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The vibration on my thigh, where my phone lays, sends shivers through my body. I open my phone to see a message that will never be forgotten. What’s usually a phone that receives friendly messages has now sky-rocketed my emotions in the other direction. Instantly, my body revved. The blood that once flowed smoothly now pumped uncontrollably. The goodbye that will never be said, a hug that will never be gifted, and a smile that will never be seen are gone forever.

A young man once walked these halls with a waddle and a smile on his face. His happiness spread through giggles. He was strong and always full of joy. Ian was a man of his word, but a kid at heart. But memories are all that is left. In his short time, he showed others what life is all about: making people laugh, being proud of who you are, and surrounding yourself with happiness. My goals are impacted by the way Ian lived his life. Ian spread happiness and joy. Ian showed me that if I make someone laugh, even if it’s by embarrassing myself, it’s worth it. I strive to go through life with goals of making people laugh every day, having self confidence, and by being a role model just like Ian was for me.

Exploring the impact of Policy on Health

Exploring the impact of Policy on Health.


Exploring the impact of Policy on Health

To explore the impact of the ‘Closing the Gap’ policy on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People’s health outcomes.

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