A ten-year-old patient presents in the clinic with soft-tissue swelling around the left eye. The parent reports that the

A ten-year-old patient presents in the clinic with soft-tissue swelling around the left eye. The parent reports that the child has had a cold with copious amounts of nasal drainage for approximately a week. The parent thought the child was getting better, but this morning the child awoke with a red eye and a fever of 102.1°F. The child has no complaint of headache, vomiting or visual disturbances.

Describe how the provider would clinically manage and follow up this patient. List the pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions. Describe how the treatment plan might be different for a 35-year-old patient as well as a 65 year old patient.[supanova_question]

Construction Practice: Assessment Item 2 – Hypothetical

Construction Practice: Assessment Item 2 – Hypothetical.

1.Task Drawing on: (a)your assigned readings; and (b)what you have learned in class, answer the questions set out below. There is a word limit of 4000-5000 words, however, this should be considered a limit only. If you can properly answer the question in less words than the limit, you will not be penalised. You are not expected to conduct any further research in answering the questions (although obviously any additional relevant information will be looked upon favourably). However, you will be required to use the materials with which you have been provided, including the text and readings available on iLearn with the responses limited to this subject’s content. 2.Hypothetical Question (30%) Question One Billy is a young driven residential property developer with five large residential developments under his belt. Sites at Robina, Arundel, North Lakes, South Brisbane are treasured accomplishments to him. He is looking for his next site to add to his list of accomplishments. For the past six months, he has been monitoring the market and he believes that this is now the best time to buy land for a new residential development. His vision is a townhouse development with five star accommodation and state-of-the-art facilities. He believes that he has found the land that would be perfect for his development located at Pimpama. As part of his due diligence process, the following information was made available for this property:

o The land is made up of the following parcels of land:  Lot 2 on RP546789 (Freehold Land)  Lot 43 on CP989055 (Crown Land) o A registered easement to Energex which is for electricity supply running through the middle of the land; o Has a large garden shed with a base of concrete near the rear boundary; o Registered profit a prendre to Sally for the removal of gravel from the land for her business; o This land is subject to a pending native title claim.

o There is an adjoining townhouse development appearing to have been constructed close to the boundary of the land. In order to gain some insight, Billy has requested you to review the development potential of the site based on the above information within the due diligence. He is requesting that you undertake a SWOT analysis of the site potential. Billy has reviewed your analysis and chose to proceed with the development at Pimpama as he feels that this site has “good vibes”. He obtains Finance from his Bank, ABC Loans. Billy decides to purchase Lot 2 on RP546789 (Freehold Land) to begin with as this land is the key part to the development. He will consider the Crown Land at a later stage. Billy receives a draft Contract of Sale for Lot 2 on RP546789 for review from the Seller’s solicitor. Within the draft Contract there was the following Special Condition of the Contract of Sale: Special Condition This sale is subject to the following tenancy: Tenancy Details Tenant’s name: Sally Sales Term and Option: 2 years with a 2 year option Starting date of Term: 1st February 2019 Ending date of Term: 31st January 2021 Rent: $270,000 per year Billy didn’t believe that the short term lease would be an issue as it is an unregistered interest. So Billy executes the Contract of Sale and ‘acknowledges’ the lease with the intention of removing Sally from the property as soon as he is owner. Settlement of the land occurs and Billy is now the registered owner. Billy’s first task was giving Sally notice to leave the property as soon as possible. After a couple of months, Billy receives the following update in relation to Lot 2 on RP546789:  The garden shed has been removed from the land leaving the land damaged with a broken concrete base.  Sally is still occupying the land as per her lease agreement;  In surveying the land for the purposes of creating a survey plan for the body corporate scheme, the surveyor has identified that the adjoining townhouse development is encroaching onto Lot 2 on RP546789. The encroachment is part of the building structures of the adjoining townhouses.  He met his now adjoining neighbour, Renee, who utilises Lot 2 on RP546789 for access to her property; and  While leaving the property Billy was met by a group of neighbouring residents with placards demonstrating against his proposed development. They have heard that his proposed development with consist of residential towers above 10 storeys. These residents are arguing that the land is subject to a contractual covenant to not build over 3 storeys.

