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A SWOT Analysis on Zespri International Ltd

TASK 1 New Zealand is second largest kiwi fruit producing company in the world, next to Italy. New Zealand kiwi fruit are now market under the brand name Zespri. Zespri International Ltd. is owned by 2,700 local growers through Zespri Group Ltd which was established in 2000. SWOT analysis Strengths Brand Strength and size. New Zealand and growing expertise. Willingness to invest. Product Variety. Relationships with growers. Weaknesses 9- month growing season Marketing limited to saturated markets High production and distribution costs Relatively small growth in orchards compared to completion Internal grower coriflicts Opportunities Niche market opportunity. Marketing opportunities. Room for growth in existing markets. Greater industry collaboration. Technological opportunity for increased efficiency. Threats Competition ,Enza or other fruit companies. Threat of legislation spurred by Enza. Number of diseases (PSA, Batteries) Environmental Threats 1.1 a) Operational objectives- It has tight logistical control; kiwi is only accepted after it is inspected, loaded and on a ship to its destination. Each kiwi can be traced back to a packing plant and farm it came from. There is also tight control on licensing to produce the brand. The Gold variety is very profitable for growers. The facilities built near large sales areas are essential to the effective operation of Zespri. During the growing season, Zespri closely monitors each market’s performance and re-optimizes product allocation when necessary. Zespri provides a 12 month supply of kiwis is to keep market share in this market. b) Operational policies and procedures- 2700 orchard owners in New Zealand (4000 farmers worldwide) Zespri has built an industry of producers who are passionate, committed and customer oriented. Clean, green image of New Zealand, together with optimal soil, light, temperature, and rain conditions for growing, has given them the competitive advantage. It was harvested after fruit must by specially trained graders, sorts the visual inspection of fruit for deficiencies, pests and diseases and will be sorted. Fruit with defects are removed at this point and the remaining fruit by size (fruit weight) sorted prior to packaging. Most Kiwis by hand in specially packaged Zespri. The filled cartons or trays on pallets before being stacked in cool storage. c) Target Dates- To promote its products, Zespri offers supermarket sampling and in-store promotions, including exercising corporate social responsibility such as supporting blood donation appeals. Their advertising highlights a key point of difference – the health benefits of kiwifruit. A kiwifruit has twice the vitamin C of an orange and is high in fibre. Advertising is based on creating an emotional connection with the customer. The business has created a single simple message: Zespri gives you pure vitality to share a wonderful life. The government has increased costs of traditional advertising for Zespri through government regulations. These regulations have cut the company’s television advertising time. Social networking now offers a more cost-effective advertising option. With 420 million Chinese internet users, this can help Zespri increase market share. This type of marketing is in line with the characteristics of Zespri’s target market. The one-child policy in China has also had implications for social media – social media is seen as a way to make friends, which makes it a useful marketing tool. d) Human and other resource Human Resource- Experts in the star fruit marketing field must be acquired to determine how to license star fruit growers and gain market penetration in this field. Technical database employees should be hired to develop a new functional tracking and communication system and train Zespri employees in its use for the star fruit market. Also star fruit cultivar development experts will need to be employed to gain a challenger position in the star fruit market. Financial Resources- License fees from licensed star fruit growers must be collected to help finance the marketing of the new product and new cultivar development of this segment of business. A start up loan from a financial institution may be needed to cover initial costs of procuring the new licensing, information, control, cultivar development, and marketing systems if retained earnings prove to be insufficient. 1.3 1)The world leader in kiwifruit in both quality and price, and work to introduce new fruits to the world market: Continue development of kiwifruit in order to create a better more sustainable fruit to the world on a year round basis. Focus on consumer demands to provide the most desired product to the end user. Develop new fruits to introduce to the world market. This new mission statement will serve as a guidepost for the new direction of Zespri. 2) The company policies and producers both are follow the rule every body work under the security and safe area they provide the first aid kits and another small kind safety and work thing. 3) Zespri misson are there they provide best Quality to consumers and always look on our mission : Brand-based consumer focus. Customer relationships and innovation. Cost-effective sourcing of superior fruit globally. 4) They got our goals with provide a best quality to market and make our brand best in the world. With best best quality product they are best company in the world. Task 2 2.1 kiwifruit is transported in a controlled atmosphere (cold chain) and the quality must be preserved along all the passages. Post-harvest operations do influence quality. And the logistics from point of origin to point of consumption might affect it. Controls of quality, pesticide residues, fruit maturity and the postharvest management in general affect fruit quality, the shelf life and export price. 