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A Systematic Study of Suffering and Death in Christianity Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Christian Beliefs on Suffering Christian Beliefs on Death Conclusion Reference List Introduction Suffering and death are issues of major concern in Christianity today. The meaning conveyed by these two terms is dependent on the perspective from which an individual views it. The ordinary meaning of suffering is the process of undergoing physical or mental pain. On the other hand, the meaning of suffering from a Christian view is similar to the ordinary view, but differs in the way Christians explain its origin. Christians earnestly accept as true the idea that suffering comes as a way of testing one’s faith and as a punishment for of sin. Christians also connect human suffering to the suffering that Jesus endured on the cross and believe that it saved humanity. As such, Christians should emulate Jesus and endure the suffering they undergo. Death, on the other hand, is a subject matter whose interpretation depends on personal judgment. The usual meaning of death is a stage of life whereby a living thing seizes to exist physically. In other words, it is a state of existence associated with detachment of the spirit from the flesh. The Christian point of view about death articulates that, death is a stage of existence during which the soul and flesh exist separately. To distinguish this view from the normal perspective, it further articulates that there is life after death, which can be a rebirth or eternal life. Eternal life implies that the spirit reunites with the soul that it originally paired with to form a new everlasting life. Rebirth implies that after separation of body and soul at death, the spirit joins another body to form a new life. Christian belief in life after death originates from the time of Jesus, who died on the cross and came back to life three days later. They argue that even if the flesh dies, there is a comforting hope that another life awaits after death. An in-depth understanding of Christian suffering and death is essential in daily Christian life and existence. As such, church leaders should teach and disseminate the doctrines that underscore this understanding to the Christian community. Although many myths that explain the existence of suffering and death do exist, this essay will only focus on suffering and death from a Christian point of view. Christian Beliefs on Suffering There exist six major perspectives that try to explain the meaning and existence of suffering in Christianity: First, the Bible exploits well the subject of suffering; it does not leave it to the believers’ own judgment as the other religions do. The book of Job for example exploits all ideas that a Christians needs to know about suffering (Brown 1997, 39). In this book, Job undergoes a series of sufferings ranging from disease, death of his livestock to his own family. His wife tries to convince him to abandon God who has seen him suffer without intervening. Job, however, ignores her and decides to endure his suffering. In the end, God not only takes away Job’s suffering, he restores his health and gives him back all the property and livestock that he had lost. Job’s story tells Christians that regardless of how much or how long they suffer, God is aware about it and all they need to do is to endure for His time of intervention will surely come. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Secondly, it is common knowledge that God made humans in his own image and made them possess some of his characters; a privilege that animals do not possess. Like God, humans possess traits such as love, anger, happiness, jealous, sympathy, and pride. This explains God’s love for humanity. Besides God giving humans all these character traits that are inherent in Him, He also gives them the freedom of choosing whether to embrace His love or ignore it (Timothy 1995, 60). As it is evident all over the world, people have instead turned their backs on God and embraced worldly pleasures. In other words, they have decided to shun heaven to embrace hell (Isa. 53:6 New International Version). Hell is a destiny preserved for sinners and involves eternal suffering. The argument here is that people are responsible for their own suffering. Take for example a smoker; such a person knows very well the dangers of smoking to his/her health because besides the bible discouraging this habit, the cigarette packets have warnings printed on them. If such a person’s health deteriorates due to this habit, then it is clear that s/he actually anticipated it. This truth stands because s/he decided to ignore the apparent smoking effects and chose to suffer the consequences. Other habits like inebriation, fornication, crime, and adultery fall in the same bracket as smoking. Therefore, for one to avoid suffering in hell, s/he should embrace God’s love. People should also utilize their freedom to choose in embracing the doctrines that govern Christianity. Thirdly, Christians believe that sin and suffering are closely related. In other words, human beings suffer because of the sins they commit. The freedom to chose bestowed upon humans has led to sinfulness that has also brought forth suffering. In other words, the suffering that people undergo emanates from people misusing their freedom to choose. Humans, for example, despite God-given authority over the rest of nature, have neglected the environment and as a result brought about suffering in form of global warming. Some religious sects like Hinduism “have chosen to ignore the clear drawing a line between evil and suffering” (Brown 1997, 39). This negligence has played a major role in many believers going astray. Since it is supposedly hard to separate good and bad, all humans have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. God himself has not punished people for their sinful nature but one day He surely will as promised in His word. Making a choice that will not lead to suffering depends on one’s ability to distinguish good and evil. God gives Christians some hope; He guarantees them the possibility of obviating suffering brought by evil. He has sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to humanity so that through him, perishing souls may find safety. We will write a custom Essay on A Systematic Study of Suffering and Death in Christianity specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Fourthly, Christians argue that God is aware of the suffering that they undergo. The Bible says that though Jesus was the son of God, He himself is God. Jesus knows much about suffering because he actually went through it. The book of (Isaiah 53:3) describes Him as a man associated with sorrows and suffering. Right from the time of His birth, King Herod wanted to kill Jesus. On his mission to “preach the gospel and save humankind, Jesus underwent suffering, even worse than normal human beings do” (Miller 1994, 13). People mocked him for being a friend to outcasts in the society. This included people like tax collectors, prostitutes, and thieves. At times, His close friends for example, Peter, betrayed him. Desire for worldly treasures obligated Judas to betray Jesus for only thirty pieces of silver. Jesus endured more sufferings when the Pharisees tortured him, forcing him to carry his own cross to Golgotha. Worst suffering came at the point where they crucified him alongside two thieves. Jesus endured pain inflicted through nailing, not forgetting to mention the pain of a spear on his ribs. This truly explains that Jesus went through suffering as humans do, even though He was the son of God. From the Biblical history, the scripture says that God entered humanity through Jesus Christ. As such, through Jesus, He also knows all about Christians’ suffering. The fifth belief of Christians about Suffering is that Jesus’ death was meant to set them free from sin. If people trust in Him and honor his