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At the Delta club, otherwise known as Alcoholics Anonymous, the first thing the people there offered me a book to read and study. I held the book open at the first page while we waited for a girl named Amy; I guess she’s the one who starts the meeting all the time. A tall white man in his fifties walked to me and asked me “first time here? ”; “yes” I said. “don’t worry; this meeting helped me a lot. I am father of 16-years-old son, I hide and drink and I am mean to my wife,” the man said.“wow, hope you get better, I said with a surprised voice. I sat in the back on a creamy plastic chair looking around at what kind of posters they had in the room, an interesting poster said “IAM RESPONSIBLE”, and another big long post was titled THE TWELVE CONCEPTS FOR WORLD SERVICE. At 6:30 pm Amy walked into the room everyone said “HI AMY”, “how’s everyone, glad yall made it” Amy said. Here I notice the meeting started everyone sat down and read IAM RESPONSIBLE all together in one voice. Wow!

It looks like these people come here a lot they know what to do. “Iam responsible” post was about words put together to cheer everyone in room to feel that they can be responsible to change for better life. Next they read THE TWELVE CONCEPETS post, they twelve rules are about how to work on changing inside them and working on their problems. “hmm, very interesting” I said, people keep coming in to join the group there were around 30 persons, age between 25-60, all kind of people– male and female, Black, white, Asian, Latin– all kind of people.

Around 6:50pm group of bikers entered the room all sat next to each other wearing-same jackets, around five guys in their fifties. A white girl in her twenties entered after them with a child and joined the meeting, too. Amy said; “who’s here for the first time”, everyone turned and looked at me and I thought, “no way to hide. ” I raised my hand kind of shyly. “Welcome, introduce yourself please” Amy said. “hi, I am Angelica, and I am here to help my husband stop drinking” I said. Yes I lied about my name and-reason I am there, but that’s what came in my mind when she asked me.“do you think he’s an alcoholic” Amy asked. “Hmm, I am not sure but he seems to be drinking a lot these days which is not usual” I said.

“Well, welcome, I hope you find your answers” Amy said. “Welcome Angelica” everyone said. I sat in back and I listened to everyone talking about their days and lives, families, and people they care about. To start talking in meeting they raised their hand and said their name and “I am alcoholic,” just like “hello all I am Angelica and I am an alcoholic.” They start talking about what they want to share with-others. I saw the hope in everyone’s eyes in that room and excitement, talking about pass? And how they had changed. I sat listening to their stories and watching people talking I was all quiet and didn’t say a word. Some of them were calm talking about their family and how happy they were able to take care of them and how this meeting helping them to realize how bad they? Once felt how much their family’s needs them a- father or mother, wife and husband.

Some other people were telling their stories with anger and tension about how bad they were, and what they would do to have alcohol. Meeting was one hour. After I sat there and listened to all these stories I felt very sad, and wondered how someone could get to this point, just like drugs. After hour meeting over, everyone returned the book they had and organized the room, and stand together talking about how good it was to see each other, they were all friends, family, not just a group that had come over here to do what they had to do.

This was awesome I walked out and said “thank you, I enjoyed the meeting was good to meet yall. ” They answered “thank you for coming hopefully we helped you a little; enjoy the rest of your day. ” That was nice and sweet from them they were very friendly. When I got in-car I knew I will never go back again but it was a different experience. I learned from it: no matter what, people can change if they decide to.

OS XV6 Schudelar

Implement a first-in first-out (FIFO) scheduler, a last-in first-out (LIFO) scheduler, and a “fair” scheduler that picks the process with the least run time. Implement your changes in proc.c.
Find the existing scheduler_fifo, scheduler_lifo, scheduler_fair functions.
Test your solution in xv6 with: schedtest 12 Run schedtest three times and average the results.
Explain your results: Which scheduler gives the best turnaround time, and why? Which gives the worst and why?
What were the actual numbers? Which scheduler gives the best response time, and why? Which gives the worst and why? What were the actual numbers? Why is round-robin (the default scheduler) so similar to the fair scheduler in its results?
Turn in proc.c and your written explanations.
here is the files…