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I was born in a paradise surrounded by poverty. Born and raised in Ecuador, It’s located in South America despite what people think, not Africa. It is an industrialized country. It is the country where Charles Darwin tested his theory of evolution in the enchanted Islas Galapagos; it is the country where the greatest active volcano is located. These might be details that have nothing to with my college admission, however it shows that although this is a small country it is hometown of greatness. Growing up I was always indecisive of what will be my chosen career. Time rushed and I was facing the future, a reality that trembled in to my head. Surprisingly I chose Politics, which in my country is a threatening path to follow for plenty historic events. I have always looked up for my family’s advices and experiences. When I was a child I was a spectator of all kinds of myths, stories, and anecdotes that are not focused on reality rather in enjoyment. When my family talked about Politics everything changed in their expressions, their tone and even the language, they tried to avoid colloquialism in all aspects. Astonishing as it might sound I found this fascinating.

My interest in Politics came naturally, suddenly I found myself in a position were I could actually deliberate and express my points of view. I was a junior in High School and had Political Science as a yearlong subject. I remember that my fist essay was about freedom of speech in Ecuador. Because, I had a particular interest among rules and regulations government implements on people, my friends made fun of me since this was not a subject commonly discussed among young adults. However I was a never afraid of being an outcast. Junior year went by and my classmates realized that I was really into Politics and suddenly they looked at me as a leader on discussions, debates or even conversations among us. Junior year ended but the dream to represent my country as a delegate or as a politician had just started.

Senior year came by and MUN became my connection to Politics. I turned up to be a great delegate that is able to defend any country’s position in the United Nations. The fist MUN conference took place in another school and with no experience at all I defended a resolution submitted by another delegation defending the use of drones. During thirty-five minutes I was other delegates defended their position against my represented country with points of information going against this subject, surprisingly I answered with no fear all the points asked. I was awarded best delegate of the whole conference. This re affirmed something I had thought for a year: some people are obligated to follow a path although they do not have a talent but others are lucky and follow a path were they were born talented which is my path.

A great leader is not someone who can say something and get people to do it or simply create controversy among those who follow him. A great leader is someone who seeks for a change that actually pursues for a better future collectively. A great leader does not consider himself to be superior to those that follow him but the leader is the one who takes the responsibility of a group to guide them towards a better cause. A great leader can come from any place of the world. A great leader is not easy to find. I consider myself that leader, I am a person who knows what a challenge is and knows what it feels to be born in a poor paradise and still deal with challenges. I am also someone who wants to change that statement of a poor paradise. Politics in my country have been unstable and a dark tunnel that seemed to have to no light. Rafael Correa our current president is trying to change reality but his biggest flaw is social resentment. This is why people can’t trust him completely.

Most kid’s dream in first world countries is to become president in contrast most kid’s nightmare in third world countries is to become president. I want to change this ideology in my country. My goal no matter where this future takes me is to create some scene of nationality among future generations. I might not have the possibility to change a generation but I know that people will little by little realize that times have changed for a better future. I do not attempt to cure world’s hunger because that is impossible. My intentions are to raise the flag of my country and make people feel proud of it. I know this is dreaming big but it is the only way to achieve greatness. As Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world (Mandela 1993).”


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