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Aberystwyth University Workplace Safety Presentation

Aberystwyth University Workplace Safety Presentation.

PART 1—-Throughout the course you have been developing your personal leadership plan. Using the personal leadership plan template, submit your final personal leadership plan. Please keep in mind the required page count for each section.Your plan will be organized by the following sections:Vision (two 3 paragraphs)Mission (few sentences)Motivation (1 page minimum)Challenges (1 page minimum)Managing Conflict (1 page minimum)Reflection (1 page minimum)VisionWhat you learned about yourselfHow you plan to use the information going forwardReflection of how this part of the plan helped you better understand leadershipMissionWhat you learned about yourselfHow you plan to use the information going forwardReflection of how this part of the plan helped you better understand leadershipMotivationWhat you learned about yourselfHow you plan to use the information going forwardReflection of how this part of the plan helped you better understand leadershipChallengesWhat you learned about yourselfHow you plan to use the information going forwardReflection of how this part of the plan helped you better understand leadershipManaging ConflictWhat you learned about yourselfHow you plan to use the information going forwardReflection of how this part of the plan helped you better understand leadershipReflection SummaryState how the knowledge in this course has shaped your Personal Leadership Plan and future perspective on organizational leadership. Also make note of how the Personal Leadership Plan may impact your future decision-makingPART 2—-CompetencyDescribe compliance issues related to health, safety, and security in the workplace.ScenarioYour organization has just established its first Health and Safety Committee, and participation in this initiative is being sought throughout the company. The committee is dedicated to enhancing workplace conditions, systems, and opportunities, so that employees can enjoy a productive employment experience. You decide this would be an ideal way to share your knowledge of employment law, and you promptly volunteer.One of your first tasks as a new member is to produce a PowerPoint presentation promoting workplace safety, health, and welfare. This content will be delivered to employee teams on two (2) separate occasions. While attendance at the presentation will be voluntary, the PowerPoint materials will be made available to all for future use and reference.InstructionsYou will need to create a 5-8 slide presentation that delivers the following content:Identification of at least three (3) Federal laws relevant to workplace safety, health, and welfare.Best practices for minimizing safety hazards and risks.Resources for continued training, education, and outreach.Procedures and contact details should assistance or information be needed
Aberystwyth University Workplace Safety Presentation