2.2 ZESPRI Executive summary This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current situation of 74 kiwifruit growers located in the centre of Italy (Latina), and their collaborations with cooperatives and Zespri. In particular this study has the objective “To provide recommendations on opportunities for productivity improvements of the Italian Zespri kiwifruit chain by investigating how farm management practices and chain players’ related activities have positive or negative effect on growers’ performance”. On one hand, the main focus is to investigate farm managerial and technical practices adopted; on the other hand, the study then refers to chain actors’ activities and interests such as technical assistance, information exchange, diffusion of innovations, and chain management practices that might influence growers’ productivity. The research strategy includes a preliminary desk research combined with a survey approach. Through the literature review, theories concerning farm management and chain factors were selected and converted into indicators. Then, a questionnaire based on theories previously selected was designed to collect direct information from the target population. Analysis conducted with SPSS includes calculation of the answered questionnaires with descriptive statistics indicators describing main tendencies of the population. And 11 assumed relationships were formulated and calculated by correlation analysis. Introduction Zespri International Limited was funded in 1997 as a global marketing organisation, providing a Single Point of Entry (SPE) for the export of New Zealand grown kiwifruit (Zespri, 2012). The differentiation strategy based on promotion, new variety appeal, best kiwifruit quality and 12-months’ supply has been achievable through its complex supply chain. The global distribution network from the producing countries to the consuming ones is controlled and guaranteed with more than 250 employees worldwide. Zespri commercializes more than 30% of the worldwide exported kiwifruit in over 50 countries. This has been possible by the co-ordination of kiwifruit, capital and information flow and by the strong of relationships with growers, cooperatives and consumers. Objectives Along with the new mission statement we have developed several objectives to help guide the company to achieve its long term goals these objectives are as follows: Improve customer service by, growing consumer knowledge of kiwifruit in order to broaden possible customer basis and use current communication channels to introduce new fruits to the world market. Improve our ability to do better than the competition by, using current marketing channels to inform consumers as to the high quality of Zespri’s kiwifruit and work with growers around the world to encourage cooperation in order to create a more sustainable global year round supply. Improve productivity by, continuing research in new cultivars in order to create more efficient and productive cultivars and develop distribution channels that are more reliable and product less carbon pollution. Improve profitability by diversifying production into areas with lower cost production. Improve employee performance and satisfaction by, developing incentive based plans in order to encourage global cooperation between managers and provide access to a global network of employee resources that allows employees to create and share new ideas and developments. Finally create innovation by encouraging all employees to supply input on ways to better the company and provide rewards to employees that develop new business models. Organization- Zespri must maintain a solid public image in star fruits branded by Zespri. Brand equity is what makes consumers pay a premium for the Zespri brand, and the same image must been realized by consumers of Zespri branded star fruit. Operations- Tight logistical control of fruit and market monitoring will continue to be used in star fruit markets to promote success. A 12 month supply and offshore sales support are vital to be carried over to star fruit marketing based on the success of these tactics in kiwi fruit marketing. This must also be continued and improved in kiwi marketing endeavors to gain market penetration in foreign markets. Human resources- The past experience of the sales staff with the fruit marketing industry will be essential in promoting new products. This sales force will be able to adapt and gain new knowledge of the star fruit industry along with the new expert employees that are hired. Conclusion Zespri estimates the business could grow 10-20 times bigger in the Chinese market. Chile is emerging as a major competitor. To stay ahead and maintain their price differential, the business must expand. The company is consistently researching different varieties and the possibility of co- branding – which they have done in Japan with a yoghurt company. They are also branching into organic varieties, and have an importer already in China. Recommendations With the all the buzz around the 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report, ZESPRI is eager to share the good news that kiwifruit satisfies many of the committee’s top recommendations. The final guidelines are expected to draw heavily from the report, which will address the challenges of an obese and overweight, yet nutrient-deficient population. So where do the recommendations and kiwifruit’s nutrition profile align? This fuzzy little fruit answers the call for Americans to consume more whole fruit, more low-calorie/nutrient-dense foods and more potassium and fiber—two of the four “nutrients of concern” called out by the DGAC.
In this activity, you will explore the representations of cities: how the images of cities are constructed and imagined through cultural products: such as media (e.g. city travel website, daily news), TV shows, films, postcards, novels, poems, music or art (sculpture, murals, painting etc). Please find one cultural product that portrays the image of Memphis, TN, or a community in Memphis. This cultural product should give you enough content to incorporate race, gender or class conflicts into your analysis. Answer the following in a 3 page paper: Describe the content of the cultural product, and analyze what images of Memphis/this Memphis community does this cultural product intend to portray? Who is the author/producer/artist? Are they from the Memphis? How does the author’s identity affect the way that this cultural product portrays Memphis? What impacts would this cultural product have on the city/the community? (e.g., Does the cultural product reinforce or challenge the perceptions of the city/the community? Does the cultural product romanticize and sanitize the image to place-marketing and economic benefit? Or else? ) When writing the essay, make sure you integrate the assigned readings into your analysis, using the authors’ ideas to support or give context to your analysis. Please read the texts carefully. Attach a photo or a URL link to the cultural product you choose, please insert the links or photo within the file. Please use APA format, including a reference page, headings, and citations. No title page is necessary.
CH7 Abnormal Psychology Mood Disorders Vs Suicide Disorder Discussion Paper.