name, then Jesus will dwell inside them and grant them life full of holiness. He will then transform their lives and make them worthy to spread God’s word. He does this by subjecting believers to suffering. If anything, if Jesus being righteous suffered, man in his fallen nature must suffer. From this perspective therefore, suffering is not bad but just a way through which Jesus transforms people’s lives. The bible stipulates that it is God’s desire to mold the lives of Christians by subjecting them to trials. As they try to overcome these trials, His name receives glorification and those who overcome become better people. As such, suffering is not bad and God allows it for purposes of glorifying His name and for the benefit of humans. Lastly, Christians believe in the final elimination of suffering from existence. The bible says that the death and resurrection of Jesus implies that he overcame death so that all humans may receive redemption from sin. They hope for that time that will mark the second coming of Jesus. During this time, there will be no more death, pain or crying in anguish (Rev. 21:4 NIV). People will live in harmony; they will be full of love for one another for they shall have triumphed over evil, having overcome temptations of this world. The bible explains how the new heaven and earth will be; it will be full of righteous people worthy to stand for and speak in favor of God’s name (II Pet. 3:13 NIV). However, nobody knows when the time of elimination of suffering from the face of the earth is due. The closest clue that believers have is that this time is near, actually nearer than people have ever thought before. This belief stands because people have already seen or witnessed the signs that the bible says would signify his second coming. These include the emergence of many churches and false prophets; occurrence of many calamities like the recent Japanese landslide that displaced millions of people and killed thousands of them; presence of civil wars, widespread immorality, and massive lawlessness. Not sure if you can write a paper on A Systematic Study of Suffering and Death in Christianity by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Thus, all is upon everyone to prepare himself or herself for the second coming of Jesus so that when the hour comes, Jesus counts them among the few chosen ones who will occupy the new heaven that is void of suffering. For those who shall have not prepared themselves, there is only one destination: hell, the lake of burning sulphur, for eternal suffering. Christian Beliefs on Death Having exhausted on what Christians believe about suffering, the rest of this essay will focus on Christian belief about death. At many instances, people have really wondered what death is all about. It is also not clear where one’s spirit goes after death. However, the Christian perspective explores every aspect of death from theological point of view to examine what God requires humans to know about it (Kilgallen 1989, 25). Death, as already defined, is a state of existence in which the flesh and the soul separate. After death, Christians believe that the soul goes either to heaven or to hell. Heaven has characteristics such as eternal life, full of peace, love, and happiness. Some denominations have defined hell as the final or complete state of death of the spirit that completely excludes an individual from the presence of God physically as well as spiritually. Death can be in two forms: spiritual or physical. Physical death means the ordinary separation of the body and soul, leaving the body to rot away whereas spiritual death, which is a consequence of sin, means the separation of one’s spirit from God. Believers in spiritual death also call it the second death because besides one dying physically, the spiritual part that establishes link with God for those who die in Christ is also absent. Only God has” control over death and knows when and how every human being is going to meet his/her death” (Lund 1990). It came because of sin as brought out in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. After the snake lied to Eve, she in turn convinced Adam to eat the forbidden fruit. This action angered God who decided to curse humanity by introducing death, a thing they have no control over. Therefore, whether physical or spiritual, death came in as a punishment for sin. From the apostolic books in the New Testament, Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John, one is able to learn about the life of Jesus on earth until he met his death on the cross. His death was not ordinary death because he rose to life again three days later. Through his death, humanity received redemption from sin. One mystery that people have been unable to ascertain about death is whether there is life after death. This is because no living example that can prove the existence of life beyond death. Thus, to many people, life after death is a notion rather than an experience. The theological point of view however gives a clearer dimension about life after death. One may wonder why God leaves good people to die if death came because of sin. However, the answer to this is simple; even though good people die, they encounter new life after death in which they live eternally in happiness while bad people experience eternal suffering. Though it came as a punishment for sin in the Garden of Eden, God, through the holy bible and scriptures reveals that, “so long as people live sanctified lives, they are able to overcome death as Jesus did on the cross” (Brown, Fitzmyer, and Murphy1990, 30). Another example from the Bible that illustrates that God has power over death is the act of Jesus raising Lazarus whose body people believed had already decomposed. The son of God actually brought Lazarus back to life so that all may see and acknowledge His power over death. The Bible also reveals that besides Jesus, Enoch and Elijah surpassed death and went to heaven. The Bible goes on and explains the requirements for one to overcome death. The requirement is simple; s/he should be born again, live a holy life and believe that there is life beyond death. Conclusion People around the world view death and suffering differently and at any instance, the interpretation depends on the perspective from which an individual is viewing it. Christianity has its own view of suffering and death that differs from the ordinary view and views from other denominations. About suffering, Christians believe that it is a consequence of sin. They further believe that God allows His people to suffer so that they can grow in faith and his name be glorified. He gave humans the freedom to take or disregard His love but many have decided to ignore it. Interestingly, people conclude that humans choose to suffer directly or indirectly through their actions. Whether their suffering is because of their own actions or God’s choice, endurance is inevitable. About death, Christians say that it originated from sin. This occurred in the Garden of Eden in which God cursed humankind for giving in to temptation. Death can be physical or spiritual depending on what an individual believes. Different denominations have different views about death and life after death but Christian doctrines articulate that there is life after death, only if one dies in Christ, meaning that he/she adhered to Christian doctrines before death. Reference List Brown, Raymond E. 1997. An Introduction to the New Testament. New York: Doubleday. Brown, Raymond E. et al. 1990. The New Jerome Biblical Commentary. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall. Kilgallen, John J. 1989. A Brief Commentary on the Gospel of Mark. New York: Paulist Press. Lund, Gerald N. 1990. “The Fall of Man and His Redemption.” Ensign, January. Miller, Robert J. 1994. The Complete Gospels. Sonoma: Polebridge Press. Timothy, George. 1995. Theology of the Reformers. USA: Broadman
UMGC Baltimore Police Department Consent Decree Case Study Paper.