Construction of Control System Contents Introduction Research Control System 1 – Washing Machine History Who Produces the System What Forms Does It Take? How Does the Control System Perform Its Task? How Does the Control System Assist in Production Environments? Control System 2 – Thermostat History Who Produces the System What Forms Does It Take? How Does the Control System Perform Its Task? How Does the Control System Assist in Production Environments? Control System 3 – Cruise Control History Who Produces the System What Forms Does It Take? How Does the Control System Perform Its Task? How Does the Control System Assist in Production Environments? Control System 4 – Auto Pilot History Who Produces the System What Forms Does It Take? How Does the Control System Perform Its Task? How Does the Control System Assist in Production Environments? Input Process Output (IPO Chart) Washing Machine IPO Chart Thermostat IPO Chart Cruise Control IPO Chart Auto-Pilot IPO Chart Conclusion/Design Choice Bibliography Introduction During this period of work, 10 Engineering 2’s main focus will be building and operating a control system, (in the form of a robot.) Once the robot is constructed, each class member will be expected to learn how to efficiently control the system and complete certain tasks asked of them. This will be accompanied by a report that every student will complete, detailing the development of the project and a summary of the research they completed. The purpose of this project is to give the students an idea on how control systems work, and how to construct one. This piece of knowledge will allow the students to think in new ways. The report that the students will complete allow the engineers to review their projects clearly and keep an organised archive of how the product is produced and reaches its end point. The scope of the report contains three main parts, (research, an Input Process Output chart and a conclusion revolving around the design choice.) These tasks have been assigned to the students to allow them to gain a thorough understanding of essential knowledge needed to build the control system and how it works. One of the pieces of subjects that 10 Engineering 2 students will be researching is the history of control systems and how they have developed over time. By completing and learning about the history, the students will see how innovation is key to success, and witness how modern technology has slowly come about. Certain topics such as the types of control systems, how control systems are implemented into contemporary technology and how control systems are being improved on today are expected to have been researched extensively. In addition to this, the students are expected to learn details surrounding the history of control systems, such as the first control system being developed in Ancient Egypt, open-loop systems evolving into closed-loop systems in the 17th century and the 1980’s use of control systems in higher technologies like satellites and aircraft. The plan of development is to build the robot in the space of two weeks. The students will be able to build the robot through following the instructions given, using their own knowledge and also intuition as an engineer. Once the robot is complete, time will be allocated to allow them to practice completing the activities needed. While this is happening, the report is expected to be also being completed, allowing the students to gain knowledge at a rapid pace, and utilise what they learn in the construction of robot. It is important to note that restrictions have been put in place, such as the groups being chosen by the teachers, safety must be maintained at all times and equipment must protect the equipment entrusted to them. By the end of the time period, the group must have built a robot, completed the tasks given to them and deliver the engineering report that they have developed over the time frame. Research Control System 1 – Washing Machine History Although a common domestic device, the washing machine has undergone several key developments during its history. The original washing machines began to appear in the late 17th hundred. The design was quickly patented, with further innovations such as a rotating drum being patented as well. Other crucial improvements include grooves to simulate scrubbing and the idea of a powered washing machine, (introduced and patented in in 1862,) to eradicate the now out-dated hand-powered machines. Eventually, electric washing machines were introduced by an unknown innovator, and increased the effectiveness of machine substantially. In the modern era of civilisation, countless innovations have allowed for an enhanced product to storm the market. Who Produces the System Due to the nature of an aged product, many companies are now able to produce their own washing machines for sale to the general public. Notable brands include LG, Samsung and Hitachi. Each company is able to put their own spin on the system, and how it operates. What Forms Does It Take? The large majority of washing machines take the form of a small box made of metal, (normally steel.) Within this device, key components such as water hoses and supplies, a drum, an agitator, pumps and a motor. How Does the Control System Perform Its Task? The control system operators on a open-looped system, resulting in a simple method of operation. The user puts in clothes that need washing, adds washing detergent and selects a washing setting. This will lead to a designated time in which water mixed with detergent in pumped into the drum as it spins, allowing for the clothes to be cleaned. How Does the Control System Assist in Production Environments? Washing machines allow for clean clothes, allowing for various working environments ranging from offices to construction sites to be filled with workers in adequate equipment, increasing the rate and quality of work. Control System 2 – Thermostat History The thermostat is much older than most other feedback-controlled devices and is widely recognised as one the of first instruments to use feedback to control the function of it. The first thermostat was is thought to have been constructed in 1620 CE England, by Dutch inventor Cornelis Drebbel. He utilised the properties of mercury to measure the temperature of a chicken incubator. Despite the early creation, the first modern thermostats were developed in the early 19th century, by Andrew Ure. He used a bi-metallic thermostat which bends as it gets hotter, indicating the temperature to the reader. Albert Butz would later improve both of the early inventions and construct an electric thermostat in 1886. The early versions of the thermostats would later have heating and cooling systems added to them, increasing the potential for their ability. Who Produces the System The thermostats are produced by companies associated with home technology. This can include companies such as Mitsubishi, Panasonic and LG. What Forms Does It Take? Although there are many companies that make thermostats, the standard form is a small panel where the user can control the temperature of the room. This panel connects to a heating and cooling unit that allows for the temperature change. How Does the Control System Perform Its Task? In order to accomplish the task it was designed to, the thermostat utilises the effects of two machines, an air conditioner and a heating unit. Through an closed-looped control system, the thermostat measures the current temperature of the room, and activates either the air conditioner or heating