Discussion 1:A comparison of two cognitive impairments that includes an explanation of the similarities and differences in their causes and consequences.Please feel free to select the cognitive impairments. Please provide 2-3 citations. APA FormatDiscussion 2: A comparison (similarities and differences) between Jennifer and Rosa’s disorders found within Chapter 7, “Mood Disorders and Suicide, explain the factors that might make it difficult to differentiate between and diagnose the disorders. Next, postulate on some recommendations that might be given for treatment of either case if a forensic psychology professional were to evaluate the individual.Jennifer:Jennifer is a 35-year-old graphic designer who is married and has three young children at home. She has been running a successful, and growing, business out of her home office, which she has really enjoyed because working from home allows her the time and flexibility to be with her children when they are not in school. Jennifer experienced a major life stressor 6 months ago when her husband of 15 years, Michael, told her that he was leaving her for a younger woman he met at his job. Jennifer was totally blindsided by this news. After an initial period of trying to work things out, Michael moved out of the house. Jennifer continued on with her business and managing of her household for several weeks, but then things started to change. She felt increasingly sad and would have long periods of crying throughout the day several times per week. Whereas she used to enjoy work, time with her children, and going out with her girlfriends, none of that seemed fun anymore. Even “movie nights” at home with the kids, which was one of her favorite times of the week, just wasn’t enjoyable to her anymore. Her body felt heavier and heavier and she lacked the energy to keep up appointments, leading her business to decline—she began losing even her most loyal clients. Jennifer also had difficulties managing her household, on several occasions forgetting to pick up her children from school and not remembering to make dinner for the family. Her eating and sleeping both declined drastically, and she spent hours lying in bed feeling like she had let down her husband, her children, and her friends. In addition to her extreme sadness, Jennifer began to experience extreme anxiety and worry in multiple domains. How would her business succeed? If she lost her business, wouldn’t she lose her house? Would she lose her children as well? Who would take care of them? She wanted to address all of these things but felt paralyzed and unable to take action. This led her to feel even more like a failure. She believed she was completely worthless and began contemplating whether everyone wouldn’t be better off if she was dead, which increased to explicit and frequent thoughts of suicide. Hooley, Jill M. Abnormal Psychology (p. 213). Pearson Education. Kindle Edition. Rosa:Rosa, a 20-year-old college student, came into the university clinic for an evaluation at the encouragement of her roommate. She reports that “ever since high school” she has “felt sad, like, all of the time … it doesn’t seem normal and I don’t know why.” Rosa notes that there was no major stressor that she can remember that triggered her feelings of sadness, “just the normal high school stuff.” But her feelings of sadness have persisted for nearly 4 years now. When asked about what her sadness is like, she tells the psychologist that she just feels like she is not as good as everyone else—not as smart as the other students, not as attractive as the other girls, and can’t seem to have fun and enjoy college like everyone else seems to be doing. Rosa was very active and popular early in high school: She was a member of the track team, in honors classes and an A student, and had a wonderful and supportive network of friends. However, during her junior and senior years, she lost interest in track and school, and just didn’t feel close to her friends anymore and so over time stopped hanging out with them. No one seemed to care or try to change things, which really affected Rosa’s self-esteem and to this day causes her to think that no one “really” cares about her. In Hooley, Jill M. Abnormal Psychology (p. 216). Pearson Education. Kindle Edition. Please provide 2-3 references per post. APA format
CH7 Abnormal Psychology Mood Disorders Vs Suicide Disorder Discussion Paper

