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Essay, Research Paper

Daniel Bagwell

Ms. Waggoner

English 111

15 November 2000

A Position on Music and the Government

The censoring of music and other signifiers of amusement by the authorities have long been the subject of treatment among societal and political circles. Some signifiers of censoring such as warning labels for parents can be helpful. However the censoring of music is merely non right, and the authorities has no right to make so. All excessively frequently the authorities gets on a ego righteous feeling and thinks that it is it? s right to command what goes in or out of this so called? free state? s? heads.

Censoring in music falls into one of those classs in which the American people and the American authorities, which is supposed to be a representation of the people, have highly conflicting thoughts on the topic. Some say that the authorities should modulate the music industry. They say that the American people wear? T know what is best for them as a whole. Their cogent evidence is in the addition in force, offense,

Unadulterated sex and other? tabus? that have been on the rise in recent old ages.

There are those that say that the authorities should merely somewhat be involved. These are the advocates of warning labels and the similar, and that is about the extent of what they want the authorities to interfere with. The balance by and large says that the authorities has no right infringing on amusement at all. They say that the authorities does non hold the right to make up one’s mind what the people can or can non see, read, or listen to.

Most of those who are of the sentiment to allow authorities assist modulate the amusement industries take the all excessively familiar tragic happening at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado as cogent evidence of their place. On April 20, 1999, two pupils interred the school and killed 12 other pupils, a instructor, and so themselves, and set the media and the amusement worlds ablaze. The two slayers were said by their equals to be devouring fans of Marilyn Manson, and were even said to about idolise him. Marilyn Manson is the all to accused shock-rocker who has been described by the music imperativeness as an? ultra-violent demonic stone freak? ( Jipping ) .

There have besides been several other studies of teenage slayers who have been large fans of rocker. Thurston High School pupil Kip Kinkell, who murdered his parents and two pupils in Springfield, Ohio, was said to be a hearer of Marilyn Manson. In Edinboro, Pennsylvania, Andrew Wurst killed a instructor at his eighth-grade dance. In Pearl, Mississippi, Luke Woodham murdered his parents and a schoolmate. Both of these childs were heavy hearers of Marilyn Manson ( Jipping ) .

Peoples are utilizing the addition in force among kids as cogent evidence that violent-themed music is doing a alteration for the worse in childs and immature grownups today. It appears to me that this is a instance in which people want to fault person or something, and his is the easiest and most obvious pick. An easy premise, but it is merely that, an premise. When asked for cogent evidence, as has occurred in recent old ages, assorted studies are mentioned that purportedly has scientific cogent evidence of the correlativity between addition in force and force in music. A recent article in The World & A ; I quoted the American Medical Association in September of 1996 as stating? the nexus between media force and existent life force has been proven by scientific discipline clip and again. ? How can the American Medical Association have legal power over the music industry to state what its merchandise consequence? Music has nil to make with medical specialty. Psychology, possibly, but decidedly non medicate.

A huge bulk of media publications refer to these studies, but ne’er give the information to happen the study oneself. This to me is no happenstance. Every article that I have read in my research has quoted lines out of context in an attempt to emotionally rock the reader.

Out of context of the feeling of the songster, non of the words. First of all, songsters write for themselves. Even with more songsters today openly stating that Thursday

ey like being stone stars for the money, they began composing for themselves. Even if they didn? t get paid to compose, they would still compose. Therefor their vocals are representations of their temper and ideas at the clip. Every individual has their ain deep dark ideas that would floor others, and they keep them intensely private. However some choose to show it in their wordss, they are still merely words.

The job comes when people fail to recognize this. The job comes when people have to be spoon-fed their ideas, and the 1s to immature to make so hold parents whom are the same or make non care. My parents raised me, and so allow me travel to do my ain determinations. I was non left entirely to my ain devices as a fifth and 6th grader. But this is merely a personal anecdote.

I say that people today need a head of their ain. I say that people need to fault themselves for the things they do. People need to halt avoiding the issues of personal unity and regard. Peoples need to coerce parents to raise their childs in such a manner as to learn these things to them.

When my grandparents were turning up, Elvis was thought of by many as the Satan. They thought that his hip swing was excessively sexually expressed for the immature misss of the twenty-four hours to be seeing, much less basking. Led Zeppelin was thought of in much the same manner. Today, Elvis is considered a male monarch and Led Zeppelin is considered on of the most influential sets of all clip. The grownups and the constitution of the twenty-four hours for both creative persons harshly criticized them, some even naming them demonic. Countless societal jobs covering with young person were blamed on their music. Yet today, both of these creative persons are considered classics.

The tendency is unhappily distributing to other states. Gallic rappers NTM were arrested for so called discourtesies against? public authorization? in 1996. In Pakistan, popular stone group Junoon has been repeatedly banned because of the content of their wordss. Nigerian Afrobeat creative person Fela Kuti was on a regular basis imprisoned. His boy now leads his Motion Against Second Slavery ( Naylor ) .

There is grounds of what is go oning. Strauss Zelnick, the caput of BMG Entertainment, has said that the Federal Trade Commission? s study shows that 74 per centum of parents are satisfied with the current system of parental consultative spines, which warn parents of expressed wordss ( Oppelaar ) . If the American people purportedly need their amusement screened for their ain good, so why do so many of them say that they are satisfied with the current limited signifier of warning labels. Why does the authorities want addition the degree of censoring, when the American people say that they like the current degree?

The incident at the Woodstock? 99 Festival in rural New York is another attempted illustration of violent actions and violent music. On the last twenty-four hours of the festival the crowd was whipped into a craze of firing autos and talkers and people dancing bare among the fires. Ironically, the set playing at the clip was the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Even more dry is the fact that they were making a screen of Jimi Hendrix? s? Fire? ( Naylor ) . Five 100 public violence constabulary were called in. Later that flushing, Limp Bizkit stirred the witnesss into an even greater craze. The rabble finally destroyed the full park. Many had the nervus to state that it was the actions and words of Limp Bizkit that caused the actions of the crowd. This is besides the same festival that had five-dollar beefburgers, two and a half-dollar cokes, and insanitary lavatories of which there were excessively few to get down with.

Again, an illustration of utilizing the first and most obvious whipping boy that is available. The bottom line is that music does non do action. Music is ideas, feelings, tempers, attitudes, and thoughts. Music is non a tool to impact the state and its actions, and at that place has been no conclusive grounds otherwise.


Jipping, Thomas L. ? Diagnosing the cultural virus. ? The World & A ; I Jul. 1999: 80-85

Naylor, Tony. ? For those about to shock. ? Tune Maker 14 Aug. 1999: 22-23

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