unit to adjust the temperature to the desired climate that the user selected. Once selected temperature has become the room temperature of the designated area, the thermostat will continue to measure the temperature to ensure that the preferred condition is maintained, and if it changes, then the loop is recompleted to accomplish the temperature selected. How Does the Control System Assist in Production Environments? Thermostats are used in production environments to ensure that desired temperatures are reached. This results in several situations that thermostats are useful in. Environments such as chicken coops, deli’s and laboratories heavily depend on the temperature that surround the work that is conducted, but other situations such as offices and schools are able to benefit from the effects of thermostats as particular temperatures can increase work efficiency. Control System 3 – Cruise Control History Cruise control or speed control was implemented into vehicles during the dawn of the 20th century. This was mainly executed by the Wilson-Pilcher and Peerless company. It boasted the ability to maintain a selected speed in any environment. Ralph Teetor would later improve on the concept and construct what is known in contemporary times as the modern cruise control. It was assembled into the dashboard and abused the mechanics of an electric motor and screw drive to keep speed constant. The system would go through a large number of advancements as events such as the 1973 oil crisis would bolster the popularity of the device and increase the demand, allowing for vehicles other than cars to use cruise control, (such as planes, trucks, bikes etc.) Who Produces the System Due to the idea of cruise control not being patented anymore, the large majority of car manufactures offer the addition feature of cruise control. It is estimated that 64% of operating cars have the ability of automatically controlling speed. What Forms Does It Take? The control system often takes the form of small buttons on the steering wheel or a plastic stick extruding from the steering wheel. Both options allow for the user to customise the speed they are going at as well as toggle the system on/off. How Does the Control System Perform Its Task? Cruise control works through a closed loop system. The driver inputs the desired speed, and the system utilises various valves and actuators to impose the speed restrictions. Once this has been completed, the system measures the speed of the vehicle again, through the throttle position sensor and the loop begins again, adjusting to achieve the speed inputted or taking the necessary measures to keep the vehicle at the demanded speed. How Does the Control System Assist in Production Environments? The ability to control speed is essential in many production environments that require large amounts of travel. Cruise control allows for the operators to control their vehicles speed, allowing for operations such as delivery much easier to complete as well as predict the time of arrival. Furthermore, due to the additional efficiency added to the average driver’s ability to travel, the capability to work is indirectly increased through the reduction of mental and physical stress and the added time produced through driving to work faster. Control System 4 – Auto Pilot History As a result of aeroplanes going on longer flights as the potential of the designs and engines increased, the pilots could not handle the constant attention required to fly aeroplanes. Sperry Corporation constructed the world’s first auto pilot in 1912, and took the form of a gyroscopic heading indicator and altitude indicator that instructed the elevators and rudders of the plane that it was connected too. This would later be improved upon by Sperry Corporation after the Great War in conjunction with the US Army. With the technological advancements that were made up until the today’s era, auto pilot was able to increase the range and effectiveness of it through the abuse of computers, new mathematical theorems and concepts proposed by a variety of designers. Who Produces the System As a result of the patent for auto pilot ending, and the design ending up in the public domain, many aircraft construction companies such as Boeing Business Jets, Dassault Falcon and Airbus. What Forms Does It Take? Auto Pilot takes the form of a panel with numerous knobs and screens, allowing for the pilot to view statistics relevant to flying the vehicle and also giving the user the ability to input heights and speeds they require/wish for. How Does the Control System Perform Its Task? The control system of Auto Pilot is run through a closed-loop system. The pilots using the system input desired statistics, (such as height, speed and location,) which is then processed into the control system. The device controls the engines, rotors and other essential parts of the plane to achieve the inputted data and then uses a variety of sensors to measure them. If the results are not satisfactory, the system is looped through again, and further adjustments are made. Once the plane reaches adequate stats, the system constantly checks the data at regular intervals to ensure that it remains there and begins to travel to the destination previously selected. How Does the Control System Assist in Production Environments? Auto pilots assist in production environments by allowing pilots to fly longer trips using less effort and work. This allows the pilots to continue to fly at a steady rate and also complete actions such as landing easier. Input Process Output (IPO Chart) Washing Machine IPO Chart Input Process Output Dirty clothes. Laundry detergent. Setting, (amount of time washed, heat and speed.) Button is pushed to turn on washing machine. Water valves open to allow water into the drum. Thermometer measures the temperature of water and adjusts to correct temperature, (depending on setting.) The drum rotates in a circular motion. A second valve is opened to drain water. First valve opens to rinse the clothes. Drum rotates at a high speed to drain water from clothes and dry them. Clean clothes. Sewage made of a mix of water, detergent and dirt. Thermostat IPO Chart Input Process Output Desired temperature for the area. Button is pushed to turn on thermostat. Electrical circuit activates and reads current temperature. System uses the cooling device, (air conditioner,) or heating device, (heater,) to change the temperature of the environment to the requested one. System activates thermometer again to check the temperature is at the correct level. The room is cooled or heated to a temperature that has been inputted. Cruise Control IPO Chart Input Process Output Desired speed for the vehicle to travel at through a constant rate. Lever is pulled to turn on cruise control. Speed sensor activates to measure the current speed of the vehicle. Throttle control is used to slow down or speed up the vehicle. Speed sensor is reactivated to measure the speed of the vehicle. The vehicle travels at a constant rate set by the user. Auto-Pilot IPO Chart Input Process Output Pilot inputs the speed and height they wish to travel at and the destination. Button is pushed to turn on auto pilot. Sensors used to measure current speed/height to travel to the area selected. Engines, rotors, rudder, flaps, slats etc. adjusted to adjust speed and height. Sensors used to measure the plane, ensuring that desired speed/height has been met. The plane travels at a constant rate to the location selected. Bibliography
SEED LAB – VPN configuration using IPsec.