Human Rights Violations in Turkey Problem Solution Essay

Background The relationship between the EU and Turkey is one where both parties have what the other wants: the EU has the capacity to let Turkey ascede into it while Turkey acts as a buffer state between the EU and the tumultuous Middle East. The desire for Turkey to join the EU is based on potential economic benefits as well as its cultural background. As a “middle ground” so to speak between Europe and the Middle East, Turkey can be described as a melting pot of both European and Middle Eastern influences (Glyptis 2005). Due to its proximity to other European countries as well as its past as the Ottoman Empire, Turkey has a distinct European influene despite its main religion being Islam. Combined with the general instability found in its neighboring states in the Middle East, this makes the country far more inclined towards developing a relationship with its European rather than Middle Eastern counterparts (Wood

analyze the assigned Company’s current condition

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analyze the assigned Company’s current condition. You will use the text chapters 7 through 9 as your framework for the analysis, and will incorporate information from external sources including the company and other credible sites.
Minimally the report will include the following:

Merger and Acquisitions
International Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategy
International Entry Mode (if applied currently)
Business-Level Cooperative Strategy
Corporate-Level Cooperative Strategy

analyze the assigned Company’s current condition

Write a 3–5 page paper in which you: Select a health care setting within which to implement an electronic medical Essay

Write a 3–5 page paper in which you: Select a health care setting within which to implement an electronic medical record product. Be as specific as possible. Examples of health care delivery settings are as follows: a small community hospital, a rural primary care clinic, a home health agency, a medical unit within a correctional facility, a large multi-facility urban hospital system, or a specialty physician’s office such as oncology or endocrinology. Consider choosing a setting that you currently work in or would like to work in later on in your career. Describe this health care setting, the patient population it serves, the volume of patients that it serves, the needs of the setting, etc. Identify a health care Information System to meet the needs of this facility. Provide details regarding whether there is a vendor who offers such a system or whether a custom solution needed. Include the all necessary elements in the proposal: Capabilities of the system. How the system aligns with the needs of the health care facility. Initial and maintenance costs of the system. Staff needs to support the system. The timeline and plan for implementation of the system. The strategy for introducing staff to the system. How to get buy-in and cooperation. How to provide training. How privacy, security, and confidentiality will be maintained. Identify 3–5 potential barriers in implementing the system and describe how you would work around those barriers

PHIL 434 West Coast University HIV Testing & Disease Transmission Discussion

PHIL 434 West Coast University HIV Testing & Disease Transmission Discussion.

Complete the entire scenario.Compose your reflection in a Word document and be sure to address, at a minimum, the following questions:Why do you feel the way you do about the issue presented?Of the four responses offered in the scenario, which do you feel is the most ethical and why?Support your conclusions with evidence and specific examples from the textbook, as well as other sources as needed.Your reflection must be 1-2 pages in length and follow APA formatting and citation guidelines as appropriate.include one of the ethical theories – Kant; Act Utilitarianism; Rule Utilitarianism; Care Ethics; Virtue Ethics; and Social Contract
PHIL 434 West Coast University HIV Testing & Disease Transmission Discussion