No directly quoted material may be used in this project paper. Resources should be summarized or paraphrased with appropriate in-text and Resource page citations. Final Project: Case Study: Police Department Consent Decree/AgreementCase Study: Police Department Consent Decree/AgreementYou are assigned to the Research and Development Unit of the Virtual Police Department. The Unit Director asked you to prepare a presentation for the Chief on U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) consent decrees and agreements. It seems one of the Chief’s close professional colleagues is now subject to such an agreement. The Chief wants to be sure he has done everything possible to avoid finding the Virtual Police Department in a similar predicament. The format of the presentation is quite simple. Using a selected city that is currently under (or recently been under) a DOJ consent decree/agreement as reference, provide the Chief with direction on how to avoid being subject to DOJ oversight. Review the document, “Addressing Police Misconduct Laws Enforced by the Department of JusticeLink : /content/enforced/145914-001420-01-2165-OL1-6380/Police Misconduct Laws Enforced by DOJ.docxor the same document using an alternate link one of the following as your subject case study police department:
The Oakland (California) Police Department and
The Seattle (Washington) Police Department
The Baltimore (Maryland) Police Department
Research: Starting with the link provided, continue your research on the basis for and actions attentive to the subject consent decree/agreement, Review all of the pertinent documents, articles, websites, etc. until you feel you have a thorough understanding sufficient to respond to the Assignment questions. Assignment
Briefly describe the situation(s) and/or event(s) that led up to DOJ oversight in the form of a consent decree/agreement (no more than 20% of the paper)
Briefly outline the provisions of the consent decree/agreement. What actions is the department required to take? What changes is the department required to make?(no more than 20% of the paper)
Connect the provisions of the consent decree/agreement to the initiating causes.
Describe in detail what the Virtual Police Department needs to do in order to avoid following in the footsteps of the subject police department or otherwise find itself subject to DOJ oversight in he form of a consent decree/agreement (no less than 40% of the paper)
Formatting requirements: Your report should include:

an APA formatted cover page with your name, project title, course, and date submitted
an introductory section that explains the purpose of the paper
the body of the paper, which addresses four (4) elements outlined in Assignments
a minimum of seven (7) maximum of ten (10) FULL narrative pages, not including cover page and references page and submit to the assignments folder.
The composition may be a combination of outline and narrative with outline statements separated by no more than double spacing, 12 pt. font, and 1 inch margins.
A minimum of three (3) outside sources not directly connected to the consent decree/agreement of the selected subject police department
Resources, including course materials, must be cited both in the narrative and on a separate Resources page, using APA citation rules.
Each item listed on the Resources page must also be cited at least once in the narrative to show where in the narrative the item was applied.

At the instructor’s discretion, this project may be submitted to Turnitin or other service for verification of originality.

UMGC Baltimore Police Department Consent Decree Case Study Paper

Master Yoda Problem.

(String) Master Yoda (a character from the Star Wars Movies) always phrases hissentences by placing the object before the subject and verb.For example:Normal sentence: “He is your father!”Yoda speak: “Your father, he is”Normal sentence: “You are going to win.”Yoda speak: “Going to win, you are”Note:- You can assume every normal sentence ends with punctuation.- Punctuation conversion is needed.- Case conversion is a plusWrite a complete program with the following function to translate to Yoda speak:string YodaSpeak( string input )//Purpose: “Translate” the input string into Yoda Speak//Pre: input is a string with words only.// The subject and the verb are 1 word each.// The rest can be multiple words.//Post: Return a string with the Subject and Verb moved to the// end of the string.
Master Yoda Problem

Langara College Jagdish 2021 Case Study

Langara College Jagdish 2021 Case Study.