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Use real company’s financial statements to analyze the financial status of a company based on accounting metrics

A ten-year-old patient presents in the clinic with soft-tissue swelling around the left eye. The parent reports that the Use real company’s financial statements to analyze the financial status of a company based on accounting metrics.


Instructions Learning Objective: Use the current ratio, inventory turnover, and days’ sales in inventory to evaluate business performance

Use real company’s financial statements to analyze the financial status of a company based on accounting metrics. Week 2 Problem Based Learning Assignment The Problem Based Assignment in this class will be an individual problem based learning assignment. You will play the role of an external accounting auditor that will be over the term of this course that will be analyzing the financial statements of a company. You will choose a real company to analyze the financial statements, compare the financial status of the company to the industry standards, and prepare a report for the management on your findings. This week you will analyze the company’s balance statement based off the information you learned about in the readings this week.

Find each of the below on the company’s 10k report. Include which report you found the information. Revenue Cost of Goods Sold (Or equivalent to COGS) Gross Profit Total Operating Expenses Operating Income Income Tax Expense Depreciation Net Income Calculate the Ratios below (Show your work): Calculate the Current Ratio. Calculate the Inventory Turnover Ratio. What accounting method does the company use? Do they state why they use that method? This week you will create a 1 – 2 page professional report that summarizes your findings based on the financial research. 

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Philosophy: Plato’s Phaedo

Philosophy: Plato’s Phaedo.

Times new roman, 10 font. this assignment consist of five mini essays each of 300 words which talks about a topic in the reading attached. the first mini essay can talk about love and platos idea of love and how i may agree to his thinking or not (you can write your own opinion its fine), for example the second mini essay can talk about dreams and same thing, opinion and what plato or who ever it may be in the reading can relate to the topic. focus on 5 different topics and write 300 words about each. use at least one or two quotations in each mini essay. each mini essay will address some point or set of points raised in the texts that is in the attached document.

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tourism and hospitality

tourism and hospitality.

Choose a destination. This should be as specific as possible in terms of location and geographic scale, and it should not be larger than a city, region or a small island nation (for example: Disneyland Paris; Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya; Bangkok, Thailand; Cozumel Island, Mexico; the Maldives; or Bhutan). Describe the economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts of tourism there and assess the challenges these impacts pose to sustainability. Discuss whether sustainability is possible for the destination and where focus should be placed in order to balance these impacts with the benefits of tourism.
You should consider:

– The causes, nature and severity of the impact in your chosen destination
– The role of carrying capacity and soft/hard measures of visitor management
– The (unequal) balance of environmental, economic and socio-cultural impacts

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Caring is fundamental in nursing, & develops with therapeutic use of self.

Caring is fundamental in nursing, & develops with therapeutic use of self..

Consider the following topic and write a well-organised essay addressing the topic.

Caring is fundamental in nursing, and develops with therapeutic use of self, a process between the nurse and patient.

Outline characteristics of therapeutic nursing, and describe how these skills can be implemented to increase the therapeutic value of nursing care.

This assessment task requires an academic essay, with an introduction, logically linked and well organised paragraphs forming the body of your argument, and a conclusion. Ensure that the conclusion a does not contain quotes/references or introduce new ideas.

The essay must be written in 3rd person. Utilise the journal articles gathered from Assessment 1. You will need a minimum of 6 journal articles

Your essay must be referenced in APA 6th style, with paraphrasing and a reference list at the end of your paper. Evidence is required that a wide range of relevant, high quality, credible literature has been chosen to support arguments. Utilise the journal articles gathered from Assessment 1. You will need a minimum of 6 journal articles, dated within the last 5-7 years.

File type – Word document; use size 12 font Arial or Calibri; font colour black; 1.5 or 2.0 line spacing.

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Social media causes mental illnesses

Social media causes mental illnesses.