Complete the SEED lab found below. Upon successful completion of the lab, you will submit screenshots (pasted into a Microsoft Word document) and then submit to Blackboard as proof of lab completion. learning objective of this lab is for students to master the network and security technologies underlying SSL VPNs. The design and implementation of TLS/SSL VPNs exemplify a number of security principles and technologies, including crypto, integrity, authentication, key management, key exchange, and Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI). To achieve this goal, students will implement miniVPN, a simple TLS/SSL VPN, in the Linux operating system.
SEED LAB – VPN configuration using IPsec

‘Photography has played a controversial but an important role in the arts for the last 150 years’. The question is still debated whether photography is an art or a form of documentation seen by the eye instead of the mind. Since its beginnings, photography, as an art form has been questioned the view is that photography is not an art, but a form of mechanical reproduction, it was slandered as being more technological than creative. Dadaists, in contrast, embraced photography, enjoying its modern means of creation. Their experiments with the medium include use of double exposures, radical perspective, and unconventional subjects. Dadaists also experimented with photogram’s, camera-less photographic prints that record the placement of objects on photosensitive paper that has been exposed to light; these are among some of the earliest abstract photographs. The Dadaists were the first artists to abandon conventional materials and techniques.Raoul Haussmann, John Heartfield, and Hannah Hoch invented photo-montage a collage of separate photographs that is re-photographed so that the final image is converted back into a seamless photographic print. The original aim of the Movement was far removed from the world of art, and was primarily political in nature. To its supporters Dada was not art, it was anti art, and for everything art stood for dada was to represent the opposite they wanted to affect all aspects of Western civilization, to take part in the revolutionary changes which were the inevitable result of the chaos of the First World War They were not interested in painting pictures which the public would admire in an detached manner, they wanted to provoke the public into reacting to their activities. To the Dadaists, a violently negative reaction was better than a passive acceptance. The artwork consisted of photomontages paintings, advertisements, collages, poetry, essays, leaflets and combinations of multiple art forms.” Dada influenced almost every artistic principle of our time”. Protests in the US during the 1960s copied those of the Dadaists during and after the World Wars. Dada artists developed new techniques of collage and montage and pioneered the use of materials such as newspaper clippings and postcards in their works. A weaving together of photographs and paper to create a new artistic image The main representatives of Dadaism were Hans Arp, Marcel Duchamp, Hugo ball, Francis Picabia, Max Ernst, Raoul Haussmann, Man Ray, John Heartfield Marcel Janco, Kurt Schwitters, Hannah Hoch, Sophie Taeuber Arp. Max Ernst born in Germany, 1891-1976 enrolled at Bonn University in 1909 and studied philosophy, art history, literature, psychology and psychiatry. In 1914 he met Hans Arp a founder member of Dada in Cologne. The two soon became friends and their friendship lasted for fifty years. With the outburst of the First World War Ernst was conscripted to the army,, He fought in France and Poland, in his autobiography he referred to his time in the army “On the first of August 1914 Max Ernst died. He was resurrected on the eleventh of November 1918’which suggests to me, that a part of himself died when he enlisted in the war, which started on Aug 1st and that the day the war ended 11th Nov he felt he’d come alive again .His artwork reflected his experiences in battle using military photographs as source material for photomontages and considering he studied psychology and art history in University , violence and brutality were probably no reflection of the man he was. Pasting together images of planes or bombs with humans,’ Collage is the exploitation of the chance meeting of two distant realities on an unfamiliar plane…” -Max Ernst, 1919 The Punching Ball or the Immortality of Buonarroti 1920 Self Portrait Photomontage, gouache, and ink on photograph ‘Painting is not for me either decorative amusement, or the plastic invention of felt reality; it must be every time: invention, discovery, revelation.’ Max Ernst. Man Ray born Emmanuel Radnitzky1890-1976 an American photographer and painter raised in New York Beginning as a commercial artist in New York, he taught himself photography to reproduce his paintings and mixed media. Man Ray, was the Dadaist most committed to photography, he abandoned painting altogether, and dedicated his art making after 1918 to film and photography. He had his first solo show of paintings and drawings in 1915. His first Dada-style work, an assemblage he called “Self-Portrait”, was shown in 1916. After meeting Marcel Duchamp, he founded the American branch of the Dada movement. The New York Dadaist’s tended to be more optimistic than their European counterparts. Dadaist ideas were not really accepted by New Yorkers and Man Ray left America to live and work in Paris in 1921, he set up a photography studio and began making photogram’s, which he called “Rayographs.” These “Rayographs” summarise the essence of Dadaism and Surrealism. His experiments with photography included rediscovering how to make “camera less” pictures. He made them by placing objects directly on light-sensitive paper, which he exposed to light and developed them In Paris he created one of his best known Dadaist artworks: “Indestructible Object” (1923), a metronome with a photo of an eye attached to its clicking arm. artists such as James Joyce, Gertrude Stein, and Jean Cocteau posed for Man Ray’s camera. When Dada dispelled, Ray was already an active Surrealist ‘Man Ray’s negative portrait of Jacqueline Goddard (1930) initialled by the photographer in pencil, is one of the photographer’s many images of women. Printed from an auto chrome, as opposed to a conventional negative, the auto chrome, used in place of a negative during the printing process, yielded a photograph with reversed tones and a diffuse luminosity. Man Ray rotated the picture to 90 degrees, so that Goddard who had been lying down during the sitting, appears in the finished print to float in space with her hair streaming dramatically behind her’ John Heartfield born Helmut Herzfeld 1891 – 1968 was a German photomontagist, draughtsman, typographer and stage designer’ John Heartfield and his siblings were abandoned by their parents his mother, a political activist, and his father, a socialist writer had to flee Germany to avoid persecution for their political beliefs. The children were raised by relatives and in institutions From 1907 to 1911 John Heartfield studied art at the Königliche Kunstgewerbeschule in Munich , specializing in poster design. In the summer of 1916, Germany had been using an offensive nationalistic slogan: “Gott Strafe England” or May God Punish England. This angered Helmut who protested by changing his name to John Heartfield. John Heartfield played a major role in the Dada Movement, he learned techniques and styles from many other artists who expressed their political ideas through art. His experiences in World War I led him to conclude that the only worthy art, was that which took account of social realities. He witnessed a country of hungry, desolate people in the midst of chaos during the Second World War, and through his art, protested their suffering. He took a sarcastic approach, condemning the anti-semite and the wealthy industrialists who supported the German army Most of his career was spent declaring his opposition to Hitler and the Nazi Regime and he used his art to protest the violent, greedy governmental control of the Nazi party. His politically charged photomontages were banned in his home country during the Nazi regime In 1939 the Arcade Gallery in London showed one of Heartfield’s most famous exhibitions, ‘One Man’s War against Hitler’ . This piece is Hearfield’s interpretation of the Nazi military slogan. Blood dripping from the swastika infers that the military (weapons and soldiers) was all Germany needed for victory. Bismarck had stated that the German people would be reformed through a combination of blood and iron. Heartfield’s 1934 photomontage shows how this was to be interpreted in reality In my opinion Dada was a radical art form that challenged Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime. Dadaists were the first to use photography to create photomontage images which made visible to the world the violence, hypocrisies and chaos of the war and revolution. They used their art and photography as a weapon to express their political dissatisfaction. They weaved together in their photomontages and collages, their thoughts and experiences and associations with the environment and culture they witnessed during their lifetime. Dada seem to me to have been a group of people who stood up an fought back against dictatorship and oppression. ‘While the thunder of guns rolled in the distance, we sang, painted, glued and composed for all our worth. We are seeking an art that would heal mankind from the madness of the age.’ Jean Arp The photomontage images were created by taking multiple negatives of photos and stacking them together to create a new photo or picture. It is two dimensional with, no perspective or unified point of view. Modern technology today gives us Photoshop and other creative software to create photomontage images, layering and merging photographs together to create new images.

