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A Wartime Dilemma: A Three Philosopher’s Approach essay help writer Algebra coursework help

This paper uses three philosophers’ models to discuss the ethical questions that arise during war.

This paper creates a wartime ethical dilemma of a lieutenant who is asked to be a decoy by his commanding officer but refuses. His commanding officer threatens to shoot him. The lieutenant continues to object and gets shot. The author argues the question by using Mill’s utilitarian theory, Kant’s categorical imperative theory and Royce’s loyalty theory.
There are two fundamental issues in this situation that challenge Mill, Kant and Royce: First, whether sacrificing Lt. Downs as a decoy is justifiable, and second, whether shooting him in the face of his non-compliance was justifiable, or even humane.

2 questions based on any TWO propositions in the instructions. Each answer should be 2 paragraphs.

Claims are the first element of the Toulmin Model. Also referred to as propositions in your textbook they function as the overall point one is trying to persuade others to accept. Chapter 2 and 4 in your textbook identify what makes for a good claim and how to identify what kind of claim is being made. The content page Types of Propositions (Claims) attached offers an additional explanation of these concepts. To complete this week’s discussion select any TWO of the following propositions below: 1. The United States should adopt a universal income. 2. Social media does more harm than good. 3. The United States should do more to combat the coronavirus. 4. CSU schools are better than UC schools. 5. The city of Los Angeles should defund the police. 6. Solar energy is cheaper than coal or natural gas. 7. Online classes are better than in-person classes. 8. Lebron James is the best player in the NBA. 9. College graduates are more successful than non-college graduates. 10. Using those claims answer the following questions: Answer 2 questions based on any TWO propositions in the instructions above. Each answer should be 2 paragraphs. 1. What type of proposition is this? (Fact/Value/Policy) 2. What makes this proposition worthy of debate? What is the disagreement implied in the way it is worded?