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Abortion is not the right choice  many people in our country are having thoughtless and out of control sexual relationships without planning or even thinking of the consequences. Unfortunately, this leads to a countless number of abortions which are considerably high. Ever since its legalization, abortion has been a huge argumentative topic. Since 1973, it has been a woman’s choice to decide whether she wanted to abort or deliver her baby. Therefore, the debate is between people who are for and those who are against abortion. The anti-abortion view is called pro-life while freedom of choice is known as pro-choice.

Some pro-choice people, who believe that abortion should be allowed in all circumstances and for all women, go beyond the line of reason to emphasize their view on freedom of choice. One such article was written in 2009, by Jacob M. Appel, who states that it’s time for an abortion pride movement. He declares that abortion is a wise moral choice; therefore, women and men should be proud of abortions that take place in our country. Even though there are circumstances that require abortion for the sake of the mother’s health, most of them are done because of convenience.

Nevertheless, abortion numbers have increased to such a degree that some people would consider it as a form of genocide. Thus, America is in need for a set of changes that would make abortion safe, legal, but rare. According to Jacob M. Appel, it’s time for an abortion pride movement. He declares that deciding not to bring the fetus to term for whatever reason is a courageous and noble moral choice. Even though some people do not think that a fetus is a human being, it’s well known that the cluster of cells eventually turn into a baby.

Therefore, the belief that the fetus is not human is the same as thinking that the brain in an infant is not a brain because it’s not fully developed. Similarly to the fetus, a baby’s brain is a cluster of cells which has to grow and develop before acquiring proper functions. Appel goes on to say that women should not merely have the right to end unwanted pregnancies, but they should have the right to be proud of having done so. Surely there is nothing crueler in life as to kill an innocent human being and be proud of it. How about being proud someone raped or murdered another human being because they wanted to?

How about being proud of those who sexually harass and abuse children because they decided that it was the best choice? No, we believe that abortion is totally different due to the fact that the mother gets to decide what to do with her baby. Therefore, if a mother loses her unborn child as a result of someone else’s purposeful actions, it’s considered manslaughter or murder just because she wanted the baby to live. However, if she decides that the pregnancy is an inconvenience, the baby automatically turns to something below human. Such thoughts are insane and beyond morality.

Therefore, the human population needs to change their thoughts and view abortion in a different perspective. The question about abortion comes down to the very same argument on when exactly does humanity begin. A fertilized egg that undergoes cell division and growth, which is what happens at conception, can be nothing but alive. To claim that human life begins at any other moment other than at conception is to deny a fundamental scientific reality. The majority of Americans know that a person’s existence begins at conception; however, some still try to argue that life begins at birth.

Therefore, Appel declares that according to the polls on embryonic stem cell research, many people believe that life begins after conception. However, he does not specify how long after conception does life begin. Nevertheless, his view about abortion pride implies that life does not exist before birth. Even uneducated pregnant mothers know their baby is alive when they hear the heartbeat, see the ultrasound, and feel the kicking inside their body. To deny this basic life principle is only a pathetic attempt to rationalize the basic evil of killing an innocent human being.

In fact, abortion rate has risen so high that it can now be characterized as a form of genocide, and that is no cause for pride. Genocide is a deliberate extermination or destruction of a certain group of people. Even though the unborn babies are not yet considered people, they are separate individuals in their mother’s womb that deserve a life. It’s proven that the child’s DNA is different from his mother’s; thus, the mother is only responsible for the child’s wellbeing and must act in the child’s best interest. Since the child is its owner, it has rights that are equal to those of the mother and everyone else.

According to Meredith Eugene Hunt, genocide is the most accurate term to describe abortion (Hunt 1). Hunt goes on to explain that the word “abortion” does not adequately convey the horrors of the action, since it’s a massive worldwide government-supported destruction of pre-born children which is approximately 55 million a year (Hunt 1). However, some people, such as Jacob M. Appel, argue that abortion is a brave and a wise choice. Brave and wise are not the right words to describe abortion; however, cruel and heartless would be the perfect characteristics.

It’s immoral to have such huge numbers of pre-born babies die every year and say that it was a wise choice. However, it’s important to make a wise choice and vote for pro-life. According to Jacob M. Appel, abortions should be as frequent or as infrequent as unwanted pregnancies. He stresses that if the child is unwanted, it’s better that he/she is not born at all. The offense must be just being created at the wrong place and at the wrong time. It’s as if saying, “Sorry Danny, you were just for screwing, not for living, and that’s my right. If people would be more responsible of their actions, there would be a great decrease of abortions. Pregnancy is not something that happens like the flu that you have no control of, so if conception occurs, it’s the mother’s responsibility to deliver the baby and raise him/her in a decent manner. Choosing abortion is an easy way out from the mistake that was made in life. There are some understandable reasons why women turn to abortion such as rape, incest and mothers life in jeopardy, but only a small percentage of all abortions happen for these three reasons.

