining in this region. The uranium mining activities in New Mexico and Arizona caused the world’s most tragic catastrophe in 1979 when the dam of the United Nuclear Corporation broke loose causing a nuclear spill. This club worked hard to ensure that the nuclear mining activities did not revive due to the health risks it imposed on people who lived in the regions. This club tries to identify any other activity that can take place in this region of the mine other than the mining of uranium, which has formed a health hazard. It has also ensured bringing together organizations and different groups from the states and around the globe to advocate for the prevention of uranium mining. This group works hand in hand with the communities in this region to ensure that their resources are free of uranium contamination. The overall goal is to ensure a safe and very healthy future for the residents near the mining activities. This club has led to the creation of awareness to the member communities. The International Union of Millers, Mill and Smelter Workers The International Union of Millers, Mill, and Smelter Workers was the name given to Western Federation of Miners in 1916 by Idaho miners of Canada after reuniting with the American Federation of Labor (AFL). This federation was formed through the merging of various miners unions. Western Federation of miners first joined the American Federation of Labor in 1896 but later declined from the union due to conflict of policies. This union spearheaded the formation of the Congress of International Organization. Charles Moyer who was the president of this union and William D Haywood are some of the founders of this union. They fought to ensure the elimination of communist people from the union. George Anderson who was an organizer also pioneered the formation of this trade union. This federation was operated and founded under Mond Nickel Company in 1913. This union was formed to protect the rights of uranium and steel miners in America. It also advocated for the anti-communist notion that was taking place among the miners. There was a lot of community imbalance in the miner’s labor force and hence a concern of this union. The African American and Mexican Americans were the two communities that were discriminated in the mining industry in this period by the American workers. The union faced a lot of violence that saw some of its American members resign from the union following their refusal to work with African Americans and Mexican Americans. This union collectively presented the needs of the member worker to the superior powers for consideration. One of its advocacies is payment increment. It also acted as a safety union whereby it ensured that the areas in which the workers operated did not pose any health danger and that their health interests came first. United Cannery, Agricultural, Packing, and Allied Workers The United Cannery, Agricultural, Packing, and Allied Workers of America was a trade union under the American Federation of Labor. Initially, the union governed fruit and vegetable workers in America. The president of the union, Professor Donald Henderson, transformed the union to attain membership in the congress of industrial organizations in 1937 from the American Federation of Labor. This strategy ensured equal chances to both the immigrants and the Americans. Virgil Duvungan who was the first president of this union owes all the credit for the success of this union for his being charismatic. Antonio Rodrigo, Roduta Leo, and Ponce Torres were some of the pioneers of this movement that saw the formation of the trade union. They fought for the rights of its fellow workers to be treated rightly and with fairness. The cannery industry faced a lot of mistreatment in terms of racism by the Americans. The anti-Filipino riot, which took place in between 1927-1928, formed the basis for the fight to come up with this trade union. One reason for the union formation was to eliminate the dual system of labor whereby the minorities of the workers were assigned the hard task jobs such as cutting and doing the canning. The higher-ranked people issued labor. They were mostly Americans. The union helped in spreading information regarding the principles of the union through education to its members and the public. This union also advocates for the interests of its laborers by presenting them to the higher bodies. The formation of this union was also directed to organize labor in terms of either level of education without racism or special interests of those in higher authority. More so, this labor union united workers to operate as a team in this industry. Spanish Speaking Organizations Essay