In a period of 1.3 s, 5.0 1023 nitrogen molecules strike a wall of area 7.6 cm2

In a period of 1.3 s, 5.0 1023 nitrogen molecules strike a wall of area 7.6 cm2.

In a period of 1.3 s, 5.0  1023 nitrogen molecules strike a wall of area 7.6 cm2. If the molecules move at 320 m/s and strike the wall head on in a perfectly elastic collision, find the pressure exerted on the wall. (The mass of one N2 molecule is 4.68  10-26 kg.)
In a period of 1.3 s, 5.0 1023 nitrogen molecules strike a wall of area 7.6 cm2

Automobile Trade, Tariffs or Quotas Research Paper

essay helper free Tariffs and quotas can be described as various and different trade restrictions. These restrictions are mostly imposed on exports and imports. Different countries have come up with tariffs and quotas to protect their domestic industries and ensure that they earn revenues (Sheffrin 9). A tariff is a tax that is revised every now and then on exports and imports. Therefore, tariffs will automatically affect international trade in Big Drive Auto. This is as far as the company’s automobile goods and services are concerned. As far as international trade is concerned, these tariffs and quotas will affect the price of automobile products. Since Big Drive Auto is located in Canada, it will want to enhance its operations in the global market. Therefore, it will be exposed to different quotas and tariffs (Salvatore 14). Since a tariff is a tax, it will raise the price of different products that the company will distribute to the market (Steedman 32). In this case, consumers will find the company’s products to be a little bit expensive. This will ultimately affect sales. Because every country has its own quota system, there will be limits on the amount of goods and services that the company has to export (Sheffrin 16). As a matter of fact, Big Drives automobile products prices will be raised beyond the market equilibrium price. It should therefore be known that these tariffs and quotas will lead to a decrease in demand for the company’s products (Steedman 17). This will ultimately limit the supply of Big Drive Auto’s automobile products. These tariffs come in different forms with various intentions depending on the country of origin (Salvatore 18). For example, the tariff may be levied in order to align the price of imported products with that of the locally produced products. This means that such tariffs are levied to level the playing field. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As time goes by, Big Drive Auto might want to distribute its automobile products to various customers in different countries around the world. This means that various trade policies and exchange rates will end up facilitating or reducing the company’s exports. Exchange rates will ultimately affect the company’s exports in a broad way (Sheffrin 26). The USD is recognized as the world’s official trading currency. Since Big Drive Auto is located in Canada, its exports to other countries will be determined by the exchange rates at that particular time. For instance, if the company is exporting its goods to other countries and Canada’s local currency becomes strong, its products will end up being expensive. This will affect the final demand and supply. On the other hand, if the company is importing goods in different countries and its home currency becomes weak; its products will end up being expensive. It should be known that exchange rates keep on fluctuating as time goes by and can never be constant (Salvatore 27). Different developing countries have come up with various policies and quotas to encourage and enhance foreign investments. World trade organization has been on the forefront to enhance trade between different countries (Salvatore 31). As a matter of fact, the international trade policy has provided various production subsidies that will end up facilitating Big Drive Auto’s exports. Countries like Hungary have reduced quotas and tariffs on different automobile imports. In this case, the company will be able to increase its exports in such markets. Big Drive Auto should know that exchange rates bring productivity differences that end up affecting the company’s terms of trade. We will write a custom Research Paper on Automobile Trade, Tariffs or Quotas specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More These terms of trade affect the company’s exports to other countries and should be clearly understood as time goes by. For instance, preferential tariffs have reduced import duties on automobile products that Big Drive Auto exports (Salvatore 44). This will increase the company’s sales in new international markets. Works cited Salvatore, Dominick. Introduction to International Economics. New Jersey: Wiley, 2005. Print. Sheffrin, M, Steven. Economics: Principles in action. New Jersey: Upper Saddle River, 2003. Print. Steedman, Ian. Fundamental Issues in Trade Theory. London: MacMillan, 1979. Print.

managerial finance class Project Management Report

managerial finance class Project Management Report.