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To build on student’s analytical and critical thinking skills while at the same time learning to write in a clear, concise, and professional manner. Clarity of argument, while having a focused, concise presentation is key to your success in this assignment. The main themes put forward by the author should be addressed, and a critical analysis of the hypothesis and the data used to support it provided.  Brief DescriptionStudents are expected to read and critically assess an article assigned by the instructor.  Read, reread, and consider the ideas advanced by the author.  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Are the ideas presented relevant today?  What are the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments?  The goal of this assignment is for you to critically assess the ideas advanced by the author using your own knowledge and experience to justify your position. Submission Instructions1000 words with breif explanation and follow APA formatting. he critique should include an introductory paragraph briefly summarizing the article and a concluding paragraph briefly summarizing the student’s position on the value/accuracy/relevance of the article. This assignment should draw on materials from the assigned readings and discussion materials, in addition to external materials, your past learnings, and your experiences. Remember – this is based on YOUR assessment of the article not someone else’s opinion.
Langara College Jagdish 2021 Case Study

Physics homework help

help me with my homework Physics homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the transcript of historian Eric Foner’s interview in the NPR program. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:,The transcript of historian Eric Foner’s interview in the NPR program,Part 2: (2 pages minimum), Listen or read the transcript of historian Eric Foner’s interview in the NPR program. What similarities do you see between Douglass’ experiences and the experiences that Professor Foner discussed. According to Foner what reasons did slaves give for wanting to escape? What estimate did Foner give for the number of slaves who escaped through New York city? What is Foner’s opinion on the importance of the Fugitive Slave Act? Also, what is the source of the information in Foner’s book ?Gateway to Freedom? and who found it?, ,,You would have read that Frederick Douglass was born a slave in an isolated Maryland plantation and then escaped. He traveled extensively in the North and abroad and became a prominent abolitionist. He counseled President Lincoln during the Civil War and influenced some of his decisions.,What enabled Frederick Douglass to escape from slavery? In answering this, you should include all the significant people, experiences, incidents and books that created a desire in him to escape and gave him the ability to do so. You should also explain HOW these factors influenced him. Once Douglass escaped he joined up with abolitionists in the North and became a prominent abolitionist., What role did he play in the abolitionist movement in the U.S. and abroad? You should also discuss his introduction to the world of abolitionists, his extensive work as an abolitionist at home and abroad, and his views on the purchase of his freedom. You should discuss his views on the Constitution. Also, you should further include in your answer his views on the Civil War, on Abraham Lincoln, and his work in the Civil War., ,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Physics homework help