Changing Perspectives In Marketing Planning Marketing Essay

According to Lamb, Hair McDaniel, they states marketing planning is a plan involves designing activities relating to marketing objectives and attach with the capability of changing marketing environment. It contains with the issues of product lines, distribution channels, marketing communications and pricing. The case study (company) I have chosen for this assignment would be Prada, a luxury fashion company. I would hereby explain the elements and importance of a marketing plan to enable Prada enhance competitiveness and successively helps to increase their market share. Task 1: LO1 – Compile marketing audits Review changing perspectives in marketing planning Referring from Winchester et al (1997), marketing plan is an all-purpose tool that enables the management to know everything related the company. It is an indication that shows management what is the flaws of their plan, how to succeed in their goals and redefine the direction in a new market or new product against the competitors. Nonetheless, it shall be responsive that a good marketing plan must contain with the consideration of changing perspectives. Prada was first introduced by Mario Prada in 1913. It mainly emphasize with high quality leather production on handbags, suitcases, shoes and trunks. However, in 1978, when Miuccia Prada took over the company, they had been struggling against competition of Gucci. From it, Miuccia Prada notices they need to change their perspectives in their marketing plan; they need a new appearance product to beat down Gucci. Therefore, she decided to redesign some of Prada’s old favourites with the purpose of remains customer and attract new customer. The Black classic bag sales were successful and help Prada recognised as a symbol of upper class elegance. By 1990, Prada management noticed that their product range is only suitable for upper class consumer and not middle class customers. From it, they launch a new line product which named “Miu Miu” with the affordable prices to attract middle class customers. They also introduced the Prada Sport line along with men’s line and lingerie. Until today, Prada has many different product line with different appearance design while maintaining their high quality standard. Evaluate an organisation’s capability for planning its future marketing activity Organisational capability defined in terms of its core competence, synergistic effects, strengths, weaknesses and resources and behaviour. It represents a capacity of an organisation to use its strengths to overcome it weaknesses and create an opportunities and face in its external environment. In this case study, Prada’s organisational capabilities are stated below: Core competence Uniqueness and creative under leading of Miuccia Prada Synergistic effects Brand effect Resources and behaviour Global network Weaknesses High prices Availability of product Lack information in its website Difficulty in acquiring funding as it is a private company Strengths Good quality Loyal audience Multi brands stores in worldwide Recognisable and bright well-known company Miuccia Prada’s uniqueness Prada has founded in 1913, but yet it still has great potential to go further by increasing and developing its functional areas – in terms of finance, marketing operations, personnel, information and general management. In the view of finance’s prospect, Prada should control usage of funds with a budget and limitation. In marketing’s prospect, Prada should increase their brand awareness and understand with the factors would affect marketing capability in price, promotion, place and product which would enhance their sales turnover and maintain the brand loyalty. Besides, Prada should be alert with product waste and loss control and limitations, and ensure there is nothing wrong with the productive system to produce a good quality product. They also need to update website information to enhance their information management capability. Lastly but not least, Prada have consider the factors which influence their personnel and general management capability. Examine technique for organisational auditing and for analysing external factors that affect marketing planning It is essential to understanding customers as it is a keystone of a marketing planning; it comprises with auditing and analysing the internal (organisational) and external (market) environments of the organisation. This involves accumulating appropriate factor at first and then analysing it. The types of relevant factors divided as internal and external which has shown as below. Internal Company mission and objectives Existing customers – which includes the customer’s satisfactions, dissatisfactions, expectations and relationships. Company resources – management structure, finance and information technology. The relationships between staff, partner and capital funders. External PEST which is a short for of Political, Economic, Social and Technological considerations. These factors may impact on organisation’s activities. SWOT which is a short for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It helps to assess company culture and future situation and as well as assess external environment. Prospective customers, it requires to understand what are their needs, motivations, behaviour, purchasing power and locations. Market, which includes the awareness of market size, growth, price, distributions, promotion, and product development. Carry out organisational auditing and analysis of external factors that affect marketing planning in a given situation Generally, SWOT analysis is common use to carry out an organisational auditing and analysis of external factors. SWOT represents Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats; The aims of SWOT analysis is mainly take advantage of strengths and opportunities the market meanwhile minimise the weaknesses and eliminate the threats. Strengths Market share Skilled and expertise Business location Quality processes and procedures Innovative and new product or service. Brand loyalty Strong financial background Weaknesses Business location Lack of skilled and expertise Low market share Poor quality products or services Poor financial background Bad reputation Low brand loyalty Poor distribution network Opportunities Competitor weakness Market growth Innovation and creative idea Strong alliances International market Ineffective competitors Threats New competitor Taxation Legal limitations A competitor has a new, innovative product or service. Prada’s SWOT analysis has shown as below: Strengths Good quality Loyal audience Multi brands stores in worldwide Miuccia Prada’s uniqueness Weaknesses High prices Availability of product Lack information in its website Difficulty in acquiring funding as it is a private company Opportunities Global markets growth – China Outsourcing production Digital market – Internet Capture the younger generation consumers – Miu Miu Franchises opportunity Threats European crisis Strong competitors around worldwide Fashionable catwalk copycats with lower price – Zara and H


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What are OERs?

Why Open Education Matters

Why Open Education Matters (Links to an external site.) from Blink Tower (Links to an external site.) on Vimeo (Links to an external site.).
Watch the videos and respond to the following questions.

Based on the videos, what is meant by the term “Open Educational Resources?”
What are some of the issues that make OERs important in modern education?
What are some advantages that OERs have over traditional educational resources like textbooks?

Responses should be a minimum of 100 words.
Check out the UNCG Research Guide on Open Educational Resources, specifically the “OER for Learners” tab, linked here: (Links to an external site.).
Navigate to the sections entitled “Find OER to LEARN” and “FIND university-level online courses (MOOCs)” and peruse the various databases. Visit at least one of these databases and search for a resource that interests you. This could be a free college course, an audiobook that you’d like to listen to, or even a book you might have purchased for another class, just to give you a few examples. In the text box, write which database(s) you looked at, which resource you chose, and include a link.
Read these articles that present some of the issues associated with OERs: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
Based on the articles, what are some of the issues with Open Educational Resources? Overall, do you think the benefits of OERs outweigh the risks?
Respond to the prompt in 250 words or more. Using APA style, include at least two in-text citations to back up your thoughts.
Respond to these questions in a Word or Google document that is formatted with standard margins, Times New Roman 12 point font, and double spaced. Response should be in paragraph form


Macomb Community College Medicare Fraud Dr Farid Fata Discussion

Macomb Community College Medicare Fraud Dr Farid Fata Discussion.

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Oakland County Doctor owner of Hematology and Oncology Center Charged11 unread reply.11 reply.Review the article via the link provided and answer the following questions. (For your convenience this article is also available in the Article page below the discussion forum.)Please post by Wednesday and reply to two of your colleagues by Sunday.Link – Oakland County Doctor owner of Hematology and Oncology Center Charged (Links to an external site.)After reviewing the article:Do you think the physician should have been charged?Fraudulent billing and administering unnecessary chemotherapy, the physician request leniency. Should he have had leniency? This physician requested early release due to the COVID pandemic. Should it be granted?
Macomb Community College Medicare Fraud Dr Farid Fata Discussion

NUR S6050 Walden University Advanced Practice Registered Nursing Presentation

NUR S6050 Walden University Advanced Practice Registered Nursing Presentation.

The Assignment: (8- to 9-slide PowerPoint presentation)Develop a 8- to 9-slide PowerPoint Presentation that addresses the following:Describe the differences between a board of nursing and a professional nurse association.Describe the board for your specific region/area.Who is on the board?How does one become a member of the board?Describe at least one state regulation related to general nurse scope of practice.How does this regulation influence the nurse’s role?How does this regulation influence delivery, cost, and access to healthcare?Describe at least one state regulation related to Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs).How does this regulation influence the nurse’s role?How does this regulation influence delivery, cost, and access to healthcare?Include Speaker Notes on Each Slide (except on the title page and reference page)
NUR S6050 Walden University Advanced Practice Registered Nursing Presentation