Social media causes mental illnesses Description I have my introduction and thesis prepared but I am open to making it sound better. 10 pages plus a resource page, draft due in a few days, for peer review. Final due in two weeks. Sample intro: “The only thing worse than a social networking junkie who breaks out in a cold sweat if she hasn’t updated her page in the past 10 seconds, is the person (usually it’s a guy) who proudly refuses to join Facebook” (Andrea Lavinthal). Studies show that every 1 out of 2 people are diagnosed with some form of mental health illness; due to social media. Social media has been shown to both cause and exacerbate symptoms of mental illness. Have you ever wondered how impactful social media could be on one’s life? I will argue that social media is one of the leading causes to mental health issues. Syllabus: Formal Research Essay: a 10-page essay that clearly argues for a position based on adequate research of relevant sources. Final research essays should include proper citations for 8 scholarly sources. Sources should be cited correctly and included in a works cited page that does not count toward the 10-page requirement. Essays should be logically organized to build an argument with proper transitions. The introductory paragraph(s) of the essay should introduce the inquiry and include a clear, well-developed thesis statement. Body paragraphs should adequately summarize, paraphrase and quote research when appropriate. All research deployed in the argument should be clearly explained in terms of the writer’s position—does it support, contradict or add complexity to the thesis? What should the reader be noticing? The concluding paragraph(s) should offer an overview or characterization of the argument as it has been constructed without mere repetition.

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Accounting Computations: Cash Budget

Accounting Computations: Cash Budget.

Part A 

Development Ltd. is looking to outsource its finance department and is in discussions with Sums plc, an international facility management company. Development Ltd have reviewed their cost base and have ascertained that the following costs are associated with the running of the finance department:


Administration labour

10,000 hours at £8 per hour

Supervisory Labour

6,000 hours at £12 per hour

Direct materials


Variable overheads

£5 per administration hour

Apportionment of Fixed overheads



Sums plc have offered to provide the service at a cost of £200,000 per annum.





Calculate whether or not Development Ltd should outsource the department to Sums plc. and state maximum that Development Ltd would be willing to pay to outsource its finance department.


6 marks

Part B


Palace Ltd is completing the preparation of its short term financial plan for the three months to 31 March 2017.  To complete the preparation of the cash budget for each of these months the following projections and assumptions have been made:


















1.    Past experience suggests that the firm will collect 40% of its sales revenue in the month of the sale, 50% one month after the sale, and the balance in the second month following the sale.

2.    Sales for October, November and December were £200,000, £220,000 and £170,000 respectively.

3.    Purchases are made in the month of sale but paid for in the following month.

4.    Purchases for December were £90,000.

5.    Labour costs follow the shift patterns worked by the company’s employees and normally represent 5% of that month’s sales, with payment being made in the month that the expense is incurred.

6.    Administration costs of £50,000 are incurred each month. These are paid in the month they are incurred.

7.    A VAT payment of £40,000 is due to be paid in March.

8.    Year-end performance bonuses are paid in January and are estimated to be £20,000.

9.    The company has decided to replace the motor vehicles of three of its board members in February at a cost of £65,000 per vehicle

10. The cash balance at the beginning of January was £20,000.  The directors feel that a minimum cash balance of £20,000 should be maintained at all times.




Prepare a cash budget for the three months of January, February and March 2017.


13 marks



Part C


Smithton Ltd bought machinery for £70,000 on 1 January 2015. The machine was to be used as part of the business for 3 years and was expected to have a residual value of £10,000 at the end of year three.




(a)  Calculate for each of the financial years ended 31 December 2015 and 2016


                      i.        the annual depreciation charge   

                    ii.        the closing net book value of the machine


You should use the straight line method of depreciation.


5 marks



Smithton paid £15,000 for property insurance on 1 January 2016. The policy covered the 15-month period to 31 March 2017.




(b)  Calculate for the year ended 31 December 2016


                      i.        The charge for property insurance in the income statement.

                    ii.        The entries for the above transaction in the balance sheet.


6 marks





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The Biological Views of Communication

The Biological Views of Communication.

The Biological Views of Communication


Paper details:

Attached is the article as well as the grading rubric, and examples of work of other classmates. Please follow the rubric. The review should be on Biological Views of Communication by Mark Hickson and Don Stacks. Attached are 2 examples (that we would like for you to follow their outline), the rubric, and 10 pages of the article – with appropriate names that make it easy for you to navigate. The article is about several different approaches to get at the relationship between biology and communication. Please include all information in all 10 pages of the article. Also, please use correct grammar and pay attention to the names, make sure they are spelled correctly and you’re not referring to someone as another name, etc.

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