Therefore, the majority of abortions take place because of an inconvenience. Abortion numbers are critical and should be decreased before more and more innocent pre-born babies have the fate to die without getting at least one breath of fresh air. Abortion has many negative aspects that can result in poor outcomes. We do not know what would have happened to all those unborn children if they had a chance to live. Maybe some of them would have grown up to be doctors to cure cancer or politicians to boost the economy. No one really knows; however, according to Jacob M.

Appel, we should not only show tolerance to those who had abortion but joy that they have made a decision for their own and for the collective good. Considering the number of abortions that occur in the United States every year, it’s impossible to imagine that 1. 5 million deaths of pre-born infants are for the collective good (Mathewes-Green 1). Furthermore, Appel goes on to declare that he dreams of the day when women will be walking around with pins and bumper stickers reading, “Thank me for having abortion when I wasn’t ready to be a parent. Abortion is not a joyous matter; therefore, even the most irresponsible woman would not be proud of killing her baby. Even though some women are indifferent to having had an abortion, it’s not something to be proud of. Therefore, abortion is not a wise choice nether for the mother or for the common good. There will probably never be a day when abortion becomes completely illegal, but it sure can be decreased if measures are taken to prevent unwanted pregnancies and assist women who slip through the cracks and get pregnant anyways (Mathewes-Green 1).

The best solutions are to make better sex education, create programs to curb sexual abuse and provide government support. It’s important to work toward reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies rather than trying to stop abortion. If there would be less unwanted pregnancies, abortion would not be necessary. Moreover, some people lose common sense when there are objections to morality. Such a case was observed when an anti-abortion zealot murdered an American abortion doctor who offered late-term abortions (Life v choice 1).

Even though the doctor was a “baby killer,” as some people called him, it’s not pro-life to murder someone (1). Humanity should focus more on preventing and decreasing abortion rather than using cruel and hurtful tactics to stop it. In order to prevent abortion, it’s necessary to decrease unwanted pregnancies. According to the Abortion Controversy, half of all pregnancies in our country are unintended, and of those, half end in abortion (Arons 1). Poor sexual education leads to lack of knowledge and inability to make wise choices. Therefore, many people are faced with the dilemma of an unwanted pregnancy and abortion.

Thus, the best solution is to improve sexual education, which would include medically accurate information on abstinence and contraception. Abstinence is a great way to avoid a pregnancy, but not many people choose to live without sex. Therefore, contraception is necessary to bypass conception. Even though we have a great variety of contraceptives and easier access to them now then 30 years ago, there are still countless number of unplanned pregnancies. Part of the problem is due to the over-sexualized media which has an attitude of casual sex with multiple partners being okay. The results of casual sex are ignorance, pregnancy and abortion.

Nevertheless, in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies, it’s necessary to improve sex education through schools, homes and media. The attitude of casual sex and irresponsibility are the leading origins of abortion; therefore, if they are eliminated, there will be a great decrease of unborn children in our country and all around the world. Another problem that leads to abortion is sexual abuse and lack of government support. It’s about time that the government would step in and make some permanent changes. Programs that curb sexual abuse and rape would decrease those pregnancies that result from someone’s cruel actions.

Even though it’s understandable why women choose to have abortion as a result of rape, it’s still no excuse to kill an innocent baby which took no part in the terrible crime. Therefore, it’s hard to make a choice in such a difficult situation; however, if programs to curb sexual abuse are formed, there will be fewer women facing such a dilemma. Government support should also be evident in providing financial benefits for pregnant mothers. According to Alan Guttmacher Institute, one of the most common reasons why women choose abortion is because then cannot afford another child (Arons 1).

By providing low-income, young women with career opportunities, health care, child care and other basic supports, many would have the resources they need to fulfill the obligations to become a parent. Therefore, the government plays a critical role in decreasing unwanted pregnancies and preventing abortion. Abortion is a huge mass destruction that takes thousands of pre-born babies each year. Most abortions result from the lack of sex education, sexual abuse or lack of financial support. If nothing is done in the next 20 years to decrease abortion, the percentage of unborn babies will become efficiently higher.

Today, the United States hospitals perform approximately 4,000 abortions each day; however, if nothing is done, there will be 6,000 in the next 20 years (Mathewes-Green 1). Thus, in order to prevent abortion, it’s important to decrease unwanted pregnancies. By eliminating the obstacles listed above, abortion rate will become much smaller. Unfortunately, even with all the programs and education, it’s impossible to completely discard abortion. Therefore, the goal is to make abortion safe, legal and rare rather than impossible and illegal. What is needed is leadership and commitment to reach a society in which all women have the information and resources necessary to prevent unwanted pregnancies, to carry healthy pregnancies to term and to raise their children with love, safety and dignity.

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