Encouraging Reading Habits Among Primary Schools In Malaysia

Primary schools in Malaysia are known as the early education for everyone. It is the place where the first alphabet is made known, the first digit is being calculated. Starting at primary school, reading is important in order to develop the knowledge and as a good practice for learning process. At the early stage of reading, pupils normally relate reading and books with library. They seldom see resource center at their school functioning similar as library, but instead, they know that library is a quiet place to do reading, which they can be full of imagination on the chronology of the story they read. When talking about library, first thing pupils know is that, books and a place to read books and gain knowledge. There is nothing much they understand about library rather than reading. It is important to get the chance of understanding of library is much more on reading and as the appropriate place to read because it is a quiet place so that the reading habit can be naturally develop since they are young. Developing reading habit among primary school has always been an important educational priority to enhancing reading habit so that the pupils can gain knowledge and information through their reading. As in this part, encouraging the pupils to make full use of library is important. At this stage, they might not know what are the types of libraries offered in the country, but the best way for them to learn about library is that by teaching them to make full use of library. Definition Primary school in Malaysia is a compulsory for every child when they reached the age of seven (7) years old. [1] Primary school education is the first level of formal learning, which provides a foundation for life-long learning. The Ministry of Education has established a curriculum standardized (Malay version only) to ensure that core subjects are given due emphasis. Public Library Public Library is a nonprofit institution which is maintained for the public. It provides a collection of literary works that are kept for reference. [2] A public library is an organization established, supported and funded by the community, either through local, regional or national government or through some other form of community organization. Public library is the key access to knowledge, information and works through the resources and services it provides and makes it available to all members of the community. Developing Reading Habit The hardest thing to do is start implementing or developing the habit among pupils. At the early age of four (4) to five (5) years old the children are more attracted to games and other attraction which can entertain them. At this early stage, children brains’ must be develop and stimulate so that they can engage actively in learning and education. By developing the reading habit among the pupils it can help a lot in improving their effectiveness in early educational level. Parents should plays their role in inspiring their children by reading and deliver the knowledge because children are likely to react accordingly to what are their parents gives them. The children should grow with books when they reach early age that they can react through what are taught by their parents. Proper reading materials should be suitable must be made available at home so that the children used to know books and their function as information packages. To raise the reading habit, there are some of the tips that can be use such as; Let your child see you read. Share information from your own reading with your child. Read aloud. Read the newspaper as a family As a family, act out favorite scenes from a book. Take books with you wherever you go. Subscribe to children’s magazines Make library visits a family routine Watch for a special bookstore presentations Tie movies or television into the books that they are based on. Try books on tape Allow pre-reader to “tell the story” from the pictures Have children retell favorite stories Connect stories to children’s lives Create silly rhymes and poems together Make connections between books of similar topics Provide an inviting environment for reading Relax and have fun with your children and books (Source from 50 Simple Things You Can Do To Raise a Child Who Loves to Read by Kathy A. Zahler) Proper approach at school also can help develop the reading habit among the pupils. Teachers must know how to approach the pupils to read and encourage them in reading. At school, teacher can encourage their pupils to read by providing them with books in every classroom. As in Malaysian environment today, most of the primary school will practically take five minutes before started the class by reading. This will helps the pupils to develop their reading skills because they can just directly ask their teacher about words that they do not understand or when they found a word that are new to them. Integrating Readings and Public Library Reading and library is very synonym to each other. Normally, when it talks about reading, library is the best way to describe the materials and the sources needed. Public Library plays important roles in providing sources to the public especially for the young readers like the primary schools pupils, they are made familiar with the functions of Public Library. It also can be define as resources and services provider in variety of information. Professionally, Public Library have important role in developing and maintaining the society by giving access to variety of information and knowledge. As at the primary schools levels, Public Library provides variety of information in various formats such as books and electronic materials. Public Library as an educator By providing various of information, Public Library also acts as an educator especially in serving the children among the primary schools. Most of the Public Libraries provide corners for the pupils to have their own space to read and the space are decorated appropriately according to the reading environment to attract the pupils and to help them to focus in reading. [3] Sabah State Library, Malaysia provides electronic corners in its libraries. There are one-stop sources of information and entertainment, which can access the Internet, a wide variety of CD-ROMS. It also supports formal and informal learning which provide these children with learning resources and providing facilities to encourage them to read. At the early stage, pupils can learn to make full use of the library effectively and without realizing that it also slowly can helps in developing reading habits among the pupils. Public Library as an information provider Pupils almost must know that Public Library is acting as the information provider. They can find every information they need at the library. At the earlier age, it is good to teach the pupils with the variety of information provided by the public library. It has the roles in providing collecting, organizing information and makes it available for the children. Public Library also keeps materials, collecting and conserving material that can helps the pupils in their readings. Public Library as social role It provides role as meeting place. By making the Public Library as social role, pupils can share the information and knowledge with their friends that they met at the library. Children are easy to make new friends, so it would be better if they can share the materials they had among each other’s and it will help a lot in developing their brain. Instead of going to formal class and meeting friends, pupils also can make new friends where they can make an informal contact with others children at their same age. Conclusion Encouraging reading habit among the pupils at primary school levels need psychological approaches. Pupils, especially the children are not likely wanted to be forced and treated to read. Parents should know how to influence their children and develop them with the reading habit since they are younger. Public Library provides lots of books can encourage the pupils to read by giving them interesting books with illustrations so that it can helps the pupils not to just involve in the formal education, but also informal education. It is also important to teach the children about the Public Library and the interesting activities provided for the pupils at primary school.

13.5 Rival Causes Assignment

13.5 Rival Causes Assignment. I don’t understand this Writing question and need help to study.

For this assignment identify a behavior of interest (to you).
Search google for causes that have been proposed for that behavior.
Include your own analysis of causes as well.

including any rival causes

For Example:

Behavior: Depression in college students
Causes: Numerous causes have been proposed for depression in college students, such as . . .
Analysis: I agree/disagree with some of these causes, I think this is caused by . . .

Some rival causes could be . . .

13.5 Rival Causes Assignment