CASE STUDY: Williams LimitedWILLIAMS is a limited company, whose head office in based in South Africa. The company has been operation in the UK for the past 10 years. WILLIAMS provides financial services to a number of organisations which include SME’s, property developers and investment property funds in the UK and Africa. For the past 10 years, WILLIAMS has been a profit making firm as it has retained its previous clients, in addition to capturing an increasing share of the market. However, the finance director of WILLIAMS has recently got in touch with your professional consulting firm, and has engaged your firm with the mandate to provide them with an explanation of the cash flow problem that WILLIAMS Limited had been facing. The company is also dependent on the parent based in South Africa for and when required.In the past month there has been a number of meetings in London and South Africa where it has been agreed that WILLIAMS Limited should do their best to expand the business and raise the required capital in England, or perhaps in Europe, so as not to depend so much on cash coming from the parent company all the time. Consequently, the management of WILLIAMS is considering the followings:New SoftwareThe current product that Williams Limited has to offer mostly to specialist developers and investment funds companies is outdated. The company is looking to invest in a new product, and the details of this proposal is outlined below.Advanced SuiteAdvanced Suite Draft figures£’000Year012345New Software cost9,000Working Capital850610790310730Sales Revenue34006300750089009500Less:Module A(420.00)(600.00)(800.00)(900.00)(1,110.00)Module B(1,010.00)(1,400.00)(1,600.00)(2,100.00)(1,900.00)Overheads(230.00)(240.00)(330.00)(300.00)(300.00)All of the above estimates have been prepared in terms of present day cost and prices. Assume that cash flows arise at the end of each period. In additionRevenues are expected to rise by 4% in price terms per year from year 1 (start of year 2) the budget estimated selling price at start was £120.Overheads and working capital are expected to rise by 4% per year from year 1(start of year 1)The cost of Module A and Module B are expected to rise in line with inflation of 4% per year from the beginning of year 1.The cost of Technicians, who have come from the South Africa have not been taken into consideration in the forecast and are as follows:Technician (T1): Will be paid £120 per hour and expected number of hours for T1 are 1,300hrs. The rate paid is expected to rise in line with inflation at 4% per year from year 2 and the number of hours is expected to reduce by 3% per year, every year from year 2 onwards.Technician 2 (T2): Will be paid £110 per hour and expected number of hours for T2 are 1,400hrs. The rate paid is expected to go up in line with inflation at 4% per year from year 2 and the number of hours is expected to reduce by 3% per year, every year from year 2 onwards.If WILLIAMS Limited invests in Advanced Suite, then the discount rate that would be required to assess the NPV would be 6%. The table above shows the estimated outgoings and inflows for the project. New Drop-in CentreThe manager in charge of sales has just informed your company that they plan to open a Drop-in Centre in London and it is hoped that this Centre will be opened for business on 1April 2020. You have also been informed that to start with, the company will only sell 2 types of service as packages: Entry Level package (ELP) and Advanced Level package (ALP). This will be done to test the market and see if the business will break-even in the same period. These two are the most popular asked for packages and will be offered at £300 for ELP and £400 for ALP.The company has provided you with the following information regarding the costs and estimated sales for the period mentioned above.WILLIAMS plan to put in £6,000 as start-up capital and plan to sell a total of 1320 (combined) of ELP and ALP for the same period. They are not sure which of the two services will produce the most profits for WILLIAMS.Total budgeted sales for each month are as follows: April 440, May 440 and June 440, of which 30% of each month will be for ALP. You will be required to assess the best product combination of sales for the Aril and May 2020.To help with the setup of the Centre, the company has just concluded a deal with one of the high street banks to get a loan of £21,000 on the 1st of April 2020. The interest on this loan will be 3.5% to be paid every month. The company will be required to make 12 equal payments to repay the loan starting end of May 2020.Financial informationAs mentioned above the company plans to sell a total of 1320 product packages between 1st April and June 2020. The fixed costs for the period are as below:Rent£ 15,500Telephone£ 1,900Loan Interest£ 2,205Insurance£ 6,200Electricity and Gas£ 3,000Business Rates£ 4,500Fixed cost specific to productsELPALPMarketing£21,000£ 25,000Administration£ 7,500£ 11,500Staff Salary£ 19,500£ 23,000From their costs estimates, the variable cost of the services are £180 for the ELP and £210 for the ALP. The fixed costs are for the whole period, so they are not affected by the level of service. However, the variable costs will increase with services output (ie sales output multiplied with variable cost per product).Revenue from the sale of ELP and ALP will be on the basis of 30% cash in the same month, and the remaining 70% credit to be paid the following month.Requirement: You will be required to write a management report to the management of Williams limited directors in which the following points should be discussed. Provide an explanation on the different sources of funding the company can have and their advantages and disadvantages. You should make recommendations as to how the company can manage the same to help in the planned expansion program. Analyse the Investment proposals by using NPV and provide recommendations. You should also briefly comment on other investment proposal techniques that Williams Limited may use, and the limitations of using those techniques The use of management tools such as Breakeven analysis and Budgets. A computation of your breakeven analysis and the cash budget for the first 3 months. An evaluation of the estimated company performance or position during the same period A detailed Literature Review of the tools you have used such as breakeven analysis and budgets and their importance to business. Other issues for management to consider that you think are vital for them to survive and make a profit.
managerial finance class Project Management Report

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Discussion 9:How can organizational management test their firewall security?
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sach-Firewall tests are absolutely crucial in one of these steps of the build and design process. The test is performed in order to make sure that the performance is strong and there are no vulnerabilities against the firewall. Firewall is the gateway to any network security. And larger the organization, more important it becomes to preserve network from the external security threats. The organization must make sure that has proper defense against any kind of attack and there is no intrusion in the network. Tamer et. al (2018) states “Biggest global network internet is full of threats which are getting more sophisticated, evolving and aggressively increasing.” Any kind of change must trigger the testing in the network in order to make sure that it does not impact significantly in any other aspect of the firewall. Because the organization cannot just simply afford to have a malfunctioning firewall, the organization has to test a firewall as if it is million-dollar campaign. This is because if the network experiences any kind of threat, the company’s reputation might be in trouble. We have witnessed various kinds of attacks and intrusion in networks of the large companies which have put them in trouble.
One of the tools that we can use is a simulated firewall test. Under this kind of test, a simulation is performed where an actual attack is staged, and a testing is done to find out how strong is the firewall. Simulation can be expensive, but it is one of the most effective testing of the firewall system. The network environment can also be mimicked, which is also known as the Virtualized Network Environment. Under this kind of method, a virtual internet is created, and the testing is performed by using various kinds of attacks, under different kind of scenarios. Laboratory test duplicates the environment and it can run parallel testing as if it is happening in the real environment. The physical devices might not be present during such kind of testing.
Type of testing might depend on the resources and the strategy of the organization, but they all serve same goal. Stewart (2013) states “Using a variety of testing methods to put a firewall thoroughly through its paces is an important part of security management.” And that is to test the effectiveness of the firewall and any kind of changes that needs to be made during the design and deployment phase of the network security. Conducting a successful testing and constant monitoring can help organization to know their actual strengths and weaknesses in terms of network security.
sow-Firewall security is important for every organization. Different type of testing should be performed to ensure in choosing right firewall for organizations best security practices.
An organization should implement firewall management in order to overcome the security related challenges. These approaches comprise of stateful review, filtering of packets, application as well as proxy gateway and Inspection of packets. Nevile and Foley (2018) stated that Testing of the firewalls might include one of them or combination of various methods to generate more suitable and vigorous configuration. External resources should be hired to perform Firewall testing or Penetrating testing which helps in identifying all the loop holes.
Dezhabad and Sharifian (2018) noted that Penetration testing which is also known as pen test should be performed by all the organizations to find out the vulnerabilities in their security systems. Firewall testing enables the organization to evaluate the effectiveness of their security standards as it aids in defensing the attacks from external resources. It is always important to decide whether to buy firewall or design their own firewall according to their company standards and needs. Design and configuration analysis should be reviewed at multiple levels and mock scenarios should be created (Dezhabad & Sharifian,2018).
Subjective evaluation should be considered in testing a firewall. This assessment should be constructed on list of criteria not on the list of features. Defining the rules of firewall, mitigation layers, the remote access and the VPS design on which they are built up are the respective ideas as part of firewall Management (Dezhabad & Sharifian, 2018).
All notes, snapshots, incidents should be documented on a regular basis. Take notes of the testing process that is performed. A horizontal sweep is recommended to summarize the evaluation of the firewalls. This process will assist the raking or feedback on firewall (Nevile & Foley,2018).
Efficacy Testing must emphasize on three divisions. Anti-malware, Identification of application and prevention of intrusion. Specialized tools are required to perform Efficacy testing. Efficacy testing cannot be performed for Application identification and anti-malware testing (Dezhabad & Sharifian, 2018). It can be only performed by validating specific scenarios on real time client server applications.
Another important aspect to be considered is the requirement of specific tools, repeat a specific test for a greater number of times, even though it is stressful it will be meaningful at a certain point of time. Nevile and Foley(2018) mentioned to always document the results of performance testing by taking buttons of pass or fail. open sessions should be ended once they go beyond the limitation latency time should be limited.
With these three types of testing, employees will have clear understanding on what firewall products are best for organization.

provide replies to below posts each